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                                        OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP


      Volume FF, Number 17                                                                                                                                                                                                 August 25, 2011

      Drunken Goats,      If aofTree Falls
           Constant Bliss A Tale Environmental Terror                                                                                              By Gayle Forman
            D I A R Y                   O F            A        C H E E S E                                                   W I Z                                                                      reuse, expounding on recy-
                                                                                                                                                             hat constitutes ter-                        cling and composting like

                                                                                                                I                                  W
      By Thomas Matthews                                                                                             f one of the Coop’s goals               rorism? Blowing up                          many a Coop member
                                                                                                                     is to celebrate diversity,              buildings? Burning                          (except that he’s wearing an
                                                                                                                     the cheese department         down buildings? What if peo-                          ankle monitor bracelet). But
                                                                                                                counts among its successes.        ple are intentionally not                             while McGowan’s deep con-
                                                                                                                   There you can find the          hurt? If the goal is property                         cerns about the state of the
                                                                                                                firm, creamy Spanish cheese        damage? If the target is an                           environment, rampant con-
                                                                                                                called Drunken Goat (it’s          organization or corporation                           sumerism, and unchecked
                                                                                                                made from goat’s milk, and         that arguably does harm to                            corporate power mirror those
                                                                                                                the cheese is soaked in red        the environment?                                      of many Coop members, the
                                                                                                                wine). Constant Bliss is a            Such questions weave                               path he chose to express
                                                                                                                cow’s milk cheese from Ver-        their way through the com-                            those concerns diverged.
                                                                                                                mont’s Jasper Hill Creamery,       pelling and nuanced recent                               McGowan’s environmental
                                                                                                                named for a Revolutionary          documentary If a Tree Falls. The                      activism led him to work with
                                                                                                                War soldier. There are             film chronicles the rise and                          Earth First! and then inex-
                                                                                                                cheeses from France and Italy      fall of the radical environ-                          orably pulled him out west to
                                                                                                                and England, from California       mental group the Earth Lib-                           Oregon, where environmen-
                                                                                                                and New York. They are made        eration Front (ELF) through                           talists were engaging in a new
                                                                                                                from the milk of cows, goats,      the awakening, radicalization                         kind of activism. After the
                                                                                                                sheep, buffalo and even,           and prosecution of one ELF                            Warner Creek timber sale in
                                                                                                                sometimes, yaks. And, of           member, a former Coop                                 Oregon, protesters occupied
                                                                                                                course, some cheeses are not       member by the name of                                 the forest, building a blockade
                                                                                 ILLUSTRATION BY PAUL BUCKLEY

                                                                                                                made from milk at all, but         Daniel McGowan.                                       and a fence, and keeping log-
                                                                                                                from nuts or tofu.                                                                       gers out (and monkeying with
                                                                                                                   At any given time, more than    An Unlikely Suspect                                   their equipment). The block-
                                                                                                                50 different cheeses are offered      At first glance, McGowan                           ade held the loggers at bay for
                                                                                                                for sale, and over the course of   seems like an unlikely sus-                           a year—until the Forest Ser-
                                                                                                                a year some 200 will rotate        pect. Born in Brooklyn, raised                        vice came in and arrested all
                                                                                                                through the store, according       in Rockaway Beach, he stud-                           the protesters.
                                                                                                                to Receiving Coordinator Yuri      ied business in college and
                                                                                                                       CONTINUED ON PAGE       2   got a job with public relations                       The Disgruntled One
                                                                                                                                                   firm Burson-Marstellar in New                            Time and again, as the
                                                                                                                                                   York City in the late 1990s.                          film shows, protesters were
                    Board & Officer Elections                                                                                                          When the film opens, he is                        undone by authorities, who
                                                                                                                                                   bustling around a kitchen,                            often used brute force in
                Election of new Coop Secretary at the September 27th General Meeting.                                                              cleaning out Ziploc bags for                                     CONTINUED ON PAGE                  4

         Election of a new member of the Board of Directors at the October 25th General Meeting.
                                                                                                                                                   Next General Meeting on August 30
                           Each term expires at the June 2012 Annual Meeting.
                                                                                                                                                   The General Meeting of the Park Slope Food Coop is held on the
                                                                                                                                                   last Tuesday of each month.* The next General Meeting will be
                                If you are interested in one or both of these,                                                                     on Tuesday, August 30, at 7:00 p.m. at the Congregation Beth
                          please attend the meeting and announce your candidacy.                                                                   Elohim Temple House (Garfield Temple), 274 Garfield Place.
                                                                                                                                                   The agenda is in this Gazette and available as a flier in the entry-
                         If you have questions about these positions, please speak to                                                              way of the Coop. For more information about the GM and about
                                   a General Coordinator at 718-622-0560.                                                                          Coop governance, please see the center of this issue.
                                                                                                                                                   * Exceptions for November and December will be posted.

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      2        August 25, 2011                                         Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

      Drunken Goats                        descriptions are so evocative      nuts, whatever has to be             ing the cutting boards, clear-      would be great for melting or
      CONTINUED FROM PAGE        1         that your mouth waters.            packaged, weighed and                ing away plastic, paper and         grating in any dish that called
                                              “Cheese is the main reason      priced. It smells good here.         crumbs of cheese.                   for cheese, but brought to
      Weber, who has been in               I belong to the Coop,” con-            This Saturday morning’s              “But there’s no snacking,”      room temperature it’s also
      charge of cheese since 2007.         fessed Erin, who has been a        shift is for squad C-2, though,      grumbled Leigh Anne, a six-         delicious on its own. Smooth
      In all, he says, the Coop sells      member for two and half            as often happens at the              year member, four with cheese.      in texture, it offers a clean,
      about 180,000 pounds of bulk         years. She was shopping for a      Coop, some regular members               Dorothy has been a mem-         buttery flavor with just a hint
      cheese per year, and another         selection of interesting           are absent, and other workers        ber for 27 years, and, like Rita,   of sharpness. An excellent
      20,000 pounds of prepack-            cheeses to take to a party. She    are filling in, making up shifts     cut and packaged cheese on          partner to show off a fine red
      aged cheese, with revenues of        had enjoyed a Coop-spon-           or working FTOP.                     the shopping floor. Shoppers        wine.
      more than $1.5 million, a fig-       sored talk and tasting on              Ifeona, standing at the          would step up to the counter
      ure basically stable since           northern Italian cheeses, and      table with half a dozen other        (after waiting in line) and         Brie d’Amir 60%
      2008.                                she was looking for Taleggio.      workers, has belonged to the         order; workers would note the       Brie, a soft-ripened cow’s
         The perennial favorites are       She found it, and happily          Coop for 16 years, “most of          order on a piece of paper, and      milk cheese from northern
      the sharp cheddars from New          moved on with her shopping.        that working with cheese,”           if the paper wasn’t lost, cut       France, has been a Coop
      York and Vermont, along with            Rita, who has been a Coop       though not normally with             the cheese and package it.          favorite for decades. The ver-
      Parmigiano Reggiano from             member for “more than 20           this squad.                          When the shopper returned,          sions sold in the U.S. must be
      Italy. But, Yuri notes, “a lot of    years,” once worked selling            “My regular squad has            he or she picked up the order.      made from pasteurized milk
      cheese sales are seasonal and        cheese when each sale was          maintained basically the                 Was anything lost when the      (unlike the French versions).
      the hits right now are the           hand-cut to order by a mem-        same membership for years,”          Coop abandoned that sys-            This double-crème version
      salad-type cheeses. Feta, fresh      ber at the cheese counter on       she said. “We like the shift.        tem? Dorothy was adamant.           (60 percent milk fat) is
      goat cheeses and crumbly             the shopping floor.                It’s a team effort, and it lends         “Nothing. We didn’t have        imported by Epicure Foods in
      blues are very popular.”                “The cheese selection has       itself to conversation. Plus,        refrigeration then, and refrig-     NJ. It has a soft, creamy tex-
                                           come a really long way,” she       it’s heaven for cheese lovers.       eration is better. People didn’t    ture and a mild, milky flavor
      A World on Display                   enthused. “We lost the             We’ve gotten so many more            wear gloves—there were peo-         with pleasant hints of herb. It
          The Coop stocks cheeses in       one–on–one communication,          exotic cheeses in the last five      ple with dirty hands cutting        would show well with a gen-
      several places. Cottage cheese       but the range of choices is        to eight years, yet prices have      my cheese. Cleanliness is bet-      erous white wine such as
      and ricotta mingle with the          incredible. I love some of our     remained good. It’s really           ter. So is a bigger selection,      Chardonnay.
      butter. Non-dairy cheeses are        local cheeses. I think they’re     hard to get a better deal            and much less waste. But
      with other tofu products.            expensive, but I understand        somewhere else.”                     even back then, the cheeses         Drunken Goat
      Prepackaged cheeses, from            why. I think America can               Kevin, who has been a            were delicious. Ah, the Brie...     This Spanish goat cheese has
      Kraft American singles to            become a real cheese coun-         member for four years, is cut-       It’s still a big seller today.”     its own “denominacion de
      imported clotted cream, get          try, just like we’ve become a      ting big blocks of cheddar                                               origin” (DO); it’s from Murcia,
      their own case.                      wine country.”                     with a contraption that fea-         On the Plate                        in the southeast corner of the
          But shoppers tend to                                                tures a broad base and a                Based on my conversa-            country, and soaked in the
      linger longest at the Coop’s         Behind the Scenes                  sharp wire. “Cheddar is job          tions with workers and shop-        local red wine, made from
      principal cheese display, and           The Coop’s cheeses are          security,” he said. “There’s         pers, I picked up four cheeses      Monastrell grapes. It’s firm in
      it’s no wonder.                      stored and prepared for sale       always a strong demand.”             that showcase a range of ori-       texture, but light-bodied on
          The brightly lit refrigerated    in the basement, in a snug,            Almost all the cheese is cut     gins and prices.                    the palate, with a clean,
      case is stocked with dozens of       bright corner that centers on      with a wire, not with knives.                                            herbal flavor and a hint of
      cheeses, in colors that range        a good-sized aluminum              “It cuts cleaner, and there’s        NY Sharp Cheddar                    sweetness from the wine. Try
      from cloud white to gold, rus-       table, along with a sink, a        less waste,” said Kevin. The         From the McAdam Cheese              pairing this with a crisp
      set and turquoise. Labels dis-       refrigerated case, and shelves     workers wear plastic gloves,         Cooperative in Heuvelton,           white, such as a Spanish
      play exotic names—Dorset             of dry goods. The squads that      aprons and kerchiefs on their        NY, this is the Coop’s most         Albarino, or contrast it with a
      Red, Moses Sleeper, Saga             process the cheese also work       heads. Cleaning is constant:         popular cheese. Flavorful,          sweet Sherry.
      Blue—and Yuri’s handwritten          with other foods—spices,           wiping down the table, wash-         versatile and well-priced, it
                                                                                                                                                       Smoked Dorset Red
                                                                                                                                                       This English cheddar comes

          VALET                      BIKE PARKING                                      MMERTIME
                                                                                                                                                       from Ford Farm, located in
                                                                                                                                                       Dorset. They make a wide

          IS                           HERE                                         SU                                                                 range of farmhouse cheeses,
                                                                                                                                                       including this version, which
                                                                                                                                                       develops a red rind as it’s

          ON                            SUNDAYS!
                                                                                                                                                       smoked over oak chips. It has
                                                                                                                                                       a rich, crumbly texture and a
                                                                                                                                                       very pungent flavor, smoky
                                                                                                                                                       and sharp. I’d pair this
                                                                                                                                                       cheese with a single malt
            Every Sunday through November 20, from
             3:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m., Coop members can                                                                                                        It’s hard to imagine anyone
                       leave their bikes with                                                                                                          not liking the New York Ched-
               our valet parking service, which is like                                                                                                dar. Smoked Dorset, on the
                                                                                                                                                       other hand, powerful and dis-
           a coat check for bikes. Working members will
               check in and watch your bike for you.
                                                                                           ...and the living is easy.                                  tinctive, may not please every-
                                                                                                                                                       one. But between them, they
                                                                                   But don’t forget your coop shift!                                   testify to the incredible range
             Just drop off your bike, do your shopping                                                                                                 of flavors offered by the
                   or your shift, and hop back on.                                 If you plan on being away during one of your                        world’s cheeses. The Coop
                   No locks, no worries, no theft.                                 workslots, please make arrangements to have                         offers an open door to explor-
                   Service operates rain or shine.                                               your shift covered.                                   ing this wonderful diversity. ■
               Look for us in front of the yellow wall.
              (Note: no bike check-in after 7:30 p.m.)
                                                                                               One way to do it is to use
                                                                                        the Shift Swap at www.foodcoop.com!
          Valet bicycle parking at                                                 If you plan on being away for eight weeks or
           the Coop is brought to                                                  more, contact the Membership Office to take a
           you by the PSFC Shop                                                                  leave of absence.
              & Cycle Committee.
                                                                                        Your co-workers will love you for it!
                                                         Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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                                                                         Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                             August 25, 2011            3

      A Green Cart Grows in Brooklyn
      By Danielle Uchitelle

             veryone knows the
             Coop brings you the
             best produce imagin-
      able, but what if it’s 10 p.m.,
      you’ve got an empty refrigera-
      tor, and you suddenly have a
      taste for blueberries? If only
      there was a pushcart full of
      fruits and vegetables sta-
      tioned on your street corner,
      waiting to meet your off-hours
      cravings. On my street corner
      in Prospect Heights there is
      such a pushcart, part of a city-
      wide program called Green
      Carts. While it’s no substitute
      for the Coop produce aisle,
      Green Carts bring another
      healthy food option to neigh-
      borhoods where access to
      fresh produce is limited.            Rudy Shayn proudly displays his fresh, mobile produce.                                    Figs anyone?

