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                                                                                                                      Winter/Spring 2011

October 2010 DoD Northeast Regional Small Business Matchmaker held in Maine
Maine was this year‟s host state for the      "Uncle Sam has quotas they expect us to
DoD Northeast Region‟s Small Business         meet," said Joseph Brem, Gloss‟ colleague
Conference and Matchmaker Event               from Moog Inc.
(October 5-7th) which was sponsored by
U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan         For companies such as Rood‟s, the
Collins. This event travels among the         matchmaking event was a target-rich
states in the northeast region, coming to     environment. Instead of working for days,
Maine every three to four years. During       weeks or even months to track down the
the Small Business Matchmaker, held on        right person to talk to at a prime contractor
October 6th, nearly 400 small business        or agency, small businesses had an
representatives from throughout the           opportunity to spend a day meeting with
                                                                                                ups and downs," said Bob Ziegelaar, a board
northeast region had the opportunity to       them in 10-minute sessions.
                                                                                                member of Old Town-based Sewall.
meet with representatives of over 100
                                              Rood attended a similar event in 2006 and
different government agencies, prime                                                            Another benefit of these types of contracts
                                              had a Vermont-based aerospace customer
contractors, and service providers.                                                             is that they bring new money to the state:
                                              about four months later.
                                                                                                It‟s not just Maine companies spending
The event caught the attention of                                                               money on other Maine companies.
                                              "It was the face-to-face connection, being
statewide media, including the Bangor
                                              able to give our elevator speech about what
Daily News which published the                                                                  Ziegelaar met with representatives from the
                                              we do," said Rood.
following article (reprinted with                                                               Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery as
permission):                                  In today‟s global economy, entrepreneurs in       well as from the Army Corps of Engineers.
                                              Maine are proving the truth in the assertion      Sewall employs about 145 people, mostly in
Wickenheiser, Matt, "Matchmaking                                                                Old Town, and is a leader in high-tech
                                              that high-skill companies can be based
Event Helps Small-Business People."                                                             aerial photos and all the back-office support
                                              anywhere, with customers across the country
Bangor Daily News, October 6, 2010.                                                             needed to process them.
                                              and world. But it‟s equally true that old-
SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine -- The                  fashioned business customs such as a
                                                                                                "I‟d be very surprised if we didn‟t have any
two chatted amiably across the table; he      handshake and personal meeting are critical.
                                                                                                business out of this conference within a
was earnest, she was interested.                                                                year," said Ziegelaar.
                                              CB Smith employs 35 people in Caribou at
Laura Gloss knew what she wanted. She         Virtual Managed Solutions. Employees, most
                                                                                                Philip Lander worked for Sargent Corp. for
was looking for a small business that         of them ATX workers who were laid off,
                                                                                                years, then was deployed with the Air
could make precision parts for her $2         remotely access and service computer systems
                                                                                                National Guard after the Sept. 11 attacks
billion company‟s aerospace division.         across the country, working on the telecom
                                                                                                for 3½ years. When he returned, he decided
                                              infrastructure put into place by FairPoint and
Will Rood owns B&B Precise Products                                                             to start his own business, Atlantic Defense
Inc., a high-end contract machine shop in                                                       Co. of Bangor, in 2005, as a Certified
Benton that employs 40 and does work in       Smith came to the South Portland conference       Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small
sectors including defense, commercial         hoping to break into government work. His         Business. Today the firm employs about 25
aerospace, oil and gas, energy and            company is a veteran-owned business, a small      people.
semiconductors.                               business and is "HUBZone-Certified" -- all
                                                                                                Working with other Maine businesses such
                                              things that federal agencies find desirable. On
It was a match made in South Portland --                                                        as Cianbro, Sargent, Lane Construction,
                                              Wednesday, he met with the Department of
one of many happening Wednesday.                                                                Milton Industries and others, Atlantic
                                              Homeland Security, the Treasury
                                                                                                Defense has worked on a number of
                                              Department and SAIC, a giant science,
More than 385 small-business people                                                             projects, including some significant ones at
                                              technology and engineering company.
attended the Department of Defense                                                              the Togus VA Medical Center. Lander
Northeast Region Council‟s                    "An event like this lets us walk up, look         would like to increase his government work.
matchmaking event, organized by the           someone in the eye and get to know them on
offices of Maine Sens. Susan Collins and                                                        "Years ago, construction companies had a
                                              a personal level," said Smith.
