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                                              Georgia tech’s Faculty/staff Newspaper • Vol. 35, No 5 • March 1, 2010


hearings focus
                                            Raising heaven
on USG budget                               Honors students build replica of Thoreau’s Walden cabin
                                            sarah mallory                                                                                                                           On Feb. 20, stu-
CommuniCations & marketing                  CommuniCations & marketing                                                                                                              dents in Literature,
The state budget took                                                                                                                                                               Communication
                                            Georgia Tech Honors Program                                                                                                             and Culture
center stage at the State                                                                                                                                                           Associate
                                            students’ examination of Henry

                                                                                          Photographs by the Thoreau Housing Collective
Capitol during budget                                                                                                                                                               Professor Hugh
subcommittee hearings                       David Thoreau’s writings took                                                                                                           Crawford’s class
last week.                                  a physical turn as School of                                                                                                            raise the timber
                                            Literature, Communication and                                                                                                           walls on a replica
  While a number of fund-
                                                                                                                                                                                    of Henry David
ing scenarios were discussed,               Culture Associate Professor Hugh                                                                                                        Thoreau’s cabin
Georgia Tech will not know a                Crawford’s class reconstructed                                                                                                          he built at Walden
specific course of action until             Thoreau’s famed cabin.                                                                                                                  Pond. The cabin
the Board of Regents are able                 Using only the instructions recorded                                                                                                  sits in front of
to act on the budget approved               by the author in his work, “Walden,”                                                                                                    the College of
by the Georgia General                      the class and numerous other students                                                                                                   Architecture build-
Assembly later in the session.                                                                                                                                                      ing.
                                            raised the cabin’s walls and rafters this
  For this reason, Georgia                  past Saturday on the lawn in front of the
Tech is actively engaged with               College of Architecture Building. What
the University System of                    began as a seminar on the writings of                 cannot be represented through a graph,                    instructions to guide them through the
Georgia to devise a strategy                Thoreau became a search for meaning                   a lecture or a college classroom. It is a                 building process.
that will enable us to maintain             beyond the analysis of words on a page.               tacit knowledge that can only be achieved                   “For all his prolixity regarding his
the value and quality of the                  “We are searching for a greater under-              through an interaction with the materiality               house, Thoreau provides little detail
degrees expected by our stu-                standing of Thoreau’s experience at                   of a tree, a tool, the world.”                            about the actual construction,” Crawford
dents and alumni.                           Walden and of knowledge embodied in                      Students only used tools that would                    said. “All we know is that he went to the
  The Institute will continue               practices and processes,” said Honors                 have been available to Thoreau to recre-                  woods in late March 1845, felled a num-
to work with the Board of                   Program student and builder Victor                    ate the famed cabin. No nail guns, power                  ber of white pines with his borrowed axe,
Regents to identify additional              Lesniewski. “There is a case to be made               saws, or pressure-treated two-by-fours—                   squared them—probably with a borrowed
reduction amounts and oppor-                for gaining a perspective on the world—an             students used felling axes, broadaxes,                    broadaxe—and constructed a 10-foot by
tunities for cost-savings during            additional context for meaning—through                crosscut saws, adzes, chisels, augers and                 15-foot by 8-foot timber-frame with
the coming weeks.                           material practices. It means understanding            bores, chalk lines, squares, froes and mal-
                                            that there is knowledge and intellect that            lets. They also relied on Thoreau’s sparse                THOREAU, continued on page 4

Arts & Culture
                                            IAC head named
                                            Royster to serve as dean for Ivan Allen                                                       World impact
March 5
Folk legend Arlo Guthrie will play the      College of Liberal Arts                                                                       Center hosts second conference on
Ferst Center for the Arts at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                          Health and Humanitarian Logistics
Tickets are $35 and $45 ($28 and $36        miChael hagearty                  Jacqueline Royster brings a great
with subscription).                         CommuniCations & marketing        wealth of academic and admin-                               CommuniCations & marketing
                                                                              istrative experience to the Ivan                            The 2010 Health and Humanitarian Logistics
                                            Following a national              Allen College,” Schuster said.
March 12                                    search, Georgia                                                                               Conference is building on the success of last
Celtic fiddler Eileen Ivers will play the                                                  “As one known for
Ferst Center for the Arts at 8 p.m.         Tech Provost                                   fostering interdis-                            year’s inaugural effort.
