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									                     COUGAR CHRONICLE
                      CASTAIC MIDDLE SCHOOL
                           March / April 2011

Ellen Edeburn
Principal                         Principal’s Notes
Renee Williams
Sarah Delawder

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Principal's Notes
From the PTSA

Calendar of Events
Counselor's Corner
ASB News
A Message from
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Important Dates
                                            FROM THE P.T.S.A

               Escrip Fundraiser
                 (Everyone can do this)                          Castaic Middle School - 2010/2011
                                                                                  PTSA Board
Sign up at and contribute all year long to
our school. It is super easy!! Our member number is              President - Kim Inman
155638799 for PTSA Membership. This is a great way to            Recording Secretary - Pricilla Pickler
fundraise for Castaic Middle School passively. What does         Treasurer - Carrie Gomez
this mean? You raise money by doing the things you do
anyway.                                                          Auditor - Sheryl Velek
                                                                 Historian - Beth Holen
     Register grocery cards (Vons & Pavilions) Macy‘s,          Parliamentarian - Tammi Lacari
      debit and credit cards.
     Visit any of these restaurants and they contribute 2 -
                                                                 Ways and Means—VACANT
      4%                                                         Membership - Annette Heinrich
     All Corked Up                                              Programs - Joyce Sipotz
     Baja Fresh                                                 Book Fair - Marcela Kocen
     Cavi at the Big Oaks
     Cavi Italian Cuisine
                                                                 Newsletter - Dee Parish
     Harvest                                                    Webmaster - Kim Inman/Dee Parish
     Lamppost Pizza                                             Box Tops/Ink Jets - Sheila Faggiano
     Nick & Willy‘s                                             Hospitality - Liz Kelley
     Off Bistro
     Pasta Michi                                                Red Ribbon Week - Suzanne Scott
     Red Brick Pizza                                            Reflections— Pricilla Pickler
                                                                 Special Needs—Beth Holen
Make calendars with your own downloaded photos at
Shutterfly (Part of e-scrip online) and the school gets 40% of
                                                                 Legislation—Lori Hatcher
sales. Shutterfly may be used for Reflections and Mustaches      Restaurant Night—Amy Campos
for Kids pictures.

Grocers that contribute: Tresierras, Vons, Pavilions, and
Bristol Farms.
Retail: Eddie Bauer and Macy‘s
Travel: American Airlines
Vehicle Donation 1-800-456-5517

There is also an online mall and these all donate money to our
school. Gift Certificates for many more stores earn 1.8%. It
is not a great amount but when you are going to buy the gift
cards anyway, plan ahead and benefit our school.

Ways and Means Coordinator—Vacant
                         Castaic Middle School
              PTSA Calendar of Events 2010-2011

 Mach 10, 2011                         CUSD Board Meeting, 6:30pm
 March 23, 2011                          Restaurant Night, Ameic’s
 March 17, 2011           SCV Council PTA Meeting, 6:30pm, College of the Canyons
 March 24, 2011                          Association Meeting, CMS
April 04 – 08, 2011                            Spring Break
  April 12, 2011                      PTSA Board Meeting, L-3, 9am
  April 14, 2011                       CUSD Board Meeting, 6:30pm
  April 20, 2011                      Restaurant Night, Baskin Robins
  April 21, 2011                   PTSA Association Meeting, L-3, 9am
                         SCV Council PTA meeting, 7pm, Tesoro Del Valle Elementary
April 25- May 01, 2011               CA PTA Convention, Long Beach

                         Castaic Middle School’s
                            Calendar Notes

   March 09, 2011            Parent Conferences, Minimum Day, Dismissal Time 12:52p
   March 18, 2011                    End of 3rd Quarter – Report Cards sent home
  April 04 – April 8                                 Spring Break
  April 25 – April 29                                 CST Testing
       April 29                                     Progress Reports
        May 30                                         No School
        June 2              Last day of School – 8 Grade Promotion – Report Cards Home
Please find below nominee’s for the upcoming PTSA election for the 2011/2012 school
 year. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested in any position, please
 attend the March 24, 2011 Association meeting at 9a.m at Castaic Middle School in
                                     Room L – 3.