Olympia Snowe and the Maine                                                                     good market in paper mill work and at air
Procurement Technical Assistance Center.      Getting into government work, either directly     bases such as Loring in Aroostook County.
About 150 of those small-business people      or as a subcontractor, can be important for a     But that work has dwindled. Small firms like
were from Maine.                              number of reasons.                                his must take advantage of opportunities
                                                                                                such as the networking event to build other
The matchmaking on Wednesday was              "You want to have customers with money to         sources of business," said Lander. "Today,"
part of a three-day conference. It featured   spend," said Ed Dahl, regional manager of         he said, "the lack of jobs means Maine
roughly 100 officials from federal            the Maine Procurement Technical Assistance        exports its children and grandchildren."
agencies and prime contractors -- big         Center, a federally funded nonprofit group
companies such as General Dynamics,           that helps small businesses access the            "I would like to export knowledge," he said.
Burns & McDonnell Inc., Teradyne and          government market.
                                              "The federal government spends more than
Federal agencies and contractors working      half a trillion dollars a year on goods and
on U.S. government contracts are              services," Dahl said, "and 23 percent of that
supposed to make good-faith efforts to        is directed to small business." "And long-
have varying percentages of work done by      term government contracts tend to mitigate
small businesses.                             bumps in the economy, smoothing out the
 SBA’s Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program
As we go to press, the Small Business
Administration (SBA) is in the process of
                                          Poised to go into Effect in Early 2011
                                                        business operations must be conducted by one
establishing the procedures to implement the
                                                        or more economically disadvantaged women
Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
                                                        (for EDWOSBs) or women (for WOSBs).
Program. It is anticipated that the program will
                                                        Further, for EDWOSBs, the economically
launch in February of 2011. In the meantime,
                                                        disadvantaged woman must hold the highest
the following information from the SBA‟s
                                                        officer position, manage it on a full‐time basis,
WOSB Program Fact Sheet dated October,
                                                        and devote full‐time to the business concern
2010, provides a helpful primer on this new
                                                        during the normal working hours of the
                                                        business concern in the same or similar line of
“The Small Business Act authorizes contracting          business. For WOSBs, the woman must hold
officers to specifically limit, or set aside, certain   the highest officer position, manage it on a
requirements for competition solely amongst             full‐time basis, and devote full‐time to the
women‐owned small businesses (WOSBs) or                 business concern during the normal working
                                                        hours of the business concern in the same or         codes can be found in the WOSB Federal
economically disadvantaged women‐owned
                                                        similar line of business.                            Contract Program regulations which are
small businesses (EDWOSBs). This is referred
                                                                                                             available on the U.S. Small Business
to as the WOSB Program. These procurement
                                                        In addition, the woman who holds the highest         Administration‟s (SBA) website
mechanisms are meant to increase Federal
                                                        officer position may not engage in outside           wosb.
contracting opportunities for WOSBs and to
                                                        employment that prevents her from devoting
assist agencies in achieving their women‐owned                                                               Responsibilities of the Contracting Officer
                                                        sufficient time and attention to the daily affairs
small business goals. These procedures are                                                                   Contracting officers may set aside solicitations
                                                        of the concern to control its management and
implemented in SBA‟s regulations, which can be                                                               to allow only EDWOSBs or WOSBs to
                                                        daily business operations. Although, the
found at 13 C.F.R. part 127. Although the SBA                                                                compete.
