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Estate Planning


									                                                                   Disadvantages: Minimal
    Estate Planning Strategies                                     control by you, maximum
                                                                   control by your children (or
    As you can imagine, putting effective strategies in place to
                                                                   whomever you name as your
    help keep your assets in your family can be a complex
                                                                   trustees). This is an
    process. It is also a challenge because every family’s
                                                                   irrevocable trust; otherwise it
    situation is unique. But there are some commonly used tools
                                                                   would not be inheritance tax-
    that can be utilized to greatly reduce or eliminate the
    confiscation of your assets by the estate tax or lost to       free and offer creditor and
                                                                   divorce protection. Can
    creditors or divorcing spouses.
                                                                   subdivide into “separate
    Read on for some basic information on some of these            Trust for your children and
    commonly used estate planning and asset protection tools.      grandchildren to provide
    For more information on any of these tools and to discuss      additional flexibility.
    how to implement them for your family, call Retirement
    Strategies Group at 1-800-423-4891.                            Family Limited Partnership
                                                                   Ideal For: Estates worth
    Living Trust                                                   $3,000,000 or more,
    Ideal For: Estate with real property, avoiding publicity at    unencumbered assets that
    death, eliminating probate costs, avoiding time delays.        will appreciate in value,
    Advantages: Complete control, maximum flexibility, no          lowering estate taxes on
    probate, and maintains privacy. Funnels assets into The        existing assets, increased
    Wealth Trust at death. Establishes terms of the Family         control over current assets.
    Private Foundation when established at death.                  Advantages: Builds assets
    Disadvantages: Does not reduce estate taxes, no creditor or    outside of your estate
    divorce protection. Recognized as a method of controlling      without giving up control,
    estate asset distribution but does nothing to reduce or        while also giving you some
    eliminate estate taxes on estates over $1,000,000              income from these assets. A
    ($2,000,000 if married).                                       good way to utilize your tax
    The Wealth Trust                                               credit exemption. Excellent
                                                                   for gifting business and real
    Ideal For: Creating wealth with no estate tax or income tax,   estate assets. Can combine
    asset protection with minimal exposure, avoidance of estate    FLP with The Wealth Trust
    tax, conserving spending inheritance.                          as the Limited Partner for
    Advantages: Avoids estate taxes for up to three generations,   risk free additional leverage.
    provides creditor and divorce protection for trust             Foreign trust can be added
    beneficiaries. Replaces you as the protector of your family    for more asset protection.
    after you have gone. Provides the following for your heirs:
    income, medical expense reimbursement, education, down
    payments for homes and loans for emergencies and

Call toll-free (800) 423-4891                              
    Disadvantages: Annual filing of Partnership income tax forms.               Family receives prestige for
    No step-up in cost basis tax benefit at death (may be taken                 monies given to charity by
    away by government anyway). Regular Partnership                             foundation      each     year
    accounting and maintenance required.                                        (minimum 5% of principal).
                                                                                You have left a living
    Charitable Trust
                                                                                memorial for posterity. When
    Ideal For: Estates with large unrealized gains, increasing                  coupled, The Wealth Trust
    income from current estate assets, your desire to help                      and       Family      Limited
    charities.                                                                  Partnership can equate to
    Advantages: Avoids income tax on highly appreciated assets.                 zero estate tax wealth
    Increases income to you and your spouse. Give you a current                 transfer planning.
    partial income tax deduction. Leaves the principal to charity               Disadvantages: Substantial
    or your family private foundation at death.                                 accounting       and      legal
    Disadvantages: Disinherits your heirs at death unless                       responsibilities to establish
    coupled with The Wealth Trust, which would purchase life                    and        maintain.        Not
    insurance.                                                                  recommended for estates
                                                                                under $5 million unless
    Foundation Private Family                                                   coupled with The Wealth
    Ideal For: Estates with assets in excess of $5,000,000,                     Trust (then can be utilized by
    providing income for future family generations, implementing                estates of $3 million).
    part of the “Zero Estate Tax Strategy.”                                     To learn more, contact
    Advantages: No estate tax on assets left to foundation. Heirs               Retirement Strategies Group
    can receive income as managers of your foundation. Can be                   toll-free at (800) 423-4891.
    established during your lifetime (you can receive income as                 Retirement Strategies Group
    the manager of the foundation) or can be established at your                is one of America’s leaders
    death through your Living Trust.                                            in retirement planning and
                                                                                endorsed by many
                                                                                prestigious national
                                                                                associations and affinity

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