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Chap 13 Sec 1 Questions


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									Western Humanities

Key Guiding Questions for Middle Ages Unit:
1.   How did the fall of Rome lead to a decentralized medieval society?
2.   How did the Christian Church affect medieval society?
3.   In what ways did the art and architecture of the medieval time period reflect the society?
4.   How did the crusades enable change in Europe?

Study Guide Chapter 13 – The European Middle Ages, 500-1200 (Part I)

 1. Look at the maps. What were the seven major kingdoms in Western Europe about A.D.

 2. Look at the map. What groups of people occupied the islands of England and Ireland
    around 500?

Section 1 – Charlemagne Unites Germanic Kingdoms

3. What were the three roots of the Middle Ages?

4. After the Germanic invasions, what happened to Trade? Cities? Population? Language?

5. What people were the only ones who were literate during the Middle Ages?

6. What did the Church provide during the time of political chaos?

7. To whom or what did Germans pledge their loyalty? How was that different from Roman

8. Why was it impossible for German kings to establish orderly government over large
9. Who was Charlemagne and how did he become powerful ?

10. Why is Charlemagne important to us? What was Charlemagne’s greatest achievement?

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