      Not Every Cart is a                  on your feet; they’ll lend you
      Green Cart                           up to $5,000 to get started in
         Not every produce stand           the Green Cart business. In
      on the streets of the city is a      addition to purchasing your
      Green Cart, part of a special        own cart, you’ll need to
      program initially seeded with        obtain a Certificate of Author-
      a $1.5 million grant from the        ity to Collect Sales Tax, pass
      Laurie M. Tisch Illumination         the Food Protection Course
      Fund. Mayor Bloomberg                for Mobile Food Vendors, and
      signed a law three years ago         purchase a Mobile Food
      to provide permits for up to         Vending License.
      1,000 produce carts through-            If a vegetable cart isn’t part
      out the city, of which 350 are       of your career plans, consider
      designated for Brooklyn. Last        the resumé of Rudy Shayn,
      year, there were 1,403 appli-        whose Green Cart stands
      cations for a Green Cart per-        proudly on the street corner
      mit, 522 specifically for            beneath my apartment win-
      Brooklyn, where 116 Green            dow. A former programmer/
      Carts currently operate.             analyst for JPMorgan Chase,
         City law stipulates that          Rudy says he got tired of the

                                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTOS BY INGSU LIU
      these carts may only sell raw        boom and bust cycles of the
      fruits and vegetables. No            New York banking industry
      frozen or processed produce          and decided to become his
      is allowed, nor may the cart         own boss with a cart. At first,
      sell cut, sliced, or peeled          he simply wanted to obtain a
      fruits or vegetables. Accord-        street vendor license, but as
      ing to city regulations, Green       he read about the various
      Carts must be situated “exclu-       programs he realized that a         go to Hunts Point Market             But I do it because I love it.”   vegetable options in your life,
      sively in neighborhoods              Green Cart would perfectly          every three days and only buy           As I look down from my         and I’m thrilled that Rudy has
      where consumption [of veg-           suit his enthusiasm for fresh       the highest quality. I take care     apartment window I can see        set up his Green Cart on my
      etables and fruits] is particu-      produce and his desire to           of my food. I have a refrigera-      that blueberries have disap-      corner. ■
      larly low.” I’m not sure             interact with neighborhood          tor to store everything at           peared from Rudy’s offerings,
      whether this is a subtly coded       residents. Now in its second        night; most others don’t do          but the mangos look ripe and
      message or not, but I do know        season, Rudy’s cart can be          that.” Rudy enjoys his status        I’m going to go downstairs
      that our own household con-          found on the same corner            as a local fixture and likes         and buy one. I won’t have a
      sumes enough vegetables in a         seven days a week, from early       interacting with the residents       choice between organic and
      week to raise the neighbor-          spring until late November.         of his block. “The people in         non-organic, as I do at the
      hood average to extraordinary        Rudy has become a fixture in        this neighborhood are amaz-          Coop; but on the other hand, I
      levels. Hopefully the city           the neighborhood, greeting          ing and I enjoy being out            don’t have to spend 2.75
      won’t find out and take away         customers by name and               here,” he says. “I’m not going       hours a month cleaning
      our wonderfully convenient           excitedly showing off his lat-      to get rich; in fact some            Rudy’s cart. You can never
      Green Cart.                          est offerings; when Rudy            months I’m just getting even.        have too many fresh fruit and
                                           stops you on the street to
      Want to Run a Green                  taste a litchi, you can’t help
      Cart?                                going home with a bag full.                                        Please protect your feet and toes
          If you think you have what
      it takes to run a Green Cart,        A Local Fixture
                                                                                                              while working your shift at the
      but you’re short of start-up            Rudy takes great pride in                                       Coop by not wearing sandals or
      funds, there’s a special pro-        his cart and is quick to point
      gram administered by the city        out the difference between
                                                                                                              other open-toed footwear.
      in partnership with Accion           his Green Cart and other veg-
      USA, a non-profit micro-             etable vendors. “You can see                                       Thanks for your cooperation, The Park Slope Food Coop
      lender, that will help get you       the difference,” says Rudy. “I
                                                          Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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      4       August 25, 2011                                           Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

      If a Tree Falls

                                                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTOS COUTESY OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF DANIEL MCGOWAN
      CONTINUED FROM PAGE        1

      their crackdowns. Witness-              Enter Marshall Curry, the
      ing this, McGowan, whom              Academy Award-nominated
      other local activists chris-         documentary filmmaker.
      tened The Disgruntled One,           Curry already knew McGowan
      became frustrated, then              because Curry’s wife worked
      enraged, and ultimately con-         at that same domestic vio-
      vinced that “systemic change         lence foundation. She was
      cannot happen from within,”          there when McGowan was
      as he says during the film.          arrested. But Curry had no
      “No real social change has           idea McGowan had this
      happened without pressure,           whole other life, and at first,
      without force, without intim-        it was hard to reconcile the
      idating governments and              person he knew with the
      corporations into changing           actions prosecutors were
      their behavior.”                     claiming he’d committed.            Earth Liberation Front fire at Superior Lumber.
          After the 2001 Seattle
      protests (in which McGowan                                               talks about the fear he and          love story is a sweet spot of             McGowan, as you’d expect
      partook, as part of the black-                                           his family felt after the attack,    the film) are conducted                   from someone this passion-
      hooded, break-windows con-                                               the newly cautious way in            through bullet-proof glass.               ate. And the problems that
      tingent), he moved to                                                    which they live, that argu-          When his mother was dying,                drove him to take such
      Eugene, Oregon, at the time                                              ment loses some strength.            he had to go through so much              extreme action—which are
      ground zero for the radical                                              Still, it’s hard to take serious-    red tape before he could call             some of the same concerns
      environmental movement.                                                  ly the Department of Justice’s       her that by the time he did,              that drive so many of us to,
      There, he became part of an                                              claim that the ELF was the           she was already unconscious.              among other things, join the
      ELF cell. The ELF was (and                                               most dangerous domestic                 McGowan is now in the                  Coop—have not gone away.
      remains) loosely structured:                                             terrorist organization, given        “home stretch” of his sen-                Because the trees, they’re
      no leadership, its public face                                           that in all its existence, it has    tence, says his wife. In anoth-           still falling.
      a handful of talking heads                                               never harmed or injured a            er year, he could be
      who would report on ELF                                                  single person.                       transferred to a halfway                      If a Tree Falls is playing at
      actions to the media and                                                     When McGowan commit-             house. “He's very eager to get            select theaters nationwide and
      espouse ELF philosophy but           Daniel McGowan.                     ted his two arsons, it was early     a job and live like the rest of           comes out on DVD on August
      who had no direct knowledge                                              2001, before 9/11. It would          us on the outside,” Synan                 30th. It will be available on Net-
      of the actions until after the       No Wild-Eyed                        take the unrelenting Oregon          says. “He often has friends               flix at the end of November.
      fact and no knowledge of the         Revolutionary                       police more than four years to       send him job listings to get              For more information, go to
      people behind them. It was               “Before making the film, if     piece together the crimes            an idea what is out there.                www.ifatreefallsfilm.com. ■
      an effective strategy. In the        you'd asked me who was              (and this police procedural          He's been compiling a list of
      heyday of the ELF, its mem-          behind the ELF, I might have        part of the film plays like a        organizations he will be
      bers committed a string of           guessed it was wild-eyed,           true life Law & Order). By the       reaching out to for employ-
      arsons at a variety of targets       aggressive revolutionaries,”        time McGowan pleaded guilty          ment before his release. His
      from ski resorts to university       Curry says. “Daniel didn't rant     – unlike many of his co-defen-       focus is completely on the
      labs to car dealerships to tree      and rave and knew how to talk       dants, he refused to be a gov-       future and being with me and
      farms. Anything seen as              with people who didn't share        ernment cooperator and               the rest of his family.”
      harmful to the environment           his opinions. But my stereo-        testify against his co-conspir-         Synan says social justice
      was fair game—with costs             types were wrong—he had             ators in exchange for a more         and environmental issues are
      spiraling into the millions of       done those fires and I wanted       lenient sentence – it was 2007.      still deeply important to
      dollars. Because of its struc-       to understand that. How had
      ture, the ELF stymied law            someone like him gotten             Prison Life
      enforcement and evaded cap-
      ture for years.
                                           involved in those actions?”
                                              The film provides a com-
                                                                                   The timing matters, not just
                                                                               in the philosophical question                                   Sudoku
          McGowan participated in          pelling, even visceral, under-      of what constitutes terrorism,
      two fires. His first was at a        standing of McGowan’s (and          but in terms of his sentencing.
      lumber mill. “Sometimes              other like-minded activists’)       Had McGowan gone to trial
      when you see things you              radicalization. Some scenes,        and been found guilty, he
      love being destroyed, you            of the police almost gently         would’ve been facing several
      just want to destroy those           dabbing pepper spray into           life sentences—for two victim-
      things.” The second was an           the eyes of prostate protest-       less fires—because the fires
      attack on a tree farm sus-           ers, are difficult to watch. The    qualified as a terrorist crime.
      pected of growing genetical-         views of clearcuts are dis-         The sentence he did receive,
      ly engineered species, which         heartening. But part of the         about seven years, seems rela-
      turned out to be untrue. And         film’s strength is pushing          tively light given what he was
      it left him with more misgiv-        past the propaganda of a            initially facing. But he received
      ings. Watching the place go          highly charged group like the       a so-called terrorism enhance-
      up in flames, McGowan felt           ELF. Part of the film’s sur-        ment, which meant that much
      that there had to be a better        prise—after the initial brutal      of his sentence has been
      way than “just burning               clampdown footage—is that           served in a Communications
      things down.” That was his           it manages to be sympathetic        Management Unit, “essential-
      last ELF action. He eventual-        to all the players: McGowan,        ly a terrorist wing,” as Curry
      ly returned to New York City,        other ELF members, the              puts it. His communication is
      limited his activism to the          police, and even lumber com-        heavily restricted: one letter a
      confines of the law, fell in         pany executives.                    week, one phone call and visit
      love, and got a job working              ELF members may claim           per month. The Linewaiters’
      for a domestic violence              that what they do is property       Gazette is among the mail he
      foundation. That was where           destruction, not terrorism,         receives. Visits, even those
      he was working when, four            but when the head of the            with his wife (he married girl-
      years later, federal agents          lumber company whose                friend Jenny Synan during the
      barged in to arrest him.             offices McGowan torched             thick of his legal battle; the                                                          xx.
                                                                                                                     Puzzle author: James Vasile. For answers, see page15.