                                                                                                                                             Hosted by the Center for Health and Humanitarian
Tickets are $20, $32 and $42 ($20,          Gary B. Schuster                               ciplinary collabora-
$25.60 and $33.60 with subscription).                                                      tions, she will not                            Logistics, the conference features topics on planning, prepa-
                                            has announced                                                                                 ration for and responding to disasters and major, health-
                                                                                           only be a strong
                                            that Jacqueline                                                                               related societal problems, all focused on bringing govern-
                                                                                           advocate for the
March 25                                    Jones Royster,                                 College, but also                              ments, industry and other organizations to the table to
Contemporary dance company                                                                                                                articulate the challenges in humanitarian response and world
Pilobolus performs at the Ferst Center
                                            a professor of                                 work with faculty,
                                            English with                                   students and staff to                          health. The conference will offer panel presentations and
for the Arts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $36
                                                                                                                                          discussions, workshops and poster sessions, with speakers
and $46 ($28.80 and $36.80 with sub-        interests related                              expand its role with-
scription).                                                                                in Georgia Tech.”                              and registrants from non-governmental organizations, indus-
                                            to rhetorical                                                                                 try, government, military, foundations and academia.
                                                                                              During her
                                            studies, women’s Jacqueline Jones                                                                “We extended the ‘main’ conference from one day
                                                                                           18-year tenure
March 27                                    studies and lit-        Royster                                                               to one and a half days, given the suggestions from the
The Peking Acrobats from the
                                                                                           at Ohio State
                                            eracy, will be the                             University, Royster                            attendees last year, and increased the number of work-
People’s Republic of China will per-
form at the Ferst Center for the Arts       College’s next dean.              held a series of executive posi-                            shops immediately following the conference from two to
at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20, $26 and            In addition to holding the      tions. Most recently, she was                               three,” said center co-director and Industrial and Systems
$36 ($20, $20.80 and $28.80 with sub-       dean’s chair, Royster will be     senior vice provost and execu-                              Engineering (ISyE) Associate Professor Pinar Keskinocak.
                                            a professor in the School of      tive dean of the Colleges of the                            ISyE Associate Professors Ozlem Ergun and Julie Swann
www.ferstcenter.gatech.edu                                                                                                                also serve as center co-directors.
                                            Literature, Communication and     Arts and Sciences, serving as
                                            Culture. She is expected to start chief academic officer and pro-                                The conference will be held March 4 and 5, at the
April 2                                                                                                                                   Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. Registration is
Poetry at Tech presents Barbara             by the fall semester.             viding leadership for its five arts
                                              “With a proven record of lead-                                                              open on the conference Web site.
Calendar continues on page 2
                                            ership and scholarship, Professor ROYSTER, continued on page 3                                www.scl.gatech.edu/humlog2010/venue/

w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u
 EVENTS                                     research
Hamby and Robert Fanning, at 7 p.m.
in the Clary Theatre at the Student
                                            Fighting for the future
Success Center.
                                            Tech researchers focusing on defeating cancer at the nanoscale
                                            DaviD terraso                                     El-Sayed said.
CoNFereNCes                                 CommuniCations & marketing                           In previous work they showed that just
ANd leCtures                                                                                  bringing the gold into the cytoplasm does
                                            In an Institute without a medical                 nothing. In the current study, they found
March 3                                     school, Tech researchers are truly                that implanting the gold into the nucleus

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Image courtesy Ken Scarberry
The Honors Program and the College
                                            fighting cancer on the smallest pos-              effectively kills the cell. The gold works by
of Sciences welcomes ecologist and
                                            sible scale. Both the Ovarian Cancer              interfering with the cells’ DNA, he added.
Evergreen State College faculty mem-
                                                                                                         How that works exactly is the sub-
ber Nalini Nadkarni, from 7:30 to 8:30      Institute and the Laser
p.m. in the LeCraw Auditorium, in the                                                                    ject of a follow-up study. Next the
College of Management.
                                            Dynamics Laboratory are                                      team will test how the treatment
www.honorsprogram.gatech.edu                attacking cancer cells with                                  works in vivo.
                                            nanoparticles.                                                  At the Ovarian Cancer Institute,
March 4                                        According to School of                                    researchers are using nanoscale
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry                                                                                                                                         Nanoparticles, in brown, attach themselves
                                            Chemistry and Biochemistry                                   hydrogels and magnetic particles to
Professor Loren Williams presents                                                                                                                                            to cancer cells, in violet, from the human
“RNA: Still Folding After All These
                                            Regents’ Professor Mostafa                                   fight cells on multiple fronts.
                                            El-Sayed, by directing gold nano-                                                                                                abdominal cavity.
Years,” from 3 to 4 p.m. in room                                                                            As reported in the online journal
G011 of the Molecular Science and           particles into the nuclei of cancer                          “BMC Cancer,” by using hydro-                                       limited life span. Keeping it protected inside
Engineering Building.                       cells, they can not only prevent         Mostafa             gels—polymer chains often used as                                   the hydrogel nanoparticles allows them to
www.honorsprogram.gatech.edu                them from multiplying, but can           El-Sayed           “scaffolds” in tissue engineering—                                   get into the cancer cell safely and acts as a
                                            kill them where they lurk. The                              scientists are able to introduce a                                   protective barrier around them. Currently,
McGill University Professor Andrea
Tone presents “The Curious Case             research appeared in the Feb. 10 edition          particular type of small interfering RNA                                       the tests have been shown to work in vitro,
of Val Orlikow: Cold War Science,           of the “Journal of the American Chemical          (siRNA) into the cell. Once in the cell, the                                   but the team will be initiating tests in vivo
Psychiatry and the CIA,” from 4 to          Society.”                                         siRNA activates the programmed cell death                                      shortly.
