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									                   16th ANNUAL

It’s our ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ this year. And everyone’s invited...
             especially if you’ll spike the punch.

                 15 24
        This is my Festival.   AND I LOVE IT.
                                                                       Party in April, sleep in May
Blazing the way for the youth of tomorrow, The TELUS World Ski and            events, never before seen in the beautiful surrounds of Number One ski
Snowboard Festival prides itself on being the poster child for the ultimate   resort Whistler Blackcomb. With Canada’s largest free Outdoor Concert
ski and snowboard festival experience.                                        Series, ski and snowboard legends aiming high and throwing down, and
                                                                              events to satiate even the hardest partier out there, TWSSF plans to light,
The TWSSF will celebrate its Sweet Sixteen this year, and we aim to do it     and burn, every one of those 16 candles at both ends.
in style. Bring on the pow, bring on the parties, bring on the passion.
We’ll throw-down in ski and snowboard comps, party like rockstars, walk       This is the Festival where arts, sports, fashion, music and culture gets
the red carpet to events such as the Filmmaker Showdown, Fashion Show         rolled into one jam-packed, adrenaline filled snowball of a lifetime. Will
and Pro-Photography competitions, plus, be privy to new and improved          you be there to throw it with us?

                         ‘Party in April, Sleep in May’. Live it, breathe it, believe it.
             The 16th Annual TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival is set for April 15 - 24, 2011.

                                        TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                                  Love what you do
The ultimate showcase of music, arts, sports and mountain culture,           The canvas, the print, the creativity and the revelation. The chance to hang
TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival defines who we are by placing         out with old friends and instantly make new ones. Ten days of proving our
emphasis on what we revel in every day. For the hardcore mountaineer         infinite worth and showing the world how it’s done. Inspiring those who
to the office escapee, TWSSF provides an opportunity to ‘live the dream’     visit and finding our own inspiration along the way. TELUS Festival not
for 10 incredible days and nights. Ten days of love. At the root of all we   only gives away novelty cheques, but dishes out lessons in camaraderie,
do, and all we did, is love. Love for the mountains. For the snow, the       ingenuity, enthusiasm and awesomeness.
exhilaration, the features. The songs, the bass, the beat and the words.

                                   I am the critic and the fan. I am the co-opted, the
                                   collaborator and I am constantly re-creating myself over
                                   and over, drawing up from the grassroots and reaching
                                   for the stars. I throw down, but never stay down. I am
                                   an artist and not playing inside the lines. I am one of
                                   kind. I bang the million drums for passion, commitment,
                                   bluebird days and attitude. I am here today and gone
                                   tomorrow. I am the moment that is constantly passing.
                                              I am the powder dump that cannot last.
                                                         We are all riding together.
                                                   This is my Festival and I LOVE IT.

                                        TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                                                 Media Love
“Whistler’s mountain runs are legendary, but the real hullabaloo is about the impressive live
music concerts, winter fashion shows, film and photography displays, and quirky sideshows (e.g. dog parade).” - USA Today

“a chance to experience the stoke and energy of current alpine culture—
   with some epic spring lines thrown in as the icing on the cake” -

                                                     “a marathon unto itself. Try as you might, you’ll never cover all the daily on‐hill ski and
                                                 snowboard events, never mind the skate events and weekend Big Air shows in the village.
                                                   Or all the arts and entertainment multimedia, such as the Pro Photographer Showdown,
 “one cranking end of season party.”                 Pro Filmmaker Showdown, and Chairlift Revue. Likewise it is logistically impossible to
                                                see all 50 live bands, or attend all the premieres and industry parties — as many as a dozen
       - Whistler Vibe
                                                                      each evening. Winning in this event is mostly about surviving.” - SNOW

“Whistler has bars that go off every night, world-class restaurants AND females, competed the trifecta
of resort nightlife that few towns can claim. Topped off with the ten day bender known as the TELUS
World Ski and Snowboard Festival, it’s a no-brainer: Whistler as the best resort nightlife.”
                                   - Best Resort & Best Resort Nightlife, Whistler Blackcomb BC, Freeskier 2nd Annual Awards Issue, 2010

“top 5 winter snowboarding and ski festivals around the world where you can
mix a skiing holiday with a rocking music festival” “an end of season party                “the big mama of ski parties” - Explore magazine
that lasts for 10 days” -

