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					The X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton)

The European Space Agency's X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission
(XMM-Newton) was launched by Ariane 504 on December 10
1999. XMM-Newton is ESA's second cornerstone of the
Horizon 2000 Science Programme. It carries high thoughput
X-ray telescopes with an unprecedend effective area, and an
optical monitor, the first flown on a X-ray observatory. The
large collecting area and ability to make long uninterrupted
exposures provide highly sensitive observations.

Mission Characteristics

  Lifetime : December 1999 - (nominal 10 year mission)
  Energy Range : 0.1-15 keV
  Special Features : Very large collecting area.
Simulataneous X-ray & Optical observations.
  Payload :

      Three co-aligned Wolter Type I grazing incidence gold-coated imaging X-ray
       telescopes each with an effective area of ~ 1500 cm2 @ 1 keV Spatial
       resolution 6" FWHM. There are three type of instruments :
           o European Photon Imaging Camera
              Metal-Oxide-Silicon (EPIC-MOS; 0.1-15 keV; 2 units)
              The EPIC-MOS are mounted under two telescopes and are used for
              spectro-imaging. Each units consist of an array of 7 CCDs and each
              CCD is 600 X 600 pixels
              FOV 33 ´ X 33 ´
              spectral resolution (E/dE) ~ 20-50
              Eff area 922 cm2 @ 1keV
           o European Photon Imaging Camera-PN
              (0.1-15 keV; 1 unit)
              This is an array of 12 CCDs (64 X 200 pixels each) used for spectro-
              FOV 27.5 ´ X 27.5 ´
              spectral resolution (E/dE) ~ 20-50
              Eff area 1227 cm2 @ 1keV
           o Reflection Grating Spectrometer
              (RGS; 0.35-2.5 keV two units) + EPIC-MOS
              The gratings, mounted under two telescopes, deflect about 50% of the
              X-ray light onto an array of 9 EPIC-MOS CCD detectors.
              Line density ~645 lines mm-1 at the centre
              Spectral resolution (E/dE) 200-800
              Eff area 185 cm2 1 keV
              FOV 5´
      Optical Monitor (OM; 180-650 nm)
       co-aligned 30 cm optical/UV telescope. FOV ~17´, ~1" spatial resolution.

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