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					                          Tall Ship Program
                             Wilderness Malaysia

                                       Lili Marleen
Program Introduction

This program is designed to give participants the rare opportunity to experience a real Tall Ship and
give an introduction to the skills required for tall ship operations.

Throughout the duration of the program the participants will be involved in various activities designed
to focus on different aspects of their personal skills and development to help them grow as individuals
and as a community.

Confidence building, communication, independence, trust, problem solving, compassion,
responsibility, team work and motivation are just some of the outcomes that will be achieved over
the course of the program.

The fundamental approach to achieving these outcomes is through “Experiential Learning”. It is a
process through which participants gain knowledge, acquire new skills and enhance their values from
reflecting on direct experiences.

Certain activities will involve elements of risk that will be monitored carefully by our highly trained
and experienced staff. Safety standards at the Wilderness Centre are of an international standard and
staff are put through an intensive 6 month training program with risk management, facilitation and 1st
aid being primary focuses.

Participants will be asked to climb at heights, be involved in water activities, camp out over night,
follow safety instructions, assist in general duties, present to their friends and many other diverse
activities that may push them out of their comfort zones.

                               CHALLENGE, EXPLOR, DISCOVER
T             ess
The Wilderne Centre b                 ongly in “C
                          believes stro           Challenge bby
C                       ush
Choice” and will not pu any parti                 o           ty
                                      icipant to do any activit
 hat         l
th they feel is beyond their capabi               offer suppor
                                      ilities. We o           rt,
 ncouragement and many diffe
en                       m           erent oppor  rtunities foor
 ndividuals to challenge th
in           o            hemselves aalong the wayy.

B              o
By the end of the voya               pe
                          age, we hop that parti             ve
                                                  icipants hav
 ained a valu
ga                        ence and can take the co values an
              uable experie          n           ore         nd
 kills that the have learn on the pro
sk            ey          nt         ogram and a             t
                                                 apply them to
 heir          y
th everyday lives.

P       A
Program Activities
Ship Familia arization
U             g          t
Upon arriving onboard the Lili Mar                          b
                                    rleen participants will be
keeen to exp plore this b           hip. The fa
                         beautiful sh                       on
 ncludes an exciting exp
in                                  f
                         ploration of the ship aand its man ny
 evels and hid
le                       The        or
             dden areas. T focus fo this famili             ill
                                                iarization wi
  e          ut          ds          d           t
be safety, ou of bound areas and rules that need to be      b
 ollowed whe on board.
fo           en

Legend of M Mahsuri
L            well
Langkawi is w known for its deep legends and ancient mys                        necting to th area
                                                        steries. As a way of conn           he
 articipants w be involved in heari about the local legen and being involved in discussion about
pa           will                    ing    e           nd          g           n
 rigins and ha
or           aving a sense of place.

Star Sessionss
Away from d              a            nd
            distractions and lights, an with a cle view to t horizons a ship on t ocean m
                                                 ear        the         s,           the     makes a
 erfect place to view the night sky. The stars we an impor
pe                                    T          ere                                on
                                                           rtant means of navigatio for early ssailors
an still hold their place in modern m            owledge. Pa
                                      maritime kno                                  me
                                                           articipants will learn som basics and here
so stories a about the constellations.

Bridge Sessio on
N            ce             s         be        e
No experienc on a Tall ship would b complete without the  e
 pportunity t stand at the steering station and operate the
op            to           t                              e
 teering. Fam
st                        n
              miliarization with navi           uipment and
                                      igation equ         d
m                          s          or
many gauges and devices required fo operating the ship aree
 ll           s
al part of this interesting activity.

Climb Aloft
T             hat                      so
The masts th make a tall ship s impressiv are veryve         y
 mportant in supporting the sails that move the vessel.
im                        g                                   .
A             s            ll          a
Although this modern tal ship has an engine, it still has thee
 apabilities to sail using only the win Having th skills and
ca            o            o           nd.        he         d
 onfidence to climb up th mast is a challenging activity and
co           o             he                                d
al very rew                ing          l
             warding. Usi essential safety equi   ipment suchh
 s            h
as ropes and harnesses, pa             will
                           articipants w have the opportunityy
 o           h
to climb at heights and e                                    e
                           experience a bird’s eye view of the
sh and surro  ounding area a.
T           warding activ and the perfect way to return
This is a rew            vity                    y
 o            nd
to the groun after cl                e
                          limbing the rigging. Abseiling
 rovides a great challeng for participants and ca require
pr                       ge                       an
m            t
much support from their f            seiling from a tall ship
                          friends. Abs
m            y                       eat
mast is a very rare experience and gre fun.

Bracing the SSails/Movin the Yards
Participants m get the opportunity to help the ships
              may        e
 rew set sail and move the yard arms. This is highly
cr           ls          e
 ependant on sea conditi
de           n                      c          and
                         ions, wind conditions a safety
 equirements of the ships captain.