“long regarded as the ultimate end‐of‐season wrap party, the TWSSF will be back with a vengeance
after that little Olympic fling” “unique slate of ski and snowboard events, plus the amazing array of artistic
and musical offerings” “a chance for the community to restake our claim over Whistler” - Whistler the Magazine

                                                                  “Capping off Whistler’s most exciting winter ever is the TELUS World Ski
                                                                 and Snowboard Festival (Apr. 16 to 25; Pro athletes wow
                                                        the crowds with races and tricks, and the activities continue with film screenings,
                                       live entertainment and, of course, parties‐a‐plenty. Snow bunnies, rejoice.” - (Where Travel,

“The TELUS festival is one of the biggest gathers of modern ski and snowboarding culture. For the last fifteen years, during the month of
April the resort town of Whistler hosts a ski/music/art festival that has the town spinning for ten days.”
- Top 10 Winter Events, Essential Travel Magazine UK

                                     TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
             Sweet Sixteen only happens once in a lifetime
TWSSF pulls out all stops for its sixteenth birthday

TELUS Festival is a celebration of life. Of the small passions that nourish   From party animals to park rats, dog-lovers to design fiends, photographers
us and the talents that drive us. Like any worldly 16 year old, we want to    to filmmakers, we have something for every palate, every passion. To
celebrate our achievements and get right back to the core constituents        really understand what it takes to make Whistler go round, you can’t just
that got us here. Combining local prowess with international recognition,     look at our incredible Mountains. The local and seasonal residents lube
TWSSF walks the fine line of ski bum and celebrity. We’re here because        the chains, man the cogs, and power the machinery that brings the town,
we love what we do, we love the snow, the music, the art and the culture.     and the Festival, to life. And they’re here because they love the lifestyle,
And we’re here because others love celebrating with us. Without our           the culture and the community. The reciprocal support of the community
friends, the local community and beyond, we are celebrating alone. So         is what sustains TWSSF and we want every single person who has a
for our Sweet Sixteen, we invite one and all, young and old, locals and       passion and interest in Whistler to come and celebrate this year with us.
tourists, to celebrate with us. Celebrate Life.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                 Capture the moments that matter
Filmmaker Showdown
The creative playing field is levelled at Whistler’s annual 72hr Filmmaker Showdown. Post-production trickery, exotic locations, superstar talent and
big budget advantages are made irrelevant when filmmakers are tasked to shoot, edit and produce a 3-5 minute short film within 100km radius of
Whistler over the course of 72 hours. Relying purely on originality, craft, speed and endurance, (not to mention excessive consumption of coffee), the
72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown distills the art of film-making into its purest form – getting your creative vision from concept to reality in record time
in order for it to be enjoyed on the big screen by an 1800-strong audience. The 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown gives deadline superpowers – three
rotations of the Earth on its axis makes for a no-holds-barred creative frenzy and the most in-demand film screening of the year.

Film 10
The producers of the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival present Film 10, the 10 year anniversary of Filmmaker Showdown, a night of stars
and velvet ropes, hilarity and sarcasm, long shots and fade outs, all laced with that quintessentially Whistler attitude. This is guaranteed to be an
unforgettable affair. Now a benchmark in localised filmmaking, and attracting international entrants, the 72hr Filmmaker Showdown is rolling back
the reel, dusting off the projector and preparing for an Academy Award winning performance from our MC, our audience and our Filmmakers. Expect
the unexpected and get ready for the show of a decade!

With over $4500.00 in cash and tons of prizes up for grabs we are celebrating the best of the last 10 years and awarding prizes from best performance,
to best cinematography to best director! Awards, finalist montages, retrospectives and plenty of surprises will make this THE night for celebrating
all things film!

                                        TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                       Shoot, Edit, Create; the artists corner
Pro Photographer Showdown
The craft of action sport photography requires constant devotion and        to showcase their work for an audience of sports enthusiasts, media
unfailing passion. As the preeminent action sports photography contest in   and industry professionals….and to win the $10,000 cash prize for Best
the world, the Pro Photographer Showdown is an unparalleled celebration     in Show. In addition, all four runners up will receive $1,500 cash as an
of still images and of the commitment shown to build a body of work that    appearance fee.
captures time and captivates the human spirit. In tribute to the masters
of their field, we invite action sports and lifestyle photographers from    $17,000 in cash prizes have been allocated, cementing the TELUS World
around the world to submit their work for an opportunity to earn a trip     Ski and Snowboard Festival’s Pro Photographer Showdown as the
to Whistler BC, during the 2011 TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival        preeminent action sports photography event in the world.

