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Second Grade

Number Sense: Fractions
You made a chocolate pie. You cut it into 3 equal parts. You eat one third of the pie. How many pieces are
left? Draw a picture to show your solution. Shade in the pieces that are left.

Measurement: Money, Time, Temperature,
A snack you want costs 45 cents. You have a quarter, some nickels, some dimes but no pennies. Write
two different ways you could pay for your snack.

If lunch begins at 12:05 and ends at 12:30, how much time do you have to eat?

If school begins at 9:30 and school dismisses at 3:30, how many hours are you at school everyday?

Yesterday it was 63 degrees outside. It is 92 degrees today. How much hotter is it today than yesterday?

If you were going to buy shoes for one spider, how many pairs of shoes would you need to buy?

All spiders have 8 legs. How many legs will 3 spiders have?

There are 9 rungs on the ladder. Beth is on the third rung. Ellen is 3 rungs higher than Beth. What number
rung is Ellen on?

4 men are playing tennis. Each man holds 2 tennis balls. How many balls are there in all?

Some dogs are playing in a kennel. 5 dogs jumped out of the kennel. 3 dogs are left in the kennel. How
many dogs are there to begin with?

3 people go on a picnic. Each person uses 2 napkins. Each one eats 3 drumsticks. How many napkins?
How many drumsticks?

My sisters and I are triplets. How many dinners do we need? How many mittens do we need?

We are jumping on circles on the playground. Henry is on the third circle. Mary is on the fifth circle. Jimmy
is on the one in between. Which circle is Jimmy on?
Franklin has 2 orange papers and 1 yellow one. Betsy has the same number of papers as Franklin. How
many papers does Betsy have?

Mary traded trailers with Chet. She gave Chet 3 red trailers and 4 blue ones. She wants to get an equal
number of trailers back. How many trailers must Chet give her?

9 children are at a Halloween party. 2 are dressed as chimpanzees. 3 are dressed as butterflies. The rest
are dressed as clowns. How many children are dressed as clowns?

Some rattlesnakes sit in the sun. 3 rattlesnakes are eating. 4 are sleeping. How many rattlesnakes are

A gray squirrel had 5 walnuts in his nest. A red squirrel had 2 more walnuts than the gray squirrel had. How
many walnuts did the red squirrel have?

A big fish swam in a tank with 8 goldfish. The big fish ate some of the goldfish. 3 goldfish were left. How
many goldfish did the big fish eat?

Kate and Tanya find 3 blocks to build with. Len and Ron find 4 blocks. How many blocks did everyone find?

This small parking lot holds only 10 cars. The parking lot is divided into 5 parts. How many cars can park in
each part?

Each doe has 1 fawn. We see 7 does. How many fawns do we see?

Mort has 3 black horses and 2 white horses. Gordon has an equal number of horses. How many horses
does Gordon have?

Beth has read 3 books this week. Yoko has read 4 more books than Beth has read. How many books has
Yoko read?

My baby has 1 upper tooth. Soon he will have 1 upper tooth and 1 lower one. How many teeth will he have?

9 people have come to breakfast. Each one is waiting for 1 warm waffle. Mom has made only 7 waffles. How
many more waffles must Mom make?

There are 10 squares in my quilt. Each square has only 1 color. The colors are red, orange, yellow, blue and
green. There is an equal number of each color. How many blue squares in my quilt?

Fern ordered some desserts. 7 desserts were eaten. 2 desserts are left. How many desserts did Fern order?

Dad gave me some balloons. 2 burst. I still have 3 balloons. How many balloons did Dad give me?
8 birds stand in a line. Every other bird is eating birdseed. The first, third and fifth birds are eating
birdseed. Which other bird is eating birdseed?

Mary has 4 fuzzy chicks. Betsy has 4 more chicks than Mary has. How many chicks does Betsy have?

Pro basketball teams always have 5 players. 2 teams are on the court. How many players are on the court?

I have 8 beautiful plants in my garden. My garden is divided into 4 equal parts. In one part the flowers are
blue. In one part they are red. In one part they are yellow. In one part they are purple. How many plants in
each part?

