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              Excellence in Scholarship, Citizenship and Personal Development
              Address:      68 Isaac Smith Parade, Kings Langley, 2147
           ai Phone:        9674 4460 / 9674 4672
              Fax:          9624 5453
              Home Page:

                                 ENDEAVOUR LOG - Term 1 Week 8                 - March 17, 2011.

P&C MEETING AND WISHLIST - Last Monday night 35 parents attended our first P&C Meeting for the year. It was wonderful
to see so many parents in attendance. At this meeting a Wishlist organised by the staff was presented for ratification by the P&C. The
Wishlist for 2011 was fully supported by the parents which was greatly appreciated by the staff.

The details of the Wishlist are as follows:

 Learning Support - Teacher‟s Aide                                      $10,000.00
 Band Instruments                                                       $6,000.00
 Library                                                                $6,000.00
 Awards / Presentation Day                                              $1,500.00
 Ecomist / Sunscreen                                                    $1,000.00
 Electricity Subsidy                                                    $1,000.00
 Student Welfare Banners                                                $1,500.00
 Classroom Resources Equipment                                          $10,000.00
       Camera each Grade
       Sharpeners
       Portable Ipod players
       Kindergarten games / puzzles / resources
       Paint dryers
       White Boards for THRASS charts
       Laminator - Kindergarten
       Small glockenspiels
 Gifted & Talented Resources (K-4)
 Dictionaries / Atlases
 THRASS Resources

COLES SPORTS FOR SCHOOLS - Last year our community banded together to support the COLES Sport for Schools program.
Together our school community raised in excess of 64 000 points by shopping at Coles during that period of time. We have now
ordered the equipment and it has started to arrive in the school and will be soon available for our students to use. Could I thank
Renay Young who did the bulk of the organisation and all the parents who had to count the vouchers. Your exceptional work is
appreciated by the students and staff of Kings Langley PS.

The list of sports gear we received from Coles is as follows:
 Outdoor First Aid Kits x 6                       Egg and Spoon Set                       AFL Ball Kit Size 4
 Sand and Water Play Tray and Frame               Junior Primary Classroom Kit            Uniden UH-037SX-4 0.5 Watt Quad Pack
 Primary PE Ball Kit                              Junior Session Boxing Kit               Flexidomes with Wire Holder
 Deluxe Playball Kit 20cm plus Mesh Sack          Primary Lunch Kit                       Bucket of Frisbees
 Foam Polo Hockey Kit                             Catchtail Ball Set                      Jumping Bag Set
 Rugby League Ball Kit Mini                       Soccer Ball Kit Size 4                  Hoop Kit
 Soccer Ball Kit Size 3                           Basketball Ball Kit Size 5              6 metre Parachute
 Touch Kit Primary                                Senior Primary Joey Modified Kit
SCHOOL UNIFORM – BLACK SHOES AND SCHOOL HATS - There has been some uncertainty about the wearing of hats
and the use of appropriate footwear this year so I would like to clarify these issues. These issues have been discussed by staff and the
resolutions agreed to. We are aware that all grades participate in some fitness activities on a regular basis throughout the year and are
also involved in sports clinics like rugby and basketball. However the expectation is that they wear black shoes on all occasions.
There is no need to wear sport shoes for these activities as they wear their black shoes when they are playing at recess and
lunchtime. If there is a change to this expectation eg Cross Country practice you will be notified in writing by your child‟s class

On Friday students in Years 3-6 are allowed to wear sports shoes for PSSA Sport and Home Sport. However slip on shoes like
Ravens are unacceptable because they are inappropriate to wear as sports shoes.
In regards to the wearing of hats students must wear the Legionnaire Hat or a wide brim hat on Monday to Thursday. Some students have
been wearing Bucket hats but these hats offer little protection for the face and the neck. The only exception is for students in Years 3 to 6
who are allowed to wear our sports cap on Friday for PSSA Sport and Home Sport. Your assistance in this area would be greatly
appreciated. All of these school hats are only sold at the School Uniform Shop.
END OF 2011 DATES - We have finalised our end of year dates. We hope you find them useful in organising a busy end of year. The
dates are as follows:

