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									                                        English Episode 71

1.    EPISODE 71
2.    SCENE 1 (R6.11)                                                                24.   REBECCA:   Oh, yes. Hello. Margaret – from my father’s garage?
4.    BG SFX:         MUSIC PLAYING.                                                 25.   MARG:      That’s right.
                                                                                     26.   REBECCA:   Is there a problem? You know my father doesn’t stay here?

6.    REBECCA:       Sincerely, Robert, can’t you see that I am revising?            27.   MARG:      I know. Actually, I came to see Robert? Is he in?

7.    ROBERT:        And I am relaxing. This is my living room as well.              28.   REBECCA:   Yes. (TURNING) Robert?

8.    REBECCA:       I can’t concentrate with your music playing so loud.            29.   MARG:      This is my colleague Denis.

9.    ROBERT:        Go and read from the compound if you want.                      30.   DENIS:     Hello, Rebecca.

10.   REBECCA:       (ANGRY) Ever since you came here, all you do, all day long is   31.   REBECCA:   Oh, hi. (TURNS ROUND) Robert – your friends are here.
                     disturb me. I have studies!
                                                                                     32.   ROBERT:    (UNENTHUSIASTIC, COMING TOWARDS MIC) Oh, hello…
11.   ROBERT:        And I have my own life also!
                                                                                     33.   MARG:      Hi Robert! We thought we’d just come and see how you are.
12.   REBECCA:       (BRAVELY) I am going to switch off that radio.
                                                                                     34.   DENIS:     Yes, we haven’t seen you at church for a while, so we thought
13.   ROBERT:        You dare.                                                                        why not…lets go and visit Robert?

14.   SFX:           KNOCK KNOCK                                                     35.   MARG:      (HEARTY) Share a little bit of fellowship!

15.   SFX:           RADIO TURNED OFF. SILENCE.                                      36.   ROBERT:    (NOT WELCOMING AT ALL) Oh, I see.

16.   ROBERT:        Who’s that?                                                     37.   REBECCA:   (WELCOMING) Robert was bored so you came at the right
17.   REBECCA:       I don’t know.
                                                                                     38.   MARG:      Robert? You remember Denis?
                                                                                     39.   ROBERT:    Of course I remember Denis.
19.   ROBERT:        Well, find out.
                                                                                     40.   DENIS:     (CHEERFUL) How are you doing, Robert?
20.   REBECCA:       (LOW VOICE) I hope it’s not your friends, Robert.
                                                                                     41.   ROBERT:    (CLUMSY, UNFRIENDLY) Okay, but…Um, well, my sister is
21.   SFX:           DOOR OPENS.                                                                      studying here so we can go outside.

22.   REBECCA:       (SURPRISED) Oh. Hello.                                          42.   REBECCA:   It’s okay. You can sit in here. I can go to my room.

23.   MARG:          Rebecca? Good morning? I am Margaret…                           43.   ROBERT:    (GRUFF) No. You study. We’ll go outside.

                                    English Episode 71

                                                                                  61.   DENIS:     Hope so. Cheers.
                                                                                  62.   MARG:      Bye, Robert, look after yourself.
.                                                                                 63.   SFX:       ROBERT CLOSES THE DOOR.

46.   ROBERT:    (OUTSIDE NOW - STILL ROUGHLY) How did you know I                 64.   REBECCA:   Hmm! Nice friends you have! I hope you will honor their
                 was now living here?                                                              invitation.

47.   MARG:      Your father told me.                                             65.   ROBERT:    Oh, shut up, Rebecca. I don’t want to be saved thank you very
48.   DENIS:     Good that you are now back living with your family.
                                                                                  66.   REBECCA:   They were just being kind and friendly, Robert, which is a lot
49.   MARG:      The other time we came to your house where you were staying                       more than your other friends who want to get you to bars and
                 alone, the party got out of hand.                                                 into trouble!

50.   ROBERT:    Yes, well, that’s what happens at parties. I can’t control my    67.   ROBERT:    I am tired of being in this house. I am going out.
                                                                                  68.   SFX:       ROBERT BANGS THE DOOR SHUT.
51.   MARG:      I hear your father made you leave that house.
                                                                                  69.   END.
52.   ROBERT:    Yes. He thinks I can’t handle my own life.