Each child put 2 ornaments on the tree. 8 ornaments are on the tree. How many children are there?

Sally, Doris, and Lory ate some corn. Each ate 3 ears of corn. How many ears of corn were eaten?

Troy had 8 coins in his pocket. He tripped and fell, and some of the coins fell out of his pocket. He has one
coin left. How many coins did Troy lose?

We have 7 people coming to dinner. Pam has to set the table. She has 6 spoons in her hand. How many
more spoons will she need?

2 cups of water equal 1 pint. 2 pints equal 1 quart. How many cups equal 1 quart?

I have 9 coins. 5 of them are dull. The others are shiny. How many coins are shiny?

I see 3 wires with 8 birds on them. 5 birds sit on the first wire. 0 birds sit on the second wire. How many
birds sit on the third wire?

2 hornets stung Gloria. Norman got stung by that many plus 2 more. Norman is very sore. How many
hornets stung Norman?

There are 9 girls in second grade. A third of them wear red skirts and blue shoes. A third of them wear red
skirts and green shoes. A third of them wear blue skirts and red shoes. How many girls wear red skirts?

We must jump through 7 hoops to finish the race. I have already jumped through 3 hoops. How many more
hoops must I jump through?

His herd has 8 sheep. My herd has 6 sheep. How can we make the herds equal?

9 people come to the dance. Can everyone have a partner?

Peter has 2 sisters. Peter's Dad gave each child in the family 3 dollars. How many dollars did Peter's Dad
Ducks, geese, and hens live in the barnyard. There are 7 ducks, 8 geese, and 9 hens. Are there more ducks
than geese? Are there more hens than ducks?

Doris put 9 ornaments on the tree. The one at the top is a star. The rest are silver balls. How many balls are
on the tree?

The birdbath holds 9 birds. 6 birds perch on the birdbath. How many more birds can perch on the birdbath?

5 children sit at the table. Mom has 9 crackers. She gives each child the same number of crackers. How
many crackers does each child get? How many crackers are left?

Pearl hikes 5 miles to the bus terminal. Mervin hikes to the terminal, and then 3 miles farther. How many
miles does Mervin hike?

Our yard is full of birds. We have 2 robins, 3 larks, 1 warbler, and 3 sparrows. How many birds are in the
yard in all?

Kurt needs to earn 9 dollars. He earns 1 dollar an hour for serving meals. He has already worked for 6
hours. How much longer must Kurt work?

4 five-pound blocks sit on one side of the seesaw. 6 five-pound blocks sit on the other side. How can we
make the seesaw balance?

Maria is putting 2 feathers on each hat. There are 4 hats. How many feathers?

Every year Carol gets a new pearl for her necklace. 2 years ago Carol had 7 pearls in the necklace. How old
is Carol now?

They played music on flutes and bugles. 7 people were playing. 4 of them played bugles. The rest played
flutes. How many were playing flutes?

Each beautiful ewe had 1 black lamb and 1 white lamb. There were 7 ewes. How many black lambs were

How many shoes must you buy for a set of quintuplets?

John bought enough apples for the class. 7 of them were ripe. 2 were still green. How many apples did
John buy?

3 astronauts fit in each spaceship. 4 spaceships are up right now. How many astronauts are in space right

Eve saw 6 fawns on the lawn. When she looked again, 4 were gone. How many fawns are still there?

Draw 3 trees. Draw the smallest one on the left. Draw the largest one on the right.

In my room I have 1 bed, 3 chairs, 1 desk, and 1 couch. How many pieces of furniture do I have in my

Marty gets sleepy at 10 o'clock. His sister gets sleepy at 6 o'clock. Who gets sleepy later?

John and Guy try to fly the toy airplane. It flies for the first 2 tries. It doesn't fly the next 4 tries. How many
times did they try?

The cylinder on the left is 5 inches tall. The cylinder on the right is twice as tall. How tall is the cylinder on
the right?

We have 2 blocks of ice on one side of the seesaw. On the other side, we have 6 blocks of ice. The blocks
of ice each weigh the same amount. What do we need to do to make the seesaw balance?

