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									     Free CPanel Hosting – Top Reasons you should Choose it
      Free cPanel hosting is in great availability at present. You can expect this type of hosting
to be found on several web directory sites. The reason behind the extreme popularity of cPanel
is that it is proven to be effective in terms of simplifying the entire process of hosting different
websites. The fact that most software creators, users and resellers feel like there’s no other
software that can make web hosting process easier and simpler except for the cPanel, it is no
longer surprising why it continues to capture the attention of the public. Below are some of the
reasons why you should choose cPanel for your web hosting needs:

      1. It is user friendly. cPanel makes the entire process of web hosting easier because it can
be easily navigated. Different web tasks including the processing of emails, the creation of
databases and domains, the uploading of software, the installation of WordPress on the created
domains and the dumping of information are known to be made even easier because of the user
friendly graphic user interface of cPanel. Logging on to cPanel allows you to witness an
uncomplicated process since you will be using control buttons and menus that can be easily
navigated. Because of the fact that you will have an easier time navigating the software, it is
proven to be perfect for you if you are still a beginner and you are still unfamiliar about the
entire process of web hosting.

     2. It is proven to have a versatile nature. cPanel is known to be versatile enough so it is no
longer surprising if it is capable of managing all types of websites. It can also be expected to
work perfectly with any add-on software including Auto Installers and this allows you to build a
website without facing a lot of difficulty. The fact that you are no longer required to download
manually and to install any web applications in your server also make the cPanel a good choice.

       3. It offers excellent support to its users. You can expect cPanel to provide you with an
excellent free script debugging and web troubleshooting support and this makes it easier for you
to deal with all the problems that you have related to web hosting. cPanel also allows you to
monitor the flow of traffic in your website in the most active manner possible. The best thing
about this is that the traffic monitoring process is performed with the help of actual and real time
statistics so you can expect to receive the most accurate results.

      4. It offers reliable video tutorials. cPanel boasts of the great availability of its video
tutorials that make the process of using the software even easier. This is a good thing especially
if you no longer want to face the hassles of contacting its support team to seek for assistance
whenever you are faced with problems while using the cPanel software. Another advantage of
the video tutorials is that these are proven to be informative and detailed. A step by step guide
regarding the proper use of the software is featured in the video. This allows you to learn
everything about cPanel web hosting in an instant.
     5. It gives you complete control of your own server. This means that you are given the
opportunity to run your server in the way you prefer it. You are also given the chance to choose
from a number of Apache and PHP versions to run. You can also protect certain portions of your
website with the help of a password, disable any feature of your website for certain users and
deny access to any problematic IP address.

  How to Use cPanel to Manage and Backup your
       The process of managing and backing up your website is considered to be easier with all of
the features provided by cPanel. cPanel is considered to be one of the most reliable and effective
control panels available at present. This control panel is proven to be ideal for Linux hosting and
a lot of webmasters can’t seem to find any other software that works just as effectively as cPanel.

      One of the many features present in cPanel that allows you to manage your website
effectively is AWstats. This is considered to be that software which is capable of monitoring the
performance of your website. The software is capable of displaying the specific number of visits
and hits that your website receives daily, weekly and yearly.

       It is also capable of showing you where the sudden increase in traffic is taken from. The
traffic may be taken from external links, search engines and browsers. The software is also
useful in terms of keeping track of the keywords used by visitors when they enter search engines
and look for your web pages.

       If you are thinking of how to effectively manage and back up your website through cPanel,
then you have to know that it can be done by learning the basics of copying. You can actually
copy your existing files from one folder to another. The file manager feature present in cPanel
saves you a substantial amount of time, as you no longer need to wait for the process of
uploading files to be completed. All it takes is for you to use a simple command in the file
manager feature to copy your files and the copying task can be expected to be executed within
just a few seconds. This is considered to be extremely useful for you if you have thousands of
files that you want to copy to another folder.

      Backing up your files is also considered to be an easy process with the file manager feature
installed in cPanel. All that you need to do to back up your files is to choose the files and folders
that you wish to download and transfer all of them in your local computer with the help of the
file manager feature. Although this process can also be done through FTP, you can still expect
the use of file manager to provide you quick results.
      The process of managing your email accounts can also be made possible through the email
management feature installed in cPanel. The email management feature also have its own
features that make the process of managing email accounts easier and more effective. The first
one is the spam assassin.

     This is known to be that feature which helps in filtering out spam messages from your
email accounts. The webmail manager feature is also around and this allows you to gain access
to your email accounts with the help of web based control panel. Some other features include
webmail manager, email forwarders, autoresponders and email domain forwarders.

      The logs section in cPanel web hosting is also capable of helping you manage your
website. This is known to be that section where you gain information about who are trying to
access your site and the specific things that they do once they are able to gain access to it. This
is considered to be great if you want to see the increase in the number of traffic for your site.

