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					                                         (Insert your company name here)
                                                    Sample Marketing Plan

                Sample Marketing Plan
           Insert your Business Name hereTable of Contents
Executive Summary                               4
History & Current Status                        4
Progress To Date                                4
Situational Analysis                            5
Existing Customers                              5
Industry Summary                                5
Future Scenarios                                6
Environmental Influences                        6
Product / Service Description                   6
Competition Assessment                          7
Competitive Analysis                            7
SWOT Analysis                                   7
Marketing Strategy                              9
Mission                                         9
Vision                                          9
Profile of Target Markets                       10
Customers & Potential Customers                 10
Marketing Strategies                            11
Marketing Mix                                   12
Services                                        12

                                                 (Insert your company name here)
                                                            Sample Marketing Plan

Pricing Strategy                                        12
Place                                                   12
Promotional Activities                                  13
Management & Administration                             15
Management                                              15
Implementation                                          15
Financial Projections                                   16
Cashflow Projections                                    16
Sensitivity Analysis                                    17
Evaluation                                              17
Conclusion                                              18
        Appendix and Appendices                               18Sample

                              Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
In this part of the marketing plan the entity for which the plan is written
should be outlined. If the marketing plan is being developed for the benefit of
internal or external viewers then this should be outlined here.

Indicate that the plan is confidential etc. For example, include paragraphs
This document is confidential and has been made available to the individual
to whom it is addressed strictly on the understanding that its contents will not
be disclosed or discussed with any third parties with exception of the
individual's own professional advisers.

History & Current Status

                                                 (Insert your company name here)
                                                            Sample Marketing Plan

Briefly review where the business has come from. When did it start and how
far has it progressed to date. If you are a start-up, this section will be short –
however, if you are an existing business, you may wish to allow 4 or 5 pages
to fully brief the reader.
Progress to Date
If you are an existing business explain the development of marketing activity
to its present status.
Use simple tables to summarise sales growth, customer/product
segmentation, market shares, key product volumes etc.
Indicate current order book in value/volume terms or relative to capacity.
Briefly describe key events. Situational Analysis
Existing Customers
If you are an existing business then the first thing you need to do is identify
who your existing customers actually are. Start by identifying your top 200
customers in terms of annual sales. You may find it easier to divide your
customers in to three categories: gold, silver and bronze.
Gold Clients
Should be your top 25 customers in terms of value. These customers are
strategically important: if your business were to lose them it would mean
financial trouble.
Silver Clients
Should be the next 50 customer in terms of value: can these be converted
into Gold customers in the future?
Bronze Clients
These should be the next 125 customers in terms of value: can they be
converted into Silver customers?

Industry Summary

                                                  (Insert your company name here)
                                                             Sample Marketing Plan

You need to have a good understanding of the industry and the market you
are in. This will enable to you to gain a thorough understanding of all the
factors that are going to affect your business.
   What is the industry you are in?
   Is it a new or emerging industry?
   How has it developed over time?
   What is the demand for your product/service?
   Is there any market segmentation?

Future Scenarios
Where do you see your market in the next 6 months, 1 year, 3 years etc?
Environmental Influences
What are the environmental influences that affect your industry and your
       Economic (exchange rate, inflation rates)
       Government (new legislation)
       Technological (advances)
       Social (trends)
       Geographic (locations)
Product/Service Description
This portion of the marketing plan is set aside for you to describe what it is
that you sell or offer. Do not get too involved in technical issues at this point
in time - these finer points can be placed in an appendix for the reader to
digest at a later date.
   What is it exactly that you sell?
   Do you sell a broad range of products or services, or a more focused and
    narrow range?
   What advantages does your product or service have over its competitors
    and what needs/wants do they meet for your target market.

                                                (Insert your company name here)
                                                           Sample Marketing Plan

Discuss why the target market(s) selected are attracted to your business and
perhaps not to others. Is this a niche which has naturally occurred in the
marketplace or one that has be artificially created?



Description: A marketing plan is a document that points out the actions necessary to obtain marketing goals. These plans apply to anything that is marketable. A service, a brand, or even a product line are things that can be considered as a marketing plan. Marketing plans can have a list of actions, but it needs to have strategy in order for those plans to work. Without that strategy the plans will not work. This document is a template of what a marketing plan should look like. Some things to consider when constructing the marketing plan are history and progression. What could happen to the company itself whether it is from inside the company or forces outside of it? You also might want to include what you intend to do with the company. Things like how to keep the customers you have and how you intend to get new customers should also be considered when constructing the marking plan. This is what makes the document great. It shows how the marketing plan should look like, what it should address, and what the marketing plan needs. These are the things that are the most important to make a presentable and respectable marketing plan.