6 p.m. in room 104 of the Old CE               “We’ve developed a system that                            the body uses to kill mutated cells                                    In another method to treat cancer in
                                            can kill cancer cells by shining                             and assist in traditional chemo-                                    humans, which appears online in the jour-
                                            light on gold nanoparticles, but                             therapy.                                                            nal “Nanomedicine,” magnetic nanoparticles
March 4–5                                   what if the cancer is in a place                                “With our technique we’re inhib-                                 attach themselves to metastasizing cancer cells,
The Center for Humanitarian Logistics       where we can’t shine light on it?”                           iting EGFR [epidermal growth fac-                                   enabling them to be removed from the body.
presents the 2010 Conference on             asked El-Sayed, director of the                              tor receptors] growth, with small                                      The idea came to the research team from
Health and Humanitarian Logistics,          Laser Dynamics Laboratory at                                 interfering RNA,” said School of                                    the work of Ken Scarberry, then a doctoral
held at the GTRI Conference Center.
                                            Georgia Tech. “To fix that prob-                             Biology Professor John McDonald,                                    student at Tech. Scarberry originally con-
                                            lem, we’ve decorated the gold with                           chief research scientist at the                                     ceived of the idea as a means of extracting
March 5                                     a chemical that brings it inside the                         Ovarian Cancer Institute. “And                                      viruses and virally infected cells. At his advi-
Montana State University Professor          nucleus of the cancer cell and stops John McDonald           by inhibiting its growth, we’re                                     sor’s suggestion Scarberry began looking
John Peters presents “The Transition        it from dividing.”                                           increasing the cell’s apoptotic func-                               at how the system could work with cancer
Between a Nonliving and Living                 Once the cell stops dividing,                             tion. If we hit the cell with chemo-                                cells.
Iron-sulfur World: The Biochemistry
                                            apoptosis sets in and kills the cell. “In can-    therapy at the same time, we should be able                                       He published his first paper on the subject
of Nitrogen Fixation and Hydrogen
Metabolism,” at 3 p.m. in room G011 of
                                            cer, the nucleus divides much faster than         to kill the cancer cells more effectively.”                                    in the “Journal of the American Chemical
the Molecular Science and Engineering       that of a normal cell, so if we can stop it          While good at shutting down EGFR pro-
Building.                                   from dividing, we can stop the cancer,”           duction, once inside the cell siRNA has a                                      CANCER, continued on page 4

Purdue University’s David Hummels
presents “The Wage and Employment
Effects of Outsourcing: Evidence from
                                            Setting the stage
Danish Matched Worker–Firm Data,”
from 3 to 4:15 p.m. in room 204 of the
                                            Finalists named in the second annual invention competition
Old CE Building.                            CommuniCations & marketing                  receive a cash                                                   environment and                      Program David Ku, and WSB
www.econ.gatech.edu                                                                     prize of $15,000                                                 technology.                          Radio personality Scott Slade.
March 8                                     Eight finalist inventions                   for first place or                                                 Co-host                              Last year’s InVenture Prize
Christine Franklin with the University of   have been named in the                      $10,000 for                                                      Bahareh Azizi                        winners were Dialprice by Roger
Georgia presents “Preparing Teachers        run-up to the live broad-                   second place and                                                 earned a bach-                       Pincombe in the individual cat-
for the New Generations of K-16                                                         a free U.S. patent                                               elor’s degree in                     egory and Chlorocyte Bioreactor
Students,” from 11 a.m. to noon, in
                                            cast of the InVenture Prize                 filing by Georgia                                                biochemistry/                        by Joseph Abrahamson,
room 129 of the Global Learning and         @ Georgia Tech.                             Tech’s Office of Technology                     biotechnology in 1999 from                            William Boyd, Sanjay Challa,
Conference Center. RSVP by March 4.           Georgia Public Broadcasting
                                                                                        Licensing (each valued at                       Michigan State University and                         Kento Masuyama and Andrew
                                            presents the program, hosted                approximately $20,000).                         then moved to Atlanta to pursue                       Punnoose in the team category.
                                            by Miles O’Brien and Bahareh
March 9                                                                                    In addition, a $5,000 “People’s              a doctoral degree from Georgia                          The eight finalists and their 22
Duke University Professor Katherine         Azizi and televised from Georgia            Choice” award, provided by                      Tech in biochemistry. Since com-                      inventors are:
J. Franz presents “Manipulating             Tech’s Robert Ferst Center for              the Georgia Tech Research                       pleting her doctorate in 2005,
Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative Stress with       the Arts on March 17 at 7 p.m.              Corporation, will be presented.                 Azizi has worked at Georgia                           n EEG Brainwave Analysis
Triggerable Chelating Agents,” at 3 p.m.      The InVenture Prize is an                 The live audience and broadcast                 Tech and Oxford College of                              Headset (A device to prevent
in room 3201A of the Molecular Science
                                            innovation competition for                  viewers will have the opportunity               Emory University as an educator,                        drowsy driving): Ganesh Mulayil
and Engineering Building.