     Latest Series of cPanel Video and How to Log In?
      cPanel web hosting is known to be a blessing for most website owners. This type of web
hosting solution is known to be installed with a lot of great features that help you take control of
all aspects related to your website. cPanel is also proven to have a handy graphical interface that
makes it easier for you to manage all of your websites. It can also be described as a web-based
program that offers you easy access to a wide array of tools that you can use in changing and
updating the different features of your web hosting plan. cPanel software has now become
extremely popular especially for web hosting companies and commercial websites.

      cPanel is capable of providing its users a number of advantages. One advantage of this
software is that it helps in hosting multiple websites. No matter how many websites you own,
you can expect to take control of all of them all at once with the help of cPanel. The web hosting
software is also capable of providing your home directories and databases with effective
backups. Bear in mind that backup is considered to be one of the most crucial processes in any
website. The ability of cPanel to backup everything that is installed in your website makes it a
good choice from among the many control panels available in the market at present. All it takes
for you to have backups for some important data and files in your website is to download and
then transfer them to a remote site or local machine.

     The best thing about cPanel web hosting is that it offers online video series that are
designed to help its users learn the basics of using the software. The video series can be
expected to provide you information about the basic features of cPanel and how to use all of
them to your greatest advantage. What is good about the tutorial videos provided by cPanel is
that the information provided are detailed enough to allow you to gain information about how to
use the different features of cPanel in bringing your business on top. This means that cPanel web
hosting cannot only be expected to help you maintain your website but also improve the
profitability and performance of your business.

       The cPanel video series are also designed to help you learn the basics about how to use the
cPanel file manager installed in the software. Aside from learning the process of uploading your
files through the use of the file manager feature, you can also expect to gain information about
how to delete files, edit files, create and extract zip files and create directories through the
feature. There are still a lot of things that you can learn from spending time watching the cPanel
tutorial video series and you can expect all of them to help you make cPanel work to your
greatest advantage.

      The tutorial video series of cPanel can also be expected to teach you the process of logging
in to your cPanel account. What you need to do is to first open your internet browser and then
enter the cPanel’s http address. If the name of your domain is not yet spread across the internet,
then you should enter an IP address instead of using your domain name. After that, you need to
log in by entering your username and password and clicking OK. This will then bring you to
your cPanel account. Once you are there, then you will be on your way towards taking
advantage of all of its benefits.

     Pros and Cons of cPanel Web Hosting
      cPanel web hosting has become one of the most popular options for those people who are
seeking for a solution for all of their web hosting needs. If you are one of these people, then it is
advisable for you to gain full awareness about the pros and cons of cPanel web hosting so you
will know if this is indeed the perfect solution for you.

     Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

       1. It has different sets of controls that are capable of meeting the needs of different users.
cPanel has controls that are designed for resellers or those that buy website space from data
centers or by re-renting it to end users, actual website owners and administrators. The controls
offered by cPanel can also be easily navigated and these allow you to administer your website
easily. The fact that the controls are automated is a major help in making sure that the web
processes are performed in a faster manner. cPanel also provides a graphical control interface
that is proven to be intuitive and can be easily remembered.
      2. It offers a great number of supported operating systems. Useful operating systems like
Fedora, Cent, OS, Debian, Free BSD, Red Hat and Trustix are actually offered by cPanel web
hosting. The good thing about this is that cPanel is proven to be effective in supporting a lot of
operating systems for servers.

      3. It has powerful and user friendly interface. Choosing cPanel to help you in all your web
hosting needs allows you to take complete control of your domain and your website just by using
the interface. The good thing about this is that the interface can be easily used so you no longer
need to worry about facing a lot of difficulties once you start to perform certain web tasks.
Almost all tasks that you need to do on the web are made easier with the cPanel around. These
tasks include the building, updating and maintenance of your website.

     4. It loads faster. cPanel can be expected to load faster than any other control panel in the
market at present. It is proven to perform its tasks in a faster and more efficient manner. Unlike
any other control panels, cPanel does not utilize an external database to get backend support.

      5. It is capable of managing multiple websites. If you have several websites, then cPanel
can be expected to help you in easily managing all of your websites with just a single account.
This is useful if you wish to save a substantial amount of time, money and effort when trying to
take control of your websites.

     Disadvantages of cPanel Web Hosting

     1. It is platform specific. This means that it is not perfect for all types of platforms.
cPanel is only useful for those websites that use Linux platforms. If you are using Mac-based or
Windows platforms, then you will never be able to take advantage of all of the benefits provided
by cPanel.

      2. It is expensive. In comparison to other web hosting services, the use of cPanel can
make you spend a fortune. Because of this, you need to set aside a substantial amount of money
if you are determined to use this type of control panel.

      3. It requires tedious maintenance process. Because the functionality of this control panel
is regularly upgraded, more bugs can be expected. Because of this, you need to frequently
update your website to ensure that all impending problems linked to the regular upgrade of the
control panel are instantly fixed.

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