                                                        woman manager need not have the technical
has issued a final rule on the WOSB program,
                                                        expertise or license required, she must
the rule will not be effective for several months.                                                           A contracting officer may set aside a
                                                        nonetheless demonstrate that she has the
In the interim, the SBA can work with the                                                                    requirement for WOSBs if:
                                                        ultimate managerial and supervisory control
Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council and                                                                   The North American Industry Classification
                                                        over those who possess the required licenses or
others in implementing the rule in the Federal                                                               Systems (NAICS) code assigned to the
                                                        technical expertise.
Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and contracting                                                                solicitation, invitation for bid, or quote is in an
systems.                                                Certification                                        industry in which SBA has designated that
                                                        A WOSB or EDWOSB must: (1) be certified              WOSBs are substantially underrepresented.
This fact sheet provides a basic overview of the
                                                        by a Federal agency, a State government, or a
program. The SBA intends to issue a Small                                                                    The contracting officer has a reasonable
                                                        national certifying entity approved by the
Business Compliance Guide that will provide                                                                  expectation that two or more WOSBs will
                                                        Administrator, as a small business concern
more detailed information about the program.                                                                 submit offers. This is sometimes referred to as
                                                        owned and controlled by one or more women
                                                                                                             the “rule of two.”
Economically Disadvantaged                              (referred to as a Third Party Certifier); or, (2)
Women‐Owned                                             certify to the contracting officer that it is a      The anticipated award price of the contract
Small Business                                          small business concern owned and controlled          does not exceed $5 million in the case of
An Economically Disadvantaged Women‐                    by women and provide adequate                        manufacturing contracts and $3 million in the
Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) is a small                documentation, in accordance with standards          case of all other contracts.
business concern that is at least 51 percent            established by SBA, to support such
directly and unconditionally owned and                  certification.                                       In the estimation of the contracting officer, the
controlled by one or more women who are                                                                      contract can be awarded at a fair and reasonable
                                                        Self‐ Certification                                  price.
citizens (born or naturalized) of the United
                                                        WOSBs and EDWOSBs will self‐certify their
States and who are economically disadvantaged.
                                                        status in the Central Contractor Registration        A contracting officer may set aside a
The EDWOSB automatically qualifies as a
                                                        (CCR) and the Online Representations and             requirement for EDWOSBs if:
women‐owned small business eligible for the
                                                        Certifications Application (ORCA) as other           The NAICS code assigned to the solicitation,
WOSB Program.
                                                        small businesses do.                                 invitation for bid, or quote is in an industry in
A woman is presumed economically
disadvantaged if she has a personal net worth of                                                             which SBA has designated that WOSBs are
                                                        WOSB or EDWOSB will also be required to              underrepresented.
less than $750,000, her adjusted gross yearly           post certain documents to the WOSB Program
income averaged over the three years preceding          Repository.                                          The contracting officer has a reasonable
the certification does not exceed $350,000, and                                                              expectation that two or more EDWOSBs will
the fair market value of all her assets (including      Third‐Party Certification                            submit offers. This is sometimes referred to as
her primary residence and the value of the              The WOSB or EDWOSB may be certified by               the “rule of two.”
business concern) does not exceed $6 million.           an SBA approved Third Party Certifier. The
                                                        SBA will accept certifications from the U.S.         The anticipated award price of the contract
Women‐Owned Small Business                              Department of Transportation‟s (DOT)                 does not exceed $5 million in the case of
A Women‐Owned Small Business (WOSB) is a                Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)              manufacturing contracts and $3 million in the
small business concern that is at least 51              Program [only from those states that are first       case of all other contracts.
percent directly and unconditionally owned and          deemed by SBA to have certification standards
controlled by one or more women who are                 that meet the eligibility requirements of the        In the estimation of the contracting officer, the
citizens (born or naturalized) of the United            WOSB program], or by SBA as an 8(a)                  contract can be awarded at a fair and reasonable
States.                                                 Participant. A copy of the third‐party               price.
                                                        Certification must be provided to the WOSB
Eligibility Requirements                                                                                     Additional information about the WOSB
                                                        Program Repository.
