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									Spring 2007
A newsletter for friends of the Asian Arts & Culture Center                                   

     Asian Arts & Culture
Fired with Passion: Contemporary Ceramics of Japan                                               From the Director
   On Saturday, Feb.10, 2007 the Asian                                                           Suewhei Shieh
                                                 Also included in this exhibition are
Arts & Culture Center will open an            works by leading woman artists. Their                 According to the Chinese zodiac
exciting ceramics                                         accomplishments are signifi-           calendar, 2007 is the year of the pig.
                            Where: Asian Arts Gallery                                            Traditionally, the pig is considered
exhibition, Fired with                                    cant because women have
                                     Center for the Arts                                         trusting and generous, which describes
Passion: Contemporary                                     had to overcome rigid
                                     Towson University                                           the programs that we have planned for
Ceramics of Japan.          When: Feb. 10-May 11
                                                          societal obstacles, which
This will be the very                                                                            you this spring. We trust that you will be
                            Reception: Feb 10, 3-5 p.m. traditionally barred women               delighted with our generous schedule of
first exhibition of its     Tickets: Free                 from becoming professional
                                                                                                 events that revolves around the fabulous
kind in the Baltimore-                                    potters.
                                                                                                 contemporary ceramics exhibition, Fired
Washington region that highlights more           Fired with Passion showcases
                                                                                                 with Passion: Contemporary Ceramics
than 50 works created by modern               dynamic ceramic works which will
                                                                                                 of Japan. Please come to view this
ceramic masters of Japan.                     delight and may even challenge your                historical exhibition and attend the
    Japan has the oldest pottery-making sensibilities. This significant installation             corollary programs that are made avail-
tradition in the world. Thus far, the         is organized by Guest Curator Beatrice             able free of charge for you or at nominal
oldest archaeological pottery found           Chang of Dai Ichi Art Gallery, New                 fees, with a generous grant from the
anywhere in the world is Japanese             York, who recently co-authored a book              E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter
Jomon pottery, which dates to 13000           on the subject.                                    Foundation.
B.C. Following this long indigenous              Beatrice Chang will speak at the                   As so many of you know, the Many
archaeological tradition and histori-         Members Preview Reception on                       Moons Festival 2006 was held in the
cally acquiring many pottery and              Saturday, Feb. 10, from 2-3 p.m.                   new Center of the Arts, on September
ceramics traditions from China and            Following that is an opening reception             30, in celebration of our 35th anniver-
Korea, the ceramics arts of Japan have        from 3-5 p.m. in the Asian Arts Gallery.           sary. Nearly 2,000 visitors attended the
developed into sophisticated art forms.          In celebration of the opening of this           festival, leaving the experience with a
Over the centuries, Japanese cerami-          landmark exhibition, an entertaining               highly charged appreciation for the rich
cists have created refined and distinc-       family program for the young and the               and diverse culture of Asia. We are
tive aesthetic forms and techniques,          young at heart, Tales from the Land of             grateful to the many artists, vendors and
which are appreciated internationally.        the Sun Goddess, will be presented by              organizations that joined together and
                                                                                                 made this exuberant and festive day
   In the devastating aftermath of            Eth-Noh-Tec Storytelling Movement
                                                                                                 such a memorable experience for all.
World War II, in 1945, the old systems        Theater of San Francisco on Saturday,
                                                                                                    We appreciate the generous support
were seen to have failed, and long-held       February 10, 3:30 p.m. in the Marder
                                                                                                 of our members and grantors from
values deemed obsolete. Japanese                            Studio Theatre, Center for           private foundations and public agencies
artists began to search for a new sense                      the Arts, Towson Univer-            who have provided funds to sustain our
of identity. Over the post-war decades,                      sity. Admission is free.            vigorous programming. In the spirit of
innovative forms sprang from inspira-                                                            connecting art with the community, I
tion not constrained by tradition.                            This exhibition and corollary      wish you a Happy New Year!