Sarah must unsaddle 9 horses. She has unsaddled 5 of them. How many horses still have saddles on?

Using circles, squares, and triangles, make a picture of a giraffe.

We have 8 lambs in our flock. We must divide the flock in half. How many lambs will be in each half?

We have 8 candleholders on our chandelier. We need new candles for some of them. 5 lights are still
glowing. How many new candles do we need?

There are 3 barns on my farm. Bart's farm has twice as many barns. How many barns are on Bart's farm?

The bank had 9 million dollars. One day they had a big robbery. The robbers took a lot of money. The bank
only has 1 million dollars left. How much money did the robbers take?

8 frogs were in the jungle. A python ate some of them. 3 frogs are left. How many frogs did the python eat?

4 honest boys told their teacher what they had for lunch. John ate 5 helpings of spaghetti. Gerry ate 3
helpings. Sam ate 8 helpings. Thomas ate 7 helpings. Graph this and then explain who ate the most.

My favorite TV program has 4 commercials. Each commercial last 2 minutes. How many minutes of
commercials must I sit through when I watch my favorite program?

Make a picture of 2 circles. Divide the first circle in half. Divide the second circle into quarters.

3 giants planted flowers. Baby Giant planted 2 flowers. Mother Giant planted twice as many as Baby Giant.
Father Giant planted twice as many as Mother Giant. How many flowers did Father Giant plant?

My room is 6 yardsticks long. My sister's room is 2 yardsticks longer than my room. My brother's room is
half as long as my sister's room. How long is my brother's room?

These eagles eat 3 salmon at each meal. The eagles eat 3 meals a day. 18 eels were eaten at today's meal.
How many eagles were there?

Irene, Iris, and I are eating pie. We divided the pie equally. I took my slices first. I have 2 slices on my plate.
How many slices are left for Irene and Iris?

Roland and Wendy are cutting roses. There are 7 roses on the bush. If they cut them all, can they each cut
the same number of roses?

Our band has only flutes, tubas, and trumpets. There are an equal number of each instrument in the band.
We have 9 instruments in all. Make a graph of this. How many tubas do we have?

We are going to have a canoe race. The blue team has 4 canoes. The yellow team has 2 canoes. The green
team has 3 canoes. Make a graph of this. How can we make the teams equal?

8 two-ton elephants sit on the left side of the seesaw. 6 two-ton elephants sit on the right side of the
seesaw. How can we make the seesaw balance?

Nine crows sat on the farmer's fence, while one rested on the scarecrow in the garden. In all, how many
crows were in the farmer's garden?

Rod bought 7 pounds of potatoes and 2 pounds of tomatoes at the farmer's roadside stand. How many
pounds of vegetables did Rod buy altogether?

In the fall, John planted 6 tulip bulbs and his sister planted 4. How many tulips do they hope will bloom in
the spring?

The students sold flowers for a dime each. Tony sold 4 roses and Peter sold 2 marigolds. How much
money did Tony and Peter make?

Find 5 examples of different geometric shapes seen in nature. Find five shapes made by people. How are
they alike? How are they different?

I have 2 coins in my pocket. The value is more than 30 cents and less than 40 cents. One coin is a dime.
What is the other coin?

I have 4 coins. The total value is between 25 and 35 cents. Two of the coins are the same. I do not have a
quarter. How many of each coin do I have?

There are 9 cats. 6 cats are black. The rest are yellow. How many yellow cats are there?

Elena is selling turtles. She started with 10 turtles. She sold 3 to Rob, 2 to David, and 4 to Amy. How many
turtles are left?

Jan has 3 bananas and 4 apples. Peg has 1 more banana and 2 fewer apples than Jan has. Ed has 2 fewer
bananas and 1 more apple than Peg has. Who has the most fruit?

There are 6 boys and 4 girls on the green team. There are 5 boys and 7 girls on the blue team. Which team
has more members?

Matt has 2 dimes, a nickel, and a penny. Brenda has 1 dime, 2 nickels and 10 pennies. Charles has 3 dimes,
1 nickel, and 0 pennies. Who has the most money?

I have 4 red cups, 5 blue cups, and 6 green cups. How many more green cups than red cups do I have?