To qualify as an EDWOSB or WOSB, the 51                                                                      Program can be obtained by calling 1‐800‐U‐
percent ownership must be unconditional and             Eligible Industry Codes                              ASK‐SBA or visiting the website at
direct. In addition, the management and daily           There are eighty‐three NAICS codes         ,”
business operations of the concern must be              designated as eligible for Federal contracting
controlled by one or more economically                  under the WOSB Program. There are forty‐                  Contact your Maine PTAC
disadvantaged women (for EDWOSBs) or                    five NAICS codes in which WOSBs are                    counselor if you have questions
women (for WOSBs). Control means that both              underrepresented and thirty‐eight NAICS                    or would like assistance
the long‐term decision making and the day‐to‐           codes in which WOSBs are substantially                  regarding the WOSB Program.
day management and administration of the                underrepresented. A complete listing of these
 Service Disabled Veteran, and Veteran-Owned Small Business Update
ALL SDVOSB/VOSB businesses                inclusion in the database, to access the   verifying the applicant's eligibility,    (a) For existing SDVOSB/VOSB
that wish to participate in the VA‟s      person's personal information to           CVE discovers that false                  registrants, go to
Veterans‟ First contracting program       verify information contained in the        information has been knowingly   and click on
must apply or reapply for VA              application. The act also requires such    submitted by a firm, CVE will             the "Update A Business Profile"
Certification under the new               application and verification               remove the “verified” status from         field on the left of the screen. Log
Veterans Small Business                   procedures to be followed with             the VIP database and notify the           in with your UserID and password,
Verification Act of                       respect to small businesses currently      business by phone and mail.               and your existing profile will
2010. Previously, SDVOSB/                 included in the database but not yet       Whenever CVE determines that the          appear. Verify all of the
VOSB verification had essentially         verified.                                  applicant submitted false                 information, update as needed, and
been a self-certification process, but                                               information, the matter will be           click on the "update"
due to fraud and other issues             Here's what is required for the            referred to the Office of Inspector       button. Click on the link to the
discovered during GAO scrutiny of         application/reapplication:                 General for review. In addition, the      VA Form 0877 and follow the
the program, major revisions to the                                                  CVE will request that debarment           steps to complete it. If problems
process were promulgated by the           (a) Ownership and control. A small         proceedings be initiated by the           occur with access to the form or if
Veterans Small Business                   business concern must: be                  Department.                               specific questions emerge, the VA
Verification Act of 2010                  unconditionally owned and controlled                                                 has a special number -- (202) 303-
(10/13/2010). The act requires            by one or more eligible veterans,          (d) Federal financial obligations.        3260 -- to get help.
all existing SDVOSB/VOSBs to              service-disabled veterans or surviving     Neither a firm nor any of its eligible
recertify and all new SDVOSB/             spouses; have completed the online         individuals that fails to pay             (b) For new SDVOSB/VOSB
VOSBs to register under the new           Vendor Information Pages database          significant financial obligations         registrants, go to
procedures.                               forms at;            owed to the Federal Government,  and click on
                                          and been examined by VA's Center           including unresolved tax liens and        the "Register Your Business"
Although the recertification              for Veterans Enterprise (CVE). Such        defaults on Federal loans or other        option on the left of the
requirement may sound onerous for         businesses appear in the VIP database      Federally assisted financing, is          screen. Complete the pre-
existing registrants, the original self   as “verified.”                             eligible for VetBiz VIP Verification.     qualification check-list, then create
-certification was an annual                                                                                                   a user account, ID and
requirement and most SDVOSB/              (b) Good character. Veterans, service-     (e) U.S. Small Business                   password. Follow the steps to
VOSB's already certified are up for       disabled veterans and surviving            Administration (SBA) Protest              complete the VA Form 0877. If
renewal within the next few               spouses with ownership interests in        Decisions. Any firm registered in the     problems occur with access to the
months.                                   VetBiz verified businesses must have       VetBiz VIP database that is found         form or if specific questions
                                          good character. Debarred or                to be ineligible due to an SBA            emerge, the VA has a special
The Veterans Small Business               suspended concerns or concerns             protest decision or other negative        number -- (202) 303-3260 -- to
Verification Act of 2010 prohibits        owned or controlled by debarred or         finding will be immediately removed       get help.