              WEEK 7
              Monday November 21                     Kindergarten 2012 Parent Information Evening

              Thursday November 24                   9.30am - 11.00am Kindergarten Orientation

              Friday November 25                     11.30am - 1.00pm Kindergarten Orientation

              WEEK 8
              Friday December 2                      Year 6 Mini Fete

              WEEK 9
              Monday December 5                      11.00am Volunteer‟s Morning Tea
                                                     High School Year 6 Orientation Day
              Tuesday December 6                     Christmas Scripture Assembly and Morning Tea

              Thursday December 8                    K-2 Assemblies

              Friday December 9                      Sports Presentation

              WEEK 10
              Monday December 12                     P&C Meeting / Christmas drinks

              Tuesday December 13                    Year 6 Farewell - Blacktown RSL

              Wednesday December 14                  Student Reports distributed
                                                     Class parties
              Thursday December 15                   Y3-6 Presentation Day
                                                     Prefect Induction
                                                     Year 6 Graduation
              Friday December 16                     Last day for students

              WEEK 11
              Monday December 19                     School Development Day

              Tuesday December 20                    School Development Day

MICHAEL GROSE – PARENTING TIPS - This week‟s newsletter is titled “ Keep the Generosity Alive”. I hope you enjoy the

Phil Walker

                                                             CANTEEN NEWS

                               Canteen Update                                         Starting Wednesday March 23
           We urgently need 2 volunteers for Fridays in the Canteen.                We are trialling California Roll Sushi
            If you are able to volunteer some time once a month,                 for recess on Wednesday and Fridays only
                    please call Claire on 0410 086 604 or                                   Trial size price is 50c.
                          Email                        If successful, Sushi will be available as a lunch option
                                                                                               at a future date.
                                     Thank you                                                Starting Term 2
                                                                              We will have mini potato pies as a recess option.
                                                                                              Price will be 80c

                                                    Thank you, Canteen Committee
SCHOOL PHOTOS - Next Monday March 21 the family and group photos will be taken as well as students who were absent for the
class and individual photos which were taken on Monday March 7.

The group photos include: Captains and Prefects, House Captains and Vice-captains, Year 6 and all SRC members for Semester 1 and
Semester 2. The group photos may be ordered at a later date but payment for the family photos is due this Friday March 18, 2011.
R. Maiden (Deputy Principal)

PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE 2011 - We are once again encouraging ALL students to participate in the Premier‟s
Reading Challenge (PRC). Last year well over 350 students completed the challenge, 70 achieving their Gold Medal.

The Challenge is divided into three sections:       K-2, 3-4, 5-6

Each section has its own book list which is very easy to find on the PRC website.
     K-2 children must read a total of 30 books - 25 from booklist and 5 free choices.
     3-4 and 5-6 children must read a total of 20 books - 15 from booklist and 5 free choices.

ALL books read from September, 2010 count.

Children can read suitable books from the booklist above their grade eg K-2 can read from 3-4 booklist. Books read to or by students at
school, in library lessons or at home all count.

The PRC site is now ready for student‟s reading entries to be added. The logging on process is as follows:
     Book titles are entered on Premier‟s Reading Challenge website (there is a link to this from school‟s home page).
     Children use their DET (Department of Education and Training) internet username. This is their first name and surname
      separated by „.‟ (eg mary.smith). Some children have a number at the end; this is because there is more than one child in the
      NSW DET with that exact name. Infants‟ passwords are set at school.
     Infant students will have their username and passwords sent home by their classroom teachers.
     Primary students continue to use their same user name and the passwords they have chosen and use at school.

If you still have any questions about surnames or passwords see the classroom teacher. (I do not have access to these and cannot help

To make your life a little easier, when a book is treated in the library it will be added to each student‟s reading list (by me). So if you are
ever entering your child‟s reading records and notice some extra books listed this is where they came from. Entering of student‟s
reading MUST BE COMPLETED BY AUGUST 15. Any other problems feel free to see me in the library.

