Gender Sensitivity and Awareness Issues Among Higher Education Students by talha1024


Its an article to list the Gender sensitivity issues. Their Problems and how to solve them.

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This Article explained the gender sensitivity and issue awareness among higher education students.

Study findings indicate that gender issues are due to lack of education, lack of awareness and

conservative thinking of the people.


We conducted detailed interview with students, interview was consisted on questions related to the topic.

The population was all universities of Lahore and sample was the Punjab University, Lahore College for

Women University and Government college university Lahore.


The population for this study was the all universities of Lahore and the sample for this study was made up

of higher education students of PU, LCWU, and GCU Lahore. These students were from different

departments like, information technology, psychology, education, economics, biology, mass

communication and English literature.


We collected data through detailed interview including 15 questions of the concerned topic. Two

questions were on male and female rights in Pakistan. One question was about sexual harassment two

questions were on gender discrimination at home. One question was on intelligence level in mathematics.

One question was about preference of being a girl or boy. One question was about the conservative

customs of Vanni, and Karokari in Pakistan one question was about the impact of early marriages on

female’s life progress. One question was about the freedom of authority of women in Pakistan. One
question was about the competence level among male and female. And the other question was about the

support of man or women in every field. Overall question were about gender issues and awareness.


After studying our topic we made a questionnaire for interview it was consisted on gender sensitivity and

issue awareness .We approached to different students from different departments of universities. Most of

students were willing to answer and they co operated with us and contributed a lot by giving their views

in detail with reason and they liked the topic as it was much realistic and related with life issues.


The study results allow us that gender issues are common in Pakistan and reason behind this is the

unawareness among peoples, lack of education and narrow mindedness of people. We can bring change

or betterment by educating people more and more and aware them to their rights and realties of life. Some

areas are so backward where education is considered not necessary, education is much important for them

for decreasing these gender issues and developing awareness.

Men and women have different tasks and experiences in their life according to their gende
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