                                       TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                         Shoot, Edit, Create; the artists corner
ThreePointOh (3PO)                                                              State of the Art
Art, Music, Film, Photography and Mountain Culture are what make                TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival is all about the riding, the free
up TWSSF. Singularly, these elements are incredible. Together, they             concerts, the nightlife and for the discerning palate, the art. At State of
define us.                                                                      the Art, all pillars of the WSSF come together to provide a platform for
Three Point Oh is a portrayal of the sum of these parts, offering the           mountain town inspiration.
digitally-fluent the opportunity to take their creativity to the next level.
The producers of the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival are tasking           This is no paint by numbers. Sub-cultures and anti-movements are
tasking artists to meld a collection of their favourite artistic mediums into   celebrated and portrayed in gritty and thought-provoking mediums. Local
a funny, dramatic or socially relevant take on mountain culture life.           and international artists come from far and wide to create a community
Ten 3-5 minute digital shorts, will battle for $3500 in cash and prizes         of urban street and snow ingenuity, and push the boundaries of the State
at the Gala Screening and take the slide-show beyond what was                   of the Art.
thought possible.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                 TWSSF is the new black
Dynamic, experimental, cutting edge. All the elements to a great festival experience

Intersection                                                                  Freeze Dance Competition
The ultimate event. Film. Photo. Skiing. Riding. Adrenaline. Passion. Core.   Pitting local, domestic and international hip-hop crews against each
The love child of our most popular events and our biggest draws of            other, Freeze dance competition is an all-out urban-based dance crew
the festival, Intersection offers a unique and incredible opportunity to      contest out to show the world how it’s done. With a strong media pull and
serious skiers, boarders, photographers and filmmakers to capture the         mass appeal, Freeze brings the streets to the mountains and amplifies
true essence of Whistler and mountain culture.                                the energy and excitement that TWSSF is already known for.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                WSI, kicking butt all the way down
World Skiing Invitational (WSI)
TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival presents the Association
of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) World Championship featuring the
invitational Slopestyle, the invitational Big Air and the open Superpipe.
Competitors in the Olympic-sized Superpipe will aim high and throw-down
in the most impressive display of on-mountain athleticism. Combining
passion, prowess, positivity and pure attitude, the Superpipe lays it on
the line for committed and confident skiers to take home a huge prize
purse and priceless bragging rights.

This is the first ever Slopestyle competition for the WSI, and it’s going to
be huge. This is an invitational competition, so get ready to see the best
of the best dual it out on features like never before!

Big Air is back! Larger than life, this massive step over jump stands strong
and proud, ready to take down any skier who dares to challenge it. Watch
fearless pros take it on for the cash and the kudos.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                            You want a show? We’ll give you several.
The Show
Monster Energy presents The Show, the newest, grittiest, most eclectic Snowboarding experience on the planet. Danny Kass and the crew present
events such as Mogul Mash, Boardercross/Stylecross and Dustin Craven’s FUN Pipe Jam. Get ready to be shocked and amazed by the incredible
skill that it takes to do something so crazy.

Featuring incredible athletes performing gravity-defying trickery, to late night parties with bands and DJ’s to blow your mind, the Monster crew are
back in town, bringing the Sh*t Show back to Snowboarding, and ready to show us all how it’s done.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
     Party until it’s no longer a word but a way of life
Outdoor Concert Series and Chevrolet Stage
Where else can you experience incredible snow-capped mountains providing the backdrop for 10 days and nights of free, yes free, music
concerts? TELUS Festival and Whistler presents the best end of season party to wrap up Winter 2011 and keep the musical juices flowing right
through Spring. Always pushing the limits and scaling new heights, the Outdoor Concert Series sets the tone for the 10-day festival of a lifetime
and the Chevrolet Stage provides the supporting act for this musical extravanganza.
Main Stage located in Skier’s Plaza, free concerts 2:30pm - 5:30pm.

Parties and Nightlife
“Whistler has bars that go off every night, world-class restaurants AND females, completing the trifecta of resort nightlife that few towns can
claim. Topped off with the ten day bender known as the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival, it’s a no-brainer: Whistler as the best resort
nightlife.” Best Resort & Best Resort Nightlife, Whistler Blackcomb BC in Freeskier’s 2nd Annual Awards Issue, 2010
The TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival combines everything that makes Whistler great and supersizes it. Ten days and ten nights of spring
riding, après, burn-the-candle nightlife and culture throw down the ultimate challenge – do you have the stamina to ride the sweet spot where
sport, arts, music and partying collide?

