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                                                           Friday 4th November 2011

 This term’s Dates and diary events
                                                                             Class awards
 11th November—Inter-school Football tourna-
 11th November—Parents’ evening                       Class 1: Star of the Week— Faye for working hard in all
 14th—17th November—Enterprise week                                              areas
 18th November—Children in Need                        Lead Learner— Jack for a fabulous book review in our
 9th December—Christmas Fair                                                 reading cafe
 13th December—Christmas dinner (tbc)                                           Class 2
 14th December—Class 1 play for community                                 Star of the Week
 14th December—Class 2 play for parents                  Ethan for his creativity and descriptive explanations
 15th December—Class 1 play for parents              Lead Learner— James for his creativity and scientific rea-
 16th December—Class 1&2 Christmas parties                                       soning
 16th December—Break up for Christmas

Funds 4 Schools
                                                   Next Week in school (7th-11th Nov)
Funds 4 Schools bags are in book bags
                                                   Monday Swimming KS2 & Yr 2
please return on 9th or 10th November (NOT
BEFORE) these can be filled with any un-           Tuesday
wanted clothes, bedding, shoes or soft toys
(not other toys). This is one of the ways          Wednesday
we raise funds for the school,                     Bikeability for Yr5 and Yr6
                                                                                      Attendance for 1-4th Nov
Poppies are on sale in School Office               Thursday -Funds for schools        Class 1— 98.1%
                                                   clothes collection
Please see attached letter from Lancaster                                             Class 2— 100%
&district Homeless Action Service t hey would      Friday
like to thank Everyone for their generosity at     Remembrance Assembly               Whole school—99.2%
the recent Harvest Festival.                       PM—Guitar lessons

                                                   Please note—clubs recom-
                                                   mence this week
Be Safe on Bonfire Night—Local Bonfires will
be taking place this weekend with many daz-
zling and beautiful firework displays please see
class 2 blog for ideas on how to keep safe.        Operation Christmas Child
                                                   A quick reminder about Operation Christmas Child
Bikeability training started this week—the chil-   shoebox appeal. If you would like to bring in a shoe-
dren are all working really well.                  box, please do so between 1st and 12th November

Morrisons Grow Vouchers have now ceased            Children in Need fair—18th Nov 2pm—the children will be sell-
please bring in any vouchers you may have at       ing crafts they have been making in school for this worthwhile
home into school asap                              cause—come and have fun and stock up on
                                                   early stocking fillers!

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