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youth justice plan0910


									Leicestershire Youth
 Offending Service
    Plan 2009/10

Introduction                                         3
Overview                                             3
Key Objectives and Targets for 2009/2010             4
Summary of Performance 2008/2009                     5
Delivery Plan                                        6

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10          2

The Youth Offending Service Plan describes performance against key indicators for
2008/09, key priorities for 2009/10 and details the way in which we plan to deliver
these priorities.


The overall aim of Leicestershire Youth Offending Service (YOS) is to prevent
offending and re-offending by young people. Leicestershire Youth Offending Service
provides services to both Leicestershire and Rutland. The Youth Offending Service
(YOS) is located in Youth Justice and Safer Communities, which is part of the Chief
Executive’s Department of Leicestershire County Council.

The Youth Offending Service (YOS) Management Board meets five times a year
and is chaired by the Chief Executive. The high levels of partnership representation
on the Board and good working relationships with all partners are critical to the
success of the YOS. The vision of Leicestershire Youth Offending Service’s
Management Board is that it:-
       “Commits to work in partnership, sharing responsibilities and
       providing the necessary resources, to provide effective strategic
       oversight and direction to the Leicestershire Youth Offending
       Service. Its direction will ensure that the YOS is a high performing
       organisation that uses the principle of effective practice to provide
       high quality services to children, young people and their families, with
       the principal aim of preventing and reducing offending, thereby
       making a significant contribution to safer communities”.

The Board is committed to achieving this vision by:
      “Ensuring the co-operation of the mainstream services of the partner
      agencies through, adequate resourcing, joint planning, shared
      objectives and a commitment to work together to achieve better
      outcomes for children and young people.”

Our local strategic aims and priorities are presented in this plan. Leicestershire and
Rutland’s Sustainable Community Strategies (SCSs) and Local Area Agreements
(LAAs) identify priority outcomes for 2008–11.

Rutland’s key priority in LAA1 is the reduction in the numbers of First Time Entrants
by 1 per year between 2007/8 and 2009/10. This is supported by the Community
Safety Strategy, which includes priorities for anti-social behaviour and reducing re-

Leicestershire’s LAA includes National Indicator 19 (Rate of proven re-offending by
young offenders) as one of its priority indicators. Other LAA priority indicators reflect
YOS priorities and will contribute to YOS effectiveness, particularly those relating to
accommodation for vulnerable people, Education Employment and Training, anti-
social behaviour, substance misuse by young people and emotional health of

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                      3
YOS targets and indicators

Local Area Agreement Targets

        Leicestershire LAA1 Reprimand Indicator
               To increase the percentage of young people prevented from
                 offending after receiving a reprimand from 64% to 70% over a 24-
                 month period (April – June 2007 to April – June 2009).

        Leicestershire NI19 Rate of proven reoffending by young people in the
        Youth Justice System
               To reduce the rate of proven offences committed by young people
                  by 2% in 2009/2010 and 4% in 2010/2011 from 1.29 offences per
                  young person in the 2005 baseline year to 1.21 offences per young
                  person by 2011/12.

        Rutland LAA1 NI 111 First Time Entrants
               The Rutland LAA 1 First Time Entrants Target (FTE) for 2009/10 is
                 32 FTEs.

National Indicator Targets

       NI19: Proven rate of re-offending in young people (target as above)

       NI43: Young people receiving a conviction in court who are sentenced to
              o Target: less than 5% of all young people receiving a conviction in
                 court are sentenced to custody

       NI44: Ethnic composition of offenders on Youth Justice System Disposals
              o Target: an improvement rate in the proportions of each BME group
                  of young people on youth justice disposals against the proportion of
                  each BME group in Leicestershire

       NI45: Engagement in education, training and employment by young people
        who offend.
              o Target: to ensure that 80% of young offenders are actively engaged
                 in suitable full time education, training or employment.

       NI46: Access to suitable accommodation for young people in the youth justice
              o Target: to ensure that 95% of young people completing community
                 interventions or on release from the secure estate have access to
                 suitable accommodation.

