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									                                  10 Contact Times

                                                     HOSTESS COACHING
1. At the show, when you meet and book the new hostess.
2. The next day a letter should be sent, thanking your new hostess for scheduling her show.
3. Three or four days later, a phone call should be placed, touching base and letting her know that
    you received her guest list and are working on her invitations. If she is sending the invitations
    herself, ask how she is coming on the invitation list and if she needs assistance.
4. A letter should be mailed (or emailed), stating that her invitations have been sent (if you are
    mailing them). If she is mailing them, the letter should say something like, “By now your
    invitations should be in the mail.” Both versions of the letter should say:”Please don’t expect
    every guest to call you. They will need a personal call from you to remind them to show.
5. Booster call, three to four days before the show, asking how many guests she has heard from;
    reminding her not to expect every guest to call her to R.S.V.P., but to call everyone with a
    personal invitation, as that will boost attendance. Ask (or remind) people to bring a friend to the
6. Call on the day of the show to ask for directions. At that time, reassure your hostess by telling
    her not to worry about those who are not able to come; instead, focus on those who are
    coming, and remind each of them to bring a friend along with them. Ask how her outside orders
    are coming, and does she have anyone who is interested in booking?
7. The show. Arrive half-hour early to set up and meet guests.
8. Close the show. Have her select her hostess credit items, and share the income opportunity with
    her again.
9. “Thank you for having a show” letter, saying it was a pleasure to have her as a hostess, along
    with information on how the product will be shipped, and copies of the receipts (if applicable).
10. Ten to fourteen days after the product is received, place a follow-up call to your hostess to
    ensure that her show was received and delivered. Ask her how she/ her guests are enjoying
    their products. Any customer service issues should be handled at this time.
                                     CONSULTANT’S HOSTESS
                                       COACHING CHECKLIST
                                                    DATE OF SHOW
Hostess information

Address _______________________________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________Day ________________________________Evening
Email _________________________________________________________________________

Date to be Completed      Complete

_________________         ________            Hostess packet sent or given at show

_________________         ________            “Thank you for booking” letter sent

_________________         ________            Guest list received

_________________         ________            Phone Call:”received your guest list.
                                              Invitations sent

________________          ________            “Your invites are in the mail.” Or by
                                              now your invites should be in the mail.”

                                              Booster call: ”Have you heard from
________________          ________            Guests?

________________          ________            Call for directions

________________          ________            “It was a pleasure letter” Thank you

________________          ________            Follow up call 10-14 days after show
                                                 HOSTESS COACHING
                               Sample Letter:
                        Thank you for booking a show
                       (To be sent or E-Mailed the day after she booked)
Dear (hostess)

Thank you for scheduling your show. I have reserved (insert date here) for you and your guests. I
look forward to giving you lots of free (or discounted) products! To make sure your show is as
successful as possible, please follow these easy steps.

A personal invitation by phone from you, sharing your excitement about the show will go much
further for getting a good response. Encourage them to save the date and let them know that an
invitation with the details will follow either by mail or email.

Invitation List
Please return your completed guest list (in the self addressed, stamped envelope provided) or
email me at ASAP! Always try to over invite. Typically, one third of those invited will actually be
able to attend the show. I will be happy to mail each guest a special invitation.

Outside Orders
Ask the guests who are unable to attend your show to place an order. All orders count toward
your total show sales. Please collect full payment on all orders. We do accept (applicable credit
cards), and personal checks should be written payable to me.

If someone is unable to come and is disappointed, encourage them to book their own show.
This, along with five outside orders, will guarantee that you will receive everything on your wish

Please do keep it simple, finger foods are best! Hosting a show should be fun and easy, so relax
and don’t worry about anything!

Again, thank you! I know that you will be an excellent hostess, and I’m looking forward to your
show! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

                                                  HOSTESS COACHING

                               Sample Letter
                      Your Invitations Are In The Mail
Dear (Hostess),

All of your invitations have been mailed. Please don‘t expect every guest to call you. People
rarely R.S.V.P., so call to make sure they received there invites. I’ve enclosed a few invitations
for anyone you might have forgotten.

Now is a good time to start collecting outside orders and any advanced bookings. This will
ensure you a most successful party.

I will be arriving approximately ___________ before the show to set up and go over any
questions you may have.

Again, I recommend to keep the refreshments simple; simple is best. A day or two before your
party make a few quick reminder calls. People have good intentions of coming, but get busy and
completely forget.

I will call the day before the party to finalize the number of guests and to confirm directions. I
look forward to a wonderful, relaxing party. Call me if you have any questions or need my help.

Wishing you the BEST!!!
                                                 HOSTESS COACHING

                                     Sample Letter:
                                     After the Show
Dear (Hostess),

It was a pleasure having you as my hostess. I know you will be pleased with all of your

Your order is scheduled to arrive by ex (U.P.S.) on. All of the items you and your guests ordered
will be delivered to you, the hostess. The shipment may contain several large boxes. There are
bags inside the boxes to help you separate the orders. I have enclosed the customer receipts to
help you with this.

If you should have any questions or problems with your order, please contact me immediately.

If you have any additional orders or bookings, just give me a call to receive additional credit. You
can even rebook yourself. Think about it!

Again, thank you for the opportunity to share (company name) with you and your guests. I hope
that we can do this again.

                                                      HOSTESS COACHING

                         Being A Hostess is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
       Share your excitement!
       1. Invite everyone you know! Over-invite- only 1/3 of those you invite will attend.
       2. Encourage everyone to bring a friend! The more, the merrier; plus, higher attendance often
          leads to higher rewards.
       3. Call and personally invite each guest. A personal invitation is the best way to convey your
          enthusiasm for the products, and your sincere desire for everyone to join you.
       4. Return your guest list to me within 72 hours; I will mail reminder cards to your guests 7-10
          days before your show.
       5. Make your wish list- I want to help you get your favorites free or at a discount.
       6. 1 to 2 days before the show, place a quickly friendly reminder call to your guests. Your
          friends will appreciate that you took the time to help them remember.

Outside Orders and Bookings

       1. Keep one catalog at home, and carry another one with you at all times.
       2. If someone is unable to come, show them the catalog and offer the opportunity to place an
          order. If I need to mail a catalog to an out of town guest, please let me know.
       3. If someone is disappointed that they’re unable to attend, encourage them to have a show of
          their own. That will help you earn additional credit.


       1. Keep it simple- finger foods are great!
       2. Making snacks available before the show is fine; however, please refrain from taking people
          away from the shopping area until after they’ve made their selections.

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