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					                        TOTAL INTEGRITY

       A professional international service to
        facilitate mergers, acquisitions, JVs,
       partnerships and access to the latest
   A unique facilitation service provided by GlobAbility Limited

GlobAbility Limited is an international consulting and programme
management group specialising in the development and implementation of
investment, diversification and expansion projects in global markets.
Particularly, Europe (including Central & Eastern Europe), North America,
Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Africa and South East Asia.

Whatever the market, sector or scale of investment, GlobAbility Limited
will locate, evaluate and introduce appropriate contacts with the technology,
capacity, assets or established market of interest to the potential investor or
business partner. This matchmaking service is backed-up by a comprehensive
package of support including: -

      Marketing and business development
      Innovation and new technology
      Technology transfer
      Inward investment
      International partnerships and collaboration
      Business strategy and financial planning
      Systems analysis and re-engineering
      Events management

The principal associates of GlobAbility Limited have a wide global network
through which to evaluate potential opportunities for involvement and
investment in the markets and sectors of interest. This includes the higher
education (university) sector, design and technology companies, contractors,
component manufacturers, OEMs and Government departments at both
national and regional levels.

In this area of acquisitions and strategic diversification security and
confidentiality are critical issues. GlobAbility Limited recognises this and
offers a ‘total integrity’ support package to ensure the absolute protection of
sensitive and business-critical information.

Process and Methodology
A typical investment/business partnership project will go through the
following phases: -

      Strategic planning
      Collaborations and strategic alliances
      Market search and opportunity analysis
      Business plan development
      Financial model design and performance planning
      Financial, management, IT systems and technology due-diligence.
      Implementation and project management.

GlobAbility Limited will be there to support the potential investor at every
stage. Services will be structured and timed to suit the specific requirements
of investors and/or business partners. A typical programme and methodology
is as follows: -

   1. Confirm engagement
   2. Clarification meeting
   3. Market search to identify potential partners, collaborators and targets
      for acquisition/JV
   4. Filtering of potential contacts
   5. Discrete and ‘blind’ contacts with selected targets
   6. High-level due-diligence as required.
   7. Brokered meeting between target companies and client
   8. Follow-up and further representation.

1. GlobAbility Limited receives a written commitment from the
investor/business partner.

2. An initial meeting to clarify scope of work, investor preferences,
coordination procedures, schedules and to share market intelligence. The
GlobAbility team will need to be thoroughly briefed by the investor as to
capabilities, technology, manufacturing expertise and financial plans. A
mutual confidentiality agreement can be entered into at this stage.

3. Following clarification of investor’s requirements GlobAbility Limited will
use a wide range of sources, contacts and industry associates to identify
suitable potential targets.

4. Potential targets will be analysed, ranked and presented to the investor for
consideration. Only those organisations meeting the investor’s criteria will
continue in the selection and engagement process.

5. Selected targets will be discretely approached, without identifying the
investor, to determine their level of interest and willingness to participate in
direct discussions.

6. GlobAbility Limited will arrange to conduct specific analyses of those
potential investment targets of serious interest to the investor.

7. Meetings will be brokered between the investor and potential partners and
investment/partnership targets.

8. GlobAbility Limited will continue to provide a comprehensive support
and representation service for as long as required. If required, this can also
include the management of a whole range of post-agreement events and

Value for money

GlobAbility Limited is committed to providing value to partners. A sensible
fee structure, together with an open and transparent quotation, ensures that
services are provided within budget.

Achievement of results

GlobAbility Limited is a positive results and success orientated organisation
that fully appreciates the need – and indeed the right – of its clients to
demand this themselves. The long, very broad and highly international
experience of its associates, coupled with its extensive range of key contacts,
makes GlobAbility Limited ideally suited to assist its clients to also achieve
success in a whole series of otherwise complex and sometimes difficult global
markets and industries.


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