6 children are roasting marshmallows. Each child has 5 marshmallows on a stick. How many
marshmallows are there?

We have 4 brown cows and 3 black ones. Each brown cow has 1 calf. Each black cow has 2 calves. How
many calves?

Red blocks are twice as heavy as blue blocks. We have 3 red blocks on one side of the seesaw. How many
blue blocks do we need to put on the other side of the seesaw to make it balance?

We are saving pennies to buy a treat for the class. Sarah has 10 pennies. Kate has twice as many pennies
as Sarah. Tim has half as many pennies as Sarah has. Mike has half as many pennies as Kate has. Lillian
has twice as many pennies as Tim and Mike have together. How many pennies do we have?

Our barn holds 5 cows. How many barns of the same size would we need for 20 cows.

Rick and Mike went to an orchard to buy fruit trees. They came home with the same number of trees. Rick
got 5 apple trees, 3 peach trees, and 4 plum trees. Mike got 6 apple trees and 2 peach trees. The rest of
Mike's trees were pear trees. How many pear trees did Mike buy?

Write a story to go with this number sentence. Make a picture to match. Then give the answer. 6 + ___ = 10 .

Write a story to go with this number sentence. Make a picture to match. Then give the answer. 12 - 9 = ___ .

Each plant has 2 red tomatoes, 3 green tomatoes, and 4 yellow tomatoes. There are 5 plants. How many
tomatoes are there in all?

3 people play trumpets. Twice as many people play drums. How many people in all?

There are 10 animals in the zoo. 3 are zebras, 2 are monkeys, 2 are lions, and the rest are tigers. How many
tigers are there?

We have an enormous birdbath. I see 7 blue birds, 8 red birds, 5 yellow birds, and 10 brown birds. How
many birds in all?

We are building a wall with blocks. My wall is 2 blocks high and 7 blocks long. Mary's wall is 3 blocks high
and 2 blocks long. Ann's wall is 4 blocks high and 3 blocks long. Whose wall has used the most blocks?

There are 6 triangles. How many sides are there?

Dennis has 11 marbles. He trades 2 red marbles for 4 blue marbles. How many marbles does he have now?

Ann had 40 names in her address book. She crossed out 8 names. She added 3 new names. How many
names are in Ann's address book now?

Each classroom gets 4 kickballs, 3 footballs, 1 baseball, and 2 basketballs. How many balls does each
classroom get?

I have 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 4 nickels, and 2 pennies. How much money do I have?

Nine children stand in line at the drinking fountain. The odd ones are boys. The even ones are girls. Are
there more boys or girls?

Roy had 18 toy whistles. He gave 6 friends 2 whistles each. How many does he have left?

The top shelf of the bookcase holds 24 books. The second shelf holds 35 books. The bottom shelf holds 48
books. How many books are in the bookcase?

Mary caught 12 salmon. She caught 13 trout. She threw 5 fish back in the water. How many fish does she
have now?

18 people were on the bus. 4 people got off. 7 people got on. How many people are on the bus now?

Mr. Brown divided his herd into thirds. He has 27 cows. One third of the cows are brown. One third of the
cows are black. One third of the cows are red. How many black and brown cows together?

In the circus there are 2 clowns. There are twice as many elephants as clowns. There are twice as many
lions as elephants. There are 2 more bears than lions. There are half as many ponies as bears. How many
elephants, bears, and ponies are there?

There are 20 cars for sale. One half of the cars are red. One fourth of the cars are yellow. The rest are
green. How many cars are green?

We have 100 sandwiches to pass out to the people in our class. How many sandwiches would each person
get if there were 20 people in the class?

The plum tree has 8 plums. The peach tree has 10 peaches. The apple tree has 12 apples. Two of us are
picking the fruit. We will each get the same number of each kind of fruit. How much fruit will we each get?

It is two miles from my house to Mike's. It is twice as far from Mike's house to Ben's. How far is it from my
house to Ben's?

There are 10 crayons in each box. We had 5 full boxes and 2 extra crayons. We gave away 38 crayons. How
many crayons are left?

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