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					                                                    CMS Cameron McKenna

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                                                    Legal Pioneers of Second-Generation CRM

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Customer Details                                    CMs Cameron McKenna drives business relationship management
CMS Cameron McKenna                              and its client-focused culture with the support of Pivotal CRM
Country or Region
                                                    CMS Cameron McKenna was the first major              practice of CRM as a driving force behind
                                                    European law firm to implement Pivotal CRM,          its business, and it had worked hard to put
Customer Profile                                    leading the field in the application of second-      increased emphasis on client retention and
CMS Cameron McKenna is a major                      generation CRM systems. The company has              development. Its initial CRM focus was on getting
international law firm headquartered in             taken the legal sector’s use of CRM systems to       the management and organization geared up for
London, England.                                    a new level, replacing straightforward contact       a CRM culture before seeking an IT system that
                                                    management with a truly integrated approach          would support it. Once the culture was in place,
Business Situation                                  to business relationship management, business        it was clear that a system was needed to support
CMS Cameron McKenna had succeeded in                process management, business development,            the partners and fee earners in the firm.
establishing a client-centric culture at the firm   and marketing.
and now needed the technology infrastructure                                                             Andrew Powell, Director of Marketing, had very
to support it. Key objectives included opening                                                           clear objectives for the firm's CRM project.
matters and contact management for fee              Introduction
                                                                                                         As he explained, “Implementing Pivotal CRM
earners and campaign management and ROI-            The legal sector is increasingly embracing
tracking for marketing.
                                                                                                         was not about replacing an IT legacy system;
                                                    client relationship management as a significant
                                                                                                         it was about putting in place a system that
                                                    contributor to business success and growth.
Solution                                                                                                 would support what the firm had in terms of a
                                                    However, much of the focus in the sector has
The firm chose Pivotal CRM due to its ability                                                            business and management culture. The driving
                                                    been on contact management. CMS Cameron
to meet the firm’s requirements and its                                                                  force behind our selection of a system had to
                                                    McKenna had a much longer-term vision: it was
flexibility, which enable it to be customized                                                            be the long-term vision of what we wanted the
to precisely match the firm’s processes.            very clear that the company needed a system
                                                                                                         system to achieve. We had a long shopping
Pivotal CRM has been fully integrated with          that would support its client-focused culture and
                                                                                                         list. We were clear we needed functionality
the firm's practice management, document            provide efficient support for existing management
                                                                                                         such as pipeline management, the ability to
management, intranet, Internet, and                 processes. Pivotal CRM was the right solution,
communications software.
                                                                                                         manage marketing campaigns and initiatives,
                                                    and CMS Cameron McKenna implemented
                                                                                                         and the ability to record activities against existing
                                                    Pivotal CRM across 1500 users in 11 offices
Benefits                                                                                                 clients and contacts to enable us to develop
                                                    covering 7 jurisdictions.
• Automated file-opening linked to client                                                                our understanding of our relationship with
  contact and intelligence database, leading to                                                          these groups.”
  improved risk management                          Company Background
                                                    CMS Cameron McKenna is a major international         the solution
• Gives a more holistic view of the firm’s
                                                    law firm headquartered in London. The firm has a
  business relationships and enhanced visibility                                                         The Pivotal CRM team worked with CMS
  of potential opportunities                        wealth of experience and the depth of resources
                                                                                                         Cameron McKenna to put in place a customized
                                                    to handle the largest legal assignments. Its focus
• Increases cross-selling and referrals                                                                  solution driven by the firm’s specific needs.
                                                    on industry expertise marks it out as a world
                                                                                                         Pivotal CRM met the firm's requirements for
• Enables users to better identify and track        leader in many areas, such as construction,
                                                                                                         sales, marketing, and service applications
  business opportunities                            energy (oil and gas, electricity, power generation
                                                                                                         with Microsoft® Outlook® integration that would
• Streamlines sales pipeline management             and water), financial services, life sciences
                                                                                                         help them manage projects and relationships
                                                    (particularly pharmaceuticals and biotechnology),
• Supports the effective delivery and evaluation                                                         and track return on investment (ROI). Core
                                                    food and consumer products, hotels, and leisure
  of marketing campaigns                                                                                 functionality of the Pivotal CRM solution included
                                                    and construction.
                                                                                                         a file-opening system that enables invaluable
• Measures ROI against specific client-
  development and marketing activities              In total, CMS Cameron McKenna and the other          contact information to be captured at the
                                                    CMS member firms have operations in 37               outset of a client relationship, sales tracking
                                                    countries worldwide.                                 and campaign management capabilities, and
                                                                                                         a comprehensive suite of contact management
                                                    the Problem                                          functionality that enables all fee earners to
                                                                                                         access client information and intelligence.
                                                    From the late 1990s, CMS Cameron McKenna
                                                    was increasing embracing the concepts and