                                            undergraduate students at the               to help select the winner of this               researcher and administrator.                           Nair, Aerospace Engineering
                                            Georgia Institute of Technology.            award by voting on the Internet or                 Judges for the 2010 compe-                           (AE); Neil Shah, Biomedical
March 10                                    Students work independently or              texting in their favorite finalist.             tition are Tech alumnus and
                                                                                                                                                                                                Engineering (BME); Robert
The IMPACT Speaker Series presents          in teams on inventions that will                                                                                                                    Thomas Lindemann, AE; Brandon
                                                                                           The InVenture Prize show co-                 entrepreneur Greg Foster,                               Michael Fox, BME; and Rohan
Students Who IMPACT, finalists in           be presented and judged by a
the Ideas to SERVE initiative, at 4:30
                                                                                        host Miles O’Brien is an award-                 College of Management instruc-                          Trivedi, BME;
                                            panel of experts.                           winning 26-year broadcast news                  tor and entrepreneur Lara
p.m. in the LeCraw Auditorium in the                                                                                                                                                          n FandomU (A computer program
                                              The two winning inventions                veteran working for CNN and                     O’Connor Hodgson, Regents’
                                            will be selected on March 17                Headline News specializing in                   Professor and director of the
Calendar continues on page 3                and the inventor or group will              aviation, space, science, the                   Engineering Entrepreneurship                          INVENTURE, continued on page 4

                                            Published biweekly throughout the aca-      Calendar submissions e-mailed to                Archived issues of The Whistle can be accessed         Georgia Tech
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w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u                                                                                                                                               THE WHISTLE • MARCH 1, 2010 • PAGE 2
Institute                                                                                                                                            EVENTS
                                                                                                                                                     College of Management.

Faculty governance                                                                                                                                   www.ile.gatech.edu

Nominees sought for committees, faculty opposes conceal/carry expansion                                                                              March 11
                                                                                                                                                     The Open Forum for Energy and the
robert nesmith                                   an associate vice                                                            Georgia House of       Environment presents “Solar Energy
CommuniCations & marketing                       president to over-                                                           Representatives.       Manufacturing at the Terawatt Scale,”
                                                                                                                                                     at 4:30 p.m. in the first floor conference
                                                 see the enterprise                                                             House Bill 615
Nominations for faculty committees,                                                                                                                  room of the Marcus Nanotechnology
                                                 risk management                                                              would effectively
opposition to a more lax conceal/                and public safety                                                            allow anyone of
carry law and a presentation regard-             group.                                                                       legal age who
ing the combining of two College of                 Peterson added                                                            holds a conceal/       March 15
                                                                                                                                                     The IMPACT Speaker Series pres-
Engineering schools headlined the                that the impetus                                                             carry license to
                                                                                                                                                     ents Tech alumnus Ray C. Anderson,
docket of the Feb. 16 faculty gover-             for change in the                                                            carry that weap-
                                                                                                                                                     founder of Interface Inc. and author of
                                                 organization was                                                             on anywhere on
nance meeting.                                                                                                                                       “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist,”
                                                 based in part on                                                             public property,       at 4:30 p.m. in the LeCraw Auditorium.
   President Bud Peterson called to order
                                                 feedback from the                                                            except into the        www.ile.gatech.edu
the combined meeting of the General
                                                 Tech community                                                               part of a build-
Faculty, the General Faculty Assembly and
the Academic Senate, addressing questions
                                                 during the initial                                                           ing housing a          FACulty/stAFF
regarding additional furloughs for Georgia
                                                 phase of strategic planning.                      courtroom, jail or prison. Because Georgia        deVelopMeNt
                                                                                                   Tech is a state-funded school, so-licensed
Tech faculty. “We believe we have managed
                                                 Nominees sought by March 3                        firearm owners—whether faculty, staff,            March 15
the FY2010 budget going forward,” he said.                                                                                                           The College of Management MBA
                                                                                                   students or visitors—would not be prohib-
“We do not anticipate any changes in the            Sam Nunn School of International Affairs                                                         Program will hold an evening MBA infor-
                                                                                                   ited from carrying concealed weapons on
required furloughs for this fiscal year.”        Associate Professor Kirk Bowman, vice                                                               mation session from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in the
   Peterson also told those in attendance        chair of the Faculty Executive Board, solic-                                                        College of Management.
