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Why Use Social Bookmarking


Why Use Social Bookmarking

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									Why Use Social Bookmarking?
How to get keyword ranking and good page rank in Google is a very important question
for every website owner. Most of the internet marketing companies are using the latest
SEO techniques like; quality link building, blogs posting, press release, comments
posting, forums posting and bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites introduces the sites you own or you like the others to view with
relevant tastes. This will drive a massive traffic to your site and also you will get the
valuable back links with less effort.

Social bookmaking can help you in different ways like

• Faster indexing of your web pages
• Deepened the indexing
• The search engine importance of your site will improve

Social Bookmarking is one of the key SEO techniques which can help your website to get
the top ranking in Google searches instantly and permanently. We are introducing a list
of social bookmarking sites that will store, classify and share your information with
visitors. These days, social bookmarking is playing a vital role in search engine page rank
and also keyword ranking.

How to Bookmark For SEO
The purpose of this exercise is to generate backlinks to our content pages that help them
rank better in Google. I’ll assume that each piece of content is optimised for some
keyword. There are usually three places where you can add information:

      The title
      Tags
      Description

Make sure your keyword is in all three of them. Note that the title especially usually
becomes the anchor text that is used in the resulting link so the title is arguably the most
important element to get right.

Some DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List is blow
UPDATED April 2011

   1. Jim's Free Links (New!)
   2. Digg [V] (8)
   3. Folkd [V] (6)
   4. Kwoff (6)
   5. Ebaum's World (6)
   6. LinkaGoGo (5)
   7. SpotBack (5)
   8. A1 Webmarks (5)
   9. Tagza [V] (5)
   10. Plime [V] (5)
   11. So Force [V] (5)
   12. Feedmarker (4)
13. OYAX (4)
14. Cool Search [V] (4)
15. MyLinkVault (3)
16. Yattle (3)
17. Bukmark [V] (3)
18. Gozoof [V] (3)
19. Tamilers [V] (3)
20. Ziki [V] (3)
21. Best of India [V] (3)
22. Dizzed [V] (3)
23. PlaneteBlog [V] (3)
24. Social Article [V] (3)
25. Syiudis [V] (3)
26. Agroots [V] (2)
27. Zobbed [V] (2)
28. Yomash News [V] (2)
29. Yoo Submit [V] (2)
30. Let Me Get Answers [V] (2)
31. NewsVoid [V] (2)
32. Buzz Bookmarks [V] (1)
33. Digg Direct [V] (1)
34. ETop Bookmarks [V] (1)
35. Flashahead [V] (1)

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