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					                         Upsilon Nu Mu Chapter
                             Chi Sigma Iota
                         Counseling Academic & Professional
                            Honor Society International
                                   UNM Chapter

               CALL FOR SPEAKERS
              UNM-CSI 2nd Annual Resource Conference
             Saturday, November 12, 2011 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

           Sponsored by: New Mexico Mental Health Counseling Association
                                                           (NMMHCA )

UNM-CSI will be hosting our 2nd Annual Resource Conference and is actively
recruiting guest speakers for this one day event. It is our distinct pleasure to
cordially invite you to serve as one of our presenters.

As a speaker, you will present a topic of your choice to students and professionals
in counseling and related fields: 1) for approximately 50 or 30 minutes, or 2) hold
a round table discussion for approximately 50 or 30 minutes. In addition, you are
encouraged to provide brochures and/or handouts to be distributed during your
presentation as well as in the UNM foyer.

If you are interested in speaking or have lined up a speaker, please fill out the
following form and return it to UNM-CSI at on or before
September 19, 2011. Feel free to attach a picture of yourself, your agency, or any
image appropriate to your topic. Thank you very much for contributing to the
professional development of counselors, professionals and counselors in training!
  Have questions? Please contact Don Trahan Jr. at or (505) 277-2490

                                            Proposal Format
  Title of Presentation:
  Fill In: (100 characters or less)

  Brief Summary of the presentation to appear in the Annual Resource Conference program. This
  will promote your presentation or discussion to attendees.
  Fill in: (50 word paragraph or less)

  Presenters: name, title, institution, address, phone, fax & email.
  Fill in: (Include information for EACH presenter)

  Brief bio of presenter, including degrees, leadership positions, work experience, research, etc.
  Fill in: (This will be submitted to NBCC as part of CEC application procedure, and thus should
  accurately reflect the career bio of EACH presenter)

 Indicate which of the approved NBCC Topic Areas your proposal addresses:
       Career Development & Counseling           Assessment
       Human Growth & Development                Research & Program Evaluation
       Social & Cultural Foundations             Group Dynamics, Processing & Counseling
       Counseling Theory/Practice & the          Counselor Professional Identity & Practice
    Helping Relationship                     Issues

 Please check all formats you are willing to participate in:
       50-minute Presentation                          50-minute Roundtable Discussion
       30-minute Presentation                          30-minute Roundtable Discussion
    * Audio/Visual equipment provided

 Content Outline: How will you cover your format? Please provide:
  1) Your presentation topic.
  Fill in:
  2) A brief summary of information, technique, theory, etc.
  Fill in:
  3) Description of handouts, etc.
  Fill in:

 Goals and Objectives: What will attendees gain from attending your presentation?
  Fill in: (List your goals and objective)

 Attach CV or Resume for EACH presenter

   All materials must be consistent with ACA Ethical Standards and Mission. We reserve the right to refuse materials
   that are not in alignment with these parameters. I agree to subscribe to the Ethical Standards of NMCA (which are
  the same as those of the American Counseling Association) and understand that action/s may be taken against me
                                   if I am found in violation of such ethical standards.

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