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					Bachelor of

Faculty oF education
HealtH & PHysical education oPtions

HealtH & PHysical education • outdoor education
design & tecHnology • HealtH science

                      university of tasmania
    bacHelor of                                                HealtH & PHysical education

    education                                                  this specialisation has an emphasis on promoting
                                                               healthy lifestyles and to lay a foundation for further
                                                               professional development, in both the theory and
    Available Specialisations:                                 practice of education.

     Health & Physical education (Kindergarten to year 12)     HealtH science
                                                               the Health science specialisation has an emphasis on
     Health & Physical education and                           anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry, preparing
     Health science (secondary)                                students for teaching a range of science classes.

                                                               outdoor education
     Health & Physical education and
                                                               the outdoor education specialisation will prepare
     outdoor education (secondary)
                                                               students for leading and teaching in outdoor
                                                               education. this specialisation will provide students
     Health & Physical education and                           with a combination of theoretical and practical
     design & technology (secondary)                           experiences in a variety of outdoor environments
                                                               through which they will explore and develop their
                                                               teaching and leadership skills. other career options
     design & technology (secondary)                           may include working for public and private providers
                                                               of outdoor education across australia, and within the
    Duration: 4 years (full-time), 9 years (part-time**).      outdoor recreation and tourism industry.
    Location: launceston § , internal § and mixed-mode^
    (part external, part on-campus §).                         design & tecHnology
                                                               the design & technology specialisation allows students
    this course provides undergraduate students with the
                                                               to choose from Food studies or Wood & Metal design.
    option to either concentrate solely on Health & Physical
    education or combine Health & Physical education with      it may also be possible to select a design & technology
    an additional secondary school teaching area.              stream in textiles or computer aided design (cad),
                                                               rather than Food studies or Wood & Metal design.
    the option to concentrate solely on design &
                                                               contact the Faculty for further information.
    technology is also available through the Bachelor
    of education. For more information, please see the
    design & technology brochure.                              internally/on-camPus§
    students who undertake this program will graduate          the Bachelor of education is offered at the newnham
    with a professional qualification and preparation that     campus in launceston^. some of our 10 core units can
    meets national expectations and standards, and makes       be undertaken at the cradle coast campus in Burnie.
    them favoured for recruitment in systems throughout        students wishing to enrol in a core unit at the cradle
    tasmania, australia and overseas.                          coast campus should contact the Faculty for further
    the course content and practical experience provides
    theoretical and practical opportunities to practice what
    is learned in a safe and supportive environment.

2                                                                                                                        3
    mixed-mode^^                                                   Professional Portfolio
    as some of our 10 core units are available fully online,       all units over the 4 years of the course focus on the
    students have the flexibility to enrol in both on-campus §     development of a professional portfolio which is an
    face to face units and fully online external units within      essential part of being a professional teacher as it
    the same semester. students wishing to enrol in a core         demonstrates evidence of meeting state based teacher
    unit externally should contact the Faculty for further         professional standards. this professional portfolio will
    clarification.                                                 reflect the pre-service teacher’s journey of development
    The School of Education strongly encourages                    as a teacher throughout the duration of the degree and
    all students to maintain regular contact with an               students are encouraged to keep and regularly update
    educational context. For this reason, volunteering             evidence of their professional journey during the four
    in an educational setting or classroom is highly               years of their course. the final unit, Preparing for the
    recommended for all students, regardless of study              Profession, will help students refine an exit portfolio.
    mode or pattern of attendance.
                                                                   estimated commitment
    entry requirements                                             students should allow approximately 10 hours of
    a tertiary entrance rank of approximately 65 (four             focussed study per unit, per week. this estimate
    pre-tertiary units in year 11 and 12 with a minimum of         includes on-campus§ lectures, tutorials and workshops,
    three studied in year 12). non-year-12 applicants are          which generally equate to three to four hours per unit,
    requested to find out more from the “How do i qualify          per week.
    for entry?” link from the education homepage at                                           Professional exPerience
    international students will require an overall international   students must be available to attend unpaid professional
    english language testing system (ielts) average of 7.0,        experience at schools on a full-time basis for a number of
    with no band lower than 6.5, and direct entry academic         weeks each year, totalling a minimum of 85 days over four
    Program (deaP) overall of 70% (65% writing).                   years. a teachers’ registration Board good character
                                                                   check is required for school placements.
    recommended subjects                                           Professional experience is embedded in these four
    there are no specific prerequisite subjects but success        units: Foundations of teaching; Planning for Positive
    at the senior secondary level in subjects such as              Behaviour; inclusive Practices in education settings;
    english, Maths, Physical science, Biology, chemistry,          and Preparing for the Profession. the units require
    sport science, Psychology, design graphics, Housing            students to successfully complete assignments and show
    & design, Food & nutrition and outdoor leadership              competence in the school setting across established
    would be an advantage.                                         criteria signed off by the colleague teacher
                                                                   in consultation with the academic supervisor.
    recognised Prior learning
    students are encouraged to apply for recognition
    of prior learning, which includes formal study
    undertaken in recognised tertiary institutions,
    or other demonstrated learning achievement.

