EDEWG Conference Call

					                            EDEWG Conference Call
                                  April 6, 2006
     (Minutes Revised 04/11/2006 per FES clarification as noted in “Process for
                              Handling Bankruptcy)

Utilities: AP, DL, MetEd, PECO, PPL, and UGI

Suppliers/Service Providers: ESG, ECPower, First Energy Solutions, Mack Energy
Services, and UGI Energy Services

Other: PUC, PJM


Review of Internet EDI Plan Progress

PUC reported that PECO filed the Plan electronically with the Secretary’s Bureau and
that all EDM Sub-team members were sent copies of the transmittal letter and Plan. A
Secretarial Letter is being prepared to serve these documents on all parties of record.
Once parties are served the documents will be posted to the PUC website.

Status reports for implementation of the Plan were provided by EDCs present. Allegheny
Power reported that it may postpone implementation due to no supplier activity. All
other EDCs are on schedule. UGI reported it is upgrading its servers Monday to support
the new standards. Two suppliers volunteered the status of their implementation: UGI
Energy Services expects the new version to be implemented mid-April, and First Energy
solutions reported an “all go.”

Process for Handling Bankruptcy

DL sought guidance from EDEWG members on how to electronically handle
bankruptcies. DL is experiencing many more bankruptcies by customers especially
residential, and the law requires the company to separate pre-petition and post-petition
bankruptcy accounts. For example account no. 1000 is served by a supplier and goes into
bankruptcy on 3/1; on 3/2 post-petition bankruptcy account no. becomes 1001. EDEWG
members described how they currently account for these types of changes. FirstEnergy
Solutions (a Supplier) clarified how it handles bankruptcies in Ohio. There is no drop
and re-enrollment and no account number change. When bankruptcy notification is
received, FES manually terminates and marks the account as pre-petition, then creates a
new post-petition account using the same account number. FES point is that Suppliers as
well as Utilities must have separate pre-and post-petition accounts.

Review of Regional Document Changes

EDEWG was informed that it needs to pay attention to the Maryland and New Jersey
changes on the First Regional EDI document. NAESB also has a new document for
Usage, Billing and Payments that is over 200 pages. EDEWG was invited to join the
NAESB Retail Electric Quadrant Business Practices Subcommittee meeting scheduled
Wednesday April 12, 2006 at 9:30a (Eastern) for an informative overview/briefing. To
join the NAESB call EDEWG members are advised to contact NAESB (713-356-0060)
and request all contact information needed to join the teleconference and webcast.

New Business

Mack Services Group is a small supplier serving the PECO market, who requested
assistance of the PUC in obtaining the NAESB Internet standard.

John Wilhelm of PJM reported that MADRI (MidAtlantic Demand Response Initiative)
and the PJM DSR (Demand Response Group) is exploring the use of EDI as a way to
streamline and increase the accuracy of transmitting curtailment data to the PJM. PJM
would like to implement a pilot, which could be just a test, verifying data, before the end
of 2006. A brief description of its proposal will be sent to EDEWG to review in advance
of our May meeting.

Next Meetings

EDEWG meetings scheduled for the rest of 2006:
    May 4
    June 1
    July 6
    August 3
    September 1
    October 5
    November 2
    December 7

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