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                                                                                                             Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                            August 25, 2011               5

      An Invitation to a Community Debate
      on the Boycott Issue
      By Carol Horwitz                                       differences may split apart a                        European governments, have
                                                             community, an institution, or                        failed to act to stop the abuses
         Want to know more about                             friendships. This open conver-                       that are intensifying and when      The Event:
      what Boycott, Divestment                               sation is a way to open up dis-                      other forms of pressure have
      and Sanctions against Israel                           cussion, not shut it down.                           not been successful.                   On September 15, we will be fortunate to hear speak-
      is all about? As a member of                               Background: Many artists                             Some artists, actors, musi-     ers who have thought deeply about—and been involved
      the Park Slope Food Coop, I                            and musicians and others                             cians and others, also commit-      in—issues of peace and justice, who have spent time in
      invite you to attend “An Open                          oppose the Israeli occupation                        ted to peace and justice, feel      Israel/Palestine, and who disagree with each other
      Jewish Conversation on Cul-                            and support the cultural boy-                        differently. They believe that a    about BDS and cultural boycott. Some of our speakers
      tural Boycott of Israel” (Kolot                        cott of Israel—which is part of                      cultural boycott of Israel does     are active in the arts, and some are members of Jewish
      Chayeinu, on Eighth Ave.                               the international Boycott,                           more harm than good and is          groups that focus on peace in the Middle East. Some
      between 10th and 11th                                  Divestment, and Sanctions                            not an appropriate tool in the      are members of our host congregation.
      Streets, Thursday, Sept. 15,                                                                                Israeli-Palestinian context.           Hosted by Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives: Building a Pro-
      7:30 p.m.).                                                                                                 They accept—or support              gressive Jewish Community in Brooklyn 1012 Eighth Ave.
         All PSFC members and                                                                                     accepting—invitations to per-       between 10th and 11th Streets in Park Slope.
      their friends are invited to a                               Member                                         form or exhibit in Israel and
      respectful conversation                                                                                     prefer to keep channels of             Speakers (organizational affiliation for identification
      among Jews with many differ-
                                                                   Contribution                                   communication open. When            purposes only): Udi Aloni*, filmmaker; Dalit Baum*,
      ent perspectives about the                                                                                  Israeli cultural institutions or    Who Profits?: Jethro Eisenstein, Board of Directors, Jew-
      cultural boycott of Israel.                                                                                 artists perform in the U.S.,        ish Voice for Peace; Roy Nathanson, musician, member
      During this time when the UN                           (BDS) campaign—as a non-                             some of these people prefer to      of Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives; Lynne Sachs,
      is scheduled to vote on Pales-                         violent way to press Israel to                       focus on their art, and not to      filmmaker, member of Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our
      tinian statehood, we hope to                           abide by international law and                       engage in political action such     Lives; Ron Skolnik, executive director, Partners for Pro-
      encourage discussion and                               recognize Palestinians’ human                        as protests or calls for boycott.   gressive Israel (Meretz USA)
      thought within the Jewish                              rights and self-determination.                       Some who share this view               Moderator: Esther Kaplan, radio and print journalist
      community about how to                                 This boycott includes the deci-                      about cultural boycott also
      best support movements for                             sion not to perform or exhibit                       feel this way about the Pales-         *The two Israeli speakers confirmed their participa-
      peace and justice in Pales-                            in Israel or in settlements in                       tinian call regarding BDS in        tion prior to the July 11 passage in the Israeli Knesset of
      tine/Israel. This evening will                         the Occupied Territories. This                       general or other specific           the “Bill for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel
      provide an opportunity to                              also includes a call to boycott                      expressions of it. ■                Through Boycott.” This law, which has drawn wide-
      hear from people with differ-                          Israeli institutions that are                                                            spread international criticism, limits freedom of expres-
      ent points of view about                               complicit with the occupation.                                                           sion and association and exposes Israeli citizens and
      whether a cultural boycott is                          Supporters of BDS and of a                                                               organizations to litigation and penalties if they publicly
      an appropriate and effective                           cultural boycott have joined                                                             call for all kinds of boycotts of Israel, settlements, or the
      strategy for doing just that.                          an appeal called for by Pales-                                                           occupation. As of this writing, both of these speakers
         Too often these days open                           tinian civil society asking the                                                          have confirmed they can join us. In the event they must
      discussions among American                             international community to                                                               adjust their plans, alternate speakers will be confirmed.
      Jews about Israel, its politics,                       use this non-violent tool at a                                                              Organizing Committee: Naomi Allen, Ricky Blum,
      culture, and government are                            time when the Israeli govern-                                                            Mary Buchwald (Brooklyn For Peace); Elly Bulkin, Carol
      prevented, often from fear that                        ment, as well as the U.S. and                                                            Horwitz, Donna Nevel (Jews Say No!); Cindy Greenberg,
                                                                                                                                                      Rabbi Ellen Lippmann (Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our

                   Interested in learning more about
               how diversity issues affect Coop members’
                 shopping and work shift experiences?

                           Want to know more about
                        what resources are available to
                       help your shift run more smoothly?                                                                   Labor Day Hours
           The Park Slope Food Coop’s Diversity and Equality Committee is holding a series of
        workshops for Squad Leaders. The goal of the two-hour workshop is to increase awareness
         and understanding of diversity in the Coop. Through interactive discussions we will talk
         about the values of diversity, how differences can create both collaboration and conflict
                                                                                                                                  Monday, Sept 5th
             and strategies for dealing with issues of diversity. We will discuss conflicts that
                     have arisen in the Coop, the findings of the diversity survey and
                  what you can do to make the Coop a more welcoming place for all.

                        TRAINING DATES:
                                                                                                                         Shopping: 8:00 am-10:00 pm
         Saturday, September 17, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
                       Thursday, September 22, 7-9 p.m.
                                                                                                                                            Membership Office:
         Saturday, October 15, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
                       Thursday, October 27, 7-9 p.m.
                                                                                                                                            8:00 am-8:30 pm
                Please call 888-922-COOP (2667) box 89 or send an e-mail to reply@psfc.coop
          (with “SL Training” in the subject line) to confirm your attendance and/or for more information.
             In either case, please tell us your name, Coop member number, contact information and
             the date you are interested in attending. We will reply with a confirmation within a week.

                                      DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY COMMITTEE
                                        PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP

                                                                                    Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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      6        August 25, 2011                                    Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                          — that could affect your
                         shopping privileges — are
                            coming to the Coop
                             on September 12!
             Starting on September 12 the Checkout/Cashier
               stations will know your member status and
              your household status. A “suspension” could
                       impact your ability to shop.

                                                      Contact the
                                                 Membership Office or
                                                   pick up a flier at
                                                 the Entrance Desk to
                                                      learn more.

                    The Orientation Committee is looking for Coop
                 members who have a group teaching and/or training back-
                         ground to lead Orientation sessions.

                  Potential orientors should be articulate, well-organized,
                    and able to give a large amount of information in a
               personable and accessible way to a diverse group in a short
             period of time. Orientors lead sessions every six weeks, and on
               the week midway between sessions, must be available as
                              backup for emergency coverage.
                       Regular slots are on Sunday afternoons, Monday or
                        Wednesday evenings, or Wednesday mornings.

               Coop member need at least two years of membership and an excellent
               attendance history to be considered for the Orientation Committee.

                 There is an initial group interview for this committee, after
                    which there are three trainings for workslot credit.
                 An annual meeting of the Orientation Committee is part of
                                    the work requirement.

                   We seek Orientors who reflect the diversity of the Coop.

                        To apply, please contact Ginger Jung at ginger_jung@psfc.coop

                                                   Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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                                                                             Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                August 25, 2011            7

      What Is the BDS Movement?                                                                                             Follow the Food Coop on
      By Barbara Mazor                           BDS supporter Ahmed Moor          recognition of a Jewish state.
                                              is more direct: “BDS does            Seven Arab League nations
          What is the BDS movement?           mean the end of the Jewish           declared war on Israel, vowing
      What is its goal? We need to            state.” The world is filled with     to exterminate the Jews.
      know if we in the Coop are to vote      ethnic nation-states. There are          War is a terrible thing.
      on holding a referendum to join                                              About 25 million Germans,
      BDS.                                                                         Russians, Poles, Ukrainians
          BDS stands for Boycott,                                                  and others were uprooted in
      Divest, Sanction. The target is             Member                           the aftermath of World War II.
      Israel. BDS equates Israel with             Contribution                     Some 2 million Jewish sur-                                 @foodcoop
      the former apartheid regime of                                               vivors in Europe had nowhere
      South Africa. It claims Israel is                                            to go home. The partition of
      obligated under international law                                            India caused the displacement
      to: 1) end the occupation of Arab       21 Arab states. Islam enjoys an      of 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and         The 160,000 Arabs who             uniquely evil. It ignores Arab
      lands; 2) provide equal rights for      official state status in 17 of       Muslims. Around 700,000              remained inside Israel and           incitement and violence. It is
      Arab citizens of Israel; 3) allow the   them. BDS applies a different        Arabs fled to the neighboring        their descendants have full citi-    BDS’s position that Israel has
      return of Arabs who left Palestine      standard to Israel; only Jews are    invading Arab countries, during      zenship and full civil rights in     no right to exist.
      during the 1948 war. The goal,          denied the right of self-deter-      the 1948 war. Subsequently, at       Israel. Arabs in Israel vote,           When does criticism of
      according to BDS leader Omar            mination.                            least 700,000 Jews were forced       attend university, work in all       Israel cross the line and
      Barghouti, is “a more just, moral          Jews share a unique history,      out of Arab countries.               professions, serve in the Parlia-    become anti-Semitism?
      and therefore enduring alterna-         culture, language and religion.          In this context, the Palestin-   ment, and serve as judges. To        According to Hannah Rosen-
      tive for peaceful coexistence           By every definition they are a       ian exodus, while tragic, is not     compare their situation to           thal of the US State Depart-
      between Jews and Arabs in Man-          nation, and historically have        extraordinary. Yet, while all        “apartheid” is a bald-faced lie      ment: “when Israel is
      date Palestine: the one-state           been treated that way. If there      other refugees were absorbed         and disrespectful to those who       demonized, when Israel is
      solution.”                              is a right of all peoples to self-   by their host countries, only the    truly suffered in South Africa. It   held to different standards
         The BDS claims seem rea-             determination, then Jews, too,       Arab Palestinians remained           is an attempt to demonize            than the rest of the countries,
      sonable, only if you know noth-         are entitled to that right.          stateless. Their Arab host coun-     Israel.                              and when Israel is delegit-
      ing about the Middle East or               Up until the 1948 war, Jews       tries refused to absorb them            Since 1967, the Arabs have        imized, these cases are not
      world history.                          acquired land though purchas-        and grant them the full rights of    rejected numerous offers by          disagreements with a policy
         An advocate of a “peaceful           es from Arab landowners at           citizenship. There is no move-       Israel to end the occupation –       of Israel, this is anti-Semi-
      coexistence between Jews and            inflated prices. In 1947, in an      ment demanding the right of          the result of a defensive war - in   tism.” BDS does all three.
      Arabs” would encourage activities       attempt to end the ethnic vio-       return for anyone displaced dur-     return for an end to the conflict       Entertaining any connec-
      intended to normalize relation-         lence in Mandatory Palestine,        ing this period in history but the   and coexistence with a secure        tion to BDS means treating it
      ships between Arabs and Jews.           the UN General Assembly rec-         Palestinians. Ahmed Moor             Jewish state. Again, Moor:           as having a legitimate side of
      Barghouti’s organization, PACBI,        ommended partition of the            writes, “The right of return         “Ending the occupation doesn’t       a public debate, an unaccept-
      published a pamphlet to discour-        land into 2 states - one for Jews,   [BDS’s third demand] is an invi-     mean anything if it doesn’t          able position for the Park
      age Palestinian youth from partic-      one for Arabs. The Jews accept-      olable and sacrosanct principle      mean upending the Jewish             Slope Food Coop. ■
      ipating in peacebuilding efforts,       ed the plan. The Arabs rejected      which necessarily spells out the     state itself.”
      branding those who do “traitors.”       the plan because it included         end of the Jewish state.”               BDS seeks to depict Israel as

                           What Is That? How Do I Use It?
             Food Tours in the Coop
                          Monday, August 29, September 12 & 26

                                                                                                                                                                                          PHOTO BY KEVIN RYAN
                                    Noon to 2:45 p.m.
                          You can join in any time during a tour.
           If the weather is hot                                          If you are depressed                                              Looking
             find water                                                      find your heart and put a hand there

           If you are late                                                If loss grieves you
              find the sky—it is never late                                  find gratitude for what you have
                                                                                                                                         something new?
           If you are pressured                                           Endless torments await                                                    Check out the Coop’s
              find your breath                                                                                                                        products blog.
                                                                          Find the good
           If you are lonely                                                Focus there                                                        The place to go for the latest
              find your smile                                                                                                                   information on our current
                                                                                                                                                    product inventory.
           If you are in pain                                             The Park Slope Food Coop
              find the part of you that is well                            Finding you the goods
                                                                                             by Myra Klockenbrink                             You can connect to the blog
                                                                                                                                                via the Coop’s website

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      8          August 25, 2011                                                            Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                      COOP HOURS                                                                                                                                                    A monthly musical
                                                                                     Friday                                                                                  fundraising partnership of
            Office Hours:                                                                                                                                                                the Park Slope
              Monday through Thursday                                                Sep 16                                                                                             Food Coop and
                8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.                                               8:00 p.m.                                                                                     the Brooklyn Society
              Friday & Saturday                                                                                                                                                      for Ethical Culture
                8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
            Shopping Hours:
                8:00 a.m. to 10:00* p.m.
                6:00 a.m. to 10:00* p.m.
                6:00 a.m. to 7:30* p.m.
                                                                                                                                   Park Slope local singer and guitarist Mamie Minch
                                                                                                                                   sounds something like a well-fleshed-out 78rpm record.
            *Shoppers must be on a checkout line                                                                                   She’s known around town for her Piedmont-style
             15 minutes after closing time.
            Childcare Hours:                                                                                                       fingerpicking chops, her big deep voice and her
              Monday through Sunday                                                                                                self-penned antique-sounding songs. She’s played
                8:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.                                                                                             music all over the world and Brooklyn, with all kinds
            Telephone:                                                                                                             of excellent people, including Dayna Kurtz, the
              718-622-0560                                                                                                         Roulette Sisters, Jimbo Mathis and CW Stoneking.
            Web address:

                                                                                                Singer-songwriter                      Noe Venable
                                                                                                                                        is a composer of
                                                                                             mystically tinged experimental folk songs, incorporating
                                                                                                   spine-tingling vocal harmonies and soaring strings.
                                                                                             Ani DiFranco has called her music “ravishingly melodic!”
      The Linewaiters’ Gazette is published biweekly by the Park Slope
      Food Coop, Inc., 782 Union Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215.                               Puremusic.com dubs her “a full-blown young musical
      Opinions expressed here may be solely the views of the writer. The                 visionary.” Having honed her songwriting and musicianship
      Gazette will not knowingly publish articles that are racist, sexist, or oth-
      erwise discriminatory.
                                                                                       within the context of San Francisco’s rich experimental and jazz music scene, Venable has
      The Gazette welcomes Coop-related articles, and letters from members.
                                                                                            gone on to wider recognition through the release of five albums, as well as national
                                                                                                             tours opening for artists from Ani DiFranco to They Might be Giants.
      All submissions must include author’s name and phone number and
      conform to the following guidelines. Editors will reject letters and
      articles that are illegible or too long. Submission deadlines appear
                                                                                            53 Prospect Park West [at 2nd Street] • $10 • 8:00 p.m. [doors open at 7:45]
      in the Coop Calendar opposite.                                                                      Performers are Park Slope Food Coop members and receive Coop workslot credit.
                                                                                                                                   Booking: Bev Grant, 718-788-3741
      Letters: Maximum 500 words. All letters will be printed if they
      conform to the guidelines above. The Anonymity and Fairness
      policies appear on the letters page in most issues.

