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                                              CARF manages growing demand for accreditation with
                                              Pivotal CRM solution

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                                              Finding the right services for care for a loved one who is aging
                                              or disabled is a challenging task. and it is not one that anybody
                                              undertakes lightly. a key element of selecting the right provider
Fast Facts                                    lies in ensuring that it is credible and accountable and provides the
•	 Industry: Accreditation Services
                                              highest possible standard of care. accreditation is one important
•	 Size of partner network: 1,000 surveyors
                                              way in which families achieve this assurance.
•	 Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona
•	 Customer base: To date, more than 35,000   Few organizations understand this better            “This created inefficiencies from the time
   programs and services at more than 3,700   than Tucson, Arizona-based CARF—which is            the application was received to when it
   provider organizations across the United   an independent, not-for-profit accreditation        was presented to the (CARF) board for
   States, Canada and Western Europe have     commission that develops and maintains              accreditation,” he said. “It was paper-driven,
   earned CARF accreditation                  practical and relevant standards of quality for     time intensive and resource intensive.”
                                              human services organizations such as adult day
                                              services, assisted living residences, behavioral    As a result, CARF wanted to move away from
                                              health programs, employment and community           its traditional paper-based system to something
                                              services, and medical rehabilitation programs.      that could offer better service to customers as
                                                                                                  well as partner-surveyors.
                                              The CARF family of organizations has
                                              accredited more than 3,700 providers in             “We stay in business by selling our services—it
                                              the United States, Canada, and Sweden in            is important for our accounts that we serve
                                              the areas of adult day services, assisted living,   them well,” said Boon. “There are alternative
                                              behavioral health, employment and community         accreditors—the mission and context of
                                              services, and medical rehabilitation.               our business plan is growth, financial stability
                                              Over the last several years, the organization       and mission attainment, as well as enhancing
                                              has expanded its accreditation services to          the lives of the people our accredited
                                              other areas. CARF began accrediting workforce       providers serve.”
                                              development services in 2001 and one-stop           So CARF made a strategic decision to invest
                                              career centers in 2002.                             in a Pivotal customer relationship management
                                              Accreditation is a complex and demanding            (CRM) solution. Using Pivotal CRM, CARF will
                                              process — both for CARF’s 1,000 surveyors           manage its professional relationships with more
                                              and the providers seeking accreditation. It         than 3,700 customers and 1,000 surveyors
                                              requires the collection of large volumes of         throughout the United States, Canada and
                                              data about those applying for accreditation,        Western Europe.
                                              the generation of a significant amount of data      “Consumers of human services are demanding
                                              through evaluation of the applications (through     higher standards and greater accountability
                                              on-site visits), and then the generation of         from service providers,” said Boon, who
                                              comprehensive reports.                              explained that CARF is addressing this problem
                                              Until recently, that was a slow and laborious       by establishing customer-driven standards to
                                              process. According to CARF president and            help providers measure and improve the quality,
                                              CEO Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., the process would         value, and outcomes of their services.
                                              start when CARF received an application from        “To manage the vast and growing demands
                                              a prospective customer to become accredited.        for our accreditation, CARF has selected
                                              The information for that application would be       Pivotal CRM— along with Pivotal PRM (Partner
                                              collected on paper and would then get entered       Relationship Manager) software—a complete
                                              into an electronic document—which would then        suite that is cost-effective, fast-to-deploy and
                                              be printed out and collected together with any      easy-to-customize.”
                                              other relevant information about the applicant,
                                              and sent to a team of CARF’s surveyors in           To date, more than 35,000 programs
                                              preparation for the on-site visit.                  and services at more than 3,700 provider

                                                                                                                                  Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                     organizations across the United States, Canada and Western               Once this information is submitted, the Pivotal CRM system
                     Europe have earned CARF accreditation—and business                       will automatically identify an account services professional
                     continues to grow. According to Boon, “Pivotal CRM is the                for the customer’s region. Then, a survey team of human
                     ideal fit for our growing business. The company’s technology,            services professionals will be selected to work on site with the
                     services, and business style are all designed to make the                customer to assess the service provider’s conformance to the
                     promise of CRM attainable for organizations like ours.                   CARF standards.

                     The responsive approach the Pivotal CRM team takes to                    CARF maintains a network of more than 1,000 surveyors to
                     doing business makes us feel like a person and not just                  ensure the accrediting body’s professional standards are
                     another number. The company is 100 percent committed to                  met before awarding accreditation. The entire accreditation
                     our success.”                                                            preparation and survey process can take more than eighteen
                                                                                              months, and requires stringent process management and

                                                                                              consistent team communication.
    Consumers of human services are demanding higher                                          Using Pivotal PRM, CARF is cost-effectively streamlining the
    standards and greater accountability from service                                         accreditation process, enhancing surveyor productivity and
    providers. CARF is a not-for-profit accrediting body                                      improving customer satisfaction. CARF is using the system to
                                                                                              create a collaborative inter-company framework to exchange
    that is addressing this problem by establishing                                           knowledge, manage data and synchronize transactions
    customer-driven standards to help providers measure                                       across the organization.
    and improve the quality, value, and outcomes of                                           The company’s extensive network of surveyors can effectively
    their services. To manage the vast and growing                                            manage the various stages of the accreditation process,
                                                                                              easily track a provider’s conformance to the CARF standards,
    demands for our accreditation, CARF selected Pivotal                                      and share accreditation progress across the company.
    CRM—along with Pivotal PRM (Partner Relationship                                          In addition, CARF staff members will use the system to
                                                                                              better study patterns in conformance to CARF standards,
    Management) software—a complete suite that is cost-                                       identify programs of excellence, and pinpoint areas in which
    effective, fast-to-deploy and easy-to-customize.”
                                                                                              standards and training should be refined.

                                                                    Brian J. Boon, Ph.D.
                                                              President and CEO of CARF

                     CARF has selected the Pivotal CRM solution to create a
                     single, unified system that will enable effective communication
                     among the staff, customers, and surveyors. CARF will
                     use Pivotal CRM to streamline the application process
                     for accreditation. Soon, customers will be able to access
                     CARF’s web site to easily submit profiles, specify business
                     requirements, and complete the initial accreditation

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