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New Science Building Moving from Hypothesis to Reality


									                                                                                                                                 S pring 2007
                                                                                                                                 V olume XXXiii
                                                                                                                                 n umber 2

   New Science Building
   Moving from Hypothesis to Reality
   Oxford forges ahead with plans for a state-of-the-art teaching facility

                  hile science is often considered an ana-
                  lytical discipline rather than a creative
                  one, the faculty and staff of Oxford’s
                  Natural Science and Mathematics
   Division have proven that science and creativity
   can go hand in hand. One only has to look at what
   they’ve done with their current building. Built in the
   early 1960s and renovated in the 1980s, the two-
   story structure features limited classroom and lab
   space for the growing student population. Yet, the
   faculty has maximized every inch of available space,
                               doing everything from

Just think what our            turning storage closets into
                               modest research facilities to
                               transforming an adjacent
faculty will be able           greenhouse into a field
to accomplish with                 “I think we’ve been
                               good stewards of the build-
the new building.              ing we have,” asserts Eloise
                               Carter, professor of biol-
        —Stephen Bowen ogy. However, when Daniel
                               Paulien and Associates con-
   ducted a space-needs assessment for Oxford’s master-
   planning project, the firm’s report revealed that it was
   time for a change. “The results were pretty startling       Professor of Chemistry Reza Saadein, sophomore Frank Karokhi, and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jack
   because it showed that we have a 58 percent deficit         Eichler are working on a cancer research project at Oxford. Oxford‘s science programs, as well as valuable
   in the amount of laboratory space we should have at         research projects, will benefit from the new facility.
   Oxford College,” she says.
      “Our science teaching facilities are something of a paradox,” says Dean            Budensiek supporting her. The plan for the proposed building was concep-
   Stephen Bowen. “The original designs were parsimonious, and by contem-                tualized when six faculty members and administrators attended a Project
   porary standards the spaces are cramped and lack basic equipment found                Kaleidoscope workshop to learn how to create a functional undergraduate
   in most high school science rooms. Despite these limitations, Oxford’s                science building based on the specific programs the college offers, includ-
   science students are often at the top of the class when they receive their            ing chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, geology, and mathematics.
   Emory baccalaureate degrees. Just think what our faculty will be able to              According to Carter, in addition to larger classrooms and labs with state-
   accomplish with the new building.”                                                    of-the-art instrumentation and plenty of ventilation hoods, the building
      Fortunately, the new Science Building project is underway, with Carter             will offer ample meeting space for faculty and students to gather and col-
   serving as project shepherd for the initiative and division assistant Joy                                                                           continued on page 3

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                                                                                                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                         IL E D

                                                                                                                                                                     E 3 03


                                                                                                                                                                              PERMIT NO. 3604

The Bonner Leaders:
Gaining a Sense of Community
           xford freshman Ajay Balasubramanyan                                                                                        I just try to be straight
           08OX says his background as a high
           school student in Houston was a fairly                                                                                     with them. It’s not so
sheltered one of private schools and rigorous aca-
demics, so working with young truants in Newton                                                                                       difficult. I talk to them
County’s juvenile courts has been a “radically dif-
ferent” experience.                                                                                                                   very informally and try
   But Balasubramanyan is mindful not to preach,
cajole, or scold the absentee students.                                                                                               to see things from their
   “I just try to be straight with them. It’s not
so difficult. I talk to them very informally and
                                                                                                                                      perspective. They’re just
try to see things from their perspective,” he says.
“They’re just happy someone is there for them.”
                                                                                                                                      happy someone is there
   Oxford’s inaugural class of ten Bonner
Leaders—a service-based scholarship program
                                                                                                                                      for them.
already in place at more than fifty colleges around                                                                                      —Ajay Balasubramanyan
the country—was selected before the students
even set foot on campus, but it has shaped and
informed their first year of college.
   They have become part of a close-knit group
that meets once a week to discuss service place-         programs, women they interview at a domestic               And London Johnson 08OX, who works at
ments—local agencies and organizations where             violence shelter, and chronic teenage truants they     Head Start, says that while her mother taught her
they work as volunteers. This portion of the pro-        mentor who have given up on school.                    much of what she knew before she went to school,
gram is designed to create committed student lead-           “Almost all of the kids say they have no need      she sees preschoolers who are clearly not prepared
ers who give back to their communities.                  for college. They think you have to be really          for kindergarten. “The government puts a lot of
   Students work eight to ten hours a week, earn-        rich to go,” says Eun Lee 08OX, who works              money into college and high school students, but
ing up to $2,000 an academic year with the pos-          at the Washington Street Community Center in           not much into younger kids,” she says. “That’s
sibility of an additional $3,000 for a “summer of        Covington. “But I’ll tell them there are a lot of      where I think funding could make the most
service” between their freshman and sophomore            programs and scholarships to help families afford      difference.”
years. Funding is provided by the Pierce Institute       it, and then some of them will say, ‘Do you really         Other Bonner Leaders work behind the scenes,
for Leadership and Community Engagement,                 think I could go?’ ”                                   collaborating on projects. Rebecca Dyke 08OX
Americorps Educational Awards, and Oxford                    It’s no wonder students are cynical about their    says the adults with whom she works side by
financial aid, as well as the Bonner Foundation.         chances of attending college when their fami-          side at the Center for Community Planning and
   On this chilly Valentine’s evening, while other       lies can barely afford proper clothing, says Sara      Preservation in Covington treat her as a colleague.
Oxford students prepare for a dance and pizza            McClintock 08OX, who works at the YMCA.                    “There are some divisive issues, such as the
party in the student center, the Bonner group gath-      “One little girl, who is completely adorable, she      resources that should be available to schools
ers in a meeting room upstairs to talk about the         didn’t even own a jacket. She kept pulling on the      and how many schools are needed for Newton
children they help with their homework at the            sleeve of mine, so I just took it off and gave it      County,” she says. “I used to find it hard to talk
YMCA, preschoolers they read to in Head Start            to her.”                                               on the phone but by calling more and more people,
                                                                                                                I’ve improved a lot.”
                                                                                                                    “Our students know so much more about the
                                                                                                                county than any other students,” says Crystal
Go   Oxford Eagles!                                                                                             McLaughlin, director of student development at
                                                                                                                Oxford, who leads the Bonner program. “By the