   NI111: First Time Entrants to the youth justice system aged 10-17
              o Target: to reduce the number of young people entering the criminal
                  justice system by 1% per year between 2008/2009 and 2010/2011.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                   4
                         Summary of Performance 2008/2009

Performance against National Indicators

   National Indicator                 Target 08/09   2008/09     Regional    National

   NI 19 Reduce the proven rate of
                                      1.29           0.95        0.97        1.03
   NI43 Custodial Sentences           <5%            4.4%        6.5%        6.1%
   NI45 Number of young people in
   suitable Education, Training and                  76.9%                   72.4%
                                      >80%                       75.7%
   NI46 Number of young offenders
                                      >95%           99.8%                   95.3%
   in suitable accommodation                                     96.8%
   NI111 Reduction in First time      1% reduction   33.8%       24.2%       18.7%
   Entrants                                          reduction   reduction   reduction

      NI19 (Reduce the proven rate of re-offending). Performance has improved
       from 1.29 offences per young person in the baseline cohort (2005) to 0.95
       offences for the 2008 cohort, a reduction of 26.5%. This is below National
       (1.03) and regional (0.97) comparators
      NI 43 (custodial sentences). Performance, at 4.4%, was higher than the target
       and above the performance of regional and national comparators.
      NI 45 (Young offenders in full time education employment or training (EET))
       performance was 76.9%, ahead of regional (75.7%) and National (72.4%)
       comparators, but below the target of 80%.
      NI 46 (number of young people in suitable accommodation) performance was
       98.8%. This too was ahead of regional (96.8%) and national (95.3%)
      NI 111 (First Time Entrants to the Youth Justice System). The number of first
       time entrants has fallen from 903 in 2007/08 to 598 in 2008/09, a reduction of
       33.78%. This is ahead of National (-18.7%) and Regional (-24.2%)
       comparators groups

Performance against LAA indicators

      Leicestershire NI19 Rate of proven re-offending by young people in the
       Youth Justice System Performance as above

      Leicestershire LAA1 Reprimand Indicator
       The final cohort (April to June 2007) performance was 72%, exceeding the
       target by 2%. Therefore we have achieved the reward target set for this
       indicator which is part of a basket of indicators that measure performance in
       improving life chances and better opportunities for vulnerable young people.
       The reprimand indicator constitutes 30% of this reward target and equates to
       £300,000 of reward money to Leicestershire Together.

      Rutland LAA1 NI 111 First Time Entrants
       Performance is on target to meet this indicator.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                        5
Youth Justice Board validation 2009/10
In June 2009, the YJB assessed the YOS future prospects as outstanding, indicating
that: “Leicestershire is a continually high performing service whose team is supported
by a strong performance-led culture that has been developed and sustained by an
involved and effective management board”.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                   6
                          Key Objectives for 2009 – 2010

Key Objectives for 2009-2010

    1. To prevent offending and re-offending by children and young people under the
       age of 18
    2. To reduce the risk of harm posed by young people
    3. To ensure young people are safeguarded and are supported to meet the 5
       every child matters outcomes
    4. To improve victim satisfaction and public confidence

Delivery Plan 2009/10
1. Prevent Offending and Re-offending by children and young people under the
age of 18

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service’s (YOS) approach to preventing offending
and reducing re-offending is fully integrated with Leicestershire and Rutland
Community Safety and Children and Young People’s agendas. They are also
integral to the Leicestershire Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), the
Leicestershire and Rutland LAAs, the National Respect Action Plan, District
Community Safety Strategies, Leicestershire’s Family Support Strategy,
Leicestershire and Rutland Children and Young People’s Plans and Every Child
Matters outcomes. The YOS is represented on the Local Criminal Justice Board and
the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Reducing Re-offending Board. The YOS
prevention approach is additionally linked to the Leicestershire County Council’s Anti-
Social Behaviour Reduction Strategy.

We will continue to focus on preventing offending by the further development of our
excellent prevention arrangements in conjunction with our work with police
colleagues to continue to reduce first time entrants to the Youth Justice System, a
target also owned by the Local Criminal Justice Board. We will continue to focus on
reducing re-offending through the implementation of the NI 19 Delivery Plan and the
work of the Reducing Re-offending Board.

The most significant developments for 2008/09 were the increase in IMPACT funding
of £200,000 resulting in the roll out of the IMPACT project across the County and the
achievement of Beacon status for reducing re-offending in partnership with Leicester
City Council (the lead agency), Hinckley and Bosworth, Melton and Oadby and
Wigston Borough Councils and Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust.

Focus for 2009/10

   To provide increased support to communities to prevent anti-social behaviour by
    the use of IMPACT and the anti-social behaviour team
   Work with partners to roll out the Youth Rehabilitation Order, the new single
    community sentence for young people, in November.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                    7
   Introduce the Scaled Approach to vary the level of intervention according to the
    level of risk of re-offending or harm to others posed by a young person.
   Continue to improve practice across the YOS to meet the requirements of HMIP’s
    Inspection framework
   Deliver the NI 19 Delivery Plan and ensure that the increased ISSP funding
    delivers reductions in re-offending for high risk young people.
   Implement the required changes to the Deter Young Offender (DYO) scheme.
   Continue to develop EET opportunities for 16/17 year olds in order to reduce the
    number of 16 and 17 years olds not in education, training or employment.
   Work with partners to improve accommodation provision for difficult to place
    young people
   Set up and implement the Integrated Resettlement and Support Project to reduce
    re-offending post custody.

