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									                                 White Smoke
Truth is when MS Word came into use, its spell check feature was the most appreciated tool
that corrected typos and eliminated grammatical errors making your document almost error-
free. However it does not offer a fool proof mechanism of correction and you could be left with
some sentence-formation errors, at the end of your document. Good news is, you now have
White Smoke.

White smoke is a writing enhancement software that provides accurate Spelling and grammar
check. Does it sound like any of the run-of-the-mill softwares? In fact, it is far from that! White
smoke is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and uses artificial intelligence
algorithms to analyse the content of your text rather than merely its mechanics.

White smoke is a comprehensive package with a simple yet powerful interface and easy to
use tools. You can now write your content on any platform such as Word processor, email text
or blog text and seamlessly insert it onto the white smoke interface by simply pressing the F2
function key on your keyboard. The interface analyses your content and submits withing
seconds a review report that rates your text on six categories that include sentence structure,
sentence formation, redundancy, word choice, voice and informal expressions. You are then
shown a green, yellow or orange bar indicating the quality of your work.

It also provides an activity report that shows information on number of sentences analysed,
spelling corrections, style suggestion and many more. You can then accept or decline the
changes proposed. The only downside to the software is that it can analyse only up to 3000
characters at any point of time.
White smoke has an in-built compilation of up-to-date dictionary, thesaurus and a translator
tool that can translate up to 11 languages. The software also boasts a range of templates
commonly used for offices and schools. It also enables you to access its online user manual
for obtaining quick help on the interface. Millions of user worldwide have relied on White
Smoke products since 2002 and the number is increasing. With white smoke, you can churn
out quality written communication at all times.

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