Women’s Soccer Goes to Final Four                                                                               end of the two years, they will have devoted nine
                                                                                                                hundred hours to community service.”
                                                                                                                    The Bonner Leaders sometimes do group

    n November, in a win over                                                                                   events together, such as going to see an IMAX film
    Massachusett’s Holyoke Community                                                                            about Hurricane Katrina at Fernbank Museum of
    College by the score of 2-0, the                                                                            Natural History, in preparation for a service trip to
Oxford women’s soccer program                                                                                   New Orleans.
secured its first-ever appearance at                                                                                But being a Bonner Leader also has a more
a National Championship Final Four                                                                              immediate, on-campus benefit.
as well as its first District Title (Elite                                                                          “My favorite part has been the group itself,”
8). Though the team gave its most                                                                               says Elyssa Pfeffer 08OX, who works at The
valiant effort to capture its first-ever                                                                        Learning Center organizing a literacy program for
national soccer title at the tournament,                                                                        children up to five years old. “We hang out togeth-
it came up short. Oxford’s women                                                                                er, take classes together, and are there for each
tied both of their games in the 2006                                                                            other.” Ox
                        NJCAA National
                        Final Four
                        which ended
                        in penalty kick
                            In December,    Oxford‘s winning women‘s soccer team enjoyed a successful season.
                        Maya Vankineni
07OX, Sarah Myers 07OX, and Sandra Boyce                 Boyce-Smith were selected by a national com-
Smith 08OX, were named NJCAA All-Americans.              mittee of coaches that ranked them as three of
The All American Award recognizes the most out-          the top twenty-six players in NJCAA Division III
standing student-athletes in their sport, regardless     Women’s Soccer out of a group of more than
of geographic location. Vankineni, Myers, and            one thousand players. Ox
                                                                                                                Elyssa Pfeffer

Dean’S MeSSaGe

On the Road to an Even Stronger Institution

                                      e are on the        The University has also made a generous            mittees participate in the planning, help us identify
                                      way. With the    commitment to improving the Oxford campus.            potential benefactors, and help us develop a rela-
                                      strategic plan   University dollars will match dollars raised by       tionship with benefactors whenever appropriate.
                         and the campus master         Oxford up to half the costs for the LITC (Library     The overall campaign effort is being led by two
                         plan as our roadmaps,         and Information Technology Center) and the            of Oxford’s most dedicated alumni: Joe Edwards
                         Oxford College has begun      Science Center. Philanthropic support will be         54OX 56B 58B and Henry Mann 62OX 64C.
                         the journey to an even        essential for completing these two projects as well       Ground breaking for the new Residential
                         stronger, more distinc-       as for the Student Center and for scholarships.       Complex will be on the afternoon of May 12 as
                         tive institution by way of    The Residential Complex is the last large building    part of Oxford Day. Construction will begin in
                         establishing for Oxford a     project on the horizon. Our plan is to finance this   June with completion in time for students to move
                         more a central role within    project with debt against housing fees, but phil-     in for the fall semester of 2008. The schedule for
Emory University, and by restoring, enhancing, and     anthropic support will be important in helping us     the LITC and the Science Center will depend on
expanding the Oxford campus.                           to retire the debt and avoid additional costs. The    fund-raising, but we hope they will be right behind.
   Many have come to appreciate that                   Oxford Comprehensive Campaign goal has not yet            We have a clear direction and mileposts set
Oxford College is the most distinctive element         been announced, but it is going to be significant.    along the way all with the goal of making Oxford
of Emory’s undergraduate programs. Unique in              We would be in trouble if were it not for the      College a better version of itself. We are standing
form and format, Oxford attracts students who          Board of Counselors. Not only are they personally     by Atticus Haygood’s admonition to
would not otherwise enroll in a major research         generous in their financial support, they are cham-   “ . . . stand by what is good . . . and make it better
university and who make distinctive contribu-          pions in promoting Oxford College and seeking         if we can.”
tions as scholars and leaders on the Atlanta           support on our behalf from individuals and foun-
campus. Research supported in part by the Ford         dations. The board has organized itself into five
Foundation is now underway to document more            committees: Scholarships (chair Lloyd Whitaker
precisely the contributions of Oxford students         52OX 54C 61L), LITC (chair Hugh Tarbutton Jr.
and the role of the Oxford College community in        84OX), Science Center (chairs Eric Pike 88OX 90C
making that possible. All of this is deepening the     and Zoe Hicks 63OX 65C 76L 83L), Residential          Stephen H. Bowen
Emory appreciation of and commitment                   Complex (Art Vinson 66OX 68C), and Student  
to Oxford.                                             Center (Haynes Chidsey 88OX 90C). The com-