      Voluntary Articles: Maximum 750 words. Editors will reject articles
      that are essentially just advertisements for member businesses and                         Monthly on the...
      services.                                                                                        Last Sunday                                   This Issue Prepared By:
      Committee Reports: Maximum 1,000 words.                                                           August 28                                          Coordinating Editors: Stephanie Golden
      Editor-Writer Guidelines: Except for letters to the editor, which
      are published without editing but are subject to the Gazette letters
      policy regarding length, anonymity, respect, and fairness, all
                                                                                            E    10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    Second Saturday
                                                                                                      September 10
                                                                                                                                                                                    Erik Lewis
                                                                                                                                                         Editors (development): Dan Jacobson
                                                                                                                                                                                    Carey Meyers

                                                                                                 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
      submissions to the Linewaiters' Gazette will be reviewed and if
      necessary edited by the editor. In their review, editors are guided
                                                                                                     Third Thursday                                                     Reporters: Gayle Forman
                                                                                                      September 15
      by the Gazette's Fairness and Anonymity policies as well as stan-                           7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.                                                               Tom Matthews

      dard editorial practices of grammatical review, separation of fact                                                                                                            Danielle Uchitelle
      from opinion, attribution of factual statements, and rudimentary                     On the sidewalk in front of the receiving
      fact checking. Writers are responsible for the factual content of                               area at the Coop.                              Art Director (development): Michelle Ishay
      their stories. Editors must make a reasonable effort to contact                                                                                                 Illustrators: Paul Buckley
      and communicate with writers regarding any proposed editorial
      changes. Writers must make a reasonable effort to respond to
      and be available to editors to confer about their articles. If there
      is no response after a reasonable effort to contact the writer, an
                                                                                           What plastics do we accept?
                                                                                                                                                                  Photographers: Ann Rosen
                                                                                                                                                                                    Ingsu Liu
      editor, at her or his discretion, may make editorial changes to a
      submission without conferring with the writer.
      Submissions on Paper: Typed or very legibly handwritten and
                                                                                            LUntil further notice:
                                                                                      • #1 and #6 type non-bottle shaped contain-
                                                                                                                                                                 Traffic Manager: Barbara Knight
                                                                                                                                                                     Thumbnails: Saeri Yoo Park
                                                                                                                                                                  Preproduction: Yan Kong

                                                                                        ers, transparent only, labels ok
      placed in the wallpocket labeled "Editor" on the second floor at the
      base of the ramp.                                                               • Plastic film and bubble wrap, transparent                                     Photoshop: Bill Kontzias
                                                                                        only, no colored or opaque, no labels                                Desktop Publishing: Matthew Landfield
      Digital Submissions: We welcome digital submissions. Drop

                                                                                            N                                                                                       Midori Nakamura
      disks in the wallpocket described above. The email address for                  • #5 plastic cups, tubs, and specifically
      submissions is GazetteSubmissions@psfc.coop. Receipt of your                      marked caps and lids, very clean and dry                                                    Oliver Yourke
      submissions will be acknowledged on the deadline day.                             (discard any with paper labels, or cut off)
                                                                                                                                                             Editor (production): Michal Hershkovitz

      Classified & Display Ads: Ads may only be placed by and on behalf                  •NOTE: We are no longer accepting
      of Coop members. Classified ads are prepaid at $15 per insertion,                       #2 or #4 type plastics.                                              Puzzle Master: James Vasile
      business card ads at $30. (Ads in the “Merchandise–Non-commercial”               PLASTIC MUST BE COMPLETELY CLEAN & DRY                                  Final Proofreader: Teresa Theophano
      category are free.) All ads must be written on a submission form
      (available in a wallpocket on the first floor near the elevator). Classi-                      We close up promptly.                                                   Index: Len Neufeld
      fied ads may be up to 315 characters and spaces. Display ads must                       Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the
      be camera-ready and business card size (2"x3.5").                                 collection end time to allow for inspection and
                                                                                                    sorting of your plastic.
      Printed by: Tri-Star Offset, Maspeth, NY.

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                                                                                      Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                            August 25, 2011             9

                           Voucher Data Entry                                           plies on the shopping floor, at checkout lanes,     cleaning products. This job is perfect for mem-

                           Tuesday, 6 to 8:45 a.m.                                      entrance desks and the cashier stations, and in     bers who like to clean and are conscientious
                                                                                        the basement. This is a task and detailed-ori-      about doing a thorough job.
                           The Coop needs detail-oriented members to                    ented job, ideal for someone who likes working
                           enter data from voucher sheets into an Excel                 independently and is proactive. Please speak to
                           spreadsheet. Accuracy working with numbers                   Alex in the Membership Office or contact him
                           and facility with Excel required. The shift must             at    alex_marquez@psfc.coop          if   you
                                                                                                                                            Vitamin Assistant
                           begin by 7:00 a.m. but you can come as early as                                                                  Friday, 2:30 to 5:15 p.m.
                                                                                        are interested.
                           6:00 a.m. You will need to work independently                                                                    Are you a detail-oriented worker who can work
                           and be self-motivated and reliable. Please con-                                                                  independently and in a busy environment?
                           tact Renee St. Furcy at renee_stfurcy@psfc.coop                                                                  The Coop’s vitamin buyer needs you to help
                           or 718-622-0560 if you are interested.                       Bathroom Cleaning                                   her check in orders, organize the vitamin sup-
                                                                                        12 to 2:00 p.m.                                     ply area in the basement and on the shopping
                                                                                        Work with a partner to deep clean the Coop’s        floor, label vitamins and supplements, and
                           Check Store Supplies                                         bathrooms. Tasks include scrubbing floor tiles,     perform other related tasks. If you are interest-
                           Monday, 6 to 8:30 a.m.                                       cleaning toilets, mopping floors and stocking       ed in this workslot, please contact the
                           This workslot is responsible for restocking sup-             the bathrooms. You will work with only natural      Membership Office for more information.

                                                                                                                                      A l l A b o u t t h e
                 C O O P CA L E N D A R                                                                                             G e n e r a l M e e t i n g

         New Member Orientations                                        Next General Meeting                                      Our Governing Structure
             Attending an Orientation is the first step toward          TUE, AUG 30, 7:00 P.M.                                    From our inception in 1973 to the present, the open
         Coop membership. Pre-registration is required for                                                                        monthly General Meetings have been at the center of the
         all of the four weekly New Member Orientations.
                                                                        GM Agenda Committee Meeting                               Coop’s decision-making process. Since the Coop incor-
         To pre-register, visit foodcoop.com or contact the             TUE, SEP 6, 8:00 P.M.                                     porated in 1977, we have been legally required to have a
         Membership Office..                                            Submissions will be considered for the Sep 27             Board of Directors. The Coop continued the tradition of
             Have questions about Orientation? Please visit             General Meeting.                                          General Meetings by requiring the Board to have open
         www.foodcoop.com and look at the “Join the Coop”                                                                         meetings and to receive the advice of the members at
         page for answers to frequently asked questions.                                                                          General Meetings. The Board of Directors, which is
                                                                        Gazette Deadlines                                         required to act legally and responsibly, has approved
         The Coop on the Internet                                       LETTERS & VOLUNTARY ARTICLES:
                                                                                                                                  almost every General Meeting decision at the end of
                                                                                                                                  every General Meeting. Board members are elected at
         www.foodcoop.com                                                   Sep 8 issue:     12:00 p.m., Mon, Aug 29              the Annual Meeting in June. Copies of the Coop’s bylaws
                                                                            Sep 22 issue:    12:00 p.m., Mon, Sep 12              are available at the Coop Community Corner and at
         The Coop on Cable TV                                                                                                     every General Meeting.
         Inside the Park Slope Food Coop                                CLASSIFIED ADS DEADLINE:
         FRIDAYS 2:30 p.m. with a replay at 10:30 p.m.
         Channels: 56 (TimeWarner), 69 (CableVision).
                                                                        Sep 8 issue:
                                                                        Sep 22 issue:
                                                                                             7:00 p.m., Wed, Aug 31
                                                                                             7:00 p.m., Wed, Sep 14
                                                                                                                                  Next Meeting: Tuesday,
                                                                                                                                  August 30, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                  The General Meeting is held on the last Tuesday of each
                         Attend a GM                                               Park Slope Food Coop
                                                                                    Mission Statement                             Location
                    and Receive Work Credit                                                                                       The Temple House of Congregation Beth Elohim
            Since the Coop’s inception in 1973, the General                     The Park Slope Food Coop is a mem-
                                                                                                                                  (Garfield Temple), 274 Garfield Place.
        Meeting has been our decision-making body. At the                       ber-owned and operated food store—an
        General Meeting (GM) members gather to make                             alternative to commercial profit-oriented
        decisions and set Coop policy. The General-Meeting-for-                 business. As members, we contribute our           How to Place an Item
        workslot-credit program was created to increase
        participation in the Coop’s decision-making process.
                                                                                labor: working together builds trust
                                                                                through cooperation and teamwork and
                                                                                                                                  on the Agenda
            Following is an outline of the program. For full details, see
        the instruction sheets by the sign-up board.                            enables us to keep prices as low as possi-        If you have something you’d like discussed at a General
                                                                                ble within the context of our values and          Meeting, please complete a submission form for the
        • Advance Sign-up required:                                                                                               Agenda Committee. Forms are available in the rack near
           To be eligible for workslot credit, you must add your                principles. Only members may shop, and
        name to the sign-up sheet in the elevator lobby. The sign-              we share responsibilities and benefits            the Coop Community Corner bulletin board and at
        ups sheet is available all month long, except for the day of            equally. We strive to be a responsible and        General Meetings. Instructions and helpful information
        the meeting when you have until 5 p.m. to sign up. On the               ethical employer and neighbor. We are a           on how to submit an item appear on the submission
        day of the meeting, the sign-up sheet is kept in the                    buying agent for our members and not a            form. The Agenda Committee meets on the first Tuesday
        Membership Office.                                                      selling agent for any industry. We are a part     of each month to plan the agenda for the GM held on the
           Some restrictions to this program do apply. Please see                                                                 last Tuesday of the month. If you have a question, please
                                                                                of and support the cooperative movement.
        below for details.                                                                                                        call Ann Herpel at the coop.
                                                                                We offer a diversity of products with an
        • Two GM attendance credits per year:
                                                                                emphasis on organic, minimally pro-
          Each member may take advantage of the GM-for-
        workslot-credit program two times per calendar year.                    cessed and healthful foods. We seek to            Meeting Format
        • Certain Squads not eligible:                                          avoid products that depend on the                 Warm Up (7:00 p.m.) • Meet the Coordinators
           Eligible: Shopping, Receiving/ Stocking, Food                        exploitation of others. We support non-           • Enjoy some Coop snacks • Submit Open Forum items
        Processing, Office, Maintenance, Inventory, Construction,               toxic, sustainable agriculture. We respect        • Explore meeting literature
        and FTOP committees. (Some Committees are omitted                       the environment. We strive to reduce the          Open Forum (7:15 p.m.) Open Forum is a time for
        because covering absent members is too difficult.)                      impact of our lifestyles on the world we          members to bring brief items to the General Meeting. If
        • Attend the entire GM:                                                 share with other species and future genera-       an item is more than brief, it can be submitted to the
            In order to earn workslot credit you must be present                tions. We prefer to buy from local, earth-        Agenda Committee as an item for a future GM.
        for the entire meeting.                                                 friendly producers. We recycle. We try to         Reports (7:30 p.m.) • Financial Report • Coordinators’
        • Signing in at the Meeting:                                            lead by example, educating ourselves and          Report • Committee Reports
           1. After the meeting the Chair will provide the                      others about health and nutrition, coopera-
        Workslot Credit Attendance Sheet.                                                                                         Agenda (8:00 p.m.)
           2.Please also sign in the attendance book that is                    tion and the environment. We are com-             The agenda is posted at the Coop Community Corner
        passed around during the meeting.                                       mitted to diversity and equality. We              and may also appear elsewhere in this issue.
        • Being Absent from the GM:                                             oppose discrimination in any form. We             Wrap Up (9:30-9:45) (unless there is a vote to extend
           It is possible to cancel without penalty. We do ask that             strive to make the Coop welcoming and             the meeting) • Meeting evaluation • Board of Directors
        you remove your name if you know cannot attend. Please                  accessible to all and to respect the opin-        vote • Announcements, etc.
        do not call the Membership Office with GM cancellations.                ions, needs and concerns of every member.