Happy Hour   r
A tall ship requires a lot of maintena          neral upkeep Happy hou is a time set aside eac day
                                     ance and gen           p.         ur                      ch
 or          nts                      t          n           ness                 e           lity
fo participan to put in a good effort to maintain the cleanlin of the ship and take responsibil for
 heir       me
th maritim home. Ha      appy Hour d duties may in
                                                 nclude sortin out ropes polishing handrails, fo
                                                             ng        s,                     folding
 ails, packing up equipm
sa            g                                 and
                         ment, scrubbing decks a general tidying up a             ship. This te
                                                                       around the s            eaches
 articipants to respect and value equip
pa            o           d                     resources.
                                      pment and r

Knot Tying S  Session
               n        p
A program on a tall ship would not be complete without
 earning some essential knots used in sailing and maritime
le            e         k           n
 ctivities. A f activity t teaches participants a variety
ac            fun        that                   s
 f            t
of knots that they will n           ow
                         need to kno to compl    lete some
 ctivities and others tha are useful for many different
ac            d         at

Rope Swing
This is a cha             d           ty
             allenging and fun activit where pa  articipants
ar attached to a rope and swing o over the open ocean and back again. Rope used are of an
 re                      a          out                      n                        es
 nternational load bearing standards and participa wear a h
in                       g           a           ants                    nsure their sa
                                                             harness to en            afety. This activity
he them ov                r          em          heir        t
             vercome fear and put the outside th comfort zone.

Water Confi idence
W           nd          y            ts
We understan that many participant have had llittle experie
                                                          ence swimm
                                                                   ming in the occean so we l like to
 ntroduce any water base activity w a water confidence session firs All partic
in          y           ed          with     r           e           st.                      t
                                                                                 cipants must wear
PFD’s whene            are          g
             ever they a planning to enter th water. We take par
                                             he          W                       rough a ser
                                                                    rticipants thr          ries of
 rogressions t get used to floating w a PFD an learning t feel comf
pr           to         t           with     nd           to       fortable in deeeper water.

Kayak Journ  ney
A            pants have learnt how to float com
After particip                                   mfortably
an swim thr            water we will then proce to the
             rough the w             l          eed
 ayaking activity. Kay
ka                      yaking teach hes great skills in
 oordination, cooperatio and team work to achieve
co                      on           m          o
 orward mot
fo                      ficiently as possible. A kayak
              tion as eff
 ourney arou
jo                       nds         g
            und the islan is a big highlight with the
 ossibility of seeing Do
po           f                                  d
                        olphins, otters, secluded beaches
 nd          ng
an interestin rock formmations.
 ump Ship
W             g           n          hip,        ants
With a feeling of being on a pirate sh participa will have
 he          ity
th opportuni to “Walk the Plank”. This is an ac              re
                                                  ctivity wher
 articipants s
pa                        s           ship and jum down into
             step off the side of the s          mp           o
th water. A ggreat confide            ng         nd
                          ence boostin activity an great fun. .

Beach Camp  p
T           nity
The opportun to camp out for a ni              cluded beach
                                   ight on a sec          h
is a great co          b          tivity and a memorable
             onfidence building act
 xperience. W a cast away theme, participants will need to
ex          With       a                       s          o
w           er                    d            ood
work togethe to set up shelter and prepare fo for each    h

Nature Walk k
The island eccosystem pr           ariety of inte
                        rovides a va            eresting flora
 nd         nd                                   o
an fauna an a nature walk is the best way to experience
 his. A chan to stretch the legs and intera with the
th          nce                    s            act
 nvironment on one of the islands is a gr
en                       f                      reat learningg
 xperience fo the particip
ex          or           pants.

 nitiative, Te
In                        ng
             eam Buildin and Prob                  g
                                      blem Solving Activities
O            ors           ny
Our instructo have man different games and a                    at
                                                   activities tha will challenge the parrticipants in many
ways. Some a               quire clever planning, others need c
              activities req                                    coordinated t           and
                                                                             team work a then som areme
 ust                       t’s
ju plain fun! Participant strengths and weakne     esses are cha            different way and they l
                                                                allenged in d           ys           learn a
 ot          m            d            ey
lo about them selves and the way the think.

Galley Duty
T             s
The Galley is the ships k kitchen and plays an im            e
                                                 mportant role
 n           ng           ion
in maintainin the nutriti of all par              n          e
                                      rticipants on board. The
 reparation a
pr                       ng
              and cleanin up of m   meals is sha  ared by thee
 articipants and they wil all particip
pa           a            ll                      the
                                     pate under t guidance   e
 f                       c
of instructors and Ships cook.

Watch Duty
             p         he
A large ship such as th Lili Mar  rleen can ne           t
                                              ever be left
 nattended. Their must b someone looking out for hazards,
un           T         be          l                     ,
 ther vessels returning groups and ship statu At times
ot           s,                   d         us.          s
 articipants w be requ
pa           will                            tch
                       uired to help keep wat with the  e
sh crew.

                                                 XT STEP 
Upon review of this program, please contact us t             ates.  From there Wilderness Malays
                                                  to secure da                                 sia will 
                        initiate the next stage o            and consultation. 
                                                 of planning a
                                        WILDERNESS MALAYS     SIA  
                                                 +60 4966 800
                                          Phone: +           00 
                                Emaill:  info@wilddernessmala 

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