Science Building                                       Saadein explains. “Our main goal is to incite
continued from page 1                                  undergraduate students to continue this kind
                                                       of work in the future.” With limited resources,
laborate. It will boast interior flexibility and       such as the ones the current building offers, it
the most up-to-date safety and accessibility           can be a challenge. But the new Science Building
features, and the labs will feature windows that       will give faculty and students everything they
allow spectators to observe students and faculty       need for all of their projects, from Saadein
conducting research. Furthermore, the building,        and Eichler’s cancer research to the division’s
designed by Emory architect Todd Dolson, will          Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
be LEED-certified and located next to the for-         (SURE). “We’ll have more space,” Eichler
est on campus so students can use the outdoor          affirms. “We have this idea of ‘science for all,’

Everything about this building is going to be supportive
of Oxford’s teaching mission. —Stephen Bowen
space as part of their learning experience.            and this will allow more students to participate.
   “Everything about this building is going to         It’s very exciting, and it gives you the motivation
be supportive of Oxford’s teaching mission,”           to keep going.”
Bowen declares. “In the sciences, we have a real           Right now, Carter and the Science Building
focus on students engaging in the scientific pro-      Committee of the Board of Counselors are cer-
cess so that they learn to think like scientists.”     tainly motivated. Emory has earmarked up to
                                                                                                              Norton Receives
   That philosophy is exemplified by all of            50 percent in matching funds from the sale of          Turman Award
the work conducted in the Natural Science              its AIDS drug, emtricitabine, for the new Science
and Mathematics Division, including the most
recent research project undertaken by Associate
                                                       Building project, giving the team a solid founda-
                                                       tion on which to build. “It takes away what is
                                                                                                              J  udge William L. Norton Jr. 42OX 48C 50L
                                                                                                                 received the 2007 J. Pollard Turman Alumni
                                                                                                              Service Award on March 2, 2007. Recipients of
Professor of Chemistry Reza Saadein and                one of the first barriers,” Carter observes. “It
                                                                                                              the Turman Award are selected for extraordi-
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jack Eichler.         really made us look up and say, ‘It’s possible.’”
                                                                                                              nary service to Emory through alumni organiza-
Supported by funding from the family of an             Of course, because more money is needed to
                                                                                                              tions, regional clubs, class programs, and other
Oxford alumna in memory of her father, the             bring the building to fruition, additional fund-
                                                                                                              related groups. As described by his nomina-
project involves using organic and inorganic           raising efforts are being implemented for the
                                                                                                              tor, “Judge Norton has loved this institution,
chemistry to find ways to enhance chemo-               project, which was approved for a feasibil-
                                                                                                              dedicated himself to its mission, and supported
therapy agents using gold +3 complexes. Frank          ity study in January. If all goes well, Campus
                                                                                                              its programs and objectives for over thirty-
Farokhi 07OX is working with Saadein and               Services anticipates the project to be completed
                                                                                                              five years. He has not only enhanced Oxford
Eichler, who will include other students in the        by fall 2009. For everyone involved, it won’t be
                                                                                                              College’s alumni-related activities, he actually
project over the next several years. The research,     a minute too soon.
                                                                                                              created many of them and continues to be
which could yield valuable medical advance-                “We have a fabulous program, and we’re
                                                                                                              actively involved in leadership and supportive
ments, provides participating students with a          offering it within the constraints of this build-
                                                                                                              roles today.”
unique hands-on opportunity while fulfilling           ing,” Carter comments. “We’re so excited about
                                                                                                                  In October 2006 Norton also received the
Oxford’s central purpose.                              the opportunity to free ourselves of those con-
                                                                                                              Oxford College R. Carl Chandler Award for a
   “The spirit of Oxford College is teaching.          straints and to see what our students and faculty
                                                                                                              lifetime of outstanding leadership through ser-
We are in the business of educating students           can do with the new facilities.” Ox
                                                                                                              vice to Oxford College.
and motivating them to be good researchers,”