President – Tammie Licari

Ways and Means – open

Membership – Kim Inman

Programs – Joyce Sipotz

Book Fair – Liz Kelly

Secretary – Cindi Throckmorton

Treasurer – Maggie Ingersoll

Auditor – open

Parliamentarian – Colleen Teeman

Hospitality – Joyce Sipotz and Joanne Cammarata

Newsletter – Dee Parish

Red Ribbon Week – Suzanne Scott

Reflections – Kim Inman

Box Tops – Sheila Faggiano

Restaurant Night – Melanie Breckenridge

Emergency Supplies – Sheila Faggiano

Back to School Packets – Joanne Cammarata and Trudi Padilla
                            Castaic Middle School
                                  and PTSA
                               Fundraising Events
March 01 – March 18                See’s Candy Spring Fundraiser – sponsored by ASB
  March 23, 2011                    Restaurant Night – Ameci’s– sponsored by PTSA
  April 20, 2011      Teachers/Parent Scoop Night – Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors– sponsored by PTSA
   May 19, 2011                Restaurant Night – Zpizza and Shave It– sponsored by PTSA

                                               In addition to fundraising, here are some simple
                                               ways to help your PTSA raise money for your

                                               SAVE: Box tops
                                                       Ink Jet cartridges
          6TH ANNUAL                                   Unwanted cell phones
        GOLF TOURNAMENT                                Recycle - plastic bottles and cans
         ON APRIL 8, 2011                              Target Credit Cards - Indicate CMS as
                                               your school of choice and we will get a
                                               percentage of what you spend.
                                                       Ralph's Community Program

                                               Drop off all box tops, ink cartridges and unused
                                               cell phones in an envelope at the front office or
                                               bring them to a PTSA meeting.
                        PTSA PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

We are pleased to announce that our Popcornopolis fundraiser did quite well. Our profit was $4500.00 dollars!
Great job Cougars!

As we move closer to the end of the school year, we will be electing a new PTSA Board. Our election meeting will
be on March 24, 2011. Please contact us if you have an interest. This is a list of some of the things the PTSA has
done for the school this year, Provide books for our school library, Red Ribbon Week, Reflections, Wall of Fame
breakfast, assist with grade level field trips, purchased 10 radios to add to new inventory, assisted our 7th grade
science department with frogs for an upcoming lab, and assisted 8th grade science department with derby. We will
have our 2nd Book Fair coming in May and all proceeds will go to the library. Once again thank you for your
support. Without the hard work of our wonderful PTSA and parents, we would not be able to provide all of these

Thank you for your support and if you would like to volunteer, please contact me at 661 645-2693 or e-mail me at

Kim Inman
CMS PTSA President

Visit us at our new website,

                                       CASTAIC MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                               BOOK FAIR

                                    COMING MAY 17TH – MAY 21ST , 2011
                                       Counselor's Corner
         Dinah Rocke ext. 2103                                               Christine Racina ext. 2105
             8th Grade                                                                7th Grade
     6th Grade - Draco , Delphinius, Taurus                                  6th Grade - Argos & Gemini

Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The first semester is over and report cards were mailed home on January 7. These are the final grades for the
semester and will be put on the students transcripts. Please encourage your student to start the second semester by
doing all of their homework and studying for tests. Eighth grade students who have 2 or more F‘s are in jeopardy
of not participating in Promotion exercises and other end of the year activities.

Eighth Grade Parents: Mrs. Edeburn and Mrs. Rocke will hold an information meeting on February 1 to talk about
the end of the year here at CMS and to give information about high school. We are scheduled at this time to go to
Valencia High School. If students have siblings in 9th 10th or 11th grade at West Ranch, you can fill out an intra-
district transfer to go to that high school. On February 1, the students will be given registration packets for the
Hart District and intra-district transfer papers will be available after that date in the CMS office. It is very
important that 8th graders keep up their grades the last semester, as teachers will be making recommendations for
high school classes.

All students received new locator cards for second semester because of class changes or exploratory changes at the
beginning of second semester. Five week progress reports will be carried home on February 11. Third quarter will
end on March 11.

