MBNA one of the world's largest financial institutions; Selects Pronto by ps0001


									              MBNA one of the world's largest financial institutions;
              Selects Pronto forms:

              One of the world's largest financial institutions and a recognized leader of affinity
              marketing in the credit card industry, MBNA have rolled out Pronto Forms to its
              event marketing reps. Using handheld devices equipped with magnetic strip
              readers, the bank is enhancing the tools used to collect credit card applications at
              various sporting and other events; information like name and address is
              automatically populated after the applicant's driver's license is swiped or

              By equipping event marketing reps with Pronto Forms, the bank is both
              improving productivity and ensuring a faster time-to-revenue. The Pronto
              Forms solution allows the bank to immediately eliminate the use of paper forms
              while providing real time capture of credit applications which are fully integrated
              with their credit card issuance solution.

              The bank has confirmed that launching the Pronto forms application has allowed
              them to significantly enhance the quality of credit card applications they receive,
              and at the same time eliminate three days from the credit card issuance process.
              This results in a faster time-to-revenue for events where the mobile credit card
              application is used.

              Using the Pronto forms application instead of hand-written applications, the
              bank saves valuable field rep time and eliminates the significant drop out of
              applications which can't be processed because they are illegible. Field reps love
              the flexibility and ease of use that the solution gives them.

              "Our customers have been asking us for a reliable and fully-integrated
              solution," said Alvaro Pombo, Chief Executive Officer of TrueContext
              Corporation. "The Pronto solution will greatly accelerate the field
              effectiveness of our banking customers. The combination of our easy-to-
              use application with magnetic strip reader equipped devices means an
              end-to-end solution that pays for itself almost immediately."

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