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                  Brook Lane Physiotherapy Clinic
                                                                                  Autumn 2010

                          Taj Rawat has met the
                          Continuing Professional
                          Standards (CPD) as laid down
Jenny Cooper              by the Health Professions
joins us working as a     Council (HPC). The HPC
part time                 randomly selected 5% of the
Physiotherapist from      registered Physiotherapists in                                 Brook Lane
November 2010,            the UK to submit a Profile of                              Physiotherapy Clinic
                          their CPD for the last two
                                                                                    233a Brook Lane,
Cate Barker is            years for audit.
                                                                                     Sarisbury Green,
expecting her first             PILATES                     PAYMENT                  Southampton,
baby in March,              phone Emma Savickas             We accept all            Hants
Jenny will provide             07514476122                  credit cards,
maternity cover.           cash, cheques         Near Junction 9 M27
                                                            and bank              Whiteley turn off.
                                                                                Opening Times
 Extract from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy                            Monday        8
 information paper 2010                                                         Tuesday       8 am -8.30 pm
 Physiotherapy is clinically effective and cost effective in the
                                                                                Wednesday     8 am-8pm
 management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders
 (MSD). MSDs are one of the most common problems                                Thursday     8 am- 6.00
 physiotherapists treat                                                         Friday       8am-4pm
 Early intervention with physiotherapy can reduce the amount of time
 people are off sick and is vital in order to prevent an acute problem
 becoming chronic.
 Two government departments in Northern Ireland provided early access to
 physiotherapy for staff with musculoskeletal disorders.80 per cent
 indicated that physiotherapy had prevented them from going absent and,
 of those already off sick; over 80 per cent indicated that physiotherapy had
 shortened their absence. Respondents indicated that the service
 shortened their absence by an average of six weeks.
 West Suffolk hospital trust, Bury St Edmunds, was commended in the             Massage
 Boorman report for having achieved savings of £170,000 through a               Emma’s hours
 system of priority referrals to a local physio for injured staff .             Tues 8am-2pm
 For a cost of £21,000 it had achieved a 40 per cent reduction in lost days     Thurs 2pm-8pm
 through sickness absence and savings of £170,000 in the cost of MSDs.
 Based on the latest available statistics from the HSE 227,000 people have       We have on sale the
 an MSD of the back, 215,000 of the upper limbs or neck and 96,000 of the        following
 lower limbs. Low back pain is the number one cause of long term absence         Futuro wrist splints
 amongst manual workers and MSDs are the most common reason for                  Tennis elbow clasps
                                                                                 TENS machines
 repeat consultations with GPs, accounting for up to 30 per cent of primary
                                                                                 Treat Your Own Neck
 care consultations.(                                                            and Back Books
 Conclusion                                                                      Lumbar Rolls
 Speedy access to physiotherapy for people with MSDs is clinically and
 cost effective for the health service, including GPs, for employers            For references see
 and for society.                                                     

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