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                                                                                              o{ arc
                                                                                              on retlna
                                                                                              due to multiple
                                                                                              overlapping images

                                                     I                                 Constricted pupil

       Spectra Curtain maintains good visibility in       ffi Smattzincoxide particles
                                                           -                                light in all direc-
and out of welding booths while minimizing the arc            tions, causingpupil to constrictand shut out
glare normally associated with transparent welding            glare-producing excess light from arc.
curtains.                                                     Fluorescent dyes produce fluorescent light in all
        The drawing above depicts five ways the Wil-          directions, also causing pupil to constrict and shut
son Spectra Curtain minimizes arc glare.                      out glare-producing excess light from arc.
                                                              Both the zinc oxide scattered light and fluorescent
I   Orange dye absorbs more of the glare producing
    blue light.
                                                              light from the fluorescent dye produce additional
                                                              in-booth illumination. This feature not onlu
I   Refractive surface treatment causes small bright
    welding arcs to appear larger and less bright. This
                                                              further constrictsthe pupil of the unprotected ob-
                                                              server, but also provides additional illumination
    reduces the glare effect.                                 for the welder.

                                                                  Patented PVC Formula
                                                                  Exceeds OSHA Specifications
                                                                  Meets OSHA color coding speciftcations for
                                                                  hazardous areas
                                                                  Meets California State Fire Marshall
                                                                  Requirements for flame resistance
                                                                  Laboratory tested for safety and performance
                                                                  Scientifically designed
                                                                  Available in standard sizes or made to order in
                                                                  any size
                                                                  Heavy duty \iinyl .014, .040, .080 thick
                                                                  Wind Control valves (optional)
                                                                  Electronically welded hems, seams and
                                                                  Increases production
                                                                  May be used around MIG, TIG, ARC, PLASMA,
                                                                  GAS, or other high amperagewelding arcs
                                                                  Eliminates "closed in" feeling
                                                                  Decreasesarc glare
                                                                  Providesmore light into welding booth
                                                                  Excellentfor use in assemblyareas
                                                                  Increases Safety
                                                                  Brighter and better working environment
                                                                  Nearby workers enjoy reduced glare
Introduction                                                        ventional green curtain. In addition, Specha Curtain returns
     Wilson SpectraTM Curtain has been scientifically en-           more than four times as much visibly useful light back into the
gineered to eliminate dangerous Ultra Violet Radiation, to          welding booth than either the yellow or green conventional
minimize the glare of high amperage welding arcs and to in-         curtain.
crease welding booth illumination without significantly reduc-            Spectra Curtain derives its name from the word spectrum,
ing visibility through the curtain.                                 as in light spectrum. No other hansparent welding curtain ma-
     Wilson Spectra Curtain constitutes the         ideal" trans-   nipulateslight waves like the Spectra Curtain. With its special
parent welding curtain: one that has good visibility (like the      patented PVC formula, Spectra Curtain absorbs, scatters and
yellow transparent welding curtains); one that minimizes the        filters the light spechum to create a safer and better working
arc glare (better than all other transparent welding curtains);     environment for the welder, surrounding co-workers, and
and in addition, one that puts light back into the welding booth    supervisors.
to assist the welder with his work (like no other welding
                                                                         Each Wilson Specta Curtain is embossed with our
                                                                    distinctive trademark llJi|S0n throughout the curtain. Do
     Spectra Curtain transmits less than 7 thousandths o{ the       not be confused by other orange imitations, speciftT Spectra
glare producing effects that the conventional yellow curtain        and look for the tademark embossed on the curtiain.
transmits and yet provides three times the visibility of the con-

                                                         WAVELENGTH LIGHT
                    FARUV               NEARUV           BLUELIGHT        VISIBLE                                  INFRA RED

s 5 0
8 4 0
F 3 0
H 2 0
l r l

                                                     400                500

     The optical welding spechum can be divided into 5 zones        cent of concentrated energy. This zone is either not seen or
that influenc e the eye during welding.                             very dimly seen by the naked eye. However, this zone emits a
Zone 7 200-320 nm. (far u.u., t'loshbums)                           blue light that may annoy or irritate the eye. Conventional
     This zone cannot be seenby the naked eye, yet the power-       transparent welding curtains usually start to transmit in this
ful and dangerous far Ultra Violet Rays within this zone can        range. Spectra Curtain prevents the transmission of this zone,
have damaging and permanent effect on the eye. Spectra              thus preventing blue light annoyance or irritation.
Curtain prevents the transmissionof this zone, thus preventing      Zone 4 500-700 nm. (good uisible light)
flash burns.                                                             Within this zone, the eye has its maximum capabilities of
Zone 2 320-400 nm. (neor u.u.)                                      vision (around 550 nms). Spectra Curtain begins transmission
     This zone cannot be seenby the naked eye, yet may cause        in this zone and allows ample light for a safelysupervised and
such harmful effects as lens fluorescence, cataracts, and skin      enjoyable working environment.
problems. Specha Curtain prevents the transmission of this          ZoneS Aboue700nm.
zone, thus preventing these harmful effects.                             This zone is not seen by the naked eye and studiesindicate
Zone3 400-500 nm. (BlueLight)                                       that most welding curtain applications are not influenced
     Within this zone, welding arcs produce their highest per-      within this range.
Free Standing, Portable Safety Screens
   The Wilson Stur-D-Screenoffers the unique combination of                          Features
strength.sturdinessand safety.                                                          Super strength I Square tubing gives neat appearance
   Strength - One sourceof strengthis the solidity of the square                     I No gapping between posts with multiple paneled screens
steeltubing. No more slippingor twisting as with conventional                        I Free standing I Sturdy platform legs I Easy to assemble
round tube frames. Additional strengthcomes from our exclusive                       I Availablein multiple paneled screensor cubicles
bolted corner clamps. They assurea tighter, more securefit.                          I lnterchangeable parts
   Sturdiness - Top quality square steeltubing with bolted                                                                              as
                                                                                        Wilson Stur-D-Framesare shipped disassembled a complete
corner clamps and platform legsminimize {rame wobble and sway.                       package, and include square steelframe, lacingties. and safety
The Wilson Stur-D-Screenwas designedfor today'stough and                             curtain.
abusiveindustrialdemands.                                                            Optional Accessories
   Safety - Wilson Stur-D-Screens   and Specha Curtains                              I Casters for one, two, three or four paneled screens
combined give the necessary protectionfor welding areas.                             I Inspection Window
                                                                                     I Custom sized Stur-D-Frames available upon request