Artists were energized with                                   programs are supported in part
                                                               by grants from the E. Rhodes
the opportunity in which                                         & Leona B. Carpenter
they could exercise new                                            Foundation, the Japan
found freedom by                                                     Foundation and |the
shaking off the                                                        Maryland State Arts
                                                                        Council, an agency
shackles of strict                                                         funded by the state
tradition, which                                                             of Maryland and
resulted in the                                                              the National
creation of bold                                                          Endowment for
                                                                          the Arts.
sculptural ceramic

            Tashimi Imura
Calendar of Events
Fired with Passion:                                                                            Donors Appreciation Dinner
Contemporary Ceramics of Japan
                                                                                                  In appreciation for our supporters,
February 10- May 11, 2007
                                                                                               we will host our annual Donors’
Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts,
Towson University                                                                              Recognition Dinner on Feb. 24 at 6
                                                                                               p.m. in the Atrium of the Center for
Curator’s Talk and
Members’ Preview Reception:                                                                    the Arts. Members of the Dragon and
Saturday, February 10, 2 - 3 p.m.                                                              Phoenix Circle, Tiger Society, and
Opening Reception: Saturday,                                                                   Crane Club are invited to an evening
February 10. 3 - 5 p.m.                                                                        of great entertainment. Guests will
                                                                                               savor Asian cuisine and enjoy the
                             Organized by
                          Guest Curator
                                                                                               performance, Poetry in Motion:
                          Beatrice Chang,                                                      Japanese Dance and Music, by
                          this historical                                                      Sachiyo Ito and Company, in the
                          exhibition features                                                  Kaplan Concert Hall, Center for the
                          more than 50          Poetry in Motion:                              Arts at 8 p.m.
                          ceramic works         Japanese Dance and Music                      Tea, Flower and Music
                          created by modern                                                   Saturday, March 31, 2 p.m.
                          masters of Japan.     Saturday, February 24, 8 p.m.
                                                                                              Marder Studio Theater
                          Installation is       The Kaplan Concert Hall
                                                Center for the Arts                           Center for the Arts
                          supported by
                                                Sachiyo Ito and Company, based in                Audiences will enjoy an afternoon for
                          Japan Society .
                                                New York, will perform works in both          presentations of Japanese tea ceremony by
Sueharu Fukami, 2002, porcelain
                                                Japanese classical and contemporary styles.   Masako Miyahara, the art of flower
                                                Described by the Village Voice as,”an         arranging by Emi Furukawa and a
Tales from the                                                                                performance of Japanese music by Yoshio
                                                expressive and powerful performer is at
Land of the Sun Goddess                                                                       Kurahashi, Ayako and Miyuki Yoshikami.
                                                        the same time, touchingly deli-
Saturday, February 10                                     cate.” Sachiyo Ito combines            Admission: Free for flower art; $5 for
3:30 p.m., Marder                                               Japanese formality with the   tea ceremony; $5 for music program.
Studio Theater                                                    fluidity of modern dance.   (Free admission for AA&CC members
                                                                   Live music features        and TU students)
Center for the Arts
   A free, family                                                  shakuhachi by              Distant Voices and
program of stories                                                 James Schlefer and koto
                                                                                              Sounds of Thunder
and legends from                                                  by Mutsuhito Takamizu.
Japan will be                                                    $15 general;$12 seniors
presented by Nancy                                         and students; $10 AA&CC
Wang and Robert                                             members; $5 TU students with
Kikuchi-Yngojo of                                          ID. Tickets: 410-704-2787
Eth-Noh-Tec                                                 or
Storytelling                                                       centerforthearts
Theater from                                                   Artist in Residency
San Francisco.                                             February 28–March 4
The artists weave music, dance, rhythmic                                                      Wednesday, May 2, 7 p.m.
                                                   In collaboration with the Department       Potomac Lounge, University Union
dialogue and lively facial expressions to       of Art, a five-day residency by Peter
inspire the imagination and bring their         Callas, New York-based ceramic                   A theatrical retelling of the experience
stories alive, accompanied by musical           artist whose works have been strongly         of a Japanese American during the WWII
instruments such as Japanese taiko drums        influenced by Japanese sculpture tech-        Internment and beyond based on the
and bamboo flutes of Asia. Open to the          niques. Through the residency’s master        personal diary of Hiroaki Nishimura. A
public at the opening of Fired with             classes, workshops and seminars, ceramic      performance of Japanese taiko drumming
Passion. Free.                                  students and regional artists will gain a     will follow Distant Voices after an inter-
                                                sense of Asian aesthetics and how contem-     mission/reception. In cooperation with the
       Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday                                                           Office of Residence and Campus Life.