The END and the Late Show
True party animals can handle it from all angles. The Late Show, from Monster Energy and held on the first weekend of the Festival, right through
to The End, the mother of all wrap-up parties. We don’t go hard, throw-down and power-up just to walk out quietly. We’ll be here right until
the bitter end and we love it. The Late Show will kick off your experience and The End is the ultimate wrap-up party featuring wicked DJ’s and
mixmasters and the latest ending after-hours party Whistler has to offer all year. If you haven’t burnt the candle at both ends, you just weren’t
trying hard enough.

                                      TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                 Something for everyone
Whistler Dogfest

In awe-inspiring outfits and with personalities galore, the hundreds-
strong Dog Parade leads the way for the following exhibitions, agility
demonstrations and competitions. Paws to Dance is an adorable, hilarious
and impressive ‘So You Think Your Dog Can Dance?’, and Lisa Sun and
the K9 Incredibles wow with flyball, frisbees and tricks. Ask questions
of our holistic vet, identify your mutt’s ancestry with DNA testing from
DNAmydog, or become the new dog-whisperer with seminars of dog
body language with trainer and behaviour specialist Amber Cottle.

Proceeds support Whistler Animals Galore (WAG), a Whistler-based
no-kill animal shelter. Since 1982, WAG has been working towards its
mission of protecting and enhancing the lives of lost, unwanted and
homeless animals, as well as raising better dog-owners through advocacy
and education.

Mascot Mayhem

Big Air Bear, the Festival’s official mascot, celebrates his 8th birthday
this year and his cuddly compadres, including Pemberton Potato Jack,
Gizmo, and RCMP Safety Bear, are jacked up on mountain dew and ready
to party with kids young and old from Whistler and beyond. With games,
races and competitions, the claws, literally, are out.

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                                         Ready to Launch
New trails are being blazed by all three pillars of the Festival
★ Olympic boardercross course builder, Jeff Ihaski built his first boardercross   ★ When Lauren Graham was 22 years old her short film “Insert Meaning Here,”
  10 years ago at WSSF.                                                             won Best in Show at the TWSSF 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown. Now, she
                                                                                    lives in Hollywood and is working on several documentaries and pursuing
                                                                                    her dream of becoming a producer.
★ Pro skier Mark Abma launches his environmental advocacy group, 1 Step, at
  the 2009 Festival.
                                                                                  ★ In 2008, Playground Builders became an official charity of the Festival.
                                                                                    Playground Builders facilitates the construction of children’s playgrounds in
★ 2001 Pro Photographer winner, Blake Jorgenson, opens his gallery in the           war-torn countries. A Whistler based non-profit organization that empowers
  Westin at the 2008 Festival and hosting an annual anniversary bash during         war hit economies to give children a better childhood, Playground Builders
  TWSSF.                                                                            was nominated for the YMCA International Peacemaker Award. Proceeds
                                                                                    from the Best of the Fest event in 2008 covered the cost of an entire
                                                                                    playground installation. 2009 proceeds brought Playground Builders almost
★ Former KISS frontman Gene Simmons launches his Dussault product line at           on its way to another entire playground.
 the 2008 Fashion EXPOSED fashion show.

                                                                                  ★ In 2009, Happy Planet launched a brand new product, Happy Planet all
★ Designer Search and EXPOSE winners, Third Floor Design (2007), Lily & Jae         natural SHOTS at the Festival. 55,000 shots were handed out to Festival
  (2008), We3 (2009), and Guts & Guile (2010) find themselves on the radar,         goers, boosting their immunity and recovery times.
  after taking the runway by storm at the Fashion EXPOSED fashion show.

                                                                                  ★ In 2010 there were over 45 musical acts playing at two outdoor stages and 5
★ Ontario student of fashion design, Miranda Furtado, kickstarts her television     different indoor venues, with 8000+ people rocking out to more than 100
  hosting career winning a role as the video host for daily highlight videos on     hours of free music, and headliners ranging from Classified to Big Sugar, in the 2009 Face of the Festival contest.                                 Arrested Development to Shad, Five Alarm Funk to Wasabi Collective.