                                                       SOLIDMATERIAL                                                                             INTER
                                                        NO GAPPING                                                                            CHANGEABLE
                                                             FREE                                                                                PARTS
                                                           STANDING                                                                         EXCLUSIVE BOt-TED
                                                            EASY TO                                                                          CORNER CLAMPS
                 CORNER CLAMPSGIVE                         ASSEMBLE                                                                             OPTIONAL
                 ADDITIONAL STRENGTH                                                                                                            CASTERS

    SINGLE PANELS                            TWO PANELS                                          THREE PANELS                                             FOUR PANELS
  R104525 4'Hx5'W                    R2O5525 5'H x 5'Weach panel                    R3055-25 5'Hx5'Weach panel                                 R4066 5 6'H t b'W each anel
                                                                                                                                                       2                          p
  R105525 5'Hx5'W                    R2O64 25 6' H x 4'W each panel                 R 3 O 6 4 . 2 5 6 ' H r 4 ' W e a c hp a n e l             R 4 0 6 8 5 6 ' H x t ' ! V e a c hp a n e l
  R10645 6'Hx4'W                     R2066-25 6'H x6'Weach panel                    R3066-25 6'H x 6'Weach panel
  R10665 6'Hx6'W
       2                             R2O68-25 6'H x8'Weach panel                    R3068.25 6'H x8'Weach panel
  R106825 6'Hx8'W
  R10t,l25 6'Hx l0'W
  R1061225 'Hx12'W

 Wilson Stur-D-Screen Expando                                                  Wilson Stur-D-Shield
     Expandableversion of the Wilson Stur-D-Screen.With a height                  Folds flat when not in use or when being transported. Provides
 of six feet. the Expando models can be assembled lengthsof
                                                       to                      excellentprotection as a table top welding screen,portable (hand
 four. six, eight or ten feet (or any length between).                         carried) maintenancescreen,or a compact safety screen (fitseasily
                                                                               into a truck or van) .

   All curtains are securely hemmed on all four sides by an eleckonic          curtain to allow for proper draping.
   weldingprocess.                                                             Wlnd Control Valve (optional)
   H'xW'                     H'xW'                    H'xW                     For conhol of curtain under windy conditions. Valve allows bottom hem
   4x5 # 4520-25             5xS #5525-25             6 x6 #6636-25            to be lilled with water, sand, etc. WC valve provides a curtain ballast.
   4x6 # M24-25              5 x 6 #5630-25           6xB #&48-25              one valve every l0'recommended'
                                                                                                                                         part no. wc-l
   4x8 # 832-25              5 x 8 #5840-25           6 x 10 #61060-25
   4xlo # 4IO4O-25             5 x 10 #51050-25       6xt2 #6t272-25           Fatching Kit (optional)
   Specka Welding Curbins are designed to be suspended from either             Under normal conditions, the curtain should not punchrre. One square
           'Easy                                                               yard of Spectra Curtain material with adhesivebacking.
   Wlson            Rolling" partition hardware (see Easy Rolling Partition
                                                                                                                                         part no. PK-25
   Brochure), or from heavy duty hooks and nylon ties for self-styled
                                                                               Wilson Specta Curiains are not int€nded to replace the use of goggles,
   support strucfures.
                                                                               visors and/or helrneb for eye protection.
   #100 Heavy Duty Hook - Fits 11r" O.D. pipe
   #800 Black Nylon Tie - Locking adjustrnent fitr/+" to 2" O.D.               Wilson - the company that originated kansparent welding curtains,
                                                                               worth looklng into! Your single source for welding, thermal, sound
   Made to order in any clze                                                   and other safety partition requiremenb. Call or write us for the name of
   Minimum size for billing is 20 square feet. Ractions of a foot are priced   your nearestdishibutor. They have the expertiseto assistyou with your
   to the next full foot per dimension. When ordering add 10% to width of      safeg and welding requiremenb.

#* s*x#ryry                                                                    @
                                                                                                 $ :+, ':I
                                                                                                 Satety EqriF|Ht

                                                                                c o d e1 6 o i   Dislibrh
r ruo u 6 t'ii-"i'L 6 i"r'fr d
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