the Secretary of Veterans Affairs         suspended persons are ineligible for       from the VetBiz VIP database. Until
from including a small business in a      VetBiz VIP Verification.                   such time as CVE receives official        The VA has a dedicated
VA-maintained database of small                                                      notification that the firm has proven     SDVOSB/VOSB VetBiz VIP
businesses owned and controlled by        (c) False statements. If, during the       that it has successfully overcome the     Verification help desk that is run
veterans UNTIL the Secretary has          processing of an application, CVE          grounds for the determination or          by government contractors. The
verified that: (1) the small business     determines that an applicant has           that the SBA decision is overturned       phone number is (202) 618-3765.
is owned and controlled by                knowingly submitted false                  on appeal, the firm will not be
veterans; and (2) if the small            information, regardless of whether         eligible to participate in the 38         PTAC counselors can also render
business owner claims to be a             correct information would cause            U.S.C. 8127 program.                      assistance for interpreting the
service-disabled veteran, that such       CVE to deny the application, and                                                     questions and providing
person is a veteran with a service-       regardless of whether correct              Here's how to get started with the        appropriate responses.
connected disability.                     information was given to CVE in            SDVOSB/VOSB application/
The act authorizes the Secretary,         accompanying documents, CVE will           reapplication process:
upon a person's application for           deny the application. If, after

 Important Changes for Small Businesses in Government Contracting
  Changes are afoot for small               competition to HUBZone small             changing of one little word, all of      several changes including most
  businesses when it comes to               businesses.” The language of the         the SBA‟s small business                 significantly an increase in the
  government contracting and it is          statutes creating the Service            programs including the soon to           simplified acquisition threshold
  important that you are aware of           Disabled Veteran-Owned Small             be implemented Woman-Owned               – the ceiling for federal contract
  them.                                     Business program and the Small           Small Business (WOSB)                    actions that should generally be
                                            Business Administration‟s                Program are now considered to            set aside for small businesses --
  Choose your words carefully –             (SBA‟s) 8(a) Business                    be equal forest-aside                    from $100,000 to $150,000.
  Parity Restored among SBA                 Development program each used            opportunities and competitive            Along with the increase in the
  Small Business Programs;                  the word “may”. Because of the           purposes.                                simplified acquisition threshold,
  With President Obama‟s signing            definitions of these two words,                                                   the contract level at which prime
  of the 2010 Small Business Jobs           the courts ruled that contracting        Simply Put, Things are Looking           contractors must submit
  Act, parity has been restored to          officers had to give preferential        Up!                                      subcontracting plans has also
  the world of small business               consideration to certified HUB           Simplified Acquisition                   been raised, from $500,000 to
  contracting. A technical revision         Zone businesses. This court              Procedures as prescribed in Part         $650,000. Unchanged is the
  was made to the language of the           ruling made it difficult for             13 of the Federal Acquisition            micro-purchases threshold, which
  Historically Underutilized                contracting officers to meet their       Regulations (FAR) and formerly           remains generally at $3,000.
  Business (HUB) Zone statute,              goals and created disparity              referred to as “small purchases”         Purchases below this threshold
  changing the word “shall” to              amongst the programs; creating a         governs when agencies can buy            do not require a contracting
  “may”. Prior to this change, the          pecking order that contracting           products or services more quickly        officer for completion and can be
  wording of the statute said “a            officers had to follow with              and economically with a focus on         made by authorized federal
  contracting officer „shall‟ award         HUBZone on the top. With the             small businesses. Recently,              personnel using a federal
  contracts based on limited                signing of this act and the              simplified acquisition has seen          government purchase card.