Mrs C Andrews (Teacher / Librarian & PRC Co-ordinator)

POSITIVE PARENT PROGRAM - We are pleased to advise that we are offering parents the opportunity to attend a Triple P -
Positive Parenting Program in Term 2. The program will be held on eight Mondays from 9.15am - 11.30am in the school hall,
commencing on Monday May 2, 2011 and concluding on Monday June 27, 2011. This is a free program and will be presented by
Makeleta Felila, DET Community Information officer. Morning tea will be provided.

The program is suitable for parents of children aged 3 to 12 years. The five key principles of positive parenting are:
     Ensuring a safe, engaging environment where children can explore, experiment and develop skills.
     Creating a positive learning environment by being available when your child needs help, care or attention.
     Using assertive discipline by being consistent and acting quickly when your child misbehaves.
     Having realistic expectations for yourself and your child.
     Taking care of yourself as a parent.

This invitation is open to all KLPS parents who are available to attend the eight sessions. Unfortunately, younger children may not
attend and parents need to make arrangements for their care.

If you would like to attend this very worthwhile program, please complete the form below and return to your child‟s class teacher by
Friday April 1, 2011.

R. Maiden
(Deputy Principal)


I would like to attend the Triple P Program to be held at KLPS hall on Mondays (9.15am - 11.30am) commencing on May 2 and
concluding on June 27, 2011.

Parent Name: _______________________________________                     Child‟s Name:         ____________________________________

           As you may have seen over recent months, our school grounds have had many gardens
           rejuvenated and replanted, thanks to the students, Mr Hutton and the Environment

           As residents of Blacktown City Council you are entitled to two (2) free plants per year.
           Like many of us we either do not need the plants or don’t get around to collecting them.

           Blacktown City Council has agreed that we can donate our free trees to Kings Langley
           Public School to continue the beautification of the school.

           If you would like to donate your free trees to the school, simply complete the following
           form and return it to the red box in the office.

           I ____________________________________________________________________________

           Of __________________________________________________________________ (address)

           Property Number _________________________________ (located top right of rates notice)

           give permission for Kings Langley Public School to receive my allocated plants for the year
           ending June 30,2011.

           Signed:       __________________________________ Date: ________________________

     We will be holding a monster Easter raffle on Friday April 8, 2011.
     We hope every student at KLPS can bring in an Easter egg for our raffle as soon as possible.
      We would also like baskets for the eggs. Let’s make this the best and biggest raffle ever.
     All proceeds go to our charity—Stewart House
     Raffle tickets will be on sale each morning at the front of the school for 3 weeks from Monday March 21.Tickets are 50c each.
     If you are available on Wednesday April 6 from 9.15am to pack the Easter eggs, please come and help in the 6J / 6K wet area.
      Please complete the form below if you are available to assist.

Ashleigh Portlock & Brianna McCarthy
(SRC Publicity Officers)

I am able to help make up the Easter basket packs on Wednesday April 6, 2011

Name: _________________________________________________                  Phone: _______________________________________

                               (PLEASE RETURN TO MRS O’SHEA BY MONDAY APRIL 4, 2011)
                                       P&C FUNDRAISING
ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS - Worth their weight in gold!
Purchase your new 2011/2012 Entertainment Book now ... It is the best book ever.

Kings Langley Public School is raising funds by selling the 2011/2012 Entertainment Book. Selling for $60, a
portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Entertainment Books will help fund projects within the school.

Entertainment Books contain hundreds of 25% - 50% off and two-for-one offers from popular restaurants,
cinemas, hotel accommodation, the arts and sporting events. There truly is something for everyone with high
value offers from Avis, Warner Bros. Movie World, Crown Towers, Hamilton Island, Hungry Jacks, Hogs Breath
Café, McDonalds, the Coffee Club, Hoyts Theatre, AMF Bowling and many more retail, travel, leisure and
accommodation vouchers.

Order your new entertainment Book now as they are sure to sell out quickly. To reserve your copy of the
Entertainment Book, email your order or phone Susan Roseby at Kings Langley Public School on or phone 9620 4176 or 0409 981 551.

Pre-ordered books will be delivered April 6, 2011 in time for use during the holidays.

                                           MOTHER’S DAY 2011
              It’s that time of year again! We are requesting new store bought items suitable for the
                                                Mother’s Day raffle.
                                       Please no used or ‘white elephant’ items!

