Sheet1 - Pioneer Growers Cooperative by xiuliliaofz


									                            BELLE GLADE , FL. 33430
                 SALES -PH.# (561)996-5211 SALES- FAX (561)996-5703
                                      DATE: 02-01/2010
                                  F.O.B. DAILY PRICE LIST
                                PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE
        SWEET CORN                              LEAF                              TRAY PACK
 While Supplies Last!!!             Endive                 CALL           12/3 MICROWAVEABLE
Yellow                   N/A        Endive 24's            CALL        Yellow                 CALL
White                    N/A        Escarole               CALL        White                  CALL
Bi-Color                 N/A        Escarole 24's          CALL        Bi-Color               CALL
   RED SWEET CORN                   Romaine 24's           CALL           12/4 MICROWAVEABLE
Crates         OUT                  Iceberg 24's           CALL        Yellow                 CALL
                                    Boston                 CALL        White                  CALL
   RADISHES                         Bibb                   CALL        Bi-Color               CALL
30-6oz Cello            $9.45       Chihili                CALL                12/8 CLUB PACK
14-1 lb Cello           $9.95                         CALL
                                    CilantroCB 2-1/2 DZ.               Yellow                 CALL
14-1 lb Ziploc         $10.45       Dill                   CALL        White                  CALL
25 # Bulk              $15.95       C.Parsley 30ct.        CALL        Bi-Color               CALL
40 # Bulk              $24.35       C.Parsley 60ct.        CALL            40 CT. FOODSERVICE
                                    P.Parsley 30ct.        CALL        Yellow                 CALL
        GREEN BEANS                 P.Parsley 60ct.        CALL        White                  CALL
Belle Glade, FL.         N/A                  CELERY                   Bi-Color               CALL
Homestead, Fl.           N/A        2'S                   $26.85           Red Tray Pack Corn
     BAGGED BEANS                   2 1/2'S               $26.85       12 / 4 Pack            OUT
12-12 OZ..              CALL        3'S                   $26.85       24 / 2 Pack            OUT
12-2 LB                 CALL        4'S                     call                  ORGANICS
2-5 LB.                 CALL        2 Dz. Slvd              call       Bi-Color Corn          N/A
4-5 LB.                 CALL        2 1/2 Dz. Slvd.         call       Green Beans            N/A
        WATERCRESS                  3 Dz. Slvd.             call                  CABBAGE
2 Dz.                  $12.00           CELERY HEARTS                  Green Cabbage         $12.00
             Mint                   18'S                    N/A        Red Cabbage           $18.00
2 Dz.                   CALL        24'S                    N/A        Savoy Cabbage         $13.00

                            T O D A Y O N L Y !!!!!!!!!
                                  SHIPPING (561) 996-3045
                                     THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                                        HAVE A NICE DAY!       :)

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