Mo & Flo on DSBS                                                                          CONTACT PTAC
“Hey Mo, Didn‟t hardly recognize yuh with all
those whiskers. What happened? Lose y‟razor? Y‟
too danged skinny t‟ be playin‟ Santa Claus.”
                                                                           Bangor         Portland/Saco       Augusta/Bath
                                                                        Jaci Hancock       Ernie Gray           Ed Dahl
“Just gettin‟ ready f‟ winter Flo. No tellin‟ where
the price o‟ fuel‟s goin‟. Least this‟ll keep my face                    942 - 6389        653 - 8625          443 - 5790
from freezin‟.if the stove goes out”
                                                                                   Caribou         Lewiston/Auburn
“Well Mo, I ain‟t „t all s‟prised that y‟d be
hibernatin‟ behind that scraggly beard. Just like the
                                                                                David Spooner        Larry Giroux
way y‟ do y‟ business, hunkerin‟ down an‟ expectin‟                               498-8736            783-9186
folks t‟ find ya” Let me ask ya sumthin‟. How‟s y‟
business doin? Y‟ getting‟ anywhere yet with sellin t‟
the gov‟nment?”                                                                           WORKSHOPS & EVENTS
“Well them PTAC folks over t‟ Bangor got me
                                                                  For information about upcoming training workshops & events please contact a
registered with CCR and I been gettin‟ them                                         PTAC counselor or visit our website at:
gov‟nment bid matches they send me until they‟s                        and click on Events Calendar.
comin‟ outa my ears. But I ain‟t found one o‟ them
jobs yet I could understand well enough t‟ bid on. I                                          BID MATCH SERVICE
been thinkin‟ about callin PTAC and askin‟ „em t‟
stop sendin‟ me them bid matches.”                                       REMINDER: Annual Bid Match Fee Payment of $60 is due by
                                                                        February 15, 2011. Access our convenient online payment from at:
“So that‟s it Mo? Just sittin‟ back and expectin‟
business t‟ come fallin‟ inta y‟ lap? Are you registered If you have any questions about the bid
in the CCR Dynamic Small Business Search?”                                       match fee please contact your PTAC counselor.
“The dangnabbed small what? What in blazes is that
Flo? More o‟ y new fangled computer stuff I

                                                                         New Counselor’s Perspective

“Come on over here Mo, and sit down with me on
this park bench… Ah Mo what in blazes y‟lookin‟            My name is Larry Giroux and         bid matches per week to sort        even more acronyms, and of
over y‟ shoulder for? I ain‟t gonna bite ya‟ an anyone     I am pleased to have recently       through to determine the best       course, I‟ve visited countless
who knows ya, knows how harmless y‟ are. I just            joined Maine PTAC‟s Auburn          fit for me to bid on. Life was      clients with my mentors, Ed
wanna see if I can get on line an‟ find out if you are     Office at the Androscoggin          good.                               Dahl and Ernie Gray, two of
registered in DSBS.”                                       Valley Council of                                                       the best PTAC counselors
                                                           Governments (AVCOG) as a            Here it is almost a year later,     around. The issues we‟ve seen
“Flo, whatcha think y‟doin‟ openin‟ that danged            Procurement Counselor               and I am now a Maine PTAC           cover the entire spectrum from
computer out here in the park? I may not be the                                                                                    simple to complex. However,
                                                           serving clients in                  Counselor. What I experienced
brightest light on the tree but I know y‟ gotta be
                                                           Androscoggin, Franklin and          being a new client is only the      with the vast amount of
hooked up ta‟ the int‟net t‟ get on line”
                                                           Oxford Counties. Prior to           tip of the iceberg compared to      knowledge and experience
“Mo, it‟s time y‟ took them blinders off an‟ shaved        joining Maine PTAC , I was          what it‟s like being a new          displayed by these diehards,
them whiskers an‟ find out what‟s goin on in the           employed by Digital                 counselor. I am amazed at the       the clientele have been well
world. This is sumthin like y‟ cell phone. Y‟ don‟t        Equipment Corporation for           resources that are available to     served.
