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					                        Continuing Education History
            Marion Edwards RN, CCM, CNLCP, CLNI, CPSS, CFCEA, MSCC, MBA
                             Certified Medical Case Manager

   Life Care Planning Course and Medicare Set-Asides

   Medicare Set-Asides Part 1

   Medicare Set-Asides Part II
   Self-Destructive Emotions
   Basic Medical Claims Management
   Workers’ Compensation Claims for Non-Technical Personnel
   Avoiding Malpractice
   Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome
   Zenger-Miller Frontline Leadership
   Peer-Review
   A team approach to the treatment of Spinal Disorders
   Outcomes Management
   A New Perspective on Spinal Dysfunction
   Navigating Conflicts for Effective Future Case Management
   Indications for Spinal Endoscopy for Chronic Back Pain
   Research in Day-to-Day Case Management
   Recent ADA Supreme Court Decisions
   JCAHO Pain Management Standards
   Brain Injury from the Inside Looking Out
   PTSD and Responding Trauma- The MCM role
   Emerging Opportunities for Case Managers
   Challenges for Case Management re: Brain Injury
   Alternative and Fringe Therapies

Updated 03.11.11
   Case Manager as Advocate
   Laboratory Tests Interpretation
   Physical Assessment (Advanced)
   Patient History Taking & Charting
   Managed Care Documentation Part I, II, III
   The Internet--A Guide for Health Professionals
   Stress Management for You and Your Patient
   Basic Preceptor
   Advanced Preceptor
   Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
   Advanced Cardiac Life Support
   Pediatric Self Study
   Pediatric Emergencies
   Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support
   Excellence in EMS (Helipad Safety)
   EMS New Policies In-service Audit
   Certified Emergency Nurse Core Curriculum
   Trauma Nursing Core Course Provider
   Code Blue The Nurses Role
   Pulmonary Edema: Stump the Staff
   Neurological Assessment
   Initial Assessment of the Trauma Patient
   Coronary Disease & Risk Factor Education
   Emergency Department Triage & Assessment
   Mock Code Blue
   Mobile Intensive Care Nursing
   Mobile Intensive Care Update
   Respiratory Care Modalities
   Substance Abuse: The Impaired Nurse

Updated 03.11.11
   Diet, Osteo-Diseases, PMS and Breast Health
   Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation & Arterial Puncture
   Academic Writing Workshop
   Endotracheal Intubation
   Gunshot and Stab Wounds
   Acupressure Combined with Massage Part 1

   Avian Flu and Viral Epidemics

   Neuroscience of Brain Injury: Research Informing Medical Treatment and Legal
    Practice 2009

   Stress, Depression and Pain

   International Conference on Life Care Planning 2005

   Medicare Set Aside

   Jump Aboard for the current trends, techniques & costs in Nurse Life Care Planning

   New Horizons in Spine Surgery & 2004 Worker’s Compensation Reform

   Advanced Practice Case Management Conference 2003

   Mosby’s Advanced Practice Case Management Conference 2002

   Pain perception and management

   X-Ray interpretation

   Radiology Managed Care

   Electrotherapy

   Continuous Passive Motion: The most advanced healthcare technologies to expedite
    healing in the rehabilitation of patients

   Return to Work – Workplace and People Factors

   Return to Work – Back Pain Issues and Stress

   Privacy Rights, eMedical Records and RFID Chips

   Privacy Issues – Part 1: The Fundamentals

   Privacy Issues – Part 2: Medical Privacy & HIPPA

Updated 03.11.11
   Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): The Basics, Treatment Modalities & Family

   Fibromyalgia: Fact or Fiction?

   Traumatic Brain Injury – Part 1: “The Silent Epidemic”

   Traumatic Brain Injury – Part 2: Rehabilitation and Community Re-Integration

   Introduction to Advanced Imaging and Spine

   Home Health Standards and Documentation Guidelines for Reimbursement

   Home Care Documentation Guidelines

   Violence Prevention Training Program

   Nursing Documentation

   Nursing Documentation: Part IV

   Medicare Regulations and Documentation

   Documentation in Home Care

   Alternative Careers in Nursing

   Side -By-Side Comparison of Title 22 Division 5, Chapter 6 California Licensing
    Regulations and Medicare Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies

   Workers Compensation Top Ten

   Clinical Utilization of New Technologies in the Medical Management of Challenging

   Get in Your Driving

   Case Managers: Your Role in Proper Pain Management

   The Changing Face of ADA Litigation and its Impact on Case Management Practice

   Tips for Case Management Documentation in the Real World

   Pitfalls Along the Path of the Accommodation Process

   Differential Diagnoses in Catastrophic Injury/Medical Cases with Psychiatric

   Management Made Easy When It’s Not ! For Managers or Those in Waiting

Updated 03.11.11
   Pain

   CCMC Role & Function Study

   Advanced Solid Organ Transplant

   Setting Up Your Life Care Planning Practice

   Comprehensive Advanced Workshop for the Technology – Dependent Client

   ADA : From Case Law to Life Care Planning

   Life Care Planning and Testimony

   Ethics and Life Care Planning : A Dialogue

   Pediatrics : Changes to Standards of Care for Kernicterus / Bilirubin Encephalopathy

   Evidence Shows Diversity Makes a Difference

   Research : Medical Errors & Medical Narcissism

   Research Status : Acquired Brain Injury

   Quality Outcomes : Evidence Based Practice

   Reliability and Validity of the Life Care Planning Process in a TBI Population

   A Replication Study Technology’s Impact on Life Care Planning : A Pilot Study

   Findings on Life Expectancy for Children with Cerebral Palsy

   Pediatric TBI : Planning for Children’s Long –Term Needs

   The Use of Clinical Practical Guidelines for Writing Life Care Plans

   Environmental Control Units : Nuts & Bolts on What Works For Whom

   Toxic Torts

   Research : Personal Assistance Services for Individuals with SCI: LCP Practice

   Innovations in Evaluation & Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders

   Deposition and Testimony

   The Value of the Nursing Diagnosis in the LCP

   Pediatric Life Care Plan Issues

Updated 03.11.11
   Secondary Issues in SCI

   Urology Issues with SCI and Severe TBI

   TBI Treatment from a Psychiatric Perspective

   Adult TBI Issues

   Lower Extremity Prosthetics and Long Term Issues

   SCI and Brain Injury Litigation

   Transplants

   2011 URAC Ethics Framework Class for Case Managers and Rehab Counselors

   AutoImmune Disorders - Part 1: Systemic LUPUS Erythematosus

   Certified Legal Nurse Investigator

   Certified Product Safety Specialist

   Certified Forensic Criminal Evidence Analyst

Updated 03.11.11

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