                                                                                                      Following a discussion by and questions        www.mgt.gatech.edu
that an announcement was imminent for            ited nominations for elections to standing
                                                                                                   directed to Crocker and Peterson, faculty in
dean of the Ivan Allen College (Jacqueline       committees of the General Faculty and the
                                                                                                   attendance unanimously passed a motion to         March 18
Jones Royster was named Feb. 18), the three      Academic Faculty. While pointing out that                                                           The Office of Environmental Health
                                                                                                   oppose the bill as worded, passing the reso-
finalists recently selected for College of       many committees have received nominees,                                                             and Safety presents “What is in Your
                                                                                                   lution: “The Georgia Tech faculty is vehe-
Computing dean would be coming for cam-          several are still short.                                                                            Building? Hazards Awareness,” from 1
                                                                                                   mently opposed to House Bill 615.”                to 3 p.m. in the Neely Nuclear Research
pus visits soon, and that the search commit-        Committees needing nominees in the
tee for provost had been formed.                 General Faculty include Faculty Honors
                                                                                                   PTFE, MSE to merge                                www.ehs.gatech.edu
                                                 and Academic Services. Academic Faculty
Administration and Finance restructuring         committees needing nominees include                 Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering          March 25
                                                 Student Regulations, Student Academic and         (PTFE) School Chair Anselm Griffin gave           The Office of Environmental Health and
   JulieAnne Williamson, assistant vice
                                                 Financial Affairs, Student Activities, Student    a short presentation concerning the merger        Safety presents Fire Safety I and II, from
president for Administration and Finance,                                                                                                            1 to 3 p.m. in the Piedmont Room of the
                                                 Honor, and Student Computer Ownership.            of the School of Materials Science and
presented the recently announced restruc-                                                                                                            Student Center Commons.
                                                 The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee            Engineering (MSE) with the 119-year-old
turing of the Division of Administration and                                                                                                         www.ehs.gatech.edu
                                                 needs College of Engineering and College          PTFE, effective July 1, 2010.
Finance. By reducing the number of direct
reports and reorganizing departments into
                                                 of Sciences nominees, and the Graduate              According to Griffin, PTFE has turned its       ongoing
                                                 Curriculum Committee is in need of repre-         focus toward polymers and materials engi-         Georgia Tech Training Services offers
analogous groups, Williamson said the new
                                                 sentatives from the College of Engineering.       neering in the last decade. “In the last seven    a Web-based tutorial on the basics of
structure will bring more efficiency to the                                                                                                          using a state purchasing card (p-card).
                                                    “Given the technical nature of some            years, the school is no longer as product-
entire division. “We’re not correcting any                                                                                                           www.orgdev.gatech.edu/training/
                                                 homework and exams, there has been the            focused, but has moved into a broader spec-
problems,” she said. “We’re creating a better
                                                 expression of need of both math and com-          trum of materials,” he said.                      The “Emergency Preparedness”
                                                 puter science faculty [in the student honor         The merger also meets the needs of MSE,         certificate program, which consists
   The structure includes the Institute
                                                 committee],” Bowman said.                         Griffin says, as MSE is more focused on           of several smaller courses, including
Strategic Resource Management Office
                                                    Nominations are due March 3. Elections         metal and ceramics engineering. With the          “Fire Safety” and “Facilities Hazard
(ISRM), Campus Services, Facilities,                                                                                                                 Training,” provides faculty and staff
                                                 will take place March 31 through April 14,        merger, MSE will have a strong polymer-
Information Technology and an office con-                                                                                                            with valuable information in case of a
                                                 with final election results announced soon        research background.
taining all enterprise risk management and                                                                                                           campus emergency.
                                                 after by the Executive Board.                       “With this merger, the new MSE school           www.orgdev.gatech.edu
public safety groups.
                                                                                                   will be a national leader in materials
   A national search was initiated Jan. 8
                                                 Discussion on House Bill 615                      research and education,” Griffin says. “It will   The “Defining Customer Service” certifi-
to fill the currently open position of the                                                                                                           cate program provides campus groups
                                                                                                   provide leadership and service to [academ-
senior vice president for Administration and       Peterson, assisted by School of Public Policy                                                     and employees with the foundation for
                                                                                                   ics], the industry and state of Georgia, as
Finance, who will oversee ISRM. Rosalind         Academic Professional Bob Pikowsky and                                                              offering exemplary service to those both
                                                                                                   well as the nation and society as a whole.”
Meyers, formerly associate vice president        Georgia Tech Police Chief Teresa Crocker,                                                           on and off the campus. Four required
                                                                                                   Griffin and MSE Chair Bob Snyder will serve       courses and two electives are offered.
for Auxiliary Services, was named vice           as well as Student Government Association
                                                                                                   as co-chairs.                                     www.orgdev.gatech.edu
president of Campus Services, and now            Undergraduate Student Body President Alina
will oversee Auxiliary Services, Business        Staskevicius and Graduate Student Body
Services and the Office of Human Resources,      President Linda Harley, led the discussion        For more information                              MIsCellANeous
units with defined customer relations func-      regarding faculty governance’s opinion on                                                           March 8
tions. A search will begin in the spring for     the conceal/carry bill currently before the       www.facultysenate.gatech.edu                      The Campus Recreation Center will
                                                                                                                                                     host a Red Cross blood drive from 3 to
                                                                                                                                                     7 p.m. In particular, the Red Cross is
                                     of her philosophical belief in the    the liberal arts.”                  Other Writings: The Anti-
ROYSTER, continued from page 1                                                                                                                       seeking donors who are Type O nega-
                                     dual role of higher education,          Royster graduated with her        Lynching Campaign of Ida B.           tive and Type B negative.
