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					The Wink Report                                                                                                             Winter 2008
                            Wink Companies, LLC

                    Wink Companies, partnered with Sunoco, Inc. wins CICE Award
Sunoco, Incorporated recently completed a major revamp of the 1232 Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) at its Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania Refinery. The goal of the project was expanding the overall capacity of the FCCU from 73,500 barrels per day to 85,000
barrels per day. In addition to a feed rate increase, the unit upgrade also included installation of flue gas treating technology and
provided improvements in product purity, product recovery and efficiency.

Wink was selected by Sunoco to perform engineering services for a portion of the 1232
project: Debottleneck of the FCC main fractionator/product recovery section of the

The Sunoco/Wink project team faced several challenges in executing the FCCU recovery
side revamp – a principal one being tightly congested conditions in the areas where
new and modified equipment were to be installed. One of the most innovative, and
ultimately most successful, techniques employed by Sunoco and Wink in engineering
this project was the use of 3-D high-definition scanning to obtain and document existing
site conditions. Using the scanned data as background, Wink used AutoPlant® software
to model the design and revamp of the recovery section. Throughout detailed design,
Wink and Sunoco conducted weekly WebEx® project review meetings on-line, using             GNOBR Chairman Ray Thompson presents award to
                                                                                           (from left) Tim Ernst and Ray Toto, Sunoco; and Michael Wink.
the 3-D model. We demonstrated the on-line model review to the Greater New Orleans
Business Roundtable (GNOBR) and received the award December 6, 2007.

The 1232 FCCU revamp was implemented during a 1Q07 refinery turnaround. Accuracy of data obtained through high-definition
scanning resulted in a highly accurate design model and thus in superior field constructability and fit-up. Wink’s flawless safety
performance on the project - ZERO incidents – is also attributed to the H-D scan technology, which allows for far fewer hours of field
work (less moving around, up and down) in congested process areas. (continued, page 2)

                           Wink Companies, LLC Congratulations!
                                    ZERO Recordable Injuries in 2007
On December 31, 2007 we had a great cause for celebration within Wink Companies. After four consecutive years of coming very
close (only one recordable per year), in 2007 we reached our challenging goal of ZERO Recordable Incidents. With manhours of
work in excess of 1.3 Million in 2007, this is indeed a milestone accomplishment for our company.

“This achievement represents many years of continuous improvement for Wink Companies, LLC, and is directly attributable to
safety being a genuine part of our corporate culture and the commitment of our employees,” said Michael Wink, P.E., Chief
Operating Officer. The dedication and unwavering support of Wink management also contributed to this outstanding achievement.
“Safety has always been Wink’s Number One Core Value,” according to Michael Wink, “but as our company has grown and the risks
and demands of the workplace have increased, we have strengthened our focus, incorporating the Safety First message into every
workday, every meeting, every jobsite visit.”

Two full-time safety professionals on Wink’s corporate staff have played a major role in this remarkable safety record. Richard
Donaldson, Safety Manager, and Casey Miller, Safety Coordinator, actively manage our safety culture in every aspect of the Wink
workplace. Some of the features of Wink’s award-winning safety program include:
      Professionally developed Safety Program, approved           Quarterly companywide Safety/Quality Meetings (mandatory
       by major Owner/Operator companies                            attendance)
      Weekly inhouse “toolbox” meetings                           Jobsite Safety Audit (JSA)
      Industrial Jobsite Visit Safety Checklist                   Employee promotional and incentive programs
      Company-wide safety training database                       Begin every meeting with a Safety Message

“We have proven we can achieve a new standard of safety performance in the workplace, and we begin 2008 with a continued
goal of zero-incidents,” says Michael Wink. “Congratulations and thanks to our employees – and keep up the good work!”
CICE, continued
The innovative use of engineering methodology and technology for engineering of the Recovery Side/1232 FCCU revamp met five of the

                                                                         A letter from Sunoco Project Manager, Bruce Luebbe
                                                                         To the Wink Design Team:
                                                                         Attached are photographs of E-304 being set in place
                                                                         today. Lift was perfect - fit was perfect. From the time
                                                                         the lift was started until it was set in place took no more
                                                                         than 1 1/2 hours.

                                                                         Gerry [Wink Lead Piping Designer Gerry Douzart], note
                                                                         the clearance at the one lower platform – it was exactly
                                                                         what you said it would be.

                                                                         Day by day, as we prove out the information that was
                                                                         obtained by laser scanning, we are all feeling really good
                                                                         about the quality of the design work.

   Field digital scanning for the Sunoco 1232 FCCU Revamp project was performed by a
   subcontractor, with oversight and quality control by Wink surveyors and designers.
   Since that time, Wink Companies has purchased the Leica HDS 6000 HD scanning
   equipment and self-performs all elements of the project, from field data collection
   through production of design drawings and 3-D models. More information on our high-
   definition scanning capabilities will be published in the next issue of the Wink Report.

   Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services Offered
 Wink Companies, LLC is pleased to announce that we have significantly expanded our firm’s capabilities and resources in the
 field of Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Engineering and Process Safety Management Consulting. Recent staff additions
 and project experience have resulted in a strong core competency in environmental and regulatory compliance consulting.
 Unlike most environmental consulting firms, Wink’s Environmental Group is part of a multi-discipline engineering team. We
 are thus able to offer our clients comprehensive solutions – not only identifying compliance requirements, but designing and
 implementing improvements to meet those requirements. We also have the flexibility to provide staff augmentation to our
 client’s Environmental and Process Safety Departments during peak workload periods.