                                                porary artists meld traditional techniques
    11 a.m.– 4 p.m. Saturday, 1–4 p.m.          with Western sensibilities. For schedule      $10 general; Free for AA&CC members
    For information: 410-704-2807 or            of activities please e-mail Richard Holt      and TU students with ID.                 at
     This programming is made possible through the support from members of the Asian Art & Culture Center, Gilbert Brungardt; Yu-Wen and
  Rose Chang; Chi-Shang and Wan-Yu Chen; Yao-King and Celia Hsu; Steve and Mei-Jung Shen; Wyman and Alsona Wong; The E. Rhodes &
  Leona B. Carpenter Foundation; The Japan Foundation; McCormick & Company, Inc. and The Maryland State Arts Council, an agency funded
  by the State of Maryland and the National Endowment for the Arts.
    Grants and Support                          A Grand Success
                                                   “Truly enjoyed it. I hope Towson can
     In support of the historical exhibi-       continue doing it and bringing such
  tion, Fired with Passion: Contempo-
                                                high quality performances.”
  rary Ceramics of Japan and its
                                                   “Extravagant performances, acces-
  corollary programs, generous grants
                                                sible, informative, high quality. Caught
  have been received from the E. Rhodes
  & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation               everybody immediately”
  ($15,000) and the Japan Foundation               “Wonderful opportunity to introduce
  ($1,500). With the assistance of Gean-        Asian culture to our children.”
                                                                                                    the Many Moons Festival held on
  nine Callaghan, TU Development                   “The Festival was terrific. It was a
                                                                                                    September 30, 2006 in celebration of the
  Office, the proposals were conceived          great crowd, all the children were
                                                                                                    Asian Arts & Culture Center’s 35th
  and written to seek external funding          engaged and I just wish I could have
                                                                                                    anniversary. Nearly 2,000 attended the
  to cover the costs for the exhibition         attended more of the presentations.                 festival; 98% of the feedback ranked the
  installation, educational programs and        Congratulations!!” These are some of the            program “excellent.” (Find more
  materials. We are grateful for the            written comments from the audiences at              comments at
  Carpenter Foundation and the Japan                                                                                                      (continued)
  Foundation for their generous re-
  sponse to our request and will put the       Board Notes: Susan Behm
  funds to great use.
     We would also like to acknowledge                                      My interest in the Asian Arts & Culture Center began nearly a
  gifts from The Ro & Marius P.                                          decade ago. As an artist and art teacher, I enjoy the rich variety of
  Johnson Charitable Trust, McCormick                                    Asian arts that the center presents. Director Suewhei Shieh
  & Co., Inc. and the Maryland State                                     welcomes my art classes to the center, and my students benefit from
  Arts Council, an agency funded by the                                  art exhibits and even Chinese painting demonstrations by Suewhei.
  state of Maryland and the National                                     Six years ago, I joined the center’s Advisory Board. My years of
  Endowment for the Arts.                                                service have been exhilarating! Playing a part in the Asian Arts &
                                                                         Culture Center’s growth and its move to a handsome new location


                            We are grateful to our donors for their contributions. Your generosity supports the intellectual and cultural life of
                            the Towson University community and the dynamic programming which takes place each year. On these lists, we
                            recognize our friends who contributed to the Asian Arts & Culture Center from July 1, 2006 to January 22,