and sciences colleges from 2004      serving both as an agent of stabil-   bachelor’s degree at Spelman        Wells-Barnett” (1997), “Traces        www.givelife.org, use code “gatech”
to 2008.                             ity — the pursuit of knowledge        College in Atlanta before earn-     of a Stream: Literacy and Social
  “I am deeply appreciative of       anchored to strong social and         ing her master’s and doctoral       Change among African American         March 16
                                                                                                                                                     The Undergraduate Research Spring
the opportunity to lead an orga-     ethical values — and of change.       degrees from the University of      Women” (2000) and “Profiles
                                                                                                                                                     Symposium will be held from 1 to 5:15
nization as dynamic and respect-        “I refer to change in terms of     Michigan in 1971 and 1975,          of Ohio Women, 1803-2003”             p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom.
ed as the Ivan Allen College,”       the imperative to provide leader-     respectively.                       (2003). She served as co-editor       www.urop.gatech.edu
Royster said. “My thanks go to       ship in bringing all that we know       She returned to Spelman in        for two collections: “Double-
Provost Schuster and the mem-        and understand to bear dynami-        1978, serving as both a professor   Stitch: Black Women Write about       March 31
bers of the search committee for     cally on our enterprises in order     of English and an administrator.    Mothers and Daughters” (1991)         Annual equipment inventory deadline
                                                                                                                                                     for 2010. Any questions regarding this
their faith and confidence in my     to address the ways forward in          During her career, Royster        and “Calling Cards: Theory and
                                                                                                                                                     process should be sent to Property
abilities. I am very excited about   supporting, building, and sustain-    has authored and co-authored        Practice in the Study of Race,        Control at am.ask@business.gatech.
the possibilities that lay ahead     ing a world in which peace and        numerous articles in rhetori-       Gender, and Culture” (2005).          edu.
for me and my new colleagues at      prosperity have the possibility of    cal studies, literacy studies and
Georgia Tech.”                       reigning for all,” she said.          women’s studies. She is the         For more information                  For a more comprehensive listing of
  In her remarks at a public            “I believe this obligation is      author of several books, includ-                                          events updated daily, visit
forum in January, Royster spoke      especially true for those of us in    ing: “Southern Horrors and          www.iac.gatech.edu

THE WHISTLE • MARCH 1, 2010 • PAGE 3                                                                           w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u
Community                                                                                                                                                 CLASSIFIEDS
                                        understanding,” he said.                                                   poster presentation of the proj-      AutoMobIles/
THOREAU, continued from page 1                                                                                                                           MotorCyCles
                                           The result of the class’s inno-                                         ect during the Undergraduate
six-by-six beams joined by mor-         vative approach to research                                                Research Spring Symposium in          1986 Buick LeSabre, one owner, less
                                        yielded a new insight about the                                            the Student Center Ballroom, and      than 82K miles. Auto, A/C, heat, AM/
tise-and-tenon joints.”
                                                                                                                                                         FM, cassette, PW, PD, cloth interior,
   Beginning in October, students       author. “Many people see Henry                                             a student video about the project     new paint, new battery, original mileage,
began felling yellow pine trees         David Thoreau as an anti-social                                            is in production. The Thoreau         good tires. $2,500 OBO. E-mail james.
                                        crank who chose to spend his                                               Housing Collective also has           tio@gtf.gatech.edu.
from a farm near Monticello and
squaring them by hand, no small         time alone, counting ants or                                               documented its experience at its      2006 gray and black Mini Cooper w/
undertaking considering each log        measuring the ice at Walden                                                Web site, which includes movies,      approx. 74K miles. Sports package, with
                                        Pond,” Crawford said. “While                                               pictures, journals, interviews and    5spd manual, leather heated seats, cruise
weighed hundreds of pounds.
                                                                                                                                                         control, leather steering wheel and sun
Each mortise-and-tenon joint            there is some truth in that per-                                           research.                             roof. $13,500. Call 404-769-2514.
that connects the beams took            spective, the students have also                                              The cabin will be displayed on
                                                                              An example of one of the cabin’s                                           1993 Nissan Altima GLE w/ ABS, extra
anywhere from 30 minutes to             learned how many of his activi-       dovetail joints.                     campus for an indefinite amount
                                                                                                                                                         low mileage, good tires, brakes and
three hours to complete, and the        ties demanded community, par-                                              of time. While the ultimate fate      engine. In driving condition some electri-
house has more than 20 joints.          ticularly the raising of his house.   flannel shirt-clad Honors            of the structure is uncertain, the    cal work needed. Asking $1,400. E-mail
                                           “Thoreau spent many a long         Program students working             legacy of the project is already      vibhadesai@hotmail.com.