If you have questions about your child, please contact their counselor.

                                     FROM THE CMS ATTENDANCE

To report an absence, please call our Attendance Office at (661) 257-4550 x2100. An absence is considered a
truancy if it does not meet the California Education Code guidelines for an ―excused‖ absence. Per new CUSD
policy, all absence must be cleared within 5 days school days; those absences not cleared will remain a truancy.

Thank you,
Ginny Petersen
Attendance Clerk
         What‘s Happening in ASB

                 Upcoming ASB Events:

       8th Grade Dance – May 2011
      Spirit Friday Activities—weather permitting
       Lunch Time Dollar Dance—January - May

                  ASB Coordinator
                      Maile Ball

                      ASB Clerk
                      Dee Parish

            COUGAR SHOP

           CMS Cougar shop is now open on
             Tuesdays and Thursdays
                during Lunch Time.

2009 Spirit shirts - $10.00 while supplies last
 Available in Black, Royal Blue, Navy, Burgundy & Turquoise

            2010 Spirit shirts - $15.00
                  Available in Black only
                                        Castaic Middle School
                                          Goes to Washington, DC

The deadline is fast approaching for signing up for the Washington DC trip taking place during
Spring Break 2011. We will be visiting our nation's capital, Amish country and Philadelphia. Don't
miss out! Please call, email or come see Mrs. Cowell for details.

For More Information

Please contact Karen Cowell
661-257-4550 X 2423


To Parents of BUS riders,

Applications for the 2011-2012 school-year will be available by Friday, May 14, 2011. Applications will be
accepted beginning Monday, May 16, 2011.

The Bus Pass Application, payment schedule, a copy of the Bus Rules and Regulations and the Emergency Card form are
available on the CUSD website ( There are also applications at the schools. We will begin accepting
applications May 16, 2011 and will process the applications on arrival until the routes are full or until the deadline July 1st,
2011, which ever is first. Your prompt and immediate completion of these four forms is greatly appreciated to ensure we
have a reliable list of students that will be riding the bus. With the reductions in service and anticipated limited capacities, we
will be processing the applications as they arrive at the District Office. (If all buses become full, a waiting list will be created).
Applications received after July 1st will be processed if there is room or put on a waiting list for future availability.

You must send the four completed forms with your payment/documentation to the District Office, 28131 Livingston Ave,
Valencia, CA 91355 as soon as possible It will be not be processed after July 1, 2010 unless there is availability on the bus

The walking distance (as measured if a person walked from the school to the home address) is now 2 miles from the
elementary schools and from the middle school 3.25 miles. This means that if you live within the walking distances, you are
no longer eligible for transportation services. A map of the excluded areas for each school is posted on the CUSD website
                                                Band and Choir Announcements

                                                        Choir Rehearsals
                                                     Wednesday and Thursday

                                                            Spring Program

March, 2011 – Honor Band Concert @ Hart High School –
more information to follow
April, 2011 – Spring Break Santa Clarita Choral Festival
May, 2011 – Spring Musical
For more CMS band and choir information go to:

Attention to 7th grade parents,
Each year the 8th grade students have the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. during Spring
Break. In April 2012, 8th graders will be visiting Washington, D.C., Gettysburg and Philadelphia
during spring break. If your child is interested in going, there will be a parent information meeting
on May 4, 2011. Look for flyers to be coming home with your 7th graders next month.

If you have any questions you can contact Mrs. Chamberlin at


Mrs. Beth Chamberlin
8th Grade History
Castaic Middle School
661.257.4550. X2604
                     ATTN: 7TH GRADE FAMILIES
                  Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Come one, Come all
                   Join our Lords, Ladies and Knights.

                                                                                        May 05, 2011
7 Grade Parents,
Just a friendly reminder Medieval Times permission slips due in no later than April 25, 2011. If your child did not
receive a permission slip, please have them see Mr. Simons. Each ticket cost $26.00. Please note this is a school
function field trip, therefore all students must ride the bus and siblings will not be allowed to attend this field trip.
                Recycling Time

              Castaic Middle School
                has gone green!