★ 2009 winner of the women’s World Skiing Invitational Big Air, Roz               ★ 2011 sees the first ever Monster Snowboarding event, The Show. Ranging
 Groenewoud, first competed at WSI aged 15, star-struck to be competing in         from parties to eclectic competitions, Monster Energy represents the fun,
 the half-pipe finals alongside her icons Sarah Burke, Marie Martinod and Jen      creative element of snowboarding.
 Hudak. Now she has her eye on the stars: she’s a member of the Canadian
 Halfpipe Ski Team, hoping that half pipe skiing will be welcomed into the
 Olympics in 2014 so she can bring home gold for Canada.                          ★ New events for 2011, Intersection, Film 10 and Freeze Dance Competition,
                                                                                    inject a fresh shot of energy into the electric festival

                                            TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                            Media Mass Appeal
★ Largest winter sports and music festival in North America

★ Whistler Blackcomb is North America’s Number 1 four-season resort

★ Host Venue of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

★ Annual attendance of over 250,000

★ Overall Festival enjoyment of over 95%

★ $3 million+ pre-event national marketing/communication campaign

★ 300+ journalists in attendance representing music, entertainment,
  lifestyle, sport and news media outlets (2010)

★ Canadian National television broadcast

★ Canada’s largest free annual outdoor concert series

★ Attracts the best skiers and snowboarders worldwide

★ Features the World’s pre-eminent visual arts events

★ Fashion events featuring internationally recognised and of-the-
  moment brands

★ World-class corporate hosting

★ Year-round promotional opportunities

★ 86.4% awareness of Festival prior to arrival in Whistler

★ $30 million+ in annual economic impact

                                        TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                              The numbers don’t lie, 2010 wrapped up
★ A 15,000-20,000 strong crowd converging in the Skiers Plaza each            ★ Number of physical hours it took to put the gallery together: 15
 Saturday, for the Valley-based snow events and the Monster Slopestyle
                                                                              ★ Hour in the morning that The End party wrapped: 4

★ 24 decks being spun by DJs at the Slopestyle and The End party
                                                                              ★ Record number of days it took for 3000 Pro Photographer Showdown
                                                                                tickets to sell out: 5

★ Number of talented and passionate volunteers that made the festival a
  success: 150+
                                                                              ★ Number of Pro Photo Showdown tickets distributed on the “Black
                                                                                Market”: 10

★ Number of volunteers and casual staff that made up the communications
  team: 42
                                                                              ★ The number of dollars in charitable donations they fetched: over 3000

★ Number of media accreditations given out during the festival: 300+
                                                                              ★ Best depth of field amongst skiers and snowboarders, with over 500
                                                                                athletes competing for $75,000 in cash and prizes, including X Games
                                                                                medallists, past and future Olympians, legends and up-and-comers from
★ Number of countries that the accreditations represented: 10
                                                                                around the globe

★ Number of Monster Energy Drinks given out in the village per day: 38,000
                                                                              ★ 225 skiers, 300 riders, plus 32 Orage Masters competitors, riding in 10
                                                                               days of on-hill comps, anti-comps and events, for $75,000 in cash, prizes
★ Approximate number of lost hours of sleep that resulted: 76,000              and bragging rights

★ Number of man-hours it took to create the State of the Art Gallery: 175

                                         TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                The numbers don’t lie, 2010 wrapped up
★ $3 million advertising campaign                                                 ★ 68% of website, visitors came through organic searches or
                                                                                    facebook, showing the Festival was successful at driving its own traffic.
                                                                                    From March 22 to April 21, web traffic went up 200%. During this period,
★ Social media strategy embraces youtube, facebook, twitter, vimeo,                 25% of traffic was motivated by curiosity about the Outdoor Concert Series.
  myspace, and generates 7 million hits on                                 Traffic peaked consistently during the Festival at over 10,000 unique daily
                                                                                    visitors, a further 200%-400% increase in the volume seen in the two weeks
                                                                                    preceding the Festival.
★ 371 members of media in attendance, representing 156 media outlets from
  11 different countries (Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, United
  Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Argentina, South America, Switzerland, and the           ★ A live at the Festival blog ( was produced by the Festival
  Czech Republic)                                                                  Communications team, with 40+ posts and images uploaded daily, refreshing
                                                                                   the content and ensuring the Festival’s dominance through organic searches.

★ 4 prime-time television broadcasters and program shooting at Festival,
  including MTV, CTV, and Shaw TV

★ The social media campaign, which was focused on creating community
  through quality content, was very successful, and saw a 600% growth in
  facebook fans and a consolidation of the twitter following to almost 2000
  followers, ranking the Festival as influential as Whistler Blackcomb, who are
  one of the social media leaders in the snowsports world.