                                                                                                                                      This is a life mission
Hog Heaven                                                                                                                            for me. Probably more
The philosophy                                                                                                                        than anything else,
of pig farming                                                                                                                        food impacts our quality
                                                                                                                                      and length of life. The
             hen Emile DeFelice 87OX 90C was a
             student at Emory, majoring in French
             and philosophy and working at The
                                                                                                                                      tools of revolution are
Carter Center, he envisioned a future as a diplomat
working in global politics. He did not picture him-
                                                                                                                                      a knife and fork.
self as a pig farmer in South Carolina.
    Yet, nearly twenty years later, that’s just what
                                                                                                                                      We can eat our way
he is. And he gives President Jimmy Carter, a for-                                                                                    to a better world.
mer peanut farmer, a little credit for that, too.
    As a Carter Center intern in 1990, DeFelice                                                                                                    —Emile DeFelice
studied politics and agriculture in Haiti, where
the two are bound together in a climate of vio-
lence and unrest. And at the University of South
Carolina, where he earned a master’s degree in
international relations, he continued to study agri-
culture, this time closer to home. Somehow, his
goals began to shift from global politics to South
Carolina soil and seed.
    “I started with nothing, two acres and a ham-
mer,” says DeFelice. “I remember my first day
on my own farm.” From the beginning, DeFelice
was determined to farm with an overarching phi-        the local brewpub, the Hunter Gatherer, which in        local farmers and says he prioritizes local above
losophy of sustainability. On his small farm in        turn serves DeFelice’s pork; and grains from the        organic foods, which he believes is better for the
Lexington, South Carolina, he started by growing       nearby mills. The pigs live in a natural, stress-free   local economy and the environment. Two years
flowers and organic herbs. Instead of fertilizer, he   environment, with no medication or unnecessary          ago, he ran for Commissioner of Agriculture on the
bought chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, and lambs         confinement. According to DeFelice, this makes for      campaign slogan “Put Your State on Your Plate.”
and designed a system in which gardens were fertil-    happier, healthier, and better-tasting pigs.            That July 4, he, his wife, psychologist Allison
ized and tilled by moveable pens of small animals.         “A sustainable system is three-legged: economic,    DeFelice 89C, and their two children, Louis, ten,
    But producing some 150 products quickly lost       social, and environmental,” he says. “It’s good for     and Lydia, seven, declared “food independence”
its charm. DeFelice began to develop a new busi-       the farmer, the consumer, and the environment.”         and made a commitment that everything they ate
ness plan based on two basic concepts: have a              Using a nearby meat-processing facility that he     between then and the November election would be
simple focus, and run a lean operation. He decided     helped equip with an imported humane kill sys-          from South Carolina.
to specialize in livestock, and pigs rapidly became    tem, DeFelice supplies fresh pork to several fine          “There was nothing we got tired of because
the front-runner. “Every time I grew a pig, it grew    restaurants, including some as far away as New          there was always such a plethora of things avail-
so fast I never even noticed,” he says. His parents    York and California. But his ideal customer is the      able,” he says. “It takes more time, but it’s family
owned two hundred acres near Columbia, half of         average family consumer, which makes up some 80         and educational time so we thought it was well-
it unfarmed pasture and woods. “Driving down           percent of his customer base of about a thousand.       spent. It’s all about local for me. I want my cus-
the road one day, I thought, holy Christmas, that’s        “The pork flies out the window,” DeFelice says.     tomers close and my money to be spent nearby.”
a pig farm,” he says.                                  “There is this whole food and farm and health              DeFelice may have lost his political bid, but he’s
    DeFelice now uses about sixty acres for his        craze sweeping America, which is just a super-posi-     not short on things to do. He plans to quadruple
heirloom-breed hogs, producing about 350 a year.       tive social event. It’s bringing people back into the   his farm business during the next two years.
The pigs roam freely through field and forest,         home and the kitchen to prepare food together and          “This is a life mission for me,” he says.
foraging for acorns, worms, and whatever natural       inspiring a desire to know where food comes from        “Probably more than anything else, food impacts
food they might find. But DeFelice also feeds them     and what that means.”                                   our quality and length of life. The tools of revolu-
organic tofu, milk, and nuts leftover from the             DeFelice’s philosophy infuses more than his         tion are a knife and fork. We can eat our way to a
local Earth Fare grocery chain; spent barley from      farming methods. He is a staunch supporter of           better world.” Ox