            Every Wednesday Morning

         Castaic Middle School will leave

        white barrels in front of the School

              for you to drop off your

              cans and plastic bottles.

All recycling proceeds provide buses for field trips,
   Noon Activity supplies, assemblies, and more.

We will be doing this every Wednesday until the end
                of the school year.
Dear Castaic Parent (s)/Guardian(s),

This year, Castaic Middle School has once again joined the Ralph‘s Community Program. This program is
designed to help our community grow and prosper. Ralph‘s will be giving up to $3,000,000 this year to schools
and non-profit organizations. Castaic Middle School will receive a rebate for every dollar spent as long as your
Ralph‘s Club Card is registered. All members need to do is swipe their registered Ralph‘s Club Card. It‘s that

By participating, Castaic Middle School will earn rebates that will help cover the cost of field trips, buses, DJ‘s for
dances, noon activities, assemblies, and much more.

‐   Between $0 and $200 per month of eligible purchases we will receive 1%
‐   Between $200.01 and $350 per month of eligible purchases 2% of amount over $200
‐   Between $350.01 and $500 per month of eligible purchases 3% of amount over $350
‐   Over $500 per month of eligible purchases 4% of amount over $500

To use the Ralph‘s Community Program, all you need to do is simply register your Ralph‘s Club Card online at, click on community contributions then click on participants. Fill out the form and don‘t forget
your Ralph‘s Club Card number and our NPO# is 84975. If you use your phone number instead please call 1-800-
660-9003 and they will give you your club number.

(This means that you have already entered your email address and assigned yourself a password)
1. Log in to
2. Click Sign In
3. Enter your email address and password
4. Click on ‗My Account‘ (In the top right hand corner)
5. View all your information and edit as necessary

So register your club card today and help Castaic Middle School start earning. Remember the more you spend the
more we earn.

Thank you in advance for participating and helping Castaic Middle School strive.
          A Message from our Physical Education Department
 This is just a reminder to parents and students that the cold weather is here! Please have some type of
sweat shirt and/or sweat pants that you can leave in your locker to use on cold days. We go outside to
play each day and want all students to be properly clothed. We do not care what color the sweats are.
Please be sure to put your first and last name on them. Students are NOT TO WEAR the jackets that
they wear to school to Physical Education class. They run around and sweat in them as they play and
then when they walk into their next class it does not smell very good!

The Physical Education department is still in need of a washing machine. We wash our Jersey’s
and loaner clothes and have not had a washer since last June. If there is anyone that can donate an old
washer to CMS for this purpose it would be fabulous. We have not been able to do "loaner clothes" this
past semester as we have had no way to wash the clothes. So students have had to come to class in
their street clothes and play. So if you have an old washer (that works) or know someone that can
donate it to CMS it would be greatly appreciated!

Parents that want to check their student's grades can access them through the school's website. Go to
Castaic schools, click on CMS, go to teacher websites, click on Physical Education department, click on
your child's teacher's name. All of the students for that teacher are listed by student ID number. You
can then see if they are missing a run, have non-suits, missed behavior points, etc.
If you wish to contact your child’s PE teacher, please use the following e-mail addresses.

Bruce Brotz –                                     Wendy Gingrich –

Matt Henzie –                                   Glenda Robinson –

Claudia Ahlman –
                        Looking for an Adventure? Explore Costa Rica!

 On June 4 through June 10, 2011, Ms. Alexander and Ms. Edwards will be taking a group of
 students and parents on an exciting trip to Costa Rica! We will experience science, language
 and culture as we travel with WorldStrides throughout this country‘s incredible biodiversity.

We‘ll explore rainforests, dry forests, mangroves, cloud forests, and volcanoes in six exciting
days! The small country of Costa Rica is full of sights, sounds, and new experiences for
students and adults alike, experienced as we hike through different ecosystems and spot
wildlife in the rainforest. We‘ll get a glimpse of what it‘s like to be field ecologists by going
out into the field at the Tirimbina Rainforest Center and collecting and analyzing data. Then,
we‘ll take a white water rafting adventure down the Sarapiqui River! At Arenal Volcano
National Park, we may see the amazing fireworks of one of the world‘s most active volcanoes
at night, and we‘ll even learn to cook like a local Costa Rican. Finally, we‘ll soar through the
rainforest on a ―zipline‖ adventure to see the Costa Rican rainforest from a bird‘s eye
perspective, traveling with experienced local guides from WorldStrides.