                         We are also after boxes of chocolates or any ‘wrapped’ chocolates
                                              eg Cadbury sharepacks.

                                Could you please pop them into the front office ASAP.
                                    Thank you for your support and generosity.

                                           P&C Mother’s Day Stall Committee

JUNIOR CHOIR - This year our Junior Choir will perform at the Easter Service, Education Week and at Christmas time. The
members of our choir for 2011 are:
 Maxwell Garland        Olivia Callaghan         Indianna Day            Sienna Jackson          Sally Leaver
 Brandon Chung-Best     Olivia Marsman           Caitlyn Davies          Matthew Vieyra          Samuel Tynan
 Jett Richards          Minesh Thangiah          Cara Nicholas           Mikayla Jesus           Thomas Tynan
 Christopher Kwon       Thomas Shaw              Angela Morgan-Harker    Ryan Courtney           Emily Anderson-Turner
 Jessie Huang           Rhiannah Akhtar          Elliot Bromley          Roman Contigiani        Alyssa Ramsey
 Anita Ibrahim          Ben Smith                Sera Kuroz              Chenile Dawes           Alana Reid
 Jemma Cheal            Hannah Lee               Sharidan Kearney        Tyla Mather             Caroline Takacs
 Harishan Nirumalan     Nathan Clarke            Paige Manning           Joshua Lee              Jade Fink
 Jemma Ryan             Samuel Sultana           Aleks Pedzikiewicz      Natalie Sutcliffe       Charlotte Robertson
                                                                                                 Maxine Lindaur

Mrs Everard & Miss Menken (Choir Teachers)
ZONE SWIMMING CARNIVAL - On Thursday March 10, 2011 the KLPS Swimming Team went to the Blacktown Aquatic Centre to
compete in the Seven Hills / Wentworthville Zone Swimming Carnival. The 53 children all did their best at the Carnival and they
represented our school with distinction.

The children who finished in the top 3 places in 50m Freestyle and Relays or top 2 places in Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly
qualified for the Sydney West Regional Championships which were held at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, Homebush on March 15, 2011.
(100m and 200IM events which are invitation only)

The KLPS Swim Team at the Zone Carnival and their placings for 2011 if known were:

 Girls                                                                 Boys
 Breanna Buccini - 8yrs 50m Freestyle 7th                              Jack Mantarro - 8 yrs 50m Freestyle 3rd
 Melody Wells - 8 yrs 50 m Freestyle3rd                                Jayden Calvar - 8 yrs 50m Freestyle 6th
 Charlotte Blight - 8 yrs 50 m Freestyle 16th                          Bart Ignacz - 8 yrs 50m Freestyle 5th, Jnr Backstroke 15th
 Hayley Chapman - 9 yrs 50 m Freestyle 14th                            Max Davis - 9 yrs 50m Freestyle 13th
 Emily Rozanc - 9 yrs 50 m Freestyle 11th                              Connor O‟Sullivan - 9 yrs 50m Freestyle 14th
 Rebecca Sequeira - Jnr Backstroke 14th                                Todd Plumridge - Jnr Butterfly
 Jacey Choo - 9 yrs 50m Freestyle 9th                                  Liam Nussbaumer - Jnr Breaststroke 10th, 9yrs 50m Freestyle
 Allana Croft - 10 yrs 50m Freestyle 11th, Jnr Butterfly 13th,         11th, Jnr Backstroke 9th, Jnr Butterfly, Jnr Relay 5th
 Jnr Relay 1st                                                         Jayden Jay - Jnr Breaststroke 7th, 10yrs 50m Freestyle 6th, Jnr
 Katya Ignacz - 10 yrs 50m Freestyle 3rd, Jnr Backstroke 10th,         Backstroke 10th, Jnr Butterfly 6th, Jnr 200m IM, Jnr Relay 5th
 Jnr Butterfly 10th, Jnr 200m IM 5th, Jnr Relay 1st                    Bradley Sneesby - 10 yr 50m Freestyle 11th, Jnr Relay 5th
 Elisa Trenbath - Jnr Relay 1st                                        Brody Donovan - 10yr 50m Freestyle 12th, Jnr Relay 5th
 Ashley Calvar - Jnr Backstroke 15th                                   Andrew Calvert - Jnr Breaststroke 14th
 Carissa Hickman - Jnr Breaststroke 19th, Jnr Butterfly 8th            Ben Tait - 11yr Breaststroke 3rd
 Kristin Wilson - 10yrs 50m Freestyle 10th, Jnr Relay 1st              Matthew Courtney - 11yr Breaststroke 7th, 11yr 50m
 Lauren Leaver - Jnr Breaststroke                                      Freestyle 11th
 Alexandra Reeves - Jnr Breaststroke 6th                               Luke Sommerton - 11yr Breaststroke 9th, 11yr 50m Freestyle 4th,
 Ashley Naing - 11 yrs Breaststroke 5th, 11yrs Backstroke 3rd,         11yr Backstroke 15th, 11yr Butterfly 2nd
 11yrs Butterfly 1st, 200m IM 6th                                      Jude Urbanik - 11yr Backstroke 8th
 Emily White - 100m Freestyle 6th, 11yrs 50m Freestyle 9th,            Fernan Medina - 11yr 50m Freestyle 12th, 11yr Backstroke 4th
 11yrs 50m Butterfly, Snr Relay 3rd                                    Andrew Pappas - 11yr Butterfly
 Olivia Calvert - 11yrs Breaststroke 3rd                               Mitchell Manning - Snr Butterfly 9th
 Emily Jenkinson - 11yrs Backstroke 9th                                Lachlan Moffat - Snr Breaststroke 13th
 Rebecca Longworth - 11 yrs 50m Freestyle 14th, Snr Relay 3rd          Sam Davis - Open 100m Freestyle 10th, Snr Backstroke 10th,
 Shannon Williams - 100m Freestyle 5th, 11yrs Breaststroke 10th,       Snr Butterfly 5th, 200m IM
 11yrs 50m Freestyle 1st, 11yrs Backstroke 1st, 11yrs Butterfly 2nd,   Matthew Roseby - Open 100m Freestyle 2nd, Snr Breaststroke
 200m IM 5th, Snr Relay 3rd                                            5th, 12yr 50m Freestyle 3rd, Snr Backstroke 6th, Snr Butterfly 6th,
 Claudia Buccini - Snr Breaststroke, 12yrs 50m Freestyle 8th,          200m IM, Snr Relay 1st
 Snr Backstroke 16th, Snr Relay 3rd                                    Jace Cooper - 12yr 50m Freestyle 2nd, Snr Backstroke 2nd, Snr
 Kimberley Boland - Snr Butterfly                                      Relay 1st
 Georgia Burgess - Snr Backstroke 4th                                  Cameron Pesavento - Open 100m Freestyle 9th, Snr Relay 1st
 Isabella Fitzpatrick - Snr Breaststroke 7th, Snr Backstroke 5th       Walther Wegmann - Snr Breaststroke 1st, 12yr 50m Freestyle
 Sarah Wanstall - 12 yrs 50m Freestyle 23rd                            5th , Snr Relay 1st
 Hailee Jarrett— Snr Butterfly 7th
 Ashleigh Portlock - Snr Breaststroke 12th
 Eryn O‟Sullivan - Open 100m Freestyle 9th, 12yrs 50m
 Freestyle 12th, Snr Butterfly 6th

Thank you to
     Mrs Roseby and Mrs Ignacz for being team managers on the day.
     All parents and relatives who supported the children at the Carnival.

Kings Langley came third in the combined Zone Championship for 2011.