2. To reduce the risk of harm posed by young people

The Youth Offending Service has a duty to co-operate with the Multi-Agency Public
Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and is committed to its critical role in supporting
local information sharing and management of risk to the public of young people. The
YOS is represented on the MAPPA Strategic Management Board, Operational
Management Group, Quality Control Group and Training Group.

Focus for 2009/10

   Implement the new MAPPA guidance
   Ensure that the YOS complies with the enhanced data requirements required by
   Provide updated risk of harm policy and procedures
   Effectively support the new Level 2/3 meetings and processes
   Work with partners to develop and implement the arrangements for the
    management of potentially dangerous people
   Develop and implement improvements to Serious Incident Management
   Continue to update the Management Board on progress against Serous incident
    action plans

3 To ensure young people are safeguarded and are supported to meet the 5
every child matters outcomes

The Youth Offending Service has a statutory duty under section 11 of the Children
Act 2004 to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child. The Head of Service is
represented on the Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Board.

The YOS reports annually to the LSCB on its safeguarding arrangements activities
and performance. There is a YOS / LSCB group that meets across City, County and
Rutland to address YOS specific issues in relation to safeguarding. This group has
ensured that the Section 11 duties and Bichard requirements are integrated into the
role of the YOS and has provided specific training to all YOS staff.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                 8
The YOS approach to managing vulnerability (those young people that pose a
serious risk of harm to themselves or from others) is through multi-agency meetings
in cases where the YOS assesses the level of vulnerability to be high.

Focus 2009/10

      Maintain the good communication between Children and Young People’s
       Service and YOS to ensure effective management of safeguarding thresholds
      Continue practice development in relation to supporting young people to meet
       the 5 Every Child Matters Outcomes.
      Ensure vulnerability risk management procedures continue to be followed and
       guidance is updated on a regular basis.

4. To improve victim satisfaction and public confidence

All victims of Final Warnings or relevant court orders are offered the opportunity to
participate in one or more of the following ways:

      Receiving a letter of explanation
      Attendance at a Referral Order Panel meeting
      Input into direct or indirect reparation
      Producing a victim impact statement which can be used in victim awareness
       work with the young offender
      Shuttle mediation
      Restorative Justice Conference.

During 2008/09 43.4% of victims engaged in the restorative process, an increase of
11.2% from the previous year.

The Youth Offending Service recognises the importance of maintaining the
confidence of the public, victims of crime, sentencers and partners in its work. The
YOS has worked with the Local Criminal Justice Board and with Leicestershire
County Council’s Public Relations department and the local press to increase
positive publicity. The following have been significant achievements during 2008/09
and have provided positive publicity on TV, radio and local and national press

      The successful Beacon award for reducing re-offending
      Our work with schools to identify children at risk of offending
      Our work to reduce anti-social behaviour, including the IMPACT project
      Being Highly Commended for Partnership of the year at the National Criminal
       Justice awards for work with the police on reducing First Time Entrants

The YOS has developed DVDs on Anti-Social Behaviour for use in the community
with young people, one in conjunction with the Police and Leicestershire County
Council for 11-15 year olds and the second an animated DVD set in a zoo in
conjunction with North West Leicestershire District Council and Leicestershire County
Council for Primary School children.

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                  9
The YOS has developed a participation survey to evaluate the experience of young
people and parents of their engagement with the YOS. 100% of parents surveyed
were satisfied or very satisfied with the work undertaken with their child, and 92% of
young people felt the work undertaken with them was “brilliant” or “good”. 97%
indicated that they were not likely or very unlikely to offend in the future
87% indicated that their life had improved or improved a lot

Focus for 2009/10

      Continue to explore opportunities to publicise the work of the YOS
      Continue to support LCJB Inside Justice week
      Make applications to the 2009 Criminal Justice awards
      Work with the LCJB to identify action to improve disproportionality in the Youth
       Justice System
      Continue to develop the use of the participation survey
      Continue to engage communities in the work of the IMPACT Project
      Continue work with victims of crime

Leicestershire Youth Offending Service Plan 09/10                                   10

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