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                        MMS Customized Customer Solutions

    MMS has one priority: bringing our customers
    value based on our expertise in healthcare product   Experts in Distribution: Efficiently Acquiring, Deliver-
    management. MMS’s Customer Connection con-           ing and Managing Inventory
    nects you to all the data and expertise that em-       • Assessing and streamlining the total supply
    powers us to help you. Customer Connection is             chain:manufacturertoend-user
    your link to the data and services you need so you     • Optimizingtechnology
    can focus on your priority – Patient Care.             • Outsourcedprojectandlogisticssolutions

Experts in Servicing the Entire Continuum of Care        Our Team: Trained, Experienced and Dedicated to
in Institutional and Office Settings                     Proactively Partner with Customers
   • Aproventrackrecordofsupplyingprouctand         •FrontLineSales
      servicestoallmarketsacrossthehealthcare        •CustomerService
      spectrum                                             •DistributionCenter
   • Experienceservicing,integratingandtracking        •“Hands-on”Management
      notonlycustomerswithmulti-sites,butcus-        •ProviderChannelExperts
      IDNs,ACOs)                                        Our Commitment to Customer Specific Solutions
   •Breadthofproductssupportbothuniquemar-         •DeliveryModels
      ketneedsandenableconsistencyacrossmul-         •Reporting/SavingsAnalysis
      tiplepointsofcare                                 •Formularies

                                                         MMS’s commitment to customers, and our proven
                                                         ability to evolve with them for continual improve-
                                                         ment, is evidenced by the longevity of our cus-
                                                         tomer relationships. We have been servicing
                                                         many for over 20 years. MMS delivers on our
                                                         commitment to excellence.

                        MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Distribution Services
    Using MMS logistics expertise to optimize process
    efficiencies at every provider site.                  • Inventory Management
                                                            Software that works with any delivery model to
                                                            track and control usage, simplify ordering,
Product Service Models: EVERY site is different.            capture patient specific charges, and generate
  • Bulk                                                    custom reports.
    Traditional delivery in cartons or cases. Ideal
    for sites with a need to keep quantities on-        On-Site Materials Management: The often unrecognized
    hand                                                cost of product is the time spent, particularly by clinical
                                                        staff, managing product…not patients.
  • Low Unit of Measure (LUM)
    A service model specifically designed for com-      Ordering Alternatives
    plex, high volume cost centers, with space re-        • Phone/Fax
    strictions and EDI connectivity. With LUM,            • MMS Website - Internet or-
    inventory and management of supplies is out-            dering is fast and easy:
    sourced to MMS and customers receive daily              Your pricing, your shop-
    replenishment, in order to maintain 48 - 72             ping list
    hour par levels.                                      • EDI
                                                          • Healthcare Intermedi-
  • Hybrid                                                  aries, e.g., GHX
    Uniquely, MMS experts work with customers
    to determine the most cost effective, and staff     Order Tracking, Status, History
    friendly solution, for each cost center and each      • Receive regular, action-
    site. MMS can implement a custom solution               able reports on your key
    providing both Bulk and LUM service within a            measurements.
    facility, specific to departmental needs.                   – Management Summaries
                                                                – Multi-Site Aggregation
  • Cross-Docking                                               – Detailed Spend Data, Sorted by Site,
    A service that allows our customer to use our                 Vendor or Product Category
    distribution centers to recieve and aggregate               – Drive Standardization
    products not purchased from MMS.

                       MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Distribution Services
Order Tracking, Status, History con’t               In-House Warehousing
  • Every customer can visit our password           If you have your own warehouse, or are considering
    protected website to:                           one, MMS Logistics experts can help you assure
        – Check Order Status                        that you optimize your processes and accurately
        – View Proofs of Delivery (P.O.D.s)         capture all the operational costs.
        – View and Download Order History
        – Explore Product Alternatives or Shop      Or, you can out-source your warehouse to MMS.
          for New Needs                             Use our experienced team and state-of-the-art
                                                    systems to get out of the infrastructure manage-
Receiving/Inventory Management                      ment business, and see measurable savings while
  • Interface with your system: invoices and        maintaining the control and customization you
    packing slips show your item numbers            need.
  • Incorporate bar-coding and PAR levels for
    both inventory management and charge
  • Three-way electronic match for purchase

Organizing Your Storerooms
MMS core competency is distribution logistics. We
can help you organize your storerooms so that you
have what you need, can find it when you need it,
and know when to replace it. We can assist with
bar-code technology and PAR levels, or basic or-