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The Anatomy Of Giving Back
Zoe Hicks returns to her roots with Oxford’s Science Building project
                                                        I think we all have to work to ensure that we have top-notch scientists in this country.
                                                        The scientists of the future start out as freshmen and sophomores. They enter biology
                                                        and chemistry classes like those taught at Emory at Oxford.
                                                                                                                                                       —Zoe Hicks

                                                        her in Oxford’s four-year program, which not only       Charles at Hicks & Hicks, P.C., also serves as
                                                        allowed her to earn her diploma, but also complete      cochair of the Science Building Committee of the
                                                        her first two years of college.                         Board of Counselors, the group spearheading the
                                                            “Oxford was there for me. That was the begin-       fund-raising efforts for the new facility. Her desire
                                                        ning of my experience,” notes Hicks, who went           to offer her time, coupled with her interest in sci-
                                                        on to earn a BA in history, as well as a JD and an      ence, made the project a perfect fit. “It intrigued
                                                        LLM in taxation. And now, as an alumna, she is          me,” she says. “I think we all have to work to
                                                        doing everything she can to be there for Oxford.        ensure that we have top-notch scientists in this
                                                            “I think it’s very important to give back. None     country. The scientists of the future start out as
                                                        of us, no matter how hard we work, succeeds             freshmen and sophomores. They enter biology and
                                                        alone,” she explains. “We all succeed because of        chemistry classes like those taught at Emory at
                                                        the people who have gone before us. It took many        Oxford. This is where many of our scientists will
                                                        people that I never met to donate money; give           begin their training.”
                                                        resources; and provide the guidance, leadership,            And because those scientists and doctors are
                                                        and vision that created the institutions that edu-      the ones who strive to find cures for diseases and

          xford College holds a special place in        cated me, blessed me, and enabled me to have            improve everyone’s quality of life, Hicks concludes,
          the heart of Zoe M. Hicks 63OX 65C            a career in law and to do the things I’ve done.         “We need to see the new Science Building not just
          76L 83L. In the early 1960s, it became        Now it’s my turn. I have to put as much as I can        as a building, but as a step in the process of these
her educational haven when schools in the South         back in to benefit the people who will come             scientists’ education. They will make a huge differ-
threatened to close in the face of integration dur-     after me.”                                              ence in our lives and in the lives of our children
ing her junior year of high school. To safeguard            In addition to contributing to Oxford mon-          and grandchildren.” Ox
their daughter’s education, Hicks’ parents enrolled     etarily, Hicks, who is a partner with her husband

 Oxford Weekend 2007
 R e u n i o n s for 2 and 7 Classes

 Join us for Oxford Weekend May 10–13. Weekend highlights
 include reunion celebrations, and Commencement 2007 on
 Saturday, May 12.
 Oxford classes ending in 2 and 7 will celebrate reunions during Oxford
 Weekend, and reunions will be held May 12 from 4:00–10:00 p.m.
 on the Quad. For more information about Oxford Weekend, contact
 Tammy Camfield 89OX 91C, assistant director of development, at tcam- or 770.784.8414 or visit www.emory/

 Purcell Named Commencement Speaker
 J  . Neal Purcell 61OX 63B will deliver the Oxford College commencement
    address on May 12, 2007.
                                                                                      Class of 1957 to Process
     Purcell is a member of the Emory Board of Trustees, serving as an alumni
 trustee since 1997. He retired in 2002 from KPMG, where he was a mem-
 ber of the firm’s board of directors and vice chair in charge of national audit
                                                                                      T   he class of 1957 is invited to participate in the Oxford College com-
                                                                                          mencement on Saturday, May 12, at 10:00 a.m. on the Quad. As
                                                                                      graduates of the Class of 1957, 2007 is the fiftieth anniversary year of
 practice.                                                                            their graduation from Oxford. The Class of 1957 will celebrate this mile-
     Purcell is a charter member of the                                               stone with the college by processing with Oxford’s 2007 graduates, each
 Goizueta Business School Advisory                                                    member in a gold robe and Corpus Cordis Aureum medallion. The Class
 Board, and he also chaired the Emory                                                 of 1957 will be the fourth class to participate in this new Emory tradition.
 Alumni Campaign and was a member                                                     Above, the Class of 1956 poses before the 2006 Oxford commencement
 of the Board of Visitors. As a member                                                ceremony.
 of the Emory Board of Trustees, Purcell
 serves on the Finance and Investment
 committees, and chairs the Committee
 on Executive Compensation and                                                        Carpenter Wins Lamar York Prize

 Trustees, Conflict of Interest.                                                          ucas Carpenter, Charles Howard Candler Professor of English, won
     He serves on the boards of directors                                                 the ninth-annual Lamar York Prize for Nonfiction for “My Mother in
 of Southern Company, Synovus Financial                                               History.” He received $1,000, and his essay was published in the fall 2006
 Corporation, and Kaiser Permanente.                                                  issue of The Chattahoochee Review. The award is given for an original

