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                                                                                                                                                             C a s e
                                            Survival through sales force automation: How CDC Pivotal
                                            CRM helped M/I Homes enhance its position during a deep
                                            industry downturn.

                                                                                                                                                             s t u d y
Key Results:                                Overview                                             relied on 20-year-old DOS technology. At
                                            After 35 years in business, M/I Homes prides         the same time, M/I knew that 98% of its
•	In three years, web leads have
                                            itself on delivering exceptional customer service,   customers access the company website at
  increased from 4% of total sales to
                                            but had struggled to manage data spread              some point during the construction process.
                                            between seven different computer systems.            The company was missing a huge opportunity
•	M/I is the only top 20 U.S. builder to    The company wanted a 360-degree view of              to understand visitor demographics and
  increase its closings in 2009             its customers and turned to CDC Pivotal CRM          motivations, generate and nurture leads, and
                                            for a fully integrated solution with out-of-the-     streamline communication. M/I Homes wanted
•	Prior to the second quarter of 2010,      box functionality. Just three years later, web-      to gain a 360-degree view of its customers and
  M/I had six consecutive year-over-        generated leads have grown from 4% to 25%            implemented CDC Pivotal CRM to achieve this
  year quarters of positive growth          of total sales. The team is focused on nurturing     critical goal. Despite the challenging market,
                                            these online leads, gathering detailed customer      M/I Homes has strengthened its position
•	Budgets can now be completed in                                                                and credits Pivotal CRM with helping the
  15-30 minutes, versus 1-4 hours           demographics, streamlining data collection and
                                            distribution, and creating targeted marketing        organization to survive, and even thrive, in
•	Enhanced customer service,                campaigns. The past several years have               a tough business environment.
  marketing and communication               marked the toughest housing downturn in U.S.
                                            history, but M/I Homes has leveraged Pivotal         the Pivotal solution
•	Complete customer and website             CRM to strengthen its market position and earn       email marketing
  visitor demographics and                  more loyal customers.
  segmentation                                                                                   As soon as customers connect with M/I—either
                                                                                                 through the website, by referral, or after visiting
•	Single point of entry, automated
                                            about M/I Homes                                      a model home—the team initiates contact
  information flow, system integration      Founded in 1976 by Irving and Melvin                 through email marketing campaigns. In the
                                            Schottenstein, M/I Homes is dedicated to             past, M/I simply sent out mass email blasts.
                                            building homes of uncompromising quality,            Now, they use Pivotal CRM to target customers
‘’We needed to have a system that was       innovative design and enduring value in the          based on preferences, demographics and
really flexible, that could grow with us,   most desirable locations possible. In over three     communities of interest.
and this was quite honestly one of the      decades, M/I has built homes for more than
critical factors in choosing Pivotal. ‘’    78,000 customers in 12 U.S. markets. The             Integration with envision online design center
                            Ron Frissora
                                            company recently acquired TriStone Homes,            The Envision system enables customers to
                          CIO, M/I Homes    a small builder in San Antonio, Texas. M/I           browse and choose home options, such as
                                            Homes is listed on the NYSE and trades under         carpets, cabinets, exterior colors and trim, and
                                            the symbol MHO.                                      is fully integrated with the Pivotal solution. When
                                                                                                 customers select upgrades online before visiting
                                            the M/I Homes story                                  the design center, it saves time, resources, and
                                            M/I Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in      helps the company provide better service.
                                            the U.S.—ranked 15th in the nation by Builder
                                                                                                 “Pivotal was the final piece of the puzzle for
                                            Magazine in 2010. The company operates in
                                                                                                 us to fully integrate all of our systems. From
                                            12 markets and serves a customer base of
                                                                                                 JD Edwards ERP to BuildPro construction
                                            primarily first-and second-time home buyers.
                                                                                                 scheduling to Envision’s design center for our
                                            Since 2006, however, the market has not been
                                                                                                 customers—all of this data links into Pivotal
                                            kind to the housing industry. According to Ron
                                                                                                 from inside out.”
                                            Frissora, CIO of M/I Homes, the U.S. Home
                                            Building industry is in the midst of the worst       Web tracking and lead generation
                                            downturn in history, with 60% of all builders        M/I recently pulled its traditional marketing
                                            and 80% of all land developers currently in          efforts to focus fully on web leads. The
                                            bankruptcy.                                          company uses Pivotal to measure and segment
                                            “Pivotal helped us achieved probably one of our      unique site visitors and has designated Internet
                                            most important goals— having a 360 degree            Sales Associates (ISAs) who nurture leads, track
                                            view of the customer.” says Fissora.                 appointments and drive customers to the model
                                                                                                 homes. The ISAs also use Pivotal to send
                                            In 2008, M/I Homes senior management                 electronic meeting reminders—a critical task,
                                            realized that the company was not effectively        given that 25-30% of in-person appointments
                                            leveraging online technology to nurture sales        ultimately become sales.
                                            leads. Corporate data was spread across
                                            seven different systems and customer care