4                                                                                                                               5
    career oPPortunities                                       overseas equivalent. a degree in education also gives
    graduates of the Bachelor of education will be qualified   graduates skills that are sought after by the business
    to teach in public and private sector schools. they will   community – generic skills such as communication,
    be able to register with the teachers’ registration        research, analysis and reflection, that make them very
    Board in tasmania or other australian states, or the       employable in jobs other than teaching.

    course structure*
    university of tasmania aims to develop courses             or part-time**, internally § or by mixed-mode of delivery
    to meet the needs of busy working people.                  (online or on-campus § face-to-face).
    undergraduates can complete their studies full-time
                                                               Specialisation – Health & Physical education

                             year 1                                                      year 3
     semester 1                                                 semester 1
     • Health & Physical activity                               • organisation in community sport & recreation
     • introduction to Human Biology                            • Movement skills
     • Foundations & theories of literacy:                      • electiVe
       Processes & Practices                                    • inclusive Practices in education settings
     • Foundations of teaching
                                                                semester 2
     semester 2                                                 • sport coaching or sport Psychology or sports injuries
     • Physical Pursuits                                        • introduction to HPe Pedagogy
     • anatomy & Physiology 1                                   • electiVe
     • Knowledge & Pedagogy for teaching secondary              • ethics, education & teacher identity
                                                                                         year 4
     • Human development in educational contexts
                                                                semester 1
                             year 2                             • scientific Principles of strength conditioning
     semester 1                                                 • analysis of sport skills
     • the Psychology of sport & Physical activity              • cultural awareness: aboriginal studies
     • anatomy & Physiology 2                                   • adapted Physical activity
     • electiVe
                                                                semester 2
     • Planning for Positive Behaviour
                                                                • advanced Motor learning or sports’ injuries
     semester 2                                                 • advanced HPe Pedagogy
     • Motor learning & skill development                       • social and emotional learning
     • exercise Physiology & nutrition                          • Preparing for the Profession
     • electiVe
     • teacher as Planner, assessor & reporter