                                                                    Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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      10          August 25, 2011                                                   Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

               aug 28                Intro to Fertility Awareness                                                     sep 6
               sun 12 pm                                                                                              tue 8 pm           Agenda Committee Meeting
         Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle events in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy. This                                     The Committee reviews pending agenda items and creates the
         workshop will describe the basic tools used to interpret the body’s signals, indicating fertile                                 agenda for this month’s General Meeting. Drop by and talk with
         and infertile days. Women with menstrual issues, irregular cycles or compromised fertility                                      committee members face-to-face between 8 and 8:15 p.m.
         may also find charting helpful. Open to both women and men. Coop member Kim Chinh is                                            Before submitting an item, read “How to Develop an Agenda
         currently in training to become certified as a Holistic Reproductive Healthcare Practitioner          Item for the General Meeting” and fill out the General Meeting Agenda Item Submission
         through a Canadian program: Justisse Healthworks for Women.                                           Form, both available from the Membership Office or at foodcoop.com. The next General
                                                                                                               Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 7 p.m., at Congregation Beth Elohim
                                                                                                               Social Hall (Garfield Temple), 274 Garfield Place at Eighth Avenue.
               aug 30                PSFC AUG General Meeting
                tue 7 pm
                                    Items will be taken up in the order given. Times in parentheses
                                    are suggestions. More information on each item may be avail
                                    able on the entrance table at the meeting. We ask members to
                                                                                                                     sep 10              Understanding Your Toddler
                                    please read the materials available between 7 and 7:15 p.m.                      sat 12 pm
         Meeting location: Congregation Beth Elohim Social Hall (Garfield Temple),                             Toddlers can be delightful, confusing, frustrating and exhausting—all in the span of
         274 Garfield Place at Eighth Avenue.                                                                  five minutes! Understanding the toddler’s developmental changes can help parents nav-
         Item #1: Co-sponsorship of the next Brooklyn Food Conference (45 minutes)                             igate the often demanding toddler years with increased patience and skill. This work-
         Discussion: “The Park Slope Food Coop will be a co-sponsor of the 2012 Brooklyn Food                  shop will explore the reasons for toddlers’ behavior. We’ll discuss balancing the needs
         Conference with a donation of $10,000.”                                                               of the child and the parents, and ideas for handling common challenging behaviors,
                            —submitted by Nancy Romer on behalf of the Brooklyn Food Coalition                 such as tantrums and defiance. Pre-registration requested: to register, e-mail
         Explanation: The second Brooklyn Food Conference, on May 12, 2012, will strengthen                    info@playdatesforparents.org. Coop member Becky Plattus and Sharon Connor are
         the food movement and healthy, sustainable access in Brooklyn and beyond, and                         social workers and early-childhood and parent educators.
         advance the community work of the Park Slope Food Coop.
         Item #2: Create Cooperative Study/Education Committee (45 minutes)
         Discussion: “Regular work assignment for 5/7 members to organize four yearly events
         on the theme of economics, governance and history of cooperative enterprises and to
         share the ideas raised therein. One work credit per year offered to each member who
         attends.”                                                       —submitted by Susan Metz                    sep 10              What Are Nutrient-Dense Foods
         Explanation: As co-owners, each member has the privilege and the responsibility to partici-                  sat 3 pm
         pate in short-, medium- and long-term planning of the PSFC. However, the Cooperative
                                                                                                               You trust that everything you and your family eat is nourishing, but in truth, most of
         model and our decision-making structures are not well-understood. In addition to studying
                                                                                                               it only adds unnecessary energy and not enough of the nutrients that make health
         cooperative economics, governance and history and to planning and implementing four
                                                                                                               soar. Come and learn about the nutrient-dense foods that we, just like our ances-
         educational events per year, the committee members will use the Gazette and the website
                                                                                                               tors, need for flourishing health. You won't look at your grocery shopping cart the
         to share information and stimulate discussion about the Cooperative Movement internation-
                                                                                                               same way again. Andrea Ramirez is a health coach for women with chronic diges-
         ally, throughout the U.S., as well as about our own structures.
                                                                                                               tive, auto-immune and hormonal issues.
         For information on how to place an item on the Agenda, please see the center pages of
         the Linewaiters’ Gazette. The Agenda Committee minutes and the status of pending
         agenda items are available in the Coop office.

               aug 30                NOFA Locavore                                                                   sep 11              Fibroids, Cysts and PMS
               tue 7–9 pm                                                                                            sun 12 pm
                                     Cooking Challenge                                                         Participants will learn five effective, natural ways to eliminate fibroids, cysts and
         Several experienced cooks—all Coop members—will demonstrate how to make delicious                     PMS. Learn the underlying causes of hormonal imbalance, how to resolve them
         dishes using the great variety and abundance of foods the Coop carries within a 200-mile              and how to boost energy and clarity through beneficial diet, appropriate exercise
         radius. Come to sample the delicious offerings and take home recipes that you may easily              and the use of natural supplements. Advanced registration suggested: call 646-
         use at home. The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) was found-               483-4571. Coop member Rebecca Curtis is a licensed and registered health and
         ed in 1983. It is an organization of consumers, gardeners and farmers, working together to            fertility coach, through the New York State Department of Education and the
         create a sustainable regional food system that is ecologically sound and economically viable.         American Association of Drugless Practitioners, specializing in women’s issues
                                                                                                               and hormonal balance.

                sep 1                Food Class:
              thu 7:30 pm
                                     Fermentation Basics
                                           Raw, vitamin-rich and full of probiotics, traditionally lacto-fer         sep 13              Safe Food Committee Film Night:
                                                                                                                      tue 7 pm
                                           mented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and half-sour pickles
                                           are both delicious and healthy. They are also easy to make. Chef
                                                                                                                                         Two Angry Moms
             Susan Baldassano, Coordinator Michaela Hayes will discuss fermentation basics and demon-                                    Over the course of a school year, we see a coalition drive dra-
         strate how to prepare these foods. She developed the “pickling” position while at Gramercy                                      matic changes in one Westchester, NY, school district, show-
         Tavern, expanding her preservation repertoire to include fermented pickles such as kimchi                                       ing not only what is wrong with school food; but offering
         and nuka-zuke (Japanese rice-bran pickles). She learned about the sauerkraut business                                           strategies for overcoming roadblocks and getting healthy,
         and began co-packing and creating pickles and jam in Santa Cruz, CA. Based in Brooklyn,                                         good-tasting, real food into school cafeterias. The movie
         she teaches pickling, canning and fermentation through her company, Crock & Jar. Menu                 explores the roles the federal government, corporate interests, school administration
         includes classic sauerkraut; kimchi; half-sour pickles. Materials fee: $4.                            and parents play in feeding our country’s school kids. Refreshments will be served.

                            For more information on these and other events, visit the Coop’s website: foodcoop.com
                                 All events take place at the Park Slope Food Coop unless otherwise noted. Nonmembers are welcome to attend workshops.
                                                  Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop.

                                                                  Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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                                                                              Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                          August 25, 2011        11

               sep 16              Mamie Minch and                                                         sep 30                        Improve Your Health
                fri 8 pm
                                   Noe Venable                                                               fri 7 pm                    With Taoist Tai Chi
                                  Park Slope local singer and guitarist                              Learn the first few moves of the 108-move Tai Chi set, which can bring a wide range of
                                  Mamie Minch sounds something                                       health benefits to the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems, with a soothing effect
                                  like a well-fleshed-out 78rpm                                      on the mind. Coop member Aaron Kirtz invites you to a demonstration as a member of
                                  record. She’s known around town                                    the International Taoist Tai Chi Society™, which has just started classes in Brooklyn.
         for her Piedmont-style fingerpicking chops, her big deep                                    Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Aaron Kirtz has
         voice and her self-penned antique-sounding songs. She’s                                     been practicing Taoist Tai Chi™ for 13 years and is a Continuing Instructor in Training.
         played music all over the world and Brooklyn, with all kinds
         of excellent people, including Dayna Kurtz, the Roulette
         Sisters, Jimbo Mathis and CW Stoneking. Singer-songwriter
         Noe Venable is a composer of mystically tinged experimen-
         tal folk songs, incorporating spine-tingling vocal harmonies                                        oct 2                       Why You’re Not Losing Weight
         and soaring strings. Ani DiFranco has called her music “rav-                                      sun 12 pm
         ishingly melodic!” Puremusic.com dubs her “a full-blown
                                                                                                     What many people don't seem to realize is that you can lose weight and still be
         young musical visionary.” Having honed her songwriting and
                                                                                                     unhealthy—which means lost weight is often gained back. This workshop is designed to
         musicianship within the context of San Francisco’s rich
                                                                                                     give you the tools you need to kick-start your metabolism and get your body in a state of
         experimental and jazz music scene, Venable has gone on to wider recognition
                                                                                                     calorie-burning health and balance. Find out how to become the shape you are meant to
         through the release of five albums, as well as national tours opening for artists from
                                                                                                     be! Coop member Coleen DeVol is a health counselor and whole foods nutrition educator.
         Ani DiFranco to They Might be Giants.
                                                                                                     This event is rescheduled from an earlier postponed event.
         Concert takes place at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, 53 Prospect Park West
         (at 2nd St.), $10, doors open at 7:45. The Very Good Coffeehouse is a monthly musical
         fundraising partnership of the Coop and the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.
         To book a Coffeehouse event, contact Bev Grant, 718-788-3741.
                                                                                                             oct 4                       Agenda Committee Meeting
                                                                                                            tue 8 pm
               sep 17              Why You’re Not Losing Weight                                                                The Committee reviews pending agenda items and creates the
                sat 3 pm                                                                                                       agenda for this month’s General Meeting. Drop by and talk with
                                                                                                                               committee members face-to-face between 8 and 8:15 p.m.
         What many people don't seem to realize is that you can lose weight and still be
                                                                                                                               Before submitting an item, read “How to Develop an Agenda
         unhealthy—which means lost weight is often gained back. This workshop is designed to
                                                                                                     Item for the General Meeting” and fill out the General Meeting Agenda Item Submission
         give you the tools you need to kick-start your metabolism and get your body in a state of
                                                                                                     Form, both available from the Membership Office or at foodcoop.com. The next General
         calorie-burning health and balance. Find out how to become the shape you are meant to
                                                                                                     Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 7 p.m., at Congregation Beth Elohim Social
         be! Coop member Coleen DeVol is a health counselor and whole foods nutrition educator.
                                                                                                     Hall (Garfield Temple), 274 Garfield Place at Eighth Avenue.

               sep 27              Qi Gung to Prevent
                tue 7 pm           The Common Cold                                                           oct 6
         Do you get sniffles, cough or sinus problems every fall and winter? Join in for an               thu 7:30 pm                    Food Class
         evening of Qi Gung exercises and breathing techniques to strengthen your lungs’ resis-
         tance to illness. Learn how to treat yourself if you get sick. Workshop is limited to 18                                       Class subject, chef and menu to be announced.
         participants. Please reserve by calling 347-461-2028. Presented by licensed acupunc-                                           Materials fee: $4.
         turist and long-time Coop member Ann E. Reibel-Coyne, who has studied Tai Chi Chuan
                                                                                                        Susan Baldassano, Coordinator
         and Qi Gung with Master Hua Chi Wang and Master Jeffrey Yuen.

               sep 27              PSFC SEPT General Meeting                                                 oct 7
                tue 7 pm                                                                                     fri 7 pm                    Film Night
                                Meeting Agenda to be announced. For information on how to                                               Film to be announced.
                                place an item on the Agenda, please see the center pages of                                             To book a Film Night, contact Faye Lederman,
                                the Linewaiters’ Gazette. The Agenda Committee minutes                                                  squeezestone@hotmail.com.
                                and the status of pending agenda items are available in the
         Coop office. Meeting location: Congregation Beth Elohim Social Hall (Garfield
         Temple), 274 Garfield Place at Eighth Avenue.