The cabin’s beams require little
storage space, stacking neatly          day squaring up large timbers,        in front of the Architecture         making an impact across the           reAl estAte/
together in what could be con-          pausing occasionally to talk with     Building. Often spending their       country. High school students         rooMMAtes
sidered an early version of flat-       the casual passerby. But he also      weekends and afternoons with         in Cincinnati used a Skype con-       For rent or sale: 2BR/2.5BA town house.
packing.                                needed the help of a good num-        Crawford working on the cabin,       nection to hear a lecture about       HW floors, granite countertops and new
   “Thoreau didn’t detail how           ber of friends and townspeople        more than 20 students from           the project and learn more about      appliances. Great roommate plan. Rent
                                                                                                                                                         for $1,275 a month, or buy for $150,000.
much labor it took to build a           to raise the frame, an activity       a wide range of colleges and         Thoreau. Plans for additional         E-mail suellen.robertson@parking.gatech.
cabin like this,” Lesniewski said.      that requires teamwork, patience      majors donated thousands of          Skype lectures around the coun-       edu for pics or info.
“In trying to figure out how            and good spirits, and is usually      hours to the project. Many of        try may be on the horizon. In
                                                                                                                                                         For rent: 3BR/1.5BA, East Point Area.
he built this, we are gaining an        accompanied by music, feast-          them now find themselves with        addition, Lesniewski plans to         Gas stove and refrigerator. Ceiling fans
experience similar to Thoreau’s.”       ing, and all-around good times.”      a new appreciation for the crafts-   present a summary of the experi-      and smoke detectors. Washer/dryer con-
Also informing the experience,          Crawford observed this sense of       manship and skills required to       ence to the American Literature       nection. $800 a month plus deposit, for
                                                                                                                                                         six months or 1 year. Utilities not includ-
Lesniewski added, were conver-          community firsthand.                  build a timber-framed house.         Association in the coming             ed. No pets. E-mail brentis.henderson@
sations prior to construction.             Many students who were not         “I had never even hammered           months.                               bme.gatech.edu.
“We have conducted interviews           enrolled in the class joined the      before this, now I love it,” said
with Thoreau scholars, timber           self-dubbed Thoreau Housing           Honors Program student Sarah         For more information                  1BR/1BA, $775 a month, near Piedmont
                                                                                                                                                         Park. Walk to area restaurants and night
framers, and latter-day Thoreaus        Collective, their interest piqued     Mudrinich.                                                                 clubs. HW floors and off-street parking.
to continue adding depth to our         by the ever-present crew of              Students will hold a March 16     www.thoreauhouse.org                  true separate 1BR unit. Water incl. in
                                                                                                                                                         rent. Call Sabrina at 678-315-9648 or
                                                                                                                                                         Rick at 770-366-4174.

Keeping it professional                                                                                                                                  3BR/2BA all brick ranch with HW floors.
                                                                                                                                                         Large fenced-in back yard w/ woods.
                                                                                                                                                         Finished daylight basement. 2-car carport
Professional Education Web site redesigned for ease of use                                                                                               with garage door. Briarlake school district
                                                                                                                                                         and convenient to Emory/CDC, I-85,
CommuniCations & marketing                           advantage of career-advancing educational         addition to focus groups and online surveys,      I-285. Pets OK with approval. $1,300 rent
                                                     opportunities.                                    visual designs were tested, and many of the       with first month’s deposit. E-mail richard.
Georgia Tech’s Distance Learning                        “In today’s business environment, profes-      insights were incorporated into the final site.

and Professional Education office has                sionals are truly time-starved and simply don’t      “We pride ourselves on offering outstand-      1BR/1BA, 8th floor unit of Windsor Over
                                                                                                                                                         Peachtree. $1,180 a month, incl. utilities.
redesigned its professional education                have the time to browse the variety of rich       ing programs taught by accomplished educa-
                                                                                                                                                         Close to restaurants and night clubs.
Web site, making it easier for visitors              programming and courses we offer,” Holm           tors who bring tremendous practical industry      Walk to Tech or Piedmont Park. Access
                                                     said. “We concluded that the way to address       experience to each course,” added Holm.           to interstates, and MARTA is only a
to search for and find information on                                                                                                                    block away. Spectacular views. 24-hour
                                                     their needs was to build a powerful search           “We are confident that we deliver out-
job-focused short courses, certificate               feature that enables them to quickly examine      standing value to professionals seeking to
                                                                                                                                                         concierge, gated parking commons
                                                                                                                                                         areas. Call Rick at 770-366-4174.