For more than 40 years, WorldStrides Student Travel Organization has been a major student
travel provider, with a goal of providing a safe and secure travel experience. Students lives are
enriched by experiences beyond classroom walls, so each traveler is provided a unique
educational program. Scholarships and fundraising opportunities are available, and the cost
includes all flights, traveling, food, lodging, local guides, as well as activity and excursion

The vibrant culture and wildlife of Costa Rica will leave you with memories you won‘t soon
forget! There‘s still time to sign up; contact Mrs. Edwards or Mrs. Alexander at CMS, 661-257-
4550, (x2516) or (x2332).
Hello Parents and Friends,

  On February 28, 2011 Castaic Middle School students were given their See’s Spring Candy
Fundraiser flyer.

   Since all of our students will benefit from our fundraiser, we would greatly appreciate everyone’s help.
So please help your child by taking orders from friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

   Our fundraiser started on March 01, 2011 and will end on March 18, 2011. The candy will be
delivered to our school on April 11, 2011.

Thank you in advance for helping make this fundraiser a big success.
                        Castaic Union School District Tees Off with 6th Annual
                                  Golf Tournament on April 8, 2011
                    Golfers in the Santa Clarita Valley can hone their golf swings while supporting the
                    Castaic Union School District's efforts to maintain high-quality programs for students
                    in the 6th Annual Golf Tournament at Robinson Ranch Golf Course on April 8, 2011.

                    The donations received from past events have allowed us to give grants to help
establish science and art labs at each of the elementary schools in the district." said Sabrina
MacDougall, chair of the Castaic Education Foundation. "The funds also allow us to grant teachers the
needed resources for other educational projects and programs. In these tough budget times, community
support is needed more than ever before." The annual tournament is a fun way for the community to help
enhance the educational programs in the district's four schools," added MacDougall.

The tournament features a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. Participants will receive a continental breakfast, a
round of golf with a cart, a barbecue chicken lunch, raffles and prizes, as well as a tournament T-shirt.

The registration deadline is March 18, and players can register individually for $145 or $550 per four-
player team.

All levels of players are welcome, but participants must be at least 18 years old.

Check-in is at 7:30 a.m., and the tournament tees off at 8:30 a.m.

Those who cannot tell the difference between putters and wedges can still participate by being a sponsor
or donating raffle prizes.

All registrations and donations are tax-deductible through the Castaic Education Foundation, which is a
501c3 non-profit organization.

For more information, please contact Anna Villano at (661) 713-1970 or send an email to
                      Yearbook Information

If you haven't purchased your 2010-11 yearbook yet, you can still do so by going to Mrs.
Hutzel's website at and selecting the tab "Classroom Forms" then
"Yearbook." Print out the flyer and return it to Mrs. Hutzel in Room V-7 with a check for
$50.00 made payable to CMS Yearbook. Quantities are limited (there are only 200
yearbooks left to sell). Remember the year with your own all color copy that includes a
new format and sections that will be a keepsake to enjoy.


Do you have photos of your child from school and/or outside activities you think would be
great in the Yearbook? If so, please go to the yearbook Image Share website at to upload your pictures. The logon id is: 400040337 - the
password is: cms. Thank you for supporting the yearbook.

    Get your yearbook now, before the price
               goes up to $55.00
   8            GRADE T-SHIRT Presale
Get your AWESOME 8th grade t-shirt with your name and all your
    classmates’ names printed on the back. Pre-order it now!
      To get this great price, turn in this form and your money
                         by MARCH 31, 2011

Name __________________________Advisory Teacher _________________
               Please Print Clearly

Shirt size:
  Small            Medium               Large           X-Large           XX-Large

                          (make check payable to CMS ASB)
                                Prices will go up to $15.00 April 01, 2011

              Get your 8th grade t-shirt now, quantities limited.


      Barnes and Noble will be closing their

                           Items are on sale now

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