                                                                                                                                  Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                                                    Pivotal Customer Care                                      automated, single-point-of-entry data
                                                    At M/I, 15% of buyers are repeat customers.                integration
                                                    The CDC Marketing Automation system                        With Pivotal integration, data never has to be
                                                    integrated with Pivotal helps M/I provide                  re-keyed. Homebuilding, costing, options and

                                                                                                                                                                 C a s e
                                                    outstanding service and track B-back leads,                customer information enters the system once
                                                    which are customers who previously made                    and is available to each applicable division.
                                                    contact—either directly or through a referral              For example, field contractors use tablet PCs
                                                    partner—and then returned to M/I. Customer                 loaded with construction scheduling software to
                                                    care also means responding to online inquiries             communicate with subcontractors and execute

                                                                                                                                                                 s t u d y
                                                    as quickly as possible.                                    change orders. As a result, current field data
                                                                                                               is available to sales and service staff, who
                                                    ‘’Pivotal has given our field reps immediate               can provide customers with up-to-the-minute
                                                    access to the information they need. They                  construction timelines.
                                                    can respond to customer requests in minutes
                                                    instead of hours or days and communicate with              streamlined budgeting
                                                    subcontractors from anywhere.’’                            Accurate budgeting is paramount to success in

                                                                                                               the home building industry. M/I needs to know
        Pivotal has been instrumental in helping us to survive—                                                exactly how much each house will cost to build.
        and even thrive—in the worst downturn in the history of                                                Before the Pivotal implementation, contracts
                                                                                                               were written and signed in the field, then
        the housing industry.
                                         ”                                            Ron Frissora
                                                                                    CIO, M/I Homes
                                                                                                               brought to a central office where staff keyed
                                                                                                               data into the ERP system. Now, all information
                                                                                                               is fed automatically through the system,
                                                                                                               enabling costing staff to complete a budget in
                                                    analytics and lead investigation
                                                                                                               15 to 30 minutes, rather than 1-4 hours.
                                                    By tracking appointments, M/I learned that
                                                    20% of its leads book an appointment, and
                                                    3% of those people attend the meeting.
                                                    The team’s new goal is to get 30% of its
                                                    approximately 3,400 annual leads into a model
                                                    home for a meeting, which would translate
                                                    into 400 additional yearly sales. With Pivotal,
                                                    the company can dig down and examine
                                                    where leads originate and track them through
                                                    to a sale.

   “    Pivotal is a tremendous solution that we’ve built into
        all facets of our organization. It has really helped us to
        streamline our business.
                                               ”                                      Ron Frissora
                                                                                    CIO, M/I Homes

                                                    Customer demographics
                                                    In the past, M/I relied on salespeople to enter
                                                    customer information into the system, but few
                                                    would actually complete the process. Now,
                                                    the team uses CDC Marketing Automation to
                                                    automatically send customer survey emails after
                                                    a sales visit. M/I is developing deeper customer
                                                    insights and can incorporate this data into
                                                    marketing campaigns.

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