Dream Vacation Network Presents Part 1-Timeshare Compared Against Vacation Network Clubs

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  Owning a Timeshare vs Vacation Club or a Vacation Network

Owning a timeshare, or specifically what is called a fractional ownership of a
vacation destination, may be falling out of favor. And one of the factors that is most
quickly speeding this demise are Vacation Clubs or Vacation Networks, like the
Dream Vacation Network.

                                      Most timeshare inventory available today, and
                                      there are many to be sure, tend to be
                                      resales; that is, being sold by a secondary
                                      owner rather than the original developer. The
                                      primary reason for this is the cost of selling
                                      and marketing timeshare slowing new
                                      developments. Those timeshares that are still
                                      being sold by the original developer cannot
                                      compete with resale and face lessening
                                      revenue and decreased profitability.

The attraction of timeshare originally was the idea of rent vs own and better
accommodations for families when on vacation. It was also an alternative to the
purchase of whole ownership vacation homes or condominiums that allowed year
round use and potential rental revenue but also year round upkeep, maintenance,
taxes, utilities, etc. The timeshare owner would purchase only the fraction or
interval that they needed on vacation. If you only vacation one week a year, why
buy 52 weeks? If a family felt they would vacation one week per year every year
for 30 years why spend $125,000 or more on hotels over that time when you can
buy a timeshare for $16,000 . Of course this does include an annual maintenance
fee and taxes. Over the past 30 years the cost of maintenance fees have gone up.
Some resorts charge up to $1000 per year for one week and over 30 years it starts
to look less attractive especially as the rates increase with inflation or god forbid,
special assessments. With the downturn in the economy resort developers and
resale companies are trying to sell more and more timeshare to their existing
owner bases. Many timeshare owners are trying to figure out how to utilize what
they already own before buying additional timeshare. A Vacation Network like
Dream Vacation Network on the other hand, creates a solution for timeshare
owners that want to maximize use and flexibility. By working with multiple partners

Dream Vacation Network
across different disciplines, Dream Vacation Network or DVN allows timeshare
owners to leverage their timeshare for maximum benefit. Convert to credits to buy
global travel services and products from hotels in Paris to cruises in the Caribbean
and all points between. Concierge services to help you plan your next vacation with
a personal treatment not offered by most timeshare and exchange. Rent your
timeshare with pricing assistance and no commissions, free exchange and more all
offered without maintenance fees or special assessments that may come with a new
timeshare. Even non-owners benefit with access to a private travel portal that
offers savings on travel with a money back guarantee. Good Vacation Clubs and

Networks         leverage
technology to provide
what     the      modern
timeshare owner and
traveler want. Ease of
access,         flexibility
without excessive rules
and fees, the ability to
shop with as much or
as little assistance as
needed. Before you buy
another timeshare as a
requirement to access
the    newest     benefits
take a look at the
Dream Vacation Network.

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