                            2007. We would appreciate your sharing any errors or omissions with us by calling 410-704-2807. Thank you.

DRAGON CIRCLE          Kit Spicer                Ron Shieh                 Ching-Cherng Lee           Kathleen Shiota           Tsongie Hamilton
Gil Brungardt          Albert S.C. Sun           Sol Su                    Lily Lee                   Ruth Sidorowicz           Her-Huy Hsiao
Rose Chang             Chen-Chih Sun             Jean Su                   Yung K. Lee                Vastala Srinivas          Tzong-Yang Hsiao
Yu-Wen Chang                                     James Tang                Ock Kyung Lee              Ellen E. Stokes           Rong Yew Hsu
                       TIGER SOCIETY
Chi-Shiang Chen                                  Irene Tang                Beverly Leetch             Kanji Takeno              Pilan Hsu
                       James Albrecht
Wan Yu Chen                                                                Kenneth Lew                Alvin Wagenheim           Takeru Igusa
                       James Anthony             CRANE CLUB
Celia Hsu                                                                  Carol Lew                  Chai Seng Wang            Catherine Renggli
                       Dyan Brasington           James Bonner
Yao-King Hsu                                                               Mingo Lin                  Shih-Hui Wang             B.J. Jeng
                       Robert Caret              Cathy Bonner
Mei-Jung Shen                                                              Marita Lin                 Chen-Yu Yen               Helene Jeng
                       Elizabeth Caret           Beverly Brandau
Steve Y. Shen                                                              Chao Lu                    Ray-Whay Yen              Quincey Johnson
                       Calvin Chin               Bruce Chang
Alsona Wong                                                                Peggy Lu                   Tung Lin Yu               Leslie Wong
                       Kitty Chin                Mary Chang
Wyman Wong                                                                 Ruth Marder                                          Kit Keung Kan
                       Wayne Ching               Chia-Ling Chien                                      DUAL/ FAMILY
                                                                           Wayne McWilliams                                     Yuen-Han Kan
PHOENIX CIRCLE         David Chiu                Christina Chien                                      Stephen Anderson
                                                                           Junko McWilliams                                     Mubina Kirmani
Carl Behm III          Jean Lee                  Elizabeth Chung                                      Naoko Anderson
                                                                           Louise Miller                                        Sanallah Kirmani
Susan Behm             Shwu Lee                  John Fix                                             Fontaine Bell
                                                                           Gabriel Purviance                                    Daniel Lau
James Blum             Schue-Yuan Liao           Dorothy Fix                                          Ellen Bell
                                                                           Tracy Miller                                         Kyle Ergler
Bud Cornell            Su-Chin Liao              James Furukawa                                       Timothy Carr
                                                                           Ada Montessoro                                       Karl Larew
Dean Esslinger         James Lin                 Emi Furukawa                                         Kathy Carr
                                                                           Sally Moran                                          Marilynn Larew
Sandra Esslinger       Nancy Lin                 J.R. Galloway                                        Mical Carton
                                                                           Janene Oettell                                       Aaron Levin
John Gilmore Ford      Boon H. Loo               Robert Grenell                                       Larry Carton
                                                                           Robert Omata                                         Jill Levin
Berthe Ford            Robert Maranto            Dena Grenell                                         James Curtis
                                                                           Hiroko Omata                                         Bonnie Lowe
Mien-Door Kioune       Carolyn Maranto           Frank Heintz                                         Jocelyn Curtis
                                                                           Phyllis Patteson                                     Jan Lowe
Tsui-Mei Chang         Terry L. O’Brien          June Heintz                                          Mary Fissell
                                                                           Steven Phillips                                      Juanita Rockwell
Dan Jones              David Rehfuss             Kenneth Hsu                                          Jean Foley
                                                                           Lois Rosenfield                                      Chas Marsh
Daisy Jones            Hedy Rehfuss              Carole Hsu                                           Thomas Foley
                                                                           Cecil Rush                                           Stephen Schlaikjer
Donna Dashiell Mayer   Deborah Ross              S. Lup Jung                                          Julia Fultz
                                                                           Betty Rush                                           Imoi Schlaikjer
Anthony Montcalmo      Phillip Ross III          Mary Jung                                            Donna Burns
                                                                           Alan Shecter                                         David Schlessinger
Bonnie J. Moncalmo     Gregory Schaffer          Robert Kurrus                                        Paz Galupo
                                                                           Joanne Shecter                                       Alice Schlessinger
Mary Defreest Spicer   Peggy Schaffer            Paula Kurrus                                         Douglas Hamilton, Jr.