                         MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Stockless/Low Unit of Measure Service
    Location specific, outsourced, just-in-time inven-
    tory management. Daily replenishment for high         Track Record of Savings and Reliability
    product usage areas with minimal storage.               • MMShasbeenprovidingLUMserviceto
                                                            • Fulfillmorethan25,000Low-Unit-of-Measure
Low-Unit-of-Measure (LUM) Customers Receive:                  linesperday
  • Anin-depthfacilityfinancialandlogisticsanaly-     • Referencesuponrequest
    efficientlybydailyreplenishmentintotesorin     Cost of LUM
    amoretraditional,bulk,deliverymodel.Most        AswithallMMSservices,MMS
    facilitiesrequirea“hybrid”system,whichMMS       willworkwitheachorganiza-
    isuniquelyabletosupport.                          tiontodevelopacustomplan
  • Totesdelivereddailywithproductsorderedthe       thatreflectsafacility’spay-
    previousday                                          mentpreferencesaswellas
  • 99%+fillrate                                        the best quantifiable ROI.
  • 99%+pickingaccuracy                                Commonservicefeemod-
  • 5daydelivery(moreifnecessary)                    elsinclude:
  • Productsdeliveredintheunitofmeasureitwill        • ActivityLinefee
    beusedin(savingcostofexcesspackaging,             • %ofproductprice
    unneededinventoryandstafftime)                       • Monthlyfixedadministra-
  •Eliminationofneedforalargeproductstorage             tivefee
  •Eliminationofconcernsaboutoutdatedorob-         LUM Implementation
    soleteinventory                                      MMS’s extensive experience in the imple-
  •Significantlyreducedcostofinventoryonhand       mentationofLUM serviceguaranteesatransition
  •Frequentanddetailedreporting                       thatdoesnotimpactpatientcare.Ouruniqueproj-
Requirements for LUM                                      tation,includingstafftraining,inlessthan90days
  •EDIcapability                                        whentransitioningfromatraditionalstockingmodel
  •Customer’sManagementandITcommitment               andlessthan60dayswhenconvertingfroman-
    topartnering                                        otherLUM program.

                         MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Medical Equipment and Staging
    Renovations, new construction, upgrades or EMR
    compliance, MMS saves you time and money.               • For items not requiring manufacturer assem-
                                                              bly, provide a trained team to assemble and
                                                              install on site
Working with Clinicians, Architects, Designers, Facili-     • When MMS leaves, you are ready to serve
ties Team, Administration to Identify Alternatives            patients: area is clean, staff are trained,
   • Budget development                                       equipment tested
   • Evaluate product options
   • Assure clinical standards, regulatory require-       Billing
      ments and facility restrictions are all addressed      • Accurate, consolidated billing
                                                             • Electronic invoicing and remittance
Negotiating Pricing
  • Access and compare GPO pricing                        Call MMS for:
  • Preferred Partner with leading medical equip-           • Diagnostic Equipment
    ment suppliers                                          • Exam and Procedure Room Chairs, Tables,
  • Member of Distributor Co-op for purchasing                 Stools, IV Poles, Scales, Cabinetry
    leverage                                                • Beds, Mattresses, Overbed Tables
  • Understand total utilization cost and ROI               • Carts and Transport
                                                            • Storage Units and Shelving
Staging                                                     • Full Lines of Bariatric and MRI Safe Equipment
  • Central point of delivery: whether purchased            • Patient Aids: Walkers, Wheelchairs, Lifts,
     through MMS or not                                        Commodes
            • Consolidate deliveries when you
                  are ready                               Special Projects: Moving, Storing, Staging
                                                          When you are doing a major relocation, integrating
                           Installing                     an acquisition or have an opportunity to acquire
                             • Schedule manu-             something you are not quite ready for, MMS can
                                 facturer’s install       take the pain out of your project. We will guarantee
                                 teams to coordi-         that it will go smoothly, meets your deadline and is
                                 nate with physical       cost effective.