                                           TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                                     Unique, New Y..Whistler
Whistler Blackcomb is the ultimate year-round destination for adrenaline junkies, art lovers, sports fanatics, party animals and music maniacs. TELUS
World Ski and Snowboard Festival caters for all of them. As the world’s foremost all-encompassing ski and snowboard Festival, TWSSF continually
strives to overcome obstacles and adversaries through passionate and core priorities and focus. New sporting events to push the boundaries,
incredible bands to satiate every musical taste and creative arts events to showcase the talent that resides in our backyard and beyond.

With over 371 accredited media in 2010, the overall media impressions from 2010 stand at over 200,000,000 with almost 2000 media hits. The aim
is to increase these figures for 2011 and provide as broad a spectrum for media and the general public as possible. In order to facilitate this, we are
instigating a few unique aspects to the Festival;

★ A new iPhone app with all the mod-cons and then more

★ Twitter and Facebook changes with up-to-the-moment twittering from applicable parties, widgets and live streaming

★ Collaborations with a variety of old and new videographers, stations and broadcast components

★ Great new angles with our ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ and new arts and sporting events

★ The return of the Big Air to the Valley

★ Monster Energy and its incredible snowboarding event, The Show

★ Increased prizing for major events such as Filmmaker Showdown, Intersection, Pro Photographer Showdown

★ No overshadowing from other events this year, thus more opportunity for ease of coverage and media interest

★ A strong focus on the southern hemisphere, Australia, NZ, Japan and beyond due to increasing aptitude of athletes emerging from said nations,
 as well as the large number of tourists visiting from our southern hemisphere counterparts

                                            TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC
                                                                             Time to lay it on the Line
★ In 1996, the first World Ski & Snowboard Festival incorporates 22          ★ 2006 sees the launch of Fashion Exposed and the World Backcountry
sports events and competitions, including the World Technical Skiing         Freeride Jam
Championships, World Masters Alpine Open, Westbeach Snowboard
Classic, Air Canada Whistler Cup, Couloir Extreme Race, World Ski            ★ In 2007, new competitions, If Ullr was a Girl and Designer Search and
Instructors Festival, Industry Week, and the Lifty Olympics.                 Expose, are introduced.

★ In 1997, the North American Kokanee Boardercross is added, and the         ★ In 2008, the Orage Masters comes to Whistler with its high-energy
first action-sport slide show, held by Eric Berger and Jack Turner debuts,   slopestyle team format. The Festival hosts an industry PowWow, and
paving the way for the Pro Photographer Showdown.                            launches the Second Cuts screening of the Filmmaker Showdown.

★ In 1998, the Sonic Summit Concert Series (featuring little-known band      ★ In 2009, as the snowsports industry celebrates the 30th anniversary
Nickelback), and the Dog Parade are added to the Festival.                   of Westbeach and the 10th anniversary of twintip skis, and automakers
                                                                             and tech companies beg for financial bailouts, the TELUS World Ski
★ In 2000, the first Big Air takes place on top of Whistler Mountain.        and Snowboard Festival initiates State of the Art, Skate and Deploy, the
                                                                             threePOINToh mixed media show, and the Whistler Chefs Challenge. The
★ In 2002, the 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown debuts.                            first Silent Disco held in BC takes place, and the Grenade Games makes
                                                                             its first foray across the border to Canada. It has become North America’s
★ In 2003, Words and Stories adds another creative layer.                    largest annual snowsport and music celebration, and spawned imitators
                                                                             around the world.
★ In 2004, the first Urban Rail Jam event debuts at the Festival.
                                                                             ★ In 2010, the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival threw its support
★ In 2005, 600 artists from all genres join the Festival’s stalwart          behind the half-pipe skiing movement, commissioning Olympic pipe
skiers and snowboarders, with the debut of Brave Art, the Collective         builder Steve Petrie and the newly invented Global Pipe Cutter, shipped
Novel Experiment, Masterpiece in Motion, and the Pro Photographer            over from New Zealand’s Development SnowParks, to build a 22 foot
Showdown’s anniversary Best of Show.                                         Olympic-sized halfpipe.

                                        TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC

Event Producers: Watermark Communications Inc.
Jess Smith - Communications Manager

P: 604-938-3399 F: 604-938-3398 E:
10-1006 Lynham Road, Whistler BC V0N 1B1

                                  TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival / April 15 - 24, 2011 / Whistler, BC

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