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									OSWEGO VALLEY NEWS               THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1967                                                                          The Paper Thafs Read from Cover to Cover
                                                                       A wonderful way to say
                                                                       HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...
                                                                             LENOX                         CHINA

                                                                              A trio of newly designed Lenox Gifts.
                                                                              each accented with 24-karat gold to
                                                                              delight Mother on her day.

                                                                              The Charleston Compote
                                                                              Exquisitely detailed, it doubles as a
                                                                              lovely centerpiece. 24-karat gold trim,
                                                                              5" tall. $9.95

                                                                              The Canterbury Bowl
                                                                              Gracefully tapered. Embossed panel
                                                                              motifs. 24-karat gold trim. 3" tall. $6.95

 James Chaffee, former Fultonian of Hannibal, is the new phar-
 macist at the Fulton Fay Drug Store. He has served his appren-
 ticeship at the BaldwinsviUe Fay Drug Store. Chaffee graduated
 from the Albany College of Pharmacy last June. He is married
 and has one child.                                  Oak Photo
                                                                            Petite Fleur Box
                                                                            Sculptured fleur-de-lis motif. Perfect
                                                                            for a dressing table. 24-karat jjokJ trim
                                 Kathleen Cardinali                         3" long. $7.95
                                 Engaged to Wed
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Car-
                                 dinali of Fulton announce the
                                 engagement of their daughter
                                 Kathleen Ann, to Michael C.
                                 Blandino, of Hartford, Conn.
                                 He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
         lATOUR'S                Bart Blandino of Fulton.
                                   Miss Cardinali is a 1966 grad-
                                                                                                               43 S. First St., Fulton
                                                                                                                Convenient Budget Terms Arranged
    Moving & Storage             uate of G. Ray Bodley High
                                 School and is employed by
     Paul M. Brown, Owner        Sealright Company, Inc., credit       A surprise birthday party
     308 Harrison St.
     (North of A & P Store)
      (End of N. Third St.)
                                   Blandino is a graduate of
                                                                    was held for Norm Berry, Sat-
                                                                    urday evening, April 11th, at
                                                                    Allen Goodfellow's camp, with
                                                                                                                                           HARR1NI Hi Inc.
           FULTON, NY.           Fulton High School and is em-                                                       General Insurance and Real Estate
                                 ployed by the Hartford Cour-       several of his friends attend-
             Agent for:                                              ng.
       NORTH AMERICAN            ant.                                                                           1M Weal first S t            OSWEGO, N.Y.        Tel. MJ-SJlt
            VAN LINES              No date has been set for the                                                     IN BUSINESS IN OSWEOO COUNTY SINCE 1934
                                 wedding.                           David Seaton, son of Mr. and
  LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE                                         VIrs. James Seaton of Granby-
     MOVING — STORAGE                                             Vlinetto Rd., is recovering in a                     We ire equipped to handle any Insurance or
        Used Furniture and       Personals                                                                                         real estate serrke
  Appliances Bought and Sold                                      Syracuse Hospital from an op-
  USED FURNITURE OUTLET              Mr. and Mrs. John Kitts, Jr. eration on his leg.
                                 of Staten Island are parents
    Open Daily 9-5; Thur. 9-9    of a daughter born April 4th Mrs.        Paul Kells entertained
   We will buy a few pieces or   Mr. Kitts is a teacher at Sta- Saturday evening at a surprise                   Can You Qualify for This Career Opportunity?
           entire estates        ten Island and is the son o: party for her husband, Paul
         OSWEGO 343-8271         John Kitts, formerly of Hanni- Those present were Mr. and                       Applicants from Oswego and Adjoining Counties
         FULTON 692-6992         bal.                             Mrs.   Alex Koliada of Fulton
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kells                                       Positions Open For
                                                                  and daughters of Granby Cen-
                                                                  ter, Mr. and Mrs. James Gagli-
    PHOTOS                                                        ardo of Fulton, Mr. and Mrs
                                                                  Glenn Laurent and family of
                                                                  Hannibal, Mrs. Bertha Kells
                                                                                                                                City of Oswego
                                                                  and son, Arthur and Richarc
                                                                  and Roger Kells and sons o\
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kells.                            If you are between the ages of 21-31, in good
       For Any Occasion                                                'The Place Where
                                                                                                                 health and would like to be a peace enforcement
    PLEASE CALL IN FOR                                                                                           officer     see     Captain       Frederich   Scharf,   Chief,
    APPOINTMENT NOW!                                                  Your Money Grows*
                                                                                                                 Oswego Police Department, City Hall, Oswego,
                                                                                                                 N. Y.
    Your Oswego Valley News Photographer
     With Lifetime Guarantee                                                                                           Salary Range — $4700-$.3700
           of Photos            CANDID WEDDING
                                       ALBUMS                                                                          Uniform Allowance
      The Best Is None Too
       Good — Make Your                                                                                                Vacation - Retirement - Health and Accident
        Appointment Now!
                   See Us Mrst: No Obligation!
                                                                         The Security                                  Insurance - Promotion Opportunities -

     206 OAK ST.
                    Oak Studios
                            FULTON           * B . 59I-4M1
                                                                       Building and Loan                               Security.

    ABC   — Commercial — Accident — Portrait — Wedding
                                                                           Association                                 Write or Call Chief Scharf for Interview

                                                                             Incorporated 1880
            Oil or Natural Color — Black & White                                                                        Tel. Oswego 343-1212
                                                                              OSWEGO, N.T.
                   30 YEARS EXPERIENCE

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