                  oct 8      Healthy Thyroid                                                             oct 21           Wordsprouts: The Coop’s Reading Series

                 oct 11      Safe Food Committee Film Night                                              oct 21           The Very Good Coffeehouse Coop Concert Series

               oct 15–16 Food Drive to Benefit CHIPS Soup Kitchen                                        oct 25           What Are Nutrient-Dense Foods?

                 oct 16      Food Sensitivities

                                                             Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
11-08-25 p1-16_Layout 1 8/24/11 6:38 PM Page 12

      12         August 25, 2011                                      Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                                                  16,000 members. As individuals, we              The conference will advance the             cancer, erectile dysfunction, miscar-
      STUDY/EDUCATION                             need to accept the responsibility to         mission of the PSFC, particularly the          riages and asthma.
      COMMITTEE                                   offer our expertise. That will ensure        following commitments: support for                Anvil's main active ingredient is
                                                  that the PSFC can adapt to changing          local, sustainable agriculture, protec-        Sumithrin—an odorless synthetic
      DEAR MEMBERS,                               circumstances as well as share coop-         tion of the environment, advancement           toxin. Anvil also contains piperonyl
         We join to shop for quality prod-        erative experiences and ideas.               of healthy foods and commitment to             butoxide and MGK-264, listed by the
      ucts. Our highly organized work                                        Susan Metz        diversity and equality.                        EPA as possible human carcinogens,
      responsibility is an obligation that we                                                     We estimate the costs for the confer-       and benzene-related chemicals
      each accept to keep prices moderate.                                                     ence to be similar in 2012 as it was in        (labeled "inert ingredients"). NYC
      As Coop members we are co-owners.
                                                  THE BROOKLYN FOOD                            2009, about $70,000. In 2012 we are            local law 37 prohibits the application
      What benefits do we expect and what         COALITION NEEDS YOUR                         expecting close to 5,000 participants to       of pesticides in public places if they
      responsibilities do we accept related       SUPPORT                                      attend. PSFC support continues to be           contain chemicals on the EPA's list.
      to that aspect of our membership?                                                        critical to the conference’s success. We          In 2000, the No Spray Coalition
         Coops are decentralized and democ-       LETTER TO THE EDITOR:                        are presently seeking co-sponsoring            filed a lawsuit against then Mayor
      ratic institutions that can survive the        The Park Slope Food Coop, through         organizations and are submitting a GM          Rudy Giuliani. A federal district court
      collapse of corporate capitalism, a sys-    its Safe Food Squad, initiated the           resolution requesting that the Park            judge agreed with the Coalition; he
      tem that is failing. We need to study       2009 Brooklyn Food Conference and            Slope Food Coop contribute $10,000,            ruled that pesticides sprayed over or
      and understand the theories and the         was its most generous financial and          as it did in 2009 ($5,000 outright contri-     near waterways constitute a "point
      ideology of the movement, the history       labor contributor. The conference            bution and $5,138 in direct food dona-         source" for pollutants under the Clean
      of different cooperative initiatives,       aimed to educate and activate the            tions for meals). What a pleasure to           Water Act. In April 2007 the city
      models of organizing investment and         people of Brooklyn on the many criti-        build the food movement in Brooklyn!           agreed to a settlement, and explicitly
      work obligations, and the variety of        cal aspects of the food system includ-                            Respectfully submitted,   acknowledged that pesticides:
      structures for decision making and          ing increasing affordable access to                   The Brooklyn Food Coalition Squad
      planning—failures as well as success-       healthy food, an environmentally sus-                                                       • May remain in the environment
      es. We will learn from each experience      tainable food system, and social jus-                                                         beyond their intended purpose;
      how to protect and improve our Coop         tice for workers. Over 3,000 adults and
                                                                                               THANKS FOR FIGHTING                            • Cause adverse health effects;
      that is based on member labor to            about 500 kids from most zip codes in        FRACKING                                       • Kill mosquitoes' natural preda-
      maintain equity and affordable prices.      Brooklyn attended the free-of-charge         DEAR ANN & THE PARK                              tors (such as dragonflies, bats,
         The following idea will come before      conference in May 2009. Its great par-       SLOPE FOOD COOP,                                 frogs and birds);
      the GM on August 30th for discussion.       ticipation and enthusiasm launched                                                          • Increase mosquitoes' resistance to
      With your additional input, the idea        the Brooklyn Food Coalition.                    Many thanks for helping CDOG                  the sprays; and,
      will be developed into a proposal and          Since the conference, the Brooklyn        (Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas                  • Are not presently approved for
      presented for a vote at a future GM. If     Food Coalition has established 10            Drilling Opposition Group) with your             direct application to waterways.
      the majority of the members at that         branches in Brooklyn neighborhoods           generous contribution. Your support
      later GM approve, this new work-slot        working on healthy food access, food-        goes toward helping CDOG continue                 Over the last decade, pesticides
      committee will be formed.                   related environmental issues and             its work fighting gas drilling, and            have contributed to the collapse of
         Here is the idea:                        worker rights. It has created active         encouraging a ban in New York State.           bee colonies in New York and spray
         We form a Cooperative Study/Edu-         committees working on school food                                           Signed,         drift has forced reclassification of pro-
      cation Committee that will consist of       change, policy issues, racism, map-                              Members of CDOG            duce from now-ruined organic farms.
      seven members who will receive work-        ping and research, and planning the                                                         Clearly, the "cure" has been far worse
      slot credit.                                next conference. We are committed to         [Editor’s note: The Coop bike raffle           than the disease.
         Their mission will be to study the       building an inclusive, multi-racial,         raised $4,950 for CDOG, which fights              Officials are again promoting
      history, extent and practices of coopera-   multi-cultural alliance of residents         hydrofracking in New York]                     insect repellents containing DEET.
      tives (consumer, producer and housing)      and community-based groups from                                                             This is crazy! DEET is suspected in
      and to bring information and insight        all parts of Brooklyn. The Coalition                                                        numerous infant deaths and should
      into the dialog among Coop co-owners        has organized hundreds of volunteers
                                                                                               NYC MUST STOP                                  NEVER be used! In negotiations with
      through all of the available channels:      for Brooklyn-based projects on urban         SPRAYING TOXIC                                 the No Spray Coalition last year,
      the Gazette, the website, special presen-   farms and community gardens, food            PESTICIDES                                     health officials agreed to stop recom-
      tations, and regular meetings.              pantries, farmers markets, education-                                                       mending DEET.
         Three times a year, the committee        al events, and worked with parents           DEAR COOP MEMBERS,                                Over the years, thousands of New
      will plan, organize and present an          and school personnel to improve                 Mayor Bloomberg's new health                Yorkers and visitors were severely sick-
      informational/educational event that        school food for all our kids.                officials recently ordered Brooklyn            ened by the spraying. Many who suffer
      will last for three hours. A member            One great result, among many, of          and Queens sprayed with toxic pesti-           from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
      who attends a presentation will sign        the last Brooklyn Food Conference was        cides. Airborne spraying is extremely          (MCS) or asthma find that pesticides
      up in advance and receive one work-         the formation of the Food Coop               dangerous, especially to children, the         exacerbate their conditions. Several
      slot credit once a year.                    Alliance/NYC (joining all the NYC food       elderly, and people who are immune             members of the No Spray Coalition
         A target number of 40 participants       coops and mentoring new ones). The           compromised.                                   died in the course of this battle from
      will encourage those who attend to          conference also advanced the agendas            The city says that spraying is neces-       pesticide-related illnesses.
      take part in the discussion. A member       of food system change and school food        sary to reduce the "threat of West Nile           The city should reconsider its entire
      who voluntarily attends two additional      change and these ideas have been             Virus." But no legitimate threat of the        approach to mosquito-borne diseases
      sessions may join the committee. The        reflected in recent City Council resolu-     sort has been reported. Poisoning us           and seek alternative means for control-
      committee can expand to 11 members.         tions and proposals. Many new                all, and pets and wildlife, is simply          ling mosquitoes. Coop members are
         A the end of each event, half an         alliances and understandings came            not an acceptable approach to any              urging the city to accept the fact that
      hour will be set aside for each partici-    from the conference as well. The “food       health "threat" even if the "threat" was       pesticides are extremely dangerous to
      pant to write reactions, insights,          movement” was given a great boost.           valid (it's not).                              human health and natural environ-
      questions and suggestions. These               It’s time for our next Brooklyn Food         Scant public notice was issued              ments, and have long-term conse-
      comments will be published in the           Conference! It will be on May 12, 2012       prior to this year's spraying. Immune          quences. Stop spraying pesticides
      Gazette and posted on an interactive        at Brooklyn Technical HS in Ft. Greene       compromised individuals, among                 immediately! Safer alternatives can be
      blog linked to the Coop website.            (within three blocks of almost all sub-      others, were not provided with                 found on the No Spray Coalition's web-
         After three years the committee          ways lines in Brooklyn). Our conference      enough time to make alternate hous-            site at www.NoSpray.org.
      will report to the GM with recommen-        planning committee includes many             ing and shopping arrangements.                                             Mitchel Cohen
      dations for continuing, amending or         PSFC members and non-members                    The pesticide sprayed this year,
      canceling the project.                      from a wide range of Brooklyn neigh-         Anvil 10+10, belongs to a class of             COOP TAXES, REDUX
         Thanks to those who offered com-         borhoods. We will need lots of volun-        adulticides—"pyrethroids"—which
      ments. Consider joining the committee.      teers and organizers starting now and        are endocrine disruptors. Pyrethroids          DEAR EDITOR,
         As a collective, we need to channel      more as we get closer to the date. All       mimic hormones such as estrogen,                  The July 28th Gazette carried my letter
      all the valuable knowledge, experi-         are welcome and invited to join in           and may cause breast cancer, drasti-           correcting some information in a previ-
      ence and skills held among our nearly       (info@brooklynfoodcoalition.org).            cally lowered sperm counts, prostate           ously published article about Coop
                                                       Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
11-08-25 p1-16_Layout 1 8/24/11 6:38 PM Page 13

                                                                          Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                August 25, 2011               13

