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					    Book Trailer Basics

    by Ms. Millam, Teacher Librarian
              Valencia HS
Revised by Ms. Besser, Teacher Librarian
               Portola MS
Online Book Trailers

 Book Trailers are like commercials
      Different types:
        Slide type with written descriptions
        Film type (like a movie trailer with
 Software (so many different kinds)
   MovieMaker
   iMovie (Mac users)
Make a Booktrailer/Digital Booktalk

  Keep it simple.
  Choose a book you’ve read (and liked).
  Use an impactful cover or premise.
  Choose images that enhance your
Make a Booktrailer/Digital Booktalk

  Use copyright-free sites for
      (Text is hard to read over images.)
    Copyright Free Sites
 Images
 Music

 Remember to ALWAYS cite your source of images &
How-to Create a Book Trailer
 Step 1- Outline Book trailer
  Plan out wording,
  image needs,
  and tone (is it scary, happy, funny?)
 Step Two – Choose Images/Pictures
 Choose images (copyright-free).
  Select images that tell the story.
  Hint: Place in a new folder and put all
  images and music there.
    Step 3 – Create slides

 Using PowerPoint, create slides with
 images and text.
  Limit text. Use phrases and SHORT sentences.
  Be careful to choose text colors that will
   show up.
  Do not use a picture as background &
   place text over it.
Step 3 – Image Selection
 Choose photos/clipart with care.
 The photos/images should help
  TELL the story.
 Insert them into the slide and
  adjust size. Be careful not to
  make it too big. (See next slide
  for a bad example.)
Example of a badly
pixilated image –
too big

-Note the wavy
lines, and unclear

-Pictures should
have crisp, clean
lines and text.
Step 4 – Choose music
 Use copyright free music
 Music helps create the mood of your presentation.
 Save music to folder with images for the Book
Check in with your teacher
 You have done so much:
   Gathered pictures and images
   Selected music
   Created the PowerPoint and saved it
 It is time to check in with your teacher.
   Review, critique and approve (check spelling)
     Time to save
 You created a PowerPoint that tells the story:
   You have given a few details.
     just enough to grab everyone’s attention
   You have put in music that helps share the story.
     creating mood and tone
   You have put in photos and images.
     Adding detail and creating interest
   It is time to save your file.
Save PowerPoint as JPEG
 Critical step:
   Upon finishing your slides click “Save As”
     Select JPEG File Interchange Format (Scroll down to it on the
      pick list). It will ask if you want it for all slides, click Every Slide.

                                                           Click down arrow to
                                                           use pick list
                                                           Scroll down to
MovieMaker Basics
Open MovieMaker
Click Import Media to
 import your slides
  Drag and Drop slides and music

 Click & drag music icon where you want it to begin
 storyboard will automatically change to a timeline view
 “edit” music by dragging it to fit picture timeline
     Select JPG files (slides)

1) Select .jpg file type

 1) Click on correct
    slides and Click
   Add music

 Select .mp3 file type

 Click on correct music file &
 Click import

Little tab-close up

             Click and drag on little tab to adjust time of each slide
                    Click - Save to my computer
Save file

            Enter title name
             & click NEXT
  Saving (continued)

Click Next
Time to turn it in!
(on an external flash drive)

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