Class Notes                                                                                              Continuee Elected SGA President
 Submissions to class notes are edited for style
 and length. Because of deadline and space con-
 straints, some class notes already submitted will
                                                     Blake, on February 1, 2006. He joins big
                                                     brother Gavin.
                                                         Jason Graham 92OX 94C formed the
                                                                                                         F  or the second time in Emory history, an Oxford junior continuee
                                                                                                            has been elected to serve as the president of the Emory Student
                                                                                                         Government Association (SGA). Emily Allen 06OX 08C, SGA president-
 appear in the next issue. Mail class notes to the   law firm Caiaccio and Graham, which
 Alumni Records Department, Emory University,                                                            elect, will be joined on the new SGA by rising junior Melody Rhine
                                                     focuses on comercial real estate, civil litiga-
 809 Gatewood Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30322.          tion, and business law. He was named a              07OX (elected SGA rep-at-large) and junior Jonathan Beam 06OX 08C
 Send news items to Oxford College via the web       2006 Georgia Super Lawyers Rising Star              (appointed chief of staff). Allen, Rhine, and Beam were formerly all
 at                   by Law & Politics and the publishers of             leaders in student government at Oxford.
                                                     Atlanta magazine.
                                                         Born to: Julie Mills Wood 92OX 94C
       Prior           to      1970                  and her husband, James, a son, James
                                                     Carson, on April 28, 2006. The family
 Walter Brandon Jr. 50OX 52C 53G is
 retired from NASA and has been listed in
                                                     lives in Atlanta.                                   Alumnus Leads Covington to National Honor
 the following Who’s Who publications:                   Born to: David Candib 94OX 96B
                                                                                                             ovington Mayor Sam Ramsey 59OX 61B is at the helm of one of the
 America, 2003; World, 2004; and Science             and his wife Vanessa, a daughter, Ava,
                                                     on August 25, 2005. The family lives in                 few U.S. cities in the country in which police, fire, 911, and public
 and Engineering, 2005. Brandon and his
 wife Patricia live in Huntsville, Alabama.          Miami where David is a manager with                 works are all fully accredited. The peer cities are Plano, Texas, and Bellevue,
 They have three children and nine grand-            Carnival Corporation.
                                                                                                         Washington. “I couldn’t be prouder of all our departments,” says Ramsey.
 children.                                               Amy Cohen McCracken 94OX 96C
     Mary Huguley Calhoun 63OX 65C                   is a merchandise manager at Edwin Watts
 was named to Who’s Who Among                        Golf in Atlanta. She is in charge of mer-
 America’s Teachers for 2006.                        chandising and buying apparel for all six
                                                     metro-Atlanta locations.                              Nick Pyenson 00OX 02 and Emily                      Fred Roswell Bennett 44OX of Eastman,
     Gregory Presmanes 68OX 70C                                                                        Hunter 04C on June 18, 2006, in Berkeley,               Georgia, on March 24, 2005.
 73L is chair of the Georgia Center for                  Born to: David Tanner 94OX 96C
                                                                                                       California. Nicholas is a PhD candidate                 Tom S. Howell 44OX 49C 51M of
 Environmental Law.                                  and his wife, Andrea Carson Tanner
                                                                                                       in integrative biology at the University of             Atlanta, on September 8, 2006.
                                                     95C, twin sons, Colin Hathaway and
                                                                                                       California, Berkeley, and Emily is a fund-
                                                     Alexander Valenti, on August 19, 2006, in                                                                 James C. Burden 47OX 49C of
           1970–1979                                 Philadelphia.                                     raiser at the International House there.                Jacksonville, Florida, on January 26, 2005.
 Becky Bays Carlon 71OX 76D has been                                                                       Kristina Weiss 00OX 01C 03PH is in
                                                         Born to: Jeffrey Frederick 95OX                                                                       Huddie Lee Cheney 47OX 49C 56MR of
 appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue to                                                                 a PhD program at the University of South
                                                     97C and his wife, Amy, a daughter, Grace                                                                  Thomasville, Georgia, on January 9, 2007.
 serve on the Georgia Board of Dentistry.                                                              Carolina.
                                                     Amira, on September 29, 2006. The family                                                                  James A. Callahan 48OX 50C 54T of
 Her son, Dan 09C, is a sophomore at                                                                       Kathryn San Martin 02C see 98OX.
                                                     lives in Woodbridge, Virginia. Jeffrey was                                                                Carrolton, Georgia, on November 1, 2006.
 Emory College.
                                                     elected to his second term in the Virginia            Married: Gregory Hyland 02OX 04C
     Lt. Col. William Luce 75OX is serving                                                                                                                     Loy L. Strawn 48OX 50C 57D of Macon,
                                                     General Assembly and was selected to give         and Katherine Hart 03C on June 3, 2006,
 in Afghanistan as a member of the Alaska                                                                                                                      Georgia, on August 5, 2006.
                                                     the Republican response to the governor’s         in Summerville, South Carolina. The cou-
 Army National Guard, working with the               State of the Commonwealth Address on              ple resides in Columbia, South Carolina,                Moody C. Summers 48OX 51C of
 10th Mountain Division as a liaison officer.        January 10, 2007.                                 where they are both third-year law stu-                 Covington, Georgia, on October 29, 2006.