                         MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Emergency Preparedness
    Disasters: Biological, Environmental, Terrorism.
    You need to be ready! MMS’s core competency is         Off-Site Storage/ Emergency Reserves
    getting product where it is needed and when it is      MMS warehouses are safe, clean, insured and
    needed. As critical suppliers to healthcare            staffed by a team that knows how to handle all
    providers, MMS is your first responder!                medical supplies. Whether you need
                                                           temporary or long term secure
                                                           storage, MMS can be your
MMS will work with your team to:
                                                           solution. In addition,
 • Establish key contact methodology and pro-
                                                           MMS can pick up, de-
                                                           liver and, if neces-
 • Define “standing orders” in case of communi-
                                                           sary, quarantine,
   cation failure
                                                           monitor and rotate
 • Identify, quantify and store your emergency
                                                           date-sensitive ma-
   supply requirements

Business Continuity
                                                           Partners with the
MMS has a track record of being there for our cus-
tomers. Whether it is major events like 9/11 or Kat-
                                                           MMS works with the
rina, local weather, fires or floods, MMS can assure
                                                           whole community to re-
you have what you need to provide care. MMS’s abil-
                                                           spond to crisis situations:
ity to support you through crisis situations starts with
                                                             • Established interfaces with
helping you anticipate your needs. MMS assists in:
                                                                Federal, State and Local emer-
                                                                gency teams – including Homeland Security
Defining Your Needs for Potential Events
                                                             • Distribution centers are located in accessible
  • Formularies
                                                                central geographic areas
  • Contact lists
                                                             • Provide logistics support to other healthcare
  • Back-up plans
                                                                suppliers and serve as a staging area for dis-
                                                                semination of critical supplies like food and
Identifying your Storage and Delivery Needs
  • Quarantined inventory
  • Standing orders

Developing Communications Plans

                         MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Supply Management Technology
    MMS offers technology solutions, but our goal is
    for customers to use the most efficient technology   EDI Capabilities
    for them: MMS will interface to most major indus-    Within the EDI interface, we conform to the ANSI
    try software and ERP systems.                        X12 standards. We are able to provide you with a
                                                         number of transaction files such as:
                                                           • 810 – Electronic invoice
MMS Proprietary Systems                                    • 832 – Price/Sales catalog
Quick Order - Order off your designated formulary          • 850 – Purchase Order
and submit electronically. As simple as checking off       • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
an order form and faxing.                                  • 856 – Advanced Shipping Notice

Online Ordering - Web based ordering programs            MMS has the ability to electronically transmit a
that in addition to easy ordering, allow manage-         standard outbound Advanced Shipping Notice
ment controls and a variety of real time information     (856) directly into your current materials manage-
and reporting.                                           ment system. The ASN contains all pertinent infor-
                                                         mation required to conduct a bar-code receipt
uCommand®/O.R.I.O.N. - Bar-code based inventory          process, including a parcel number ID that corre-
and charge capture system software.                      sponds to the bar code printed on the parcel
                                                         and/or tote-shipping label.
High Value Inventory Management Systems - Systems
that track inventory of small and expensive items        Interfaces
  • Sutures = SutureTrac                                 MMS has interface capabilities to most healthcare
  • Operating Room Supplies                              operating systems, including Lawson, Oracle and
                                                         closed cabinet modules like Pyxis and Omnicell.
                                                         We also can accept and bill orders through inter-
                                                         mediary portals like GHX.

                                                         All of our reporting can be compiled and sorted to
                                                         any specification and transmitted electronically.

                        MMS Customized Customer Solutions

Data Analysis & Contract Management
    Custom, Aggregateable, Timely and Actionable
    Information                                         • Valued MMS Customer Communications
                                                             - Holiday closings/delivery changes
                                                             - Special product pricing opportunities
Actionable Data                                              - CPT Codes
  Empowers Materials Management Staff
     • Sets measurable goals                          Available Reports
     • Assures capture of all earned revenue            • Price Discrepancy Reports
     • Monitors compliance, at the department           • Back-Order Reports
       level, of purchasing initiatives                 • Fill-Rate Reports
                                                        • Invalid Item Reports
  Reports Clearly Convey Purchasing Patterns            • Quantity Jump Reports
    • Contract utilization                              • Contract Expiration Reports
    • Purchasing trends: by category, manufac-          • Usage Reports
      turer, location and cost center
                                                        • Invoice Reports
                                                        • Savings Reports
Communication and Accountability
                                                        • Manufacturer Rebate
   • A Wide range of “Standard” reports (at
     macro and micro levels)
                                                        • HPIS Reports
      - Utilization Reports (totals by vendor, con-
                                                        • Formulary Compli-
        tract, product category, item number)
                                                          ance Reports
      - Comparison Reports (like products
        compared for price & respective usage)
   • Custom Reports
   • Contract Expiration Notices
   • Item Master Cross Reference to customer
     numbers, MMS numbers and manufac-
     turer’s numbers.
   • Vital Industry-Wide Notifications:
      - Recalls
      - OIG Vendor Restrictions (unbillable for
      - Product Availability Issues

                              MMS Customized Customer Solutions


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