The children who qualified for the Sydney West Swimming Carnival on March 15, 2011 are:

 Girls                                                                        Boys
 Melody Wells - 8 yrs Freestyle 24th                                          Jace Cooper - Snr Relay 6th, 12yrs Freestyle 17th,
 Allana Croft - Jnr Relay 11th                                                Backstroke 16th
 Katya Ignacz - Jnr Relay 11th, 10yrs Freestyle 10th                          Matthew Roseby - Snr Relay 6th, 12yrs Freestyle 15th
 Elisa Trenbath - Jnr Relay 11th                                              Walther Wegmann - Snr Relay 6th, Snr Backstroke 11th
 Kristin Wilson - Jnr Relay 11th                                              Cameron Pesavento - Snr Relay 6th
 Ashley Naing - 11yrs Butterfly 11th                                          Jack Mantarro - 8yrs 50m Freestyle 14th
 Emily White - Snr Relay 23rd                                                 Luke Sommerton - 11yrs Butterfly
 Rebecca Longworth - Snr Relay 23rd
 Shannon Williams - Snr Relay 23rd, 11yrs Freestyle 23rd,
 Backstroke 13th
 Claudia Buccini - Snr Relay 23rd
    GARAGE SALE Saturday March 19, 2011 8am—1pm @ 64 Hawkesworth Parade, Kings Langley

PSSA Friday March 11, 2011
  Team                                                                  Vs.                                Score
  Jnr Cricket                                                           Caddies Creek No. 1                Won 78-54
  Snr Cricket                                                           Caddies Creek No. 1                Lost 57-69
  Boys T-Ball                                                           Caddies Creek                      Won 14-5
  Girls T-Ball                                                          Caddies Creek                      Won 17-11
  Boys Softball                                                         Lalor Park                         Lost 4-5
  Girls Softball                                                        Lalor Park                         Won 7-5
  Jnr AFL                                                               Wentworthville                     Won 22-7
  Players of the match: Max Davis & Daniel Flower
  Snr AFL                                                               Wentworthville                     Won 57-0
  Players of the match: Lachlan Holmes & Sam Baker
  Player of the week: Ashley Fidow
  Green                                                                 Seven Hills West Black             Won    27-25
  Green                                                                 Black                              Won    14-3
  Yellow                                                                Seven Hills                        Won    24-3
  Yellow                                                                Black                              Lost   9-15

   Matthew Roseby, Caitlyn Kinsey and Georgia Burgess who participated in the Sydney West PSSA Basketball Championships
    at Penrith last week. They were all members of the Eastern Zone Basketball Teams. Congratulations to Matthew who was
    then selected in the Sydney West PSSA boys Basketball Team and will travel to Broken Hill to play in the State
    Championships in May.
   Jarrod Lofts, Dylan Gillies, Cameron Pesavento, Gabriel Contigiani and Jace Cooper who have been selected in the Zone Boys
    Football Team.
   Ashley Naing, Brooke O‟Brien, Eryn O‟Sullivan, Shannon Williams and Sophie Panayi who have been selected in the Zone
    Girls Football Team.
   Brittney Clifford, Kimberley Boland, Raaya Tiko, Caitlyn Kinsey, Luke Sommerton and Lachlan Moffat who have been
    selected in the Girls or Boys Combined Touch Squad to trial for the Eastern Zone Touch Team.

                               BLACKTOWN CITY COUNCIL - YOURTUTOR
  What is Yourtutor?
  Yourtutor is an online, free tutoring service for students from Years 4 to 12 who are members of Blacktown City Libraries.
  The service is available Monday through Friday, 4pm - 8pm, during school terms and holiday periods.
  Who can use Yourtutor?
  Students who have a current Blacktown City Libraries library card.

  The service is FREE!

  To join the library
  Bring your parent or legal guardian to your nearest branch, with proof of address.
        Max Webber Library, Blacktown - Cnr Flushcombe Rd & Alpha St, Blacktown
        Mt Druitt Branch Library - Temporary premises 55 North Pde, Mt Druitt
        Lalor Park Branch Library - Freeman Street, Lalor Park
        Riverstone Branch Library - 1st floor Marketown, Cnr Market St & Riverstone Pde, Riverstone
        Dennis Johnson Branch Library, Stanhope Gardens - Cnr Stanhope Pkwy & Sentry Dr, Stanhope Gardens

  Membership is free!

  How does Yourtutor work?
  The online tutorial is a virtual blackboard and chat room, using instant messaging technology. Once students have entered
  their year level and selected the subject they require, a specialist tutor will respond and the homework session will commence.