                                                         Born to: Misty Bateman Holm 96OX              dents at the University of South Carolina.              Thomas W. Hicks 49OX of Kingsburg,
           1980–1989                                 98C 01T and her husband, Klaus, a                     Married: Jessica Poole 02OX 04B and                 California, on October 14, 2006.
 Jodie Land-Charlop 82OX 85C and her                 daughter, Natalie Eva, on December 16,            Edmond Young on October 28 2006, in                     Richard Golden Sr. 51OX 53C 57D of
 husband, Jack, announce the adoption of             2005.                                             Tampa, Florida. The couple lives in Jersey              Winder, Georgia, on January 14, 2007.
 their son, William, on April 15, 2005. He               Born to: Angela Miles 96OX 98C and            City, New Jersey, and work in New York                  Trammell E. Vickery 51OX 53C 56L of
 was born on May 2.                                  her husband, Paul Threatt, a son, Maddox          City.                                                   Marietta, Georgia, on February 9, 2007.
     Robert Collins 84OX 86C is pursing a            Woodrow Miles-Threatt, on July 21, 2006.              Married: Amanda Coggin 04OX 05C                     Larry L. Moncus 52OX of Cumming,
 PhD in history at Auburn University and             Angela earned an MA in pscyhological              and Kyle Elliott on May 7, 2006.                        Georgia, on August 7, 2006.
 is involved in documenting the history of           counseling from Marymount University in               Married: Katherine Tatnall 06OX and                 William Nowling Lavagnino 54OX of
 Brewton, Alabama.                                   August 2006.                                      Sebastian Arais on June 10, 2006.                       Shepherd, Michigan, on February 23,
     Born to: Weena Collante Nonog                       Sima Rama 96OX 99C 02PH and her                                                                       2006.
 85OX 88C and her husband, a daughter,               business partners plans to open a boutique                          D e at h s                            J. Earl Harrell 56OX 60B of Columbus,
 Kaitlyn Marie, on August 11, 2006. The              in Atlanta that carries couture clothing and                                                              Georgia, on August 17, 2006.
                                                                                                       The Emory flag will fly at half staff over the Oxford
 family lives in Gainesville, Florida.               diamond and precious stone jewelry influ-         Green on May 12 to honor and remember these             Jay A. Gandy 57OX 59C of Arlington,
     Born to: Marc Haddle 87OX 89C                   enced by Asia.                                    members of our community.                               Virginia, on August 19, 2006.
 and his wife, Kelly, a son, William                     Meg Aronowitz 97OX 99C and                    James F. Wiley 34OX of Covington,                       Robert M. Horton 59OX 61C of Saint
 Zachary, on April 4, 2006.                          Stephen Reintjes on October 21, 2006, at          Georgia, on July 5, 2006.                               Simons Island, Georgia, on September 20,
     George Cleveland Shirah 87OX 89B                St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte,
                                                                                                       Joe B. High 40OX of Alexandria, Virginia,               2006.
 earned an MBA from Mercer University                North Carolina.
                                                                                                       on July 1, 2006.                                        James P. Haggerty 61OX 63B of Marietta,
 in December 2005. He is secretary of the                Born to: Ariana Jimenex-Cantrell
 Steering Committee for Emory GALA                                                                     William R. Speck 41OX 43C of Clarkston,                 Georgia, on December 27, 2007.
                                                     97OX 99C and her husband, Michael
 alumni group.                                       97OX 99C, a son, Creighton Michael, on            Georgia, on December 4, 2005.                           Sarah B. Harris 62OX of Haines City,
     Born to: Ellen Schmitt Elvin 88OX               October 29, 2005.                                 James O. Wiltshire 41OX 48C of                          Florida, on August 7, 2006.
 90C and her husband, John, a son,                       Detris Marshall 97OX 99C earned               Chillicothe, Ohio, on August 27, 2006.                  Robert L. Meiers 66OX 71D of Maitland,
 Harrison, on November 13, 2006.                     an MBA from Dartmouth College’s Tuck              Stanley H. Hanson 42OX 46C 49G 59G                      Florida, on October 8, 2006.
     Born to: Ken Lewis 88OX 90C and                 School of Business in June 2006.                  of Statesboro, Georgia, on December 17,                 Randolph Dawes Haynes 79OX 81C of
 his wife, Lisa, a daughter, Riley Alexandra             Married: Sara Nicol 97OX 99C and              2006.                                                   Euless, Texas, on August 24, 2006.
 Gray, on September 12, 2006.                        Robert Roberts 02C on December 31,                Clifford B. Martin 42OX 44C of                          Beverly C. Lance 81OX 82B of Atlanta,
     Michael Kitchens 89OX see 90OX.                 2006, in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The couple          Gainesville, Georgia, on July 30, 2006.                 on October 12, 2006.
     Married: Nancy Phillips 89OX 91C                resides in Decatur, Georgia.                      Julius G. Napoles 43OX of Warren, New                   Kevin Frawley 96OX 98C of Savannah,
 96M and Joe Deatherage on June 17,                      Dianna Joon-Jung Cho 98OX 00C                 Jersey, on August 27, 2006.                             Georgia, on January 29, 2007.
 2006, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The couple           entered the Pennsylvania College of               Earl J. Woodard 43OX 46C of Dublin,                     Adelia Marie Anderson 05OX 07C of
 lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.                      Optometry’s doctor of optometry program           Georgia, on September 5, 2006.                          Danville, Virginia, on October 27, 2006. Ox
     Thomas Hoff Prol 89OX 91C 97PH                  in fall 2006.
 has been named to the New Jersey Law                    Born to: Ashley Thomason Davis
 Journal’s “40 Under 40” list. Prol works            98OX 00C and her husband Nick, a son,
 for the Lyndhurst, New Jersey, office of the        Wyatt David, on August 15, 2006.
 law firm Scarinci and Hollenbeck, practic-
 ing in the firm’s Environmental and Land
                                                         Jamie Hensen Mullen 98OX 00C
                                                     graduated from the Medical College of
                                                                                                         In Passing
 Use Law Group.                                      Wisconsin in May 2005 and is a resident
     Born to: Eva Perry Zwack 89OX 91C               in emergency medicine at the Medical                Joseph Alexander Brittain
 and her husband, John, their second child,          College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals

