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					Hey guyzz, here i would like to share a good
suggestions of using google adsense account

Making money from G. Ad Sense is not easy but if you know the proper way to promote your
blogs or sites, then you might be able to make some good income from Google AdSense ads
on your blogs or sites.

      Read through AdSense Support page very carefully.
      Learn to read the AdSense earning report.
      Try to learn from other AdSense Experties
      Never click on your own ads as it will put your AdSense account at risk of being
      Remember to read Google AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions
       properly. This is very important because you need to know what you can and cannot
       do using your AdSense account.
      When you have questions regarding AdSense Ads, do not hesitate to contact AdSense
       Team. They are indeed very helpful and fast.
      Submit your articles to pinging sites to gain more traffic. For example: and
      Try to place Google AdSense ads on the hotspot area. This can increase the number of
       clicks and help you earn more. Refer to AdSense Heatmap for the best ads placement
      Try to write on different topics and find out the most profitable topics to write on.
       This can dramatically increase your AdSense income.
      Keep your articles focus on 1 topic because it can get more targeted ads to help you
       earn more.
      Traffic to your articles is the key to Goal. So, try to get as many visitors to your
       content as possible.

Description: some useful adsense tips to grow ur money on net