53.   DENIS:     I guess your father didn’t want all your friends drinking
                 alcohol and getting you into trouble.

54.   ROBERT:    Whatever. I can look after myself.

55.   MARG:      Well, Robert. We know things aren’t easy for you right now
                 and we thought you might want to just hang out some time.

56.   DENIS;     There’s lots of things happening at church.

57.   MARG:      We thought you could be part of it Robert.

58.   ROBERT:    Sure, thanks.

59.   MARG:      Seriously, Robert you should come. You know it’s not all about
                 sermons and sermons. It’s a whole package of fun for us

60.   ROBERT:    Okay. I get the message. So, I guess I’ll see you guys, then.

                                       English Episode 71

                                                                                      86.    MOTHER:   Eh, Madam Judith! My Gloria had so many problems I would
                                                                                                       never have known about, if it wasn’t for you.

70.   SCENE 2 (RP6.12)                                                                87.    JUDITH:   What? Gloria is such a nice girl, one of our best students.
72.   B/G SFX: MARKET AMBIENCE, PORTERS ASKING FOR ROOM TO MOVE                       88.    MOTHER:   Those shows saved my relationship with my daughter.
                       (fus-fus) AMDIST DIALOGUE.
73.   MOTHER (MAMA GLORIA), JUDITH.                                                   89.    JUDITH:   Oh?

74.   MOTHER:       Madam Judith, I had to stop you in the street and tell you        90.    MOTHER:   I used to think I knew my daughter but your show made me
                    how you are a hero to me and my daughter – she is Gloria - in                      understand her like never before.
                    your school.
                                                                                      91.    JUDITH:   How was that?
75.   JUDITH:       Ah Gloria, yes. I have met you on parents’ days.
                                                                                      92.    MOTHER:   You know she would come home wearing nice clothes. I used
76.   MOTHER:       Madam Judith, I knew you were a good teacher but I never                           to turn a blind eye thinking that her father was spoiling her to
                    realized how good a person you are, until I heard you on Rock                      keep her away from boys - but it was totally the opposite.
                    Point FM.
                                                                                      93.    JUDITH:   Don’t tell me Gloria had a sugar daddy! (CLAPS IN
77.   JUDITH:       Oh?                                                                                WONDER)

78.   MOTHER:       I listen to you religiously. I was so disappointed to hear my     94.    MOTHER:   My dear, after listening to you one day, my eyes opened. You
                    favorite station has been forced to close down. Eeeeiei it’s so                    made me ask questions about my relationship with my
                    unfair.                                                                            daughter that I had never asked before.

79.   JUDITH:       I know.                                                           95.    JUDITH:   (PRODINGLY) And…?

80.   MOTHER:       And you were my favorite presenter! How could they stop you?      96.    MOTHER:   I began to wonder where she got her clothes. Then I made her
                                                                                                       listen to your show - and one day she broke down and told me
81.   JUDITH:       My dear, I had to choose between my job as a teacher and                           everything.
                    being on the radio. And now the whole station has been forced
                    to close.                                                         97.    JUDITH:   (UNDERSTANDINGLY) What did she tell you?

82.   MOTHER:       But that show you did was educative especially about              98.    MOTHER:   She told me how she’d become involved with this man from
                    something for something love.                                                      the city.

83.   JUDITH:       That’s true.                                                      99.    JUDITH:   (SHOCK) Can you imagine!

84.   MOTHER:       Yes, it did wonders for my daughter and me.                       100.   MOTHER:    (EMMOTIONALLY) All those clothes. He had been giving
                                                                                                       them to her. And my poor Gloria was so love struck. Eei! My
85.   JUDITH:       How come?                                                                          heart immediately went to her when I saw the pain she was

                                    English Episode 71

101.   JUDITH:   I am sorry to say that some men play with girls’ emotions and
                 dump them the moment they are satisfied and move on.

102.   MOTHER:   You hear of it happening to others. But you never want to
                 believe it’s happening to your child.

