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									Inbound Call Center Job Description

Inbound Call Center Job Description and Profile

The representative of an Inbound Call Center handles and answers only the inbound calls
from the customers. The responsibility is to take the orders, answer questions and inquiries,
troubleshoot problems, provide information and handle complaints regarding the
organization’s products or services of the customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job of an inbound call center representative is very vast and comprehensive at the
same time so here are the basic duties and responsibilities which are expected to be
fulfilled by an inbound call center representative:

      The prime responsibility is to answer the quires and inquires regarding product
       sales and others of customers professionally.

      He or she needs to research for obtaining all the relevant data firstly for the
       required information by using accessible resources.

      He or she needs to provide the organization’s service and product information to
       the customers and process the forms, orders and applications.

      He or she has the responsibility to report the issues to the high level management
       after identifying.

      He or she has to route the inbound calls to the appropriate resources properly.

      It will be the duty to handle the complicated customer calls calmly when

      He or she needs to complete call logs and call reports as necessary and update
       them timely in the database.

      He or she has to liaise with the management, administration, communicating
       and coordinating with internal departments.

Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to do the job of an inbound call center
representative are as follows:

      The person needs to be a technical expert in related computer applications and
       the basic computers.
      He or she needs to possess great communication skills both verbally and written
       as well as ability to work with others in close manner.

      The most important requirement is impressive telephone etiquette with the
       excellent keyboard skills.

      He or she needs to have interpersonal skills so will be able to react effectively
       and calmly in emergencies and in the strict guidelines as well.

      He or she should have the capability to maintain the trust of customers and
       maintaining customer confidentiality.

      The person needs to have sound and thorough knowledge of related product and

Education and Qualifications

      The basic degree required to do the job is a degree or high school diploma from
       an accredited institution.

      The other requirement for qualification is having some past working experience
       in call center activities.

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