 Environmental Services include:
       Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
       Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure (SPCC)
       Emissions Calculations                                           2007 Business Measures
       USCG Marine Vapor Control Systems
       Environmental Audits and Site Assessments                       Wink Companies, LLC is the largest privately owned
       Wastewater Treatment Systems Design                             Engineering firm in the Southeastern Gulf Coast Region.
       Stream Speciation for LDAR (Refinery)                           Wink’s growth in employees and revenues continued in
       Environmental Compliance Reporting                              2007; this growth was recognized in a number of State and
       NPDES Permitting                                                Regional publications:
       Air Permitting
                                                                        • Engineering News Record: Ranked #161 among
 Process   Safety Management Services include:
          Development of Process Safety Information                      Engineering Firms (improved from 196 in 2006)
          Hazard Analysis Studies
          Mechanical Integrity Documentation                           • New Orleans CityBusiness: #2 in Largest
          Safety systems studies                                         Engineering Firms - #33 among Top 100 Private
          PSM Audits                                                     Companies

                                                                        • Baton Rouge Business Report: #1 Largest
                                                                          Engineering Firm - #47 among Top 100 Private
                 You are cordially invited to join Wink Companies, LLC and Wink Bruno, LLC
                      at the groundbreaking for Wink’s new office in Covington, Louisiana.

                                               Friday, March 7, 2008
                                                  1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
                                    300 Holiday Square Boulevard, Covington, LA
                                          Interstate 12 at US Highway 190
                                              RSVP Reba Capers 504.468.4264

        The 40,000 sf Class “A” office building is being co-developed by the Wink and Bruno joint family
    interests. Project management, property leasing and management for the building are being provided
                                    by Gulf States Real Estate Services, LLC.

  Calling all engineers, designers and technical personnel on the Northshore: “The decision to locate
  an office on the Northshore came as a result of, among other business considerations, the desire
  to attract and retain the large pool of engineering talent residing in St. Tammany Parish and the
  surrounding areas,” according to Michael Wink, Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager for Wink’s
  NSO. A large number of Wink personnel have expressed an interest in relocating to the new office.
  “We are actively recruiting other Northshore residents to apply for technical positions,” said Wink.

Wink Welcomes New Directors
We are honored to announce the addition of two outstanding individuals to the Wink
Companies, LLC, Board of Directors:

Louis W. Owen, P.E., is the former President of Petrofac, LTD, a Tyler TX operating company
which he co-founded in 1982 and has grown into a multinational publicly-traded corporation.
A Chemical Engineer who began his career with Tenneco Oil Company, Louis is a long-time
business associate of the Wink Family business operations.

Nicholas J. Altiero, Ph.D., is Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at Tulane
University in New Orleans. A distinguished educator and scholar in the fields of engineering,
material sciences, mathematics and mechanics, Dr. Altiero is a graduate of the Universities of
Michigan and Notre Dame.

The election of Mr. Owen and Dr. Altiero came in December 2007, as part of a restructuring of
the Board of Directors of Wink Companies, in the wake of the retirement of company founders
Joe and Ann Wink, who became Emeritus Directors as of January 2008. (see article, p 4)

 Board of Directors
 Larry D. Wink, P.E., Chairman                         Louis W. Owen, P.E., Director
 Michael H. Wink, P.E., Vice President/Director        A. E. (Andy) Farris, Jr., P.E., Board Advisor
 Kenneth J. Wink, Secretary/Director                   Joseph C. Wink, Jr., P.E., Director Emeritus
 Nicholas J. Altiero, Ph.D., Director                  Ann S. Wink, Director Emeritus
 James E. Ryder, C.P.A., Director
                                       Passing the Gavel
Effective January 1, 2008, Wink’s founder Joseph C. Wink, Jr., P.E., stepped down from
his position as Chairman of the Board of Wink Companies, LLC. Our co-founder Ann
Smith Wink also stepped down as Treasurer and Director. Joe and Ann will continue
as Emeritus Directors.

“It was time,” Joe said, to relinquish his role in corporate actions and decision-
making, using his oft-repeated metaphor of the father holding onto the bicycle seat,
running alongside the child learning to ride. “Time to let go and let them [Larry, Ken
and Michael] steer the bike, totally on their own. So far, they seem to be proceeding
on course very well.

“It was time for Ann and me, too,” he added. “I don’t know how many more years
I’ll be able to climb up and down the steps to my boat!”

Concurrently, Larry D. Wink, P.E., President since 1992 and CEO since 2000, was elected Chairman of the Board. “As
Emeritus Directors,” says Larry Wink, “Joe and Ann will continue to have supportive influence for the company. This
is just the latest milestone in the Company’s transition to second-generation family ownership and management.”
(See Wink Welcomes New Directors, p 3)

    The Wink Report® is prepared by Wink Companies, LLC as a service for clients, associates, and others in the
      professional design and construction industries. The articles contained in The Wink Report® are intended
      for informational use only, and are not meant to be a substitute for professional consultation and analysis.
    Inquiries may be directed to Wink Companies’ Vice President of Business Development, Reba Capers,
                        at the St. Charles Office: 504.468.4624, or

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