103.   JUDITH:   I am sorry…

104.   MOTHER:   Don’t be. You made my daughter see the truth. And you
                 helped rebuild my relationship with her. I owe you such

105.   JUDITH:   Well, I am glad that we helped some one.

106.   MOTHER:   Oh yes! You certainly did. But what surprises me is how my
                 daughter met a man from the city. She has never left Rock

107.   JUDITH:   Some things you might never understand Mama Gloria.

108.   MOTHER:   Your programme saved Gloria. It is a crying shame that other
                 parents will not get the chance that I had, to listen to you on
                 the radio – and talk to their daughters.

109.   MOTHER:   Yes all that work has come to a full stop.

110.   MOTHER:   I hope we can get our Rock Point radio station back on air.
                 There are lots of mothers and fathers like me who support
                 your good work.

111.   JUDITH:   (CONTEMPLATINGLY) I hope we can get back on air too.
                 You have really encouraged me, Mama Gloria.
112.   END.

                                         English Episode 71

                                                                                      132.   ROBERT:    (NOT INTERESTED IN SEEING DENNIS) Hey, Dennis! Yes,
                                                                                                        it’s you. What are you doing here?
113.   SCENE 3
114.   LOCATION: EXT. POOL AND PORK BAR. DAY.                                         133.   DENNIS:    Should ask you the same question. I was hungry, just walked
115.   B/G SFX:       PEOPLE PLAY POOL, PORK SELLERS, OUTSIDE BAR                                       Margaret back to the garage…/
                      IS THE CLICK OF POOL STICKS ETC.                                134.   ROBERT:    This barman won’t let me play pool, man. I am so fed up with
116.   ROBERT, POOL ASSISTANT, DENNIS                                                                   this town! Where’s the damn justice? How do I practice pool?
                                                                                                        No, the guy just wants money!
117.   ROBERT:       Come on, man. Just give us a game.
                                                                                      135.   POOLMAN:   Hello, move before I smack you.
118.   POOL MAN:     You can play the winner of this game.
                                                                                      136.   DENNIS:    Robert, the guy’s just doing his job. Leave him.
119.   ROBERT:       Ah, come on, give me a break. I am learning!
                                                                                      137.   ROBERT:    It’s a crap job, man.
120.   POOLMAN:      Okay, Robert. Put your money. You play me. I teach you.
                                                                                      138.   DENNIS:    Come on. Have some of my pork. It’s good.
121.   ROBERT:       I haven’t got money, man. Just teach me. I’ll pay when I can
                     play.                                                            139.   ROBERT:    (GIVING IN WITHOUT LOSING FACE) Right. I don’t mind, I
                                                                                                        am even hungry. (HE PLUCKS OFF THE SKEWER AND
122.   POOLMAN:      I can’t. The boss is here.                                                         EATS)

123.   ROBERT:       You can. I know. I have seen you do it for other customers.      140.   DENNIS:    This joint has the best pork in town. I always come here for a
                     Just once. How is one supposed to learn? Otherwise, I am                           stick or two.
                     going to be pumping in a lot of cash before I get results.
                                                                                      141.   ROBERT:    (CHEWING) I thought you always bought your pork from
124.   POOLMAN:      That’s the pool game. You got to invest in cash to get better.                     church. Or maybe you think it’s unclean to eat pork?

125.   ROBERT:       (GETTING FED UP) You’re discriminating against the poor!         142.   DENNIS:    (LAUGHS) What, you think because I go to church I can’t mix
                                                                                                        with pool players and drunkards!
126.   POOLMAN:      Move away. You are disturbing us now.
                                                                                      143.   ROBERT:    Don’t tell me you play pool!
127.   ROBERT:       (LOUDLY) It’s exploitation! How am I supposed to get good at
                     something and you deny me practice?                              144.   DENNIS:    Sure, I shoot!

128.   POOLMAN:      Push off!                                                        145.   ROBERT:    And drink and smoke…/

129.   ROBERT EXCLAIMS AS HE IS PUSHED AWAY.                                          146.   DENNIS:    Neither of those, sorry. (LAUGHS SELF-DEPRECATINGLY)
                                                                                                        Soda, coke - and when I am really stepping out – bitter
130.   ROBERT:       Hey, hey!                                                                          lemon!