6                                                                                                                          7
    Specialisations*                                                                        year 1
    Health & Physical education and design & technology           semester 1
                                                                  • Foundations & theories of literacy: Processes & Practices
    Health & Physical education and outdoor education             • Foundations of teaching
    Health & Physical education and Health science                • sPecialisation 1
                                                                  • sPecialisation 2
                             years 1 – 4                          semester 2
                                                                  • Knowledge & Pedagogy for teaching secondary
     students complete 32 units in total.
     this includes 2 x specialisations = 16 units over 4 years.
                                                                  • Human development in educational contexts
     HealtH & PHysical education                                  • sPecialisation 1
     • introduction to Human Biology                              • sPecialisation 2
     • anatomy & Physiology 1
                                                                                            year 2
     • anatomy & Physiology 2
     • exercise Physiology & nutrition                            semester 1
     • Movement skills                                            • electiVe
     • introduction to HPe Pedagogy                               • Planning for Positive Behaviour
     • analysis of sport skills                                   • sPecialisation 1
     • advanced HPe Pedagogy                                      • sPecialisation 2
     design & tecHnology°                                         semester 2
     • Furniture technology 1 or Food studies                     • electiVe
     • Furniture technology 2 or applied Food studies             • teacher as Planner, assessor & reporter
     • Furniture technology 3 or                                  • sPecialisation 1
       Health Promotion Food & lifestyle                          • sPecialisation 2
     • Metal Manipulation & construction or culinary design
                                                                                            year 3
     • design in Plastics & Hard Materials or nutrition & Food
     • Wood design or Food & culture                              semester 1
     • d&t curriculum in schools: Hard Materials or               • electiVe
       d&t curriculum in schools: Food studies                    • inclusive Practices in education settings
     • d&t enterprise in schools: Hard Materials or               • sPecialisation 1
       d&t enterprise in schools: Food studies                    • sPecialisation 2
     outdoor education                                            semester 2
     • Fundamentals of outdoor education                          • electiVe
     • safety & risk Management in the outdoors                   • ethics, education & teacher identity
     • outdoor environments                                       • sPecialisation 1
     • cultural & environmental outdoor education                 • sPecialisation 2
     • developing outdoor education Programs
                                                                                            year 4
     • teaching in outdoor environments
     • outdoor education Praxis                                   semester 1
     • outdoor Journeys                                           • cultural awareness: aboriginal studies
     HealtH science                                               • adapted Physical activity or
     • chemistry 1a or chemistry for life sciences                  learning environments in society
     • chemistry 1B                                               • sPecialisation 1
     • the Psychology of sport & Physical activity                • sPecialisation 2
     • Motor learning & skill development                         semester 2
     • Health Promotion: Food & lifestyle                         • Preparing for the Profession
     • sport coaching or sport Psychology                         • social & emotional learning or
     • scientific Principles of strength conditioning               information & communication technology
       or sports’ injuries                                        • sPecialisation 1
     • advanced Motor learning                                    • sPecialisation 2

8                                                                                                                               9
     How do i aPPly?                                             otHer costs
     applicants submit an online application using               Most units require students to have access
     the eapplication system.                                    to prescribed text books in order to complete
     see                          assignments. take into account the costs of stationery,
     international students should refer to the international    resource materials for assignments, and postage.
     services office for application information.                all units have some online component so internet
     see                           access costs must also be taken into consideration.
                                                                 the university has computer laboratories which are
                                                                 available for use by enrolled students.
     With the assistance of tasmanian state and local
     governments, business and industry, and generous
     benefactors, the university is able to offer a range        the university offers a wide range of accommodation
     of scholarships.                                            options. For more information, please see

     fees and costs
     commonwealth-supported university places are
     available within the program to australian and new
     Zealand citizens through the Hecs-HelP scheme
     (nZ citizens will be required to pay these fees upfront).
     tasmanian department of education staff and schools
     with a Memorandum of understanding may be entitled
     to a partial Hecs-HelP scholarship.
     For more information on fees or Hecs-HelP please
     contact the university or see
     international students should refer to the international
     services office for application information.

10                                                                                                                         11
contact us
University Information Centre
For further information about the university, including
both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and
application processes, please contact the university
information centre.
Phone: 1300 363 864
For more information on the Faculty of education,
contact the Faculty.
Phone: 1800 061 512
International students
the Faculty welcomes international students.
our staff have considerable experience in teaching
and supervising students from many countries, and
our international student centre provides a number of
high-quality systems to support international students.
For further information, including application forms
and fee schedules, visit the university of tasmania’s
international website at
or call them on +61 3 6226 2706.

* course structure and unit titles are subject to change.
** Part-time studies are not available to international students studying on-campus.
^ some units in the design & technology specialisation are delivered from the
   inveresk campus, launceston.
^ limited online learning is available to international students.
   Please speak to your Faculty officer or an international student advisor
§ the on-campus delivery mode includes some online engagement in
   some units.
° For textiles and computer aided design streams please see the Bachelor
   of education, design & technology brochure.

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