      taxes. I also noted in my letter that sales    college students and youth, and to            lives, nor could it help bring about          allowed to return to the State of Israel,
      tax had recently been applied to certain       building the cooperative movement             peace in the Middle East. The only            leading to the rejection of its legitima-
      prepared foods at the Coop, and asked          from the local level. Your contribu-          conceivable purpose would be to               cy by Palestinians and Arab states for
      for an explanation.                            tions are vital in enabling us to do so.      make a political statement, one               decades, expressly on grounds that
         The "Editor's note" in response to          They will be tax-deductible, and you          already causing growing divisiveness          such obligation would also indirectly
      my letter clarified a number of tax            will be featured on our website,              and concern in the Coop.                      compel them to recognize the exis-
      issues in the original article, and then       www.cofed.org, as an organization                If a referendum were to be conduct-        tence of the State of Israel. Hence it is
      stated that "Recently, it was deter-           that has provided significant support.        ed, PSFC would be identified as being         illogical to subsequently argue that a
      mined by the PSFC legal counsel that           Thanks again for all your help!               part of a global movement seeking to          resolution rejected by both the Pales-
      certain prepared sandwiches fell within                                        Sincerely,    delegitimize Israel and bring about its       tinians and the Israelis at the time of
      the NYS sales tax category and sales                                        CoFed Staff      dissolution. You can read about BDS           adoption should now be construed as
      tax has been collected on these items."                                                      aims in its own words on its official web     the source of law which binds these
         It would be helpful to have more                                                          site: www.bdsmovement.net/bdsintro.           parties today. Critically, however, Gen-
      information. What is the sales tax cat-
                                                     BUY PRODUCTS FROM                             By its words and actions, BDS shows           eral Assembly resolutions do not con-
      egory on which basis the determina-            ISRAEL AND PALESTINE                          itself to be more interested in hatred        stitute binding international law, and
      tion was made by our legal counsel?                                                          and destruction than peace.                   are recommendation only, not binding
      Why are only "certain" sandwiches              COOP MEMBERS,                                    Discussion of the referendum has           legal norms (as per authoritative works
      affected out of all sandwiches and                As a history teacher I championed          already troubled many in the community.       on international law: Akehurst; Shaw;
      other prepared food items?                     the successful South African boycott. I          In the last issue of the Gazette one       Brownlie; others).
          Cooperatively yours—with many thanks,      was part of the original movement to          member wrote that if a referendum                 Also adduced is the Universal Decla-
                           Regina Sandler-Phillips   boycott Kosher meat from Agriproces-          came to pass, he would "immediately           ration of Human Rights or the 1966
                                                     sors. To get rid of a powerful, deadly        resign from the Coop and urge others          Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
      [Editor’s note: Questions about the            weed, you cut its roots. In South Africa,     to do the same." I have also heard oth-       Again, not applicable: international law
      sales tax on certain products should           Agriprocessors, and the grape farms, a        ers say that they could not continue          experts have noted that the Covenant
      be directed to a General Coordinator.]         few held all profits and power—you            their membership if a boycott policy          does not materially and essentially deal
                                                     boycott, you hurt those few.                  were adopted. It appears that the Coop        with those issues and cannot be
                                                        Israel is a capitalist democracy.          invariably would lose some members,           invoked to support the claim to return,
      ABOUT THOSE LETTER                             Instead of cutting roots, we would be         and that people who might have joined         and does not obligate Israel to allow
      HEADLINES                                      hacking at bark, leaves, and surround-        would be likely not to do so. If that hap-    the entrance of Palestinian refugees
                                                     ing grass. We would be hurting regu-          pened, it could have economic conse-          who were never Israeli citizens or resi-
      DEAR GAZETTE,                                  lar people in a country at the forefront      quences for the Coop.                         dents. Moreover, regardless of these
          Thanks for the printed correction          of the green movement; people who                Since the last GM meeting some             legally unsupportable re-interpreta-
      regarding the error in my letter in the        made a BPA-free baby bottle when              members have spoken about feeling             tions of international law, it is over-
      previous Gazette.                              there was no other; one of the only           uncomfortable in the Coop because             looked that the right to self-
          However, a new error has appeared          successful examples of socialism on           they no longer see themselves as part         determination is also and explicitly
      in my letter this current issue: a title       this planet. Israel has no small all-         of a diverse, harmonious organization.        guaranteed in international law, but
      was used (“Questions about BDS”) that          powerful minority for us to cut off.          I have heard people express their con-        recognized as jus cogens—compelling
      was not mine: mine was identified both            Israel is a player in a terrible situa-    cern that if a referendum were held,          law taking precedence over other con-
      in the subject line of my email submis-        tion, but not necessarily a starter. Arab     members of the Beth Elohim congrega-          siderations—which therefore overrides
      sion, and in the leader to the text of my      leaders rejected the1947 UN partition         tion might feel resentful at GM meet-         other claims, as return of refugees to
      letter, as “The Illogic of BDS: How Not        plan without giving Palestinians a            ings continuing to be held there.             Israel would negate the Jewish right to
      to Have a Discussion” and for some             voice. After Arab countries attacked the         It becomes increasingly clear that a       self-determination in violation of the
      reason it was not used and a different         new state of Israel and armistice lines       boycott is likely to leave deep, long-term    principle of jus cogens.
      title substituted which has little con-        were drawn in 1948, the land allocated        scars on our Coop and our community.              What in fact international law—
      nection to what I was after. If for any        for the Palestinian state was taken from         The wounds have already begun              including the resolutions adduced—
      reason (length or otherwise) my own            them by Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and             to form.                                      recognizes is the full authority of the
      title could not be accommodated, best          Lebanon (not Israel). Currently in Jor-                                    Ruth Bolletino   contesting governments to reach any
      if I were consulted and informed why,          dan, Palestinians make up a majority of                                                     compromise deemed just and appro-
      and I would have been only too glad to         the population but receive no citizen-                                                      priate—the principle of "just settle-
      effect any modifications as required.          ship rights. Can we really just point fin-
                                                                                                   NON-RIGHT OF RETURN                           ment"—and stipulates that the right
      But I acknowledge that perhaps I have          gers at Israel?                                                                             of return demand must be negotiat-
      misunderstood either the procedure                If it is not clear that Israel deserves    COOP MEMBERS,                                 ed by governments as part of politi-
      for specifying the letter title, or the        punishment, and if we cannot guaran-             BDS supports the Palestinian claim         cal resolution, not resolvable in
      associated requirements, in which case         tee that the punishment will only hurt        that international law vests Palestin-        courts of law.
      let me know.                                   those at fault, we should not be pur-         ian refugees and their descendants the            As I have argued before, the plight
                                    Respectfully,    suing this expensive referendum.              “right of return” to the territory of the     of Palestinian refugees everywhere—
                           Constantine Kaniklidis    Instead let’s BUY products from Israel        State of Israel. But critical appraisal       including in Arab states—will not be
                                                     AND Palestine.                                demonstrates unequivocally that no            improved by irredentist and false—
                                                                             Rebeccah Appelbaum    such right is assured or granted under        under international law—claims of
      THANKS FOR SUPPORTING                                                                        international law, neither international      right of return. It is time to address
      COOPERATIVE FOOD                                                                             criminal, citizenship, refugee (per           the real issues, for the sake of Pales-
      EMPOWERMENT                                    BOYCOTT WOULD LEAVE                           refugee covenants), nor humanitarian          tinians, for Israelis, and most impor-
                                                     SCARS                                         law. Nor are the descendants of origi-        tantly, for peace.
      DEAR PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP,                                                                   nal Palestinian refugees, under inter-                            Constantine Kaniklidis
         We are writing on behalf of CoFed           TO THE EDITOR:                                national law, true refugees (95% never
      (Cooperative Food Empowerment                     If you are considering the merits of       set foot in Israel). Moreover many of
      Directive) in appreciation for your            conducting a referendum to join the           the people claiming "right" of return
                                                                                                                                                 ABOUT THE PROPOSED
      support of our 2011 retreat. Thank you         Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions             were never in Palestine, and are              BOYCOTT
      so much for contributing $100!                 (BDS) of Israel, I urge you to think          descended from people who were
      Because of generous donations from             about the possible profound conse-            never in Palestine. Critically, in inter-     COOP MEMBERS,
      your organization and others, we had           quences to PSFC of the boycott policy         national law refugee status and                  I'm wondering about the proposed
      a successful and inspiring week that           being advocated.                              refugee rights are never heritable.           BDS boycott of Israel. Does this
      readied students from 10 campuses                 Even if the Coop were to carry more           One basis for right of return              include Israeli technology or just its
      to go back to their universities to start      than the very few Israeli products            adduced is UN General Assembly Res-           peppers and bath salts? How about
      or expand a student food cooperative.          already on its shelves, banning Israeli       olution 194(III). But the resolution          Israeli citizens? Are they still welcome
         Our organization is committed to            goods would be irrelevant for Israel          explicitly includes a condition whereby       at the Coop?
      expanding the market for local, organ-         and the Palestinians. It could not help       only refugees wishing to “live at peace                                        Chana Lew
      ic food by growing demand among                the Palestinian people improve their          with their neighbours” should be                           Israeli American and proud of it
                                                           Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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      14         August 25, 2011                                       Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                                                  full analysis of how boycott is to be             Jordan Goldberg         Stewart Pravda      the last general meeting, that of how
      WOULD BE A DISGRACE                         run and its potential economic                     Lori Gottesman            Joseph Raices    climate change is affecting what local
                                                  effect on the Coop. What are the cri-                Beth Halpern            Rivka Raices     farmers can produce and what we pay
      TO THE MEMBERSHIP,                          teria for excluding items? Is it only            Fran Hawthorne             Rachel Ravitz     for it. The Coop would be far better
         In 1968, a little more than 20 years     items we sell or items we use, such             Devorah Hershkop             Saul D. Raw      served by working with others to
      after the end of World War II and           as our computers and software? Will                  Samuel Hertz         Yigal Rechtman      sponsor legislation to find solutions
      exactly 20 years after the birth of         Israeli citizens be allowed to stay in              Esther Hertzel           Jeffrey Rickin   to the food supply problems we
      Israel, I was working at a summer           the Coop? How will it affect our                        Betty Leigh           Lila Rieman     already face, many of which will
      camp in Minnesota for disabled chil-        sales and membership? What are                           Hutcheson       Michael Rieman       become critical in the coming years.
      dren as a speech therapist.                 the costs?                                       Sheldon Jacobson             Jill Robinson      Nothing can be gained by airing
         One of my young charges was a 10-           In Marrickville, Australia, a suburb                Constantine          Joy Romanski      the BDS issue other than much wind
      year-old girl with whom I developed         of Sydney, the Council voted to join                      Kaniklidis    Doris Rosenbaum       and members sneering at each other
      an especially close relationship. She       the boycott of Israel. Subsequently,              Benjamin Kessel        Ron Rosenbaum        over something we cannot change. If
      had a severe stutter and I had, in a        they realized that doing so would cost                     Eric Kim    Mirele Rosenberger     the BDS supporters don’t like Israel,
      common technique, shown her that            $3.7M. The boycott was immediately                    Joshua Kranz         Jesse Rosenfeld    they don’t have to buy Israeli prod-
      she could speak completely fluently if      overturned.                                     Maureen Kushner              Tzivia Chaya     ucts. They have the right to vote with
      she couldn't hear her own speech.              Before this effort goes any further, I         Evelyn Lampart                  Rosenthal   their dollars, not ours. Our focus
         When she heard the recording of          suggest the group proposing the boy-                   Chaya Lang       Yaacov Rosenthal      ought to be squarely aimed at mak-
      her fluent self she went pale and I         cott of Israel, provide this analysis.                    Tzvi Lang     Jonathan S. Sack      ing the Coop stronger not fragment-
      questioned whether I should have                                      Avishay Mazor             David Leveson                 Lisa Sack   ing the membership over flawed
      used that strategy on her. But it creat-                                                    Margaret Leveson              Ruth Seliger    premises.
      ed a bond between us and we worked                                                                  Sam Levine       Shayna Schmidt                                Rodger Parsons
      very well together after that to help
                                                  WITHDRAW THE                                            Chana Lew           Rivkah Siegel
      her achieve a better degree of fluency      BOYCOTT REFERENDUM                                       Pinny Lew     Mushkie Silberberg
      in her speech once she had been con-                                                         Sylvia Lowenthal       Naftali Silberberg
                                                                                                                                                QUESTIONING THE
      vinced that this was possible.              COOP MEMBERS,                                        Judith Magen             Adam Silver     BOYCOTT MOVEMENT
         One day we were sharing stories             Fellow Coop members, we hope                     Ary Malamud                Renee Silver
      about our lives and in one context or       that you will join us in opposing any            Sasha Malamud                  Lisa Smith    TO THE MEMBERSHIP:
      another I mentioned that I was Jewish.      proposal for the Coop to hold a refer-              Sandy Mandel        Nancy Spitalnick         After attending the July 26 GM and
      For the second time that summer she         endum on joining the Boycott, Divest,                   Abie Mazor         Israel Spitalny    reading the submission of the BDS
      went pale and then revealed that she        Sanction (BDS) of Israel movement.                 Avishay Mazor         Malkah Spitalny      group, I still don't know what we are
      had never before met a Jewish person        We have asked BDS six times to with-               Barbara Mazor             Marion Stein     voting on. They have provided very lit-
      and thought we all had horns.               draw their proposal because it would                   April Mellas        Ronald J. Stein    tle substantive information. We are
         I remember being surprised that          be divisive, and thus detrimental to            David Michaelson          Jonathan Stern      supposed to be voting on joining an
      anyone in 20th-century America could        the Coop.                                            Jacob Milkens          Susan Tauber      already established movement. Who
      hold such a belief. Obviously she had          Our Coop welcomes and thrives on                  Juliet Milkens            Allen Tobias   established this movement? They
      been fed this information at home or        diversity of all kinds: not only ethnic,             Paula Morrell        Rabbi Gerald I.     don't tell us. What groups are part of
      in church, deep in the countryside of       racial and sexual diversity, but politi-                Barry Nass                   Weider   it? The Coop must not be aligned with
      Minnesota.                                  cal diversity as well—to be played out              Poppy O’Neill       Rosalie H. Weider     known terrorist organizations, like
         Twenty years later, in Park Slope, I     by each individual within his own                Marjorie Ordene        Baruch Weisman        Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah.
      became friends with nonagenarian            sphere of activity outside of the Coop.                  Jan Orzeck       Rivky Wilenkin      Can they assure me that these groups
      neighbor, a deeply Catholic woman           BDS supporters are attempting to                   Rodger Parsons                             are NOT part of this movement?
      who had lived through two world wars        impose one very narrowly defined                       Hara Person                            According to existing BDS literature,
      and had lost a brother to the Spanish       political position upon the entire                      Ann Powell                            they are!
      Flu pandemic of 1918. When she told         membership within the Coop. An                                                                   The result of their boycott is that
      me that I didn't look Jewish I under-       association with BDS takes the Coop            BOYCOTT IS A SLIPPERY                          the Coop would no longer carry goods
      stood that she thought she was pay-         off its path and turns a community                                                            that would supply "economic sup-
      ing me a compliment.                        center for good food and healthy               SLOPE                                          port" to Israel or as their paper dis-
         Now, in 2011, I belong to a Food         choices into a political tool. That's                                                         tributed at the GM said, "Israeli
      Coop some of whose members wish             not why we joined.                             COOP MEMBERS,                                  goods." What goods are we talking
      to affiliate this organization with one        Once again, we ask those propos-               The difficulty with BDS is that it          about? They were asked about this at
      that seeks to destroy the Jewish State      ing a BDS referendum to withdraw               asks the rest of us to accept a flawed         the GM but did not answer. Are we
      of Israel, "nonviolently."                  their proposal.                                premise as a starting point—that               talking only about goods produced in
         I've been very lucky to have                If you wish to add your name to our         Israel is an apartheid state. Whatever         Israel? by Israelis no matter where
      escaped the worst of anti-Jewish sen-       list, send an e-mail to: morehum-              negative things one can say about the          they live? Jewish products that they
      timents and stereotypes. Many of my         mus@gmail.com. To learn more, go to            Little Land by the Sea, this label is          think support Israel? American goods
      ancestors weren't so fortunate. Any-        stopbdsparkslope.blogspot.com.                 patently false.                                since the U.S. supports Israel? Who
      one who has experienced or studied                                More Hummus, Please         The shadows and mist from which             will decide what items to boycott?
      Jewish history should understand that           Rhudi Andreolli             Alan Brown     BDS emerged ought to warn anyone               How long will the boycott last? What
      there needs to be a Jewish State of          Maurice Appelbaum            Arthur Brown     off their petulant rant. The talking           will determine that the boycott is suc-
      Israel, and joining the Coop to the          Rebeccah Appelbaum         Matthew Brown      point is that the PSFC, by offering            cessful? Specific answers from this
      BDS movement would be a disgrace                      Eva Aridjis          Darrin Cabot    Israeli products, is supporting Israel.        group are needed if we are going to
      to this wonderful institution.                   Roberta Arnold          Nathalie Cabot    But that’s like saying when we make a          have an informed decision.
                               Sylvia Lowenthal    Shena Gitel Astrin       Rubi Cammarota       decision to include the things people                                      Lila Rieman
                                                           Connie Bell           Chana Crayk     want to buy, we support the regimes
                                                             Greg Bell             Meir Crayk    from which those things emerge,
      THE COST OF A BOYCOTT                              Steven Berke             Zusha Dean     another false premise.
                                                   Shalmon Bernstein            Sharon Eagle        I may not like particular govern-           WHAT’S BEHIND THE
      COOP MEMBERS,                                  Esther Bernstein            Audrey Elias    ments around the world. But I would            BOYCOTT MOVEMENT?
         We are all owner/shareholders in a              Danielle Rose           Mickey Elias    be uncomfortable if cooperators were
      $42M/year business. We have several                     Bernstein              Eli Eliav   compelled by BDS or anyone else to             ATTENTION LINEWAITERS’
      dozen dedicated, paid employees               Ora Chaya Bitton             Shayna Eliav    hold referendums (costing $10K per             GAZETTE,
      who earn their livelihood from our           Gloria Blumenthal          Lenore Fineberg    minimum) on whether we should                     A recent anti-Israel demonstration
      Coop. Many of them have made the             Robert Blumenthal              Arthur Finn    punish all governments defined as              at a local grocery store has taken an
      Coop their life’s work. We have a                 Ruth Bolletino         Carol Freeman     “bad” by some self-appointed bunch             ironic twist. The Boycott Divestment
      responsibility to our employees.                  Elisa Bonneau           Riva Freeman     of Poobahs. This is an invitation to a         and Sanctions group led a rally in
         Prior to any consideration of join-            Carla Brookoff           Olia Gitman     slippery slope. No, thank you.                 front of a Publix Supermarket located
      ing any boycott, we are entitled to a              Rita Brookoff     Felicia Glucksman        A far more important issue arose at         in North Miami. Organizer Len
                                                                                                    Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
11-08-25 p1-16_Layout 1 8/24/11 6:38 PM Page 15