                                                                                                                                         Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                     All users had access to the Pivotal CRM solution from day                the Results
                     one. However, strategically and tactically it made sense for             The initial response to the system has been very positive,
                     the firm to introduce functionality in a phased approach. This           with high user uptake. CMS Cameron McKenna set clear
                                                                                              success measurements for each stage of the project, pre-

“   Implementing Pivotal CRM has enabled users to have
    a holistic view of client relationships and what is going
                                                                                              launch and post-launch. The project goals were focused on
                                                                                              cost savings and revenue generation. For example, the firm
                                                                                              was seeking to achieve real operational efficiencies, reduction
                                                                                              in research time, improved client and matter linkages,
    on in the business. This in turn enriches people's ability                                enhanced management capabilities, and embedded “best
    to talk with the client at a much more joined-up level.
                                                                                              practice“ processes.
                                                                        Andrew Powell         It was also very important for the firm to identify and set
                                                                    Director of Marketing     behaviors that they wanted users to adopt. User training was
                                                                  CMS Cameron McKenna         consequently very important prior to implementation. Powell
                                                                                              explained, “One of the keys to successful implementation
                     way users could get accustomed to the system and develop                 was putting people through familiarization training—again,
                     the skills and confidence to use it effectively. At the outset of        the hook to get them to attend being that they had to use the
                     the project, the focus was on opening matters and contact                system to open matters. Training was very much tailored to
                     management for fee earners and on tracking, campaign                     the needs of specific user groups.”
                     management, and ROI functionality for the marketing
                     department. However, the firm is now using the system to                 The approach to training was also very important. CMS
                     support all aspects of CRM.                                              Cameron McKenna again departed from traditional routes.
                                                                                              “We moved away from a point-and-click approach to training

                                                                                              to a case study focus. All training was tailored to how people
    Most of the competitive offerings could meet some                                         would actually use the system on a day-to-day basis.”
    but not all of our needs. However, it was not the                                         One year on, significant progress has been made toward
    functionality alone that really influenced our decision                                   the achievement of all project objectives, and the firm is now
                                                                                              developing key performance indicators in areas such as
    to use Pivotal CRM. The organization made a                                               improved risk management, content quality, system usage to
    tremendous effort to understand what we were about                                        support effective business relationship management, sales
                                                                                              pipeline management, and technical effectiveness.
    and was able to offer a flexible solution and adapt to
    our needs.
                                                                                              CMS Cameron McKenna is clear that its use of Pivotal CRM
                                                                        Andrew Powell
                                                                    Director of Marketing     will continue to evolve. The next steps are to introduce more
                                                                  CMS Cameron McKenna         of the business to the wider functionality of the system. A
                                                                                              “super user” group in the marketing team will drive ongoing
                     Director of Marketing Andrew Powell is very clear about why              developments. The firm is currently looking at client buying
                     Pivotal CRM was right for the firm. “Most of the competitive             patterns, share of wallet, and client decision-making, and
                     offerings could meet some but not all of our needs,” he                  Andrew Powell notes that the company “will be using Pivotal
                     said. “However, it was not the functionality alone that really           CRM to answer those sorts of questions.”
                     influenced our decision to use Pivotal CRM. The organization
                     made a tremendous effort to understand what we were about
                     and was able to offer a flexible solution and adapt to our
                     needs. We did not find this across the board. Most providers
                     simply offered us a software package that we would have to
                     gear our process around.”

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