Upland Ecosystem Notes

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					Complete the following questions in your notebook.

                                      Upland Ecosystem Notes

   1. Gopher Tortoise (found on pg. 120-123 workbook)
        a. Identify why this species is central to the ecosystem.
        b. Give a brief description of its life cycle and behavior.
        c. List the gopher tortoises’ needs for survival (space, water, food)
        d. List all the possible food chains that include the gopher tortoise.
        e. List the other relationships (commensal, parasitic, mutualistic, etc.) that the gopher
           tortoise has in the ecosystem.

   2. Communities within the Upland Ecosystem (found on pg. 130-134 workbook)
        a. Name the four plant communities of the Upland ecosystem that are found on the school
        b. Give a brief description of each community including the animals and plants that are
           found there.
        c. List 2-3 food chains from the community.
        d. Give examples of the types of relationships found in the ecosystem, including
           predator/prey, commensalism, parasitism, and mutualism.

   3. Other Organisms within the Upland Ecosystem. (use pg. 132-134 & pg. 145 workbook)
         a. Draw the Upland ecosystem food web.
         b. Name two or three organisms that seem to be most important to the ecosystem.
            Describe why you think so.
         c. (optional) List the animals/plants that are threatened or a species of special concern.

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