 Keas Perry, on August 27, 2006.                     in Milwaukee.                                          oseph Brittain, former professor of English literature at Oxford, died
                                                         Married: Brett Weal 98OX 00C and                   July 21, 2006, after an eight-month battle with leukemia.
           1990–1999                                 Kathryn San Martin 02C on September 24,
                                                                                                             Born in 1940 and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, Brittain earned a
 Born to: Sherry Winn Kitchens 90OX                  2005, in San Antonio, Texas.
 92C and her husband, Michael 89OX,                                                                      BA in English literature at the University of the South and an MA at
 a daughter, Victoria Regan, on January                              2000s                               Northwestern University. While teaching at Oxford, Brittain met his future
 26, 2005. The family lives in Gainesville,          Born to: Rachel Green 00OX 02C and
 Florida, where Michael is executive vice            Cyrus Nozad 01C on October 21, 2006, in             wife, Nancy Awbrey, a native of Dalton, Georgia. The couple wed in 1968,
 president and broker at Bosshardt Realty.           Long Island, New York. The couple lives in          settled in Atlanta, and raised two children, Ellie and Michael.
      Christie Walters 90OX 92C has been             New York City.
                                                                                                             In the late 1960s Brittain went to work for the United States Office
 named a national accounts sales manager                 Born to: Amanda Humphrey Lackey
 for Integral Technologies, a worldwide pro-         00OX 02B and her husband, Chad Lackey               of Equal Opportunity on civil rights and economic empowerment issues.
 vider of scalable IT security solutions.            00OX 02B, a son, Tyler Andrew, on July              After this role he took a position in the U.S. Regional Director’s Office
      Born to: Charlie Edward Cloaninger             13, 2006.
                                                                                                         of Health, Education, and Welfare, working with governors’ offices and
 91OX 93C and his wife, Debbie, a daugh-                 Married: Christine LaScala 00OX
 ter, Lillian Weill, on August 8, 2006.              02C and Robert Geraghty on October 8,               human resources agencies in eight southern states. His last job before
      Born to: Beth Young Hew 91OX 93N               2006, in Atlanta.                                   retiring was in communications with the 3rd Army at Ft. McPherson.
 and her husband, Maurice, a daughter,                   Elizabeth Genevieve Morin 00OX 02C
 Sarah Elizabeth, on July 23, 2006. Sarah            is in the master's program at the School of             After retiring, Brittain’s love of poetry brought him back to Emory as
 joins big brother Joshua.                           Foreign Service at Georgetown University            a teacher in the Center for Lifelong Learning.
      Born to: Karyn Veccho Irwin 91OX               and is employed as a military analyst at
 93C and her husband, Christopher, a son,            Booz Allen Hamilton.

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