131.   DENNIS:       (JUST OFF MIC) Hey Robert, What’s up?                            147.   ROBERT:    (CAN’T HELP LAUGHING) You don’t know what you’re

                                    English Episode 71

148.   DENNIS:   (CLEVERLY) Well, I rather spend money on a game of pool
                 than beer.

149.   ROBERT:   So – what? You think you’re a star on the table?

150.   DENNIS:   No. But I think I can beat you squarely on the game of pool.

151.   ROBERT:   No way. I can not loose to a church guy.

152.   DENNIS:   I can teach you how to play pool. Serious.

153.   ROBERT:   Are you kidding? I challenge you to a game, today!

154.   DENNIS:   You are making a big mistake. (JOKINGLY) My friend, being
                 Christian doesn’t stop me from teaching you a good lesson in

155.   ROBERT:   You’re on.

156.   DENNIS:   I look forward.

157.   ROBERT:   (AS THEY GO OFF, SARCASTIC) No smoke, no drink. Does
                 that mean no girls either?

158.   DENNIS:   (LAUGHING LOUD) Until the day I really find the one, I am
                 saving myself!

159.   ROBERT:   (SNIDE) Looks like I can teach YOU a thing or two, Dennis!

160.   DENNIS:   And, looks like YOU need to watch yourself in all areas,
                 Robert. I don’t mind beating you in pool but I would hate to
                 see you go down because you got into sex, without knowing
                 the risks you are taking! (UPBEAT) The way I see it, Robert,
                 you like taking chances!
161.   END.

                                         English Episode 71

                                                                                        182. AMELIA:   How could you leave the children alone here like that?

                                                                                        183. GUMA:     It was only for a few minutes, Amelia.
162. SCENE 4 (M/G 6.21)
163. LOCATION:          GUMA’S HOME. INT. NIGHT.                                        184. AMELIA:   Really, Don, you should have taken them with you…
                                                                                        185. GUMA:     Honey, you’re over reacting. I was only away for a few
165. SFX:             DOOR OPENS.                                                                      minutes. I rushed back to watch a special program on TV
                                                                                                       tonight. Mike was telling me about it.
166. CONNIE:          (Excited) Mummy!! You are home!!
                                                                                        186. AMELIA:   Luckily we have power….
167. AMELIA:          Connie, Tom, how are you my little darlings?
                                                                                        187. GUMA:     I can see that. Eh! It’s coming to time. Let’s turn it on.
168. CONNIE:          We are fine, Mummy.
                                                                                        188. SFX:      FOOTSTEPS.
169. AMELIA:          Where is your father?
                                                                                        189. GUMA:     (SURPRISED) Eh! Where is the TV?
170. TOM:             He is at work.
                                                                                        190. AMELIA:   (SURPRISED) Where is it?
171. AMELIA:          (Upset) At work!? He has left you alone?
                                                                                        191. CONNIE:   (RECOLLECTING) Eeee the man has not brought it back.
172. CONNIE:          (Excited) Yes, Mummy. He said we are big kids now.
                                                                                        192. GUMA:     (CONFUSED) The man?
173. TOM:             We can take care of ourselves now.
                                                                                        193. AMELIA:   Which man, Connie?
174. AMELIA:          I’m sure you can, Tom. Did your Daddy say when he will
                      return?                                                           194. CONNIE:   Daddy, the man you sent to take it.

175. SFX:             Car pulling up outside. Door bangs shut. Footsteps                195. GUMA:     Me? Did I send any man here?
                      approaching door.
                                                                                        196. CONNIE:   Yes. He came here while you were out and said you sent him
176. AMELIA:          That must be your father now.                                                    so that he can take it and add in some color.

177. SFX:             Door opens and closes.                                            197. GUMA:     And you gave it to him?

178. CONNIE & TOM:    (Excited) Daddy!!!                                                198. CONNIE:   Yes.

179. GUMA:            Hello kids. Amelia, you’re back.                                  199. GUMA:     Without asking me first?

180. AMELIA:          Yes, Don. Where have you been?!                                   200. AMELIA:   (Accusing) And where were you Guma? How can they ask you
                                                                                                       when you are not here?
181. GUMA:            I forgot some things at the office and had to run out for them.
                                                                                        201. GUMA:     They have stolen the TV.

                                  English Episode 71

                                                                                  217. AMELIA:   (Sadly) That will help. But, what the children need is your
202. CONNIE:   No, the man will bring it back.                                                   attention…and some of your time.