                                                                           Yoshinobu Shiota
Contributors (continued)                             Collaborative Work                                 Success (continued)
A. Harvey Schreter          Joy Hare                    Faculty members have integrated                    Our heart-felt thanks go to the many
Phyllis Schreter            Allyn Harris             AA&CC exhibitions and programs into                volunteers who helped make this event a
Madeleine Shea              Edwin Hirschmann         their curricular assignments. Students have        monumental success and the generous
Curt McKnight               James K Hom              responded that the assignments prove to be         support from our sponsors: McCormick &
Ie-Ming Shih                Christina Huang
                                                     interesting and result in a deeper apprecia-       Co., Inc., T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
Tian-Li Wang                Edda Jakab
                                                     tion for the arts and cultures of Asia.            Foundation, the Macht Philanthropic
Mark T. Timbie              Vickie Kaneko
Loy Tan Timbie              Soon Jin Kim                During the course of “Forces of Nature”         Fund, the Chinese Language School of
Jean Miller                 Mary Ann Lechowicz       exhibition, two dance instructors, Vincent         Baltimore, Towson University (TU)
James Turpin                Freda Lee-McCann         Thomas and Nancy Romita held classes in            Foundation, TU Office of Student Activi-
Hector Veloso               Jane Li                  the Asian Arts Gallery and worked with             ties, TU Office of International Programs,
Menchie Veloso              Audrey Lyden             dance composition students to choreograph          TU Office of Diversity Resources, and TU
Maria Veloso                Naoko Maeshiba           new dances. Students were inspired by the          Multicultural Institute, as well as grants
Ike Santos                  Paul Makosky             mural like painting by Marlene Yu, and             from the Maryland State Arts Council,
John Viles                  Linda Makosky            performed for audiences in the Gallery in          the Baltimore Community Foundation
Debby Viles                 Julian Manelli           December.                                          and the Baltimore County Commission on
Yusan Wang                  Virgie Mason
                                                                                                        Arts & Sciences.
Jeng-Ping Wang
Roberta Wue
                            Mickey Miller
                            Marge Mitchell
                                                     Board Notes               (continued)
Keith Corpus                Susan Patz               in the Towson University Center for the Arts has been a rewarding experience.
Charles Yu                  Xiaoling Pei                The future promises to be exciting! I hope to help the center reach out to public and
Wing-wah Yu                 Laura Platter            private school art teachers, so that they may discover it as a valuable educational
                            Bina Raval               resource for their students. I look forward to continuing my commitment to this
                            Patricia Anne            dynamic organization and its truly dedicated team of board members.
Katharine Abt
Ann H. Ahern
                            Paula Schmidt
Mahnoosh Alemi
                            Gwyn Sirota               AA&CC Advisory Board                              Faculty Advisory Committee
Bonnie Allan                                          Gilbert Brungardt, President                      James Anthony, Chair     Jaye Knutson
                            Olin Smith
Audrey Anderson                                       John Danz, Vice President                         Kay Broadwater           Naoko Maeshiba
                            Loren Keith Smith
Judy Baker                                            Sandra Esslinger, Vice President                  Tom Casciero             Steven Phillips
                            Thea Speicher
Tara Balfe-Clifford                                   Anthony Montcalmo, Vice President                 Jocelyn Curtis           Scott Robinson
                            Janet Steinburg
Betty Brewer                                                                                            Greg Faller              Juanita Rockwell
                            Quinnette Sze
Theresa Cancro                                        Mahnoosh Alemi        Patty Kirwan                Phyllis Freeman          June Yum
                            Jennefer Thomas
Jing Jy Chen                                          Susan Behm            Wayne McWilliams            Karl Fugelso
                            Suzanne Updike
Hazel Chung                                           Calvin Chin           Deborah Novotny
                            Pantaleon Villone, Jr.                                                      Staff
Shledon Cohen                                         Kitty Chin            Stanley Pollack
                            Bright Walker             David Chiu            Bina Raval                  Suewhei Shieh, Director
Barbara Dotterweich
                            Yvonne Wells              Maureen Danz          Mei-Jung Shen               Donna R. Omata, Assistant to the Director
Maggie Faulkner
                            John M. Williams          James Flood           Young Hee Shin
David Firman
                            Lisa Woznicki             Bok Im Kim            Vatsala Srinivas            Gallery Volunteers
Mary Jo Fishburn
                            Miyuki Yoshikami          Christina Huang       Hector Veloso               Beverly Brandau
Anne Griffith
                                                                            Menchie Veloso              AA&CC Advisory Board Members
John J Grogan

       For more information, call 410-704-2807 or visit

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