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Win Hanverky Proposes to Increase Stake in Win Sports


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									                                                                   [For immediate release]

      Win Hanverky Proposes to Increase Stake in Win Sports
    Poised to Capture Lucrative Retail and Wholesale Sportswear
                      Market in Greater China

(Hong Kong, 6 February 2007) — Win Hanverky Holdings Limited (“Win Hanverky” or the
“Group”; HKEx: 3322) has proposed to subscribe shares of Win Sports Group (“Win Sports”)
via a wholly-owned subsidiary. The subscription, upon completion, will increase Win
Hanverky’s stake in Win Sports by 25%, from the existing 50% to 75% stake.

Win Sports currently has 14 retail shops in Hong Kong, including the first soccer concept
mega store, Futbol Trend, which was recently launched in Langham Place, Mongkok.           Also,
it is the exclusive licensed distributor of sportswear and accessories of four famous European
soccer teams, namely Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, in
the Greater China region.     It is, at present, owned 50% by Win Hanverky and 50% by TSG
(BVI) Limited (“TSG”).     At a cash consideration of HK$45 million to be financed using the
Group’s internal resources, Win Hanverky intends to increase its stake in Win Sports to 75%.
TSG will hold the remaining 25% of Win Sports.

Mr. Roy Li, Chairman of Win Hanverky, said, “Win Hanverky will use Win Sports as a
platform to develop and enhance our strategic position in the retail and wholesale business in
Hong Kong, and especially China.        With the enormous business potential, we are well
positioned to seize opportunities in the flourishing sportswear market in the region.”

The share subscription proposal is subject to the approval of the Group’s Extraordinary
General Meeting.    The deal is expected to be completed by end of March 2007.

Mr. Cecil Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Win Hanverky, said, “The proposed share
subscription is in line with the Group’s strategy to increase operational control over our
distribution businesses.   While we are expanding our retail network, we will also develop and
launch more products for the four European soccer teams so as to ride fully on the soccer
fever over international soccer games.     As Win Sports will become our subsidiary, we are
more ready to brave new heights and are confident of generating satisfactory returns for
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Win Hanverky Proposes To Increase Stake in Win Sports
6 February 2007

About Win Hanverky Holdings Limited
Win Hanverky Holdings Limited is an integrated sportswear manufacturer and distributor for
renowned international sports brands. It has a business foundation of over 20 years and
mainly operates Sportswear Manufacturing and Distribution. Its prominent manufacturing
business clientele includes such international sports brands as Adidas, Reebok, UMBRO and
Diadora. Win Hanverky also has exclusive distribution rights for UMBRO sportswear in
Hong Kong and the PRC and, via a jointly-controlled company, for products of four famous
European soccer teams in Mainland China. The Group has 11 production facilities
strategically located in Mainland China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Jordan. For more
details, please visit

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