need no wires. I‟m hopin‟ I can use the Library            16 years, did Procurement           assist the small business entity.
wireless t‟ log on. There we are! Y‟see that Mo?           Consulting for four Maine           Each government agency has          As I‟m getting out on my own
Let‟s see if we can get on CCR. There. Now let‟s see       businesses for several years and    its own acronym and its own         and feeling more comfortable
if you‟re in DSBS”.                                        most recently worked for            website. It‟s one thing to learn    each week, I‟m looking
                                                           Sappi Fine Paper for 10 years,      all the agencies and their          forward to signing up new
“What‟s the name o y‟ Business, Mo? There. See,            five as a consultant at the         acronyms and I‟m just getting       clients, working with existing
there y‟ are. You are registered. Congratulations!                                                                                 clients, and possibly bringing
                                                           Westbrook Mill and five as a        started, but to familiarize
But let‟s see sumthin‟ else. Let‟s use your NAICS
                                                           Procurement Specialist at the       myself with all the websites is     some former clients back into
code an‟ do a search t‟ see how you look compared t‟
y competition. See that Mo? No wonder you ain‟t            Skowhegan Mill. I was               a very daunting task.               the PTAC fold.
been getting any business. See most o‟ y‟                  responsible for all the Capital
competition has sumthin‟ in their narrative block.         Equipment purchases and             The acronyms alone should           Regardless of the workflow, I
Your‟s is empty, just like y‟ head!”                       hiring contractors for all          warrant a dictionary from the       know that with the continued
                                                           services at all three of Sappi‟s    federal government. It‟s an         support of the knowledgeable,
“Hold it Flo! Y‟ goin‟ too fast for me. What‟s this        Maine locations.                    alphabet soup of letters that       intelligent and dedicated
DSBS stuff all about an‟ why should I give a hoot?”                                            can jumble the mind. I‟m not        people of Maine PTAC, I can
                                                           In the past year I have also        going to go through the ones I      provide the clients of
“Mo, listen up! DSBS is where the Gov‟nment and            been a PTAC client. I am a          think I know, because there is      Androscoggin, Franklin and
large businesses and anyone else who knows about           Licensed Arborist with over         a very good chance that I‟ll get    Oxford counties the level of
DSBS will go to find companies they can hire to            30 years experience in              them wrong, and there are           government procurement
work for „em. When these folks do a „Dynamic                                                                                       technical assistance and
                                                           mechanical tree repair and          certainly a lot more that I have
Small Business Search‟ in CCR if they see your
                                                           difficult tree removal. My first    yet to discover. Suffice it to      guidance they need to
company with nothin‟ in the narrative block, guess
what? Old Mo just got passed over like a runt in a         exposure to PTAC was with           say that it is an ongoing           successfully market their goods
litter o‟ pups.”                                           my counselor Brad Straight.         learning activity.                  and services to the federal,
                                                           Prior to our initial meeting, I                                         state and local governments.
“Wow, Flo. How do I fix that?”                             had no idea what PTAC was           I‟ve had some awesome
                                                           like or that anything like it       experiences in the two short
“Jus‟ sit tight Mo. We‟ll fix it right now. Give me y‟     even existed. After getting         months that I‟ve been with
CCR user ID an‟ Password an‟ we‟ll log into y‟ CCR         through the registrations, the      PTAC. I‟ve been to
and then go on t‟ DSBS and find that narrative             biggest part of signing on with     matchmakers, both local and
block. There. Now, go ahead an‟ start braggin t‟ me        PTAC, Brad and I developed a        regional. I‟ve been to a LEAN
about y‟ business an‟ I‟ll put what ya‟ say inta the       Bid Match Profile for my            Manufacturing Class. I‟ve been
narrative block. An‟ stop lookin over ya shoulder,
                                                           business and I was on my way.       to the APTAC Fall
Mo. Ain‟t nobody gives a hoot if it looks like we‟s
gettin‟ chummy”                                            I probably received six to eight    Conference, where I learned

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