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     Social Media Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Get ready for this!

      98% of all online U.S adults ages 18-24 are using social media!

TheNextWeb recently dissected a great social media analysis conducted by Experian which breaks down
social media use by demographic, age group and networking tool of choice. We all know and understand
that social media use from a business stand point is simply crucial for overall future success but it isn’t
until you see the numbers in front of that allow you to understand just how important social media
marketing really is.

Let’s start by taking a look at these staggering numbers:

A very interesting number to take away from this data and also the report is that the fastest growing
demographic for social media use currently is the 65+ age group. It grow almost 50% in just the last few
years. Now part of that can be the resilience of the baby boomer generation to adopt new social
technologies but I think many are starting to realize the raw power that online social communication can
bring to a business or even on a personal level.

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