programs and customized training                     the opportunities and identify the best options   advance their careers and to organizations
taught by Georgia Tech faculty and                   that will help them advance their careers.”       committed to enhancing their employees’           FurNIture/ApplIANCes
industry experts.                                       Research played a significant role in the      skills, and we did not want to present our        Two new contemporary chaises for sale,
  A significant feature of the redesigned site       redesign and ensured that the most impor-         curriculum without more insight into our          tags still attached. Custom by Klaussner.
includes robust search capabilities allow-           tant customer needs were met. Synaxis, a          customers’ needs.                                 Espresso legs with light beige color
                                                                                                                                                         that will complement any decor. $650
ing courses to be located by title, keywords,        national strategic marketing, branding and           “The research we conducted provided            each or both for $1,200. Lightly textured
subject, instructor, location, date and format       technology firm, was selected for the Web         invaluable input that we applied to the Web       polyester beige, 33” by 23” by 66”. Pics
(onsite or online).                                  site redesign.                                    site, resulting in an extremely functional and    avail. Call 404-894-8459.

  According to Bill Holm, associate vice                In conjunction with associates at Georgia      user-friendly experience.”                        Dining set—table and four chairs, in exc.
provost for Georgia Tech Distance Learning           Tech’s Distance Learning and Professional                                                           cond. $150. Toshiba 32” TV. Exc. condi-
and Professional Education, the new site is          Education, Synaxis conducted both qualita-        For more information                              tion, $100. Call 404-407-7635 or e-mail
designed to meet the needs of profession-            tive and quantitative research among profes-
als and organizations interested in taking           sionals from a wide range of industries. In       www.pe.gatech.edu                                 MIsCellANeous
                                                                                                                                                         For sale: White gold, diamond and blue
INVENTURE, continued from page 2                                                                                free-floating cancer cells, which        topaz necklace for $300, OBO. White gold
                                                                       CANCER, continued from page 2
                                                                                                                should increase longevity by pre-        and diamond earring and necklace set for
  that connects people in interest-based collectives): Christopher                                                                                       $150, OBO. For pics and details, please
                                                                       Society” in July 2008. In that paper     venting the continued metastatic
                                                                                                                                                         e-mail shpr19@gmail.com.
  Stuckey, Computer Science;                                           he and McDonald showed that by           spread of the cancer.”
n Multifunction Automobile Powered Pump (A device for                  giving the cancer cells of the mice         In tests, they demonstrated the       Learn to fly with the Yellow Jacket Flying
  water access in the developing world): Steven Cazayoux, ME;          a fluorescent green tag and staining     technique worked as well at captur-      Club. 5 planes, no experience necessary.
  Costantine Polizos, ME; Hugh Linton, ME; Daniel Henyu Lin,                                                                                             Single, Multi, VFR, IFR, commercial, ATP,
                                                                       the magnetic nanoparticles red, they     ing cancer cells from human patient      CFI, CFII. Contact jud.ready@gatech.edu
  ME; Denise Elaine Hughes, ME; and Simon Clark, ME;
                                                                       were able to apply a magnet and          samples as it did previously in mice.    or visit www.yjfc.org.
n Drum Tuning Device: Sarah Vaden, AE;
                                                                       move the green cancer cells to the       The next step is to test how well the
n The Express Press (A French press coffee maker that prevents                                                                                           Furnished room, board, wireless
                                                                       abdominal region.                        technique can increase survivorship in   access with Tech professors living in
  bitter coffee): Joyce Zou, Industrial Design;
                                                                          “Often, the lethality of cancers is   live animal models. If that goes well,   Morningside in exchange for evening/
n The Flash Card Organizing System: Quinn Lai, ME;                                                                                                       weekend babysitting 2 boys aged 4.5
                                                                       not attributed to the original tumor     they will then test it with humans.
n The Koozie Cooler (Portable beverage cooler): Robert Gillan, ME;                                                                                       yrs and 9 mo. E-mail Beril at toktay@
  Nicole Danielle Miller, ME; Matthew Hickey, ME; Lindsay Brandino,    but to the establishment of distant                                               gatech.edu for more info.
  ME; Matthew Edward Kinsel, ME; and Charles Henry Puch, ME;           tumors by cancer cells that exfoliate    For more information
                                                                       from the primary tumor,” Scarberry                                                         Check out more ads at
n Weighted Exercise Clothing (Exercise clothing without range                                                   www.biology.gatech.edu                          www.whistle.gatech.edu.
  of motion limitations): Patrick Whaley, ME                           said. “Circulating tumor cells can                                                 Ads appear and run for three weeks in
                                                                       implant at distant sites and give rise   www.chemistry.gatech.edu                   the order in which they are received.
   In addition to airing on Georgia Public Broadcasting, the           to secondary tumors. Our technique                                                         E-mail submissions to
                                                                                                                www.ldl.gatech.edu                             editor@comm.gatech.edu.
2010 Georgia Tech InVenture Prize competition will be                  is designed to filter the peritoneal
streaming online at www.gpb.org/inventure.                             fluid or blood and remove these          www.ovariancancerinstitute.org

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