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					       FCCLA Colors
 Symbolizes Strength Courage and

Symbolizes Sincerity of Purpose and
        Integrity of Action

     The Red Rose
Any student who has taken a course in Family
and Consumer Sciences through grade 12 is
eligible for active membership in an organized
chapter within their school.

Teachers can be a part of it, too! Teachers
certified in comprehensive or occupational
Family and Consumer Sciences Education can
serve as the FCCLA chapter advisor.
FCCLA Planning Process

      The Planning
     Process is used
    when setting and
   carrying out FCCLA
FCCLA Planning Process
 Identify Concerns
        Identify Concerns
 brainstorm concerns
 evaluate listed concerns
 narrow to one workable idea or
FCCLA Planning Process
 Identify Concerns
 Set A Goal
        Set A Goal
 get a clear mental picture
  of what you want to
 write it down
FCCLA Planning Process
 Identify Concerns
 Set A Goal
 Form A Plan
       Form A Plan
 plan how to achieve
decide who, what, where,
 when, why and how
FCCLA Planning Process
 Identify Concerns
 Set A Goal
 Form A Plan
 Take Action
       Take Action

carry out project
FCCLA Planning Process
 Identify Concerns
 Set A Goal
 Form A Plan
 Take Action
 Follow Up
       Follow Up
 evaluate project
 thank people involved
 recognize participants
              National STAR Events
Applied Technology                             Interior Design
Career Investigation                            Interpersonal
Chapter Service Project, Display              Communication
Chapter Service Project, Manual                  Job Interview
Culinary Arts                      National Programs in Action
Early Childhood Development          Parliamentary Procedure
                                        Recycle and Redesign
Focus on Children
                                             Financial Fitness
                                              Fashion Design
Illustrated Talk
          State Proficiency Events

Texas has two state events which students can
•Serving Up Success -members show proficiency
in seating, taking orders, serving and presenting
the bill to guests.
•Stories That Teach- members present a prepared
lesson plan using an age-appropriate story.
                    State Leadership
                Enhancement Opportunities

Objective tests for students to take at fall leadership training,
region and state leadership conferences are:
Consumer Math                 Job Interview
Culinary Arts                 Step One
Creed, Mission & Mission      Hospitality
Purposes                      Interior Design
Etiquette                     Consumer Quiz
            Parliamentary Procedure
            State Leadership
             State Proficiency
            Enhancement Opportunities
Objective tests for students to take at fall leadership
  Each region that takes a test which students
Texasmember and state eventswillconferences are:
training,has two state leadership
  receive a certificate of participation.
can compete:
          will be awards as
 CertificatesConsumer Math follows:  Etiquette
•Serving Up Success -members show
          Consumer Quiz             Hospitality
       Gold in seating,
proficiency – (85-100) taking orders, serving
       Creed, Mission &     Interior
and presenting the bill to guests. Design
       Silver – (70-84)
              Purposes             Job Interview
•Stories That Teach- members present a
       Bronze – (55-69)
       Culinary Arts           Step One
prepared lesson plan using an age-appropriate
story. Participation – (0-54)
               Parliamentary Procedure
                Consumer Math- LEO
               Consumer Math – LEO

   • Members will answer consumer math related
    Members will answer consumer math
     questions during the quiz.
    related questions during the quiz.
• The content questions cover areas of:

                 Basic Culinary Math
         Housing/Interior Design
                 Consumer Quiz-
             Consumer Quiz- LEO LEO

 • Members will answer consumer related questions.
•• Members will answerfocus on five related questions.
   The content questions consumer key areas of
   consumer knowledge focus on need to know to
• The content questions that teensfive key areas of
   function effectively and confidently in to know to
  consumer knowledge that teens need today’s marketplace:
  function effectively and confidently in today’s marketplace:
   personal finance;
   health and safety;
   the environment;
   technology;
   consumer rights
     and responsibilities;
                  Culinary Arts- LEO

• Members will answer related to the culinary arts

    terms
    methods of cookery
    presentation
    Important information to
      know if working within
      the industry
            FCCLA Creed, Mission
             and Purposes - LEO

Participants will need to know the
FCCLA creed as it is nationally adopted.
Participants will also be tested on their
knowledge of the 8 FCCLA Purposes and
the Mission Statement.
                  Etiquette - LEO

• Participants will
  demonstrate basic
  knowledge of proper
  etiquette by
  answering questions
  during a quiz related
  to meal and social
                 Hospitality - LEO

• Participants will
  demonstrate basic
  knowledge and skills
  related to the
  hospitality industry,
  with a focus on
            Interior Design - LEO

• Members will answer questions related to
  interior design including:

    Principles and Elements
    of Design
    Furniture Placement
    Traffic Patterns
              Job Interview - LEO

• Participants will answer interview etiquette
  questions related to:
   Dress
   Interviewing Skills
   Resumes
   Follow up
                       Procedure - LEO

• Participants will demonstrate basic
  parliamentary knowledge by answering
  objective questions.
  Robert’s Rules of
  Order Newly Revised
  is the official FCCLA
  parliamentary procedure
           STEP 1 - LEO

Participants will demonstrate
basic knowledge of FCCLA
including organization history and
national programs.
                  Other State Programs

                  designed for chapter
A literacy project
members to help children improve reading
Ready,Set, Read! can be used to participate in
STAR Events, such as Chapter Service Project.
Project Ideas:
   Readto children or adults
   Conduct a Book Drive
   Donate   Books to local Boys and Girls Club
         FCCLA SAVES
 A peer education project to encourage
 individuals to start saving for their

       READ AND $AVE
 Chapter members work with young people
using Sammy Rabbit books to teach
children the importance of reading and
saving their money!

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of
    America offers scholarships to students
    planning to major in family and consumer
sciences (FCS) and other disciplines. Applicants
     must have been a member of the Texas
   Association, Family, Career and Community
  Leaders of America. A standard application
 form for scholarships processed through the
  state office, Family, Career and Community
 Leaders of America is used. Applications are
       due to the state office by March 1.
                 Meetings in Texas

Fall Leadership Meetings- regional officers conduct
meeting in the fall to help members learn about FCCLA and
meet members from other schools in the area. LEO’s can
be taken.
Regional Meetings – five regional meetings held in Texas
between January and March. Take LEOs, participate in
STAR/Proficiency Events and learn from concurrent
State Leadership Conference- usually held in April in a
Texas city. Participate in leadership sessions, LEO’s,
STAR/Proficiency Events, general sessions and special
community service projects.
Teen   Times is FCCLA members’
national magazine with coverage of
teen issues and chapter ideas.
Members   receive four issues each
Recognizes FCCLA chapters who
have affiliated on the state and
national level 100% of those
students enrolled in the advisor’s
own FCS classes at your school.
For Advisors
Recognizes advisors who have
used a national program to
incorporate the 3 R’s of
FCCLA State Advisor                   FCCLA National
Refer to the state FCCLA website      Executive Council
( for contact      Refer to the FCCLA national website.
information for the state advisor.    The National Executive Council are
Detailed information will be posted   ten nationally elected members
regarding state and regional levels   representing all members. They are
activities.                           eager to serve you!

      Texas Association
                                  1910 Association Dr., Reston, VA 20191
          Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
      6513 Circle S Road
                                            703-476-4900 (office)
     Austin, Texas 78745
     512-306-0099 (office)                   703-860-2713 (fax)
      512-306-0041 (fax)           

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