                            If you have any questions about this service please contact Mrs. Maiden
                     KLPS SCHOOL DISCO ….. WEIRD & WACKY
                               Friday April 1, 2011
                  Here is your chance to have crazy hair and wear whatever you want!!!
                                  Hairstyles can be wild, weird & wacky.
                         Use colour hairspray, gel or tease your hair in a mess …
                                     let your imaginations run wild.
                  Your clothes can be inside out, maybe wear odd socks (short or long).
                             Wear miss-matched clothes that don’t really go.
                  Or come as you are and have a great time with the Dance 2b Fit team!!!
                                               C U THERE!!

                                Time: Junior (K-2) 5.30pm - 7.00pm SHARP
                                Time: Senior (Y3-6) 7.30pm - 9.00pm SHARP

                      Please make sure that all children have been collected from the
                        side hall door by the advertised finish times of their event.

            The senior disco cannot start until ALL K-2 children have been picked up by a parent
                                            and the hall cleaned.


   Tickets will be on sale 3 days before the disco at front gate - $4 each
                                               For KLPS students ONLY


                                  KLPS DISCO - PARENT SUPERVISORS

I am able to help supervise at the school disco.

Kinder—Y2 (5.30pm—7.00pm)                                         Year 3-6 (7.30pm—9.00pm)

Parent’s Name: __________________________                         Contact Phone: __________________________

Child’s Name:        _______________________                      Class:          ______________________________
                     _______________________                                      ______________________________

K-2            Inside hall _______                Canteen         _______                School Grounds ________
Y3-6           Inside hall _______                Canteen         _______                School Grounds ________
                          (Please mark your preferences 1,2 and 3 and I will try to fulfil your request)

                Please complete and return this slip into the red letterbox in the office ASAP
                               to enable a supervisors’ roster to be prepared.
            If you have any disco enquiries you can contact Cate Borazio on 0416 083 043
               ADOBE HOMES PTY LTD
         Established over 20 years Lic No. 2335                     ADEN APPLIANCE SERVICE
   Quality extensions, Alterations, Renovations
                                                                    Washing Machines, Refrigerators
   New Homes
                                                                        Freezers, Dryers, Stoves
         ai
    Pergolas, Decks & Entertainment Areas, First Floor
    Additions                                                            Spare parts and Service
   Drafting Designing                                             Suppliers of Electric Stove Elements
   Bricklaying & Paving
                                                                56 Sunnyholt Road,         Phone: (02) 9621 3022
            FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE                                 Blacktown, 2148            Fax: (02) 9671 7432
                 Phone Gary Iredale on
              9624 7528 or 0411 694 818

                                                                SCHOOL HOLIDAY ART WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS
                                                                    Art workshops with Elaine from FUN TIME ART
                                                                         At Kings Langley, The Hills Libraries,
                                                                               Rouse Hill Learn 2 Centre
                      $10 for 1 hour session
                 Kings Langley Public School
               Mondays @ 7pm Tuesdays @ 7.15pm
                                                                       Full details at
                          Thursdays @ 7pm                          To book contact Elaine 0400 489 129 / 9620 5427
                      Kings Langley Park
                      Wednesdays @ 9.15am
                  Email or call Heidi to book your spot
                0417 456 083
                            LADIES ONLY

                                    CAN PHYSIO HELP YOU?

                                 FREE 15 MINUTE
                           SCREENING CONSULTATION FOR
                        MEMBERS OF KLPS SCHOOL COMMUNITY
                                 NOW AVAILABLE

                            Shop 9 (upstairs), 4 Solander Rd
                          (shops near tennis courts on Joseph
                         Banks) Kings Langley NSW 2147
                                Phone: 8847 4505

                                                                                               Join the

                                                                        Looking to get involved and be part of something BIG…
                                                                            In scouts the emphasis is on Fun & Friendship
                                                                                You’ll get an introduction to a world of
                                                                                       Challenges & Adventures

                                                                          We’re looking for Boys and Girls who want to join
                                                                                  2nd Kings Langley Scout Group

                                                                                Joeys 6 – 8 yrs Wednesday Night
                                                                                Cubs 8 – 11 yrs Wednesday Night
                                                                                           Check us out!

                                                                               Were located in Venn Street, Lalor Park
                                                                           For more info – Contact Angela 0402 086 146

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