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Postgraduate Open Evening 2011


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Open Evening 2011
Thursday 24 February, 5.30-8.00pm
MX Building, City Campus

Time to invest in you.
Welcome to the Postgraduate Open Evening at the University of Wolverhampton.
We hope you enjoy your visit and gain a real insight into how postgraduate study
can enhance you both professionally and personally.

At the Open Evening you will find a team of experts from each Academic School
ready to provide you with more information about the subjects that interest you.

Current postgraduate students will be on-hand to answer your queries and
give you a flavour of what life is like at Wolverhampton, and a series of subject
specific presentations will be taking place throughout the evening.

As the top University in the West Midlands for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships,
visit their stand to discover opportunities that are available for graduates that
want to combine a full-time job with study for a postgraduate award.

With so much on offer throughout the evening, take time out to enjoy a
complimentary refreshment while you consider the opportunities available to you.

Postgraduate study. Time to invest in you.
A taught course or
Taught courses (Masters/PGCert/PGDip/Professional)
A postgraduate course can enable you to:
• enhance the knowledge gained at undergraduate level in a specific area
• gain internationally recognised qualifications and enhance your professional
   development, adding that little bit extra to your CV
• change direction as some postgraduate courses require no prior knowledge
   of the subject at undergraduate level.

Research opportunities (MPhil/PhD)
A research degree provides the opportunity to:
• carry out an individual academic investigation under the supervision of a
   small team of specialists
• review present literature in the field; apply an appropriate methodology or
   theoretical framework to your investigation; and develop and articulate a
   clear model or research question.

Taught and research (MRes)
In certain subjects we also offer the MRes (Master of Research) degree. This is
a taught postgraduate degree which places emphasis on a research project.
                                                 Time     Duration Room
   MyLife – graduate story                       7.00pm   30 min   MX007
   June Bellows (MBA, 1989)

   School of Applied Sciences
   Thinking differently: Building professional   6.45pm   15 min   MX111
   skills in work psychology
   Thinking differently: Doctoral training in    7.00pm   15 min   MX111
   counselling psychology
   Thinking differently: Building professional   7.15pm   15 min   MX111
   skills in cognitive behavioural approaches

   School of Education
   Applying for secondary teacher training       6.00pm   30 min   MX112
   How to fund your PGCE                         6.30pm   30 min   MX112

   School of Health and Wellbeing
   What next? Everything you wanted to           7.00pm   30 min   MX112
   know about postgraduate studies in the
   School of Health and Wellbeing
                                         Time      Duration Room

School of Law, Social Sciences
and Communications
MA Popular Culture, Film Studies,        6.30pm    30 min   MX110
and English
MA Voluntary and Public Sectors          7.00pm    30 min   MX110

School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure
The MA Dance – your route to becoming     6.00pm   20 min   MX007
a successful dance professional
The future of hospitality                6.20pm    30 min   MX007

School of Technology
Postgraduate programmes in the           6.00pm    30 min   MX110
School of Technology

University of Wolverhampton
Business School (UWBS)
How to get ahead in business:            5.45pm    30 min   MX111
full time postgraduate study
Career enhancement: part time            6.15pm    30 min   MX111
postgraduate and professional study
                                                           Toilets       Lift

Sport, Performing
Arts and Leisure
                                                     Law, Social
                                                     Sciences and
                                                     Communications     Stairs

 Applied                                            Careers


                    Health and



knowledge from
University to business
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a UK wide programme enabling
organisations to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance
through a partnership with the University of Wolverhampton.

KTP works by placing a recently qualified graduate for up to three years at your
company to deliver a project of strategic change with academic support and
access to University facilities.

Findings from recent KTP programmes have shown an average annual increase
in profits before tax of £270,000, the creation of three genuine new jobs and an
increase in the skills of existing staff.

To find out more visit: or tel: 01902 321272
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