                                                                        Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                August 25, 2011             15

      Kaminsky insisted the protest was not         ers with full benefits and allows Arabs
      anti-Jewish, but rather anti-Zionist.         to hold positions in the Knesset (Parlia-                             LETTERS POLICY
      Kaminsky said he is a Jew who’s very          ment) and hold positions of judges in             We welcome letters from members.          that are not specific or are not sub-
      upset with the way that Palestinians are      their Supreme Court!                           Submission deadlines appear in the           stantiated by factual assertions.
      being treated by Israel. He is heading a          Where are the human rights organi-         Coop Calendar. All letters will be               3. Copies of submissions that make
      boycott of Israeli products to make his       zations for the Arab people and BDS            printed if they conform to the pub-          substantive accusations against specif-
      point.                                        protesting the killing of Arab citizens in     lished guidelines. We will not know-         ic individuals will be given to those per-
         The question should be raised: what        Syria, Libya, where thousands are being        ingly publish articles which are racist,     sons to enable them to write a
      is BDS’ intention and who are they            killed?                                        sexist or otherwise discriminatory           response, and both submissions and
      sponsored by?                                     A boycott sends a message to the              The maximum length for letters is 500     response will be published simultane-
         Painful as it is to know the leader of     terrorist organizations to continue            words. Letters must include your name        ously. This means that the original sub-
      this rally is himself Jewish, it isn’t sur-   shooting rocket missiles in Israel from        and phone number and be typed or very        mission may not appear until the issue
      prising, given the prevalence of Israel-      Gaza to kill innocent men, women and           legibly handwritten. Editors will reject     after the one for which it was submitted.
      bashing throughout the media. He              children.                                      letters that are illegible or too long.          The above applies to both articles
      probably just believes what he has read                                     Renee Silver        You may submit on paper, typed or         and letters. The only exceptions will
      in the major papers and seen on televi-                                                      very legibly handwritten, or via email       be articles by Gazette reporters which
      sion news and the Internet.                                                                  to GazetteSubmissions@psfc.coop or           will be required to include the
         Many Israelis who lack any knowl-
                                                    THE BDS ‘COMMITTEE’?                           on disk.                                     response within the article itself.
      edge of their own history believe that
      Israel usurped the West Bank from the         COOP MEMBERS,                                  Anonymity                                    Respect
      Palestinians.                                    I learned from the group's literature          Unattributed letters will not be pub-        Letters must not be personally
         The technique of the “big lie” is quite    at the GM meeting on July 26th that the        lished unless the Gazette knows the          derogatory or insulting, even when
      effective. Its method is to repeat misin-     people putting forward the proposal            identity of the writer, and therefore        strongly criticizing an individual
      formation until it becomes an accepted        about having a referendum on our join-         must be signed when submitted (giving        member's actions. Letter writers must
      fact.                                         ing the BDS movement are using the             phone number). Such letters will be          refer to other people with respect,
         Mainstream media constantly spews          name "PSFCBDS Committee" as their              published only where a reason is given       refrain from calling someone by a
      out skewed information about the              name. I have checked with the General          to the editor as to why public identifica-   nickname that the person never uses
      Israel/Arab conflict. The words chosen        Coordinators who told me that the Park         tion of the writer would impose an           himself or herself, and refrain from
      and the photos used are far from objec-       Slope Food Coop does not have a BDS            unfair burden of embarrassment or dif-       comparing other people to odious fig-
      tive, the so-called news articles are         Committee. Therefore, who gave them            ficulty. Such letters must relate to Coop    ures like Hitler or Idi Amin.
      nothing more than opinion pieces.             the permission to link the Coop's name         issues and avoid any non-constructive,
         Pro-Arab propaganda is parrotted by        to their cause? This is an important           non-cooperative language.
      journalists who make little effort to         semantic issue that must be resolved
      check out the facts. The canards run the      since it implies that there is already         Fairness
      gamut and include many false stories.         some connection between the Park               In order to provide fair, comprehen-
      Retractions are few and never seem to         Slope Food Coop and this inflammatory          sive, factual coverage:
      make the same front pages when these          group, the International BDS Move-                1. The Gazette will not publish
      reports are proven wrong. The root of         ment.                                          hearsay—that is, allegations not
      Israel-bashing is that it poisons minds          This is clearly not the case judging        based on the author's first-hand
      and hardens hearts.                           from the discussion at our last General        observation.
         The relentless barrage of misinfor-        Meeting on July 26th.                             2. Nor will we publish accusations
      mation is insidious and dangerous. It                                      Marion Stein
      has the power to create false impres-
      sions that cause great harm to Israel.
         The few Jewish people who spoke            ANTI-BOYCOTT VIDEO
      voraciously at the General Meeting
      against Israel were indeed pitiful. Let       DEAR COOP MEMBERS:
      them go and live in the many Arab                If you want to know what BDS does to
      countries and then speak of human             food coop communities, please watch
      rights and find out what are human            this YouTube video. “Why BDS Scars
      injustices.                                   Don’t Heal” www.youtube.com/
         The facts are Jews have been thrown        watch?v=cUPYM09sCmg.
      out of Arab lands, persecuted and have                             Respectfully submitted,
      no rights of citizens in those countries.                               Marion M. Stein
         Although Israel employs Arab work-

                                                         Read the Gazette while you’re standing on line OR online at www.foodcoop.com
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      16          August 25, 2011                                                 Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                                                CLASSIFIEDS                                                                              To Submit Classified or Display Ads:
                                                                                        HOLISTIC OPTOMETRY: Most eye                   Ads may be placed on behalf of Coop members only. Classi-
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                                                                                                                                   camera-ready and business card size (2" x 3.5" horizontal).
      bath, AC, Cable TV & free WiFi.           als avail. Free estimates 718-965-      treated include headaches, eye
                                                                                        fatigue, computer discomfort, learn-           Submission forms are available in a wallpocket near the
      Full breakfast provided in attrac-        0214. D.O.T. #T12302. Reliable,
                                                                                        ing disabilities. Convenient Park          elevator in the entrance lobby.
      tive smoke-free environment.              courteous, excellent references &
      Reasonable rates. Call David              always on time. Credit cards accept-    Slope location. Dr. Jerry Wintrob,
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                                                is right around the corner from         HEALING session with Becca Gee,
                                                the Food Coop—so if you would           trained by Master Healer Spiritual
                                                like a really good haircut at a         Healer Derek O’Neill in Ireland. To
                    PETS                        decent price, call Maggie at 718-       schedule a session: 347-633-2280
                                                783-2154. I charge $60.00.              or bgee47@gmail.com.
      PET NANNY: Retired social worker
      35 yrs. exp. with all breeds, esp. res-   ATTORNEY—Personal Injury
      cues & traumatized dogs. One dog          Emphasis—30+ years experience
      at a time gets the run of my large        in all aspects of personal injury                                  COMMUNITY CALENDAR
      apt. Your dog will rarely be alone.       law. Individual attention provided
      Arrange a meet & greet. Act fast,         for entire case. Free phone or office      Community calendar listings are free. Please submit your event listing in 50 words or less to
      many summer wkends & Xmas are             consultations. Prompt, courteous
                                                communications. 20+ year Food
                                                                                           GazetteSubmissions@psfc.coop. Submission deadlines are the same as for classified ads. Please
      booked. Call Jane 347-860-2142 or                                                    refer to the Coop Calendar in the center of this issue. An asterisk (*) denotes a Coop member.
      e-mail petnanny01@yahoo.com.              Coop member; Park Slope resident;
      Unbeatably low rates!                     downtown Brooklyn office. Tom
                                                Guccione, 718-596-4184, also at                  SAT, AUG 27                             TUE, SEP 6                         WED, SEP 14
                                                                                           8:30 p.m. Free solar-powered film      7:30 p.m. The Brooklyn Women’s       7–9 p.m. Invitation by Power-
                                                                                           series August 27th at “HOME”. All      Chorus is having open                house Arena. A book launch
                                                                                           films are screened outdoors at Solar   rehearsals to invite new mem-        party for: Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-
                                                                                           One (23rd St. & the East River). For   bers. No auditions. Try it out for   Based Recipes for Peak Health by
                                                                                           more information, please visit:        free, no commitment. Tuesday         Brendan Brazier. 37 Main
                                                                                           http://www.greenedgenyc.org/           evenings at the Brooklyn Society     Street, Bklyn, NY 11201.
                                                                                           events/solar-powered-film-series.      for Ethical Culture Prospect Park    For       information          call
                                                                                                                                  West at 2nd St. For information      718.666.3049 Please RSVP:
                                                                                                                                  brooklynwomenschorus.com or          rsvp@powerHouseArena.com
                                                                                                WED, AUG 31                       call Bev Grant at 718-788-3741.
                                                                                           7:30–10:00 p.m. FOLK OPEN              We strive to represent the diver-
                                                                                                                                  sity of the women of Brooklyn;             FRI, SEP 16
                                                                                           SING: Come sing with us the first
                                                                                           Wednesday of every month.              all women are welcome and            7:30 p.m. Concert by Renown
                                                                                           Bring voice, instruments, friends.     encouraged to join.                  Progressive Troubadour David
                                                                                           Children welcome. Cohosted by                                               Rovics in Brooklyn. 2011 Park
                                                                                           the Folk Society of NY, the Ethi-                                           Slope United Methodist
            ADVERTISE ON THE WEB                                                           cal Culture Society & the Good                                              Church, 410 Sixth Ave corner of
        If your ad would benefit from broader exposure, try the                            Coffeehouse. At the Ethical Cul-                                            8th St. Formore information go
                                                                                           ture Society, 53 Prospect Park                                              to: www.nycsoaw.org
        Coop's web page, www.foodcoop.com. The ads are FREE.                               West. Info: 718-636-6341.

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