203. GUMA:     (HASTE) You even get out of my sight.                              END.

204. AMELIA:   You go and sleep, Connie and Tom.


206. GUMA:     What’s happening? The other day they destroyed my recorder
               and recordings…now they’ve given away my TV.

207. AMELIA:   (ANGRY) But Guma, you should have been here.

208. GUMA:     (Explaining with exaggerated patience) Amelia, I have to
               work. I needed to get some things from the office and was
               only gone for a short while…

209. AMELIA:   Tom and Connie are just young children, Don. You should
               have taken them to the office with you…

210. GUMA:     (ANGRY) And let them wreck something at my office?! Like
               they ruined my tape recorder?

211. AMELIA:   Don, they broke your tape recorder because you never
               explained to them how to use it properly.

212. GUMA:     Amelia, this business of me staying at home to look after the
               children doesn’t work. I cannot work here at the house, and I
               cannot bring the children to the office with me.

213. AMELIA:   It’s not like I ask you to watch the children often, Don!

214. GUMA:     (ANGRY) It is your responsibility, Amelia. Not mine. I work
               hard to earn a living and keep the station afloat. I cannot also
               play nurse maid to the children. That is your job.

215. AMELIA:   Don, I do my bit. But, I cannot look after the children all by

216. GUMA:     Then, let us hire someone to help out.

                                         English Episode 71

                                                                                    237.   MONDAY:   I have heard many issues on the radio and they have gotten
                                                                                                     me thinking.
218.   SCENE 5 (M/G 6.8)
219.   LOCATION:        MONDAY’S GARAGE. EXT. DAY.                                  238.   MARG:     Really?
220.   B/G SFX:         GARAGE SOUNDS.
221.   MONDAY, MARGARET.                                                            239.   MONDAY:   I am even beginning to ask myself why we should keep voting
                                                                                                     these people into power.
222.   MARG:          Monday, I am done fixing this car.
                                                                                    240.   MARG:     Whoever we vote should be held accountable to us.
223.   MONDAY:        So I can call the owner, Margaret?
                                                                                    241.   MONDAY:   The power belongs to us the people.
224.   MARG:          Yes. Did you say the owner is a district councilor?
                                                                                    242.   MARG:     (NOT BELIEVEING HER EARS) Eh! Monday, what a
225.   MONDAY:        Yes but from the other constituency.                                           political mind you have developed! Are you getting into
226.   MARG:          I thought he is from Rock Point.
                                                                                    243.   MONDAY:   If there is need, why not? I might be the savior that Rock
227.   MONDAY:        No. He is not like the ones of Rock Point who don’t do                         Point has been yearning for.
                      anything for us.
                                                                                    244.   MARG:     I can now see you have political ambitions.
228.   MARG:          They don’t?
                                                                                    245.   MONDAY:   I am a man, very focused and straight forward. I have my two
229.   MONDAY:        What have they done for us, their constituents?                                wives and I can control them. What else do you need?

230.   MARG:          But Rock Point has drastically developed-it has changed.
                                                                                    246.   MARG:     (PROVOCATIVELY) And your wife, Judith is a strong leader.
231.   MONDAY:        It’s because of some few hardworking people like me. The
                      leaders are just sleeping and not performing at all.          247.   MONDAY:   Exactly. Now if Judith, a woman can do it, then what about
                                                                                                     me, her husband?
232.   MARG:          But at least not all of them.
                                                                                    248.   MARG:     I really believe Judith is such a strong leader.
233.   MONDAY:        Look around…robbery has become robbery. We no longer feel
                      secure when moving at night.
                                                                                    249.   MONDAY:   Only if she had not mixed herself in these silly talks about
234.   MARG:          But of course moving late at night is risky.                                   young girls.

235.   MONDAY:        Now must we give up meeting our friends in the bars because   250.   MARG:     But that’s what a leader should be doing.
                      our leaders are just sleeping?
                                                                                    251.   MONDAY:   No way. We need a leader who can lobby for his people and
236.   MARG:          I am surprised Monday. You have become so passionate about                     deliver services. I can do that. Right?
                                                                                    252.   MARG:     SILENT.

                                    English Episode 71

253.   MONDAY:   Why are you quiet Margaret? You don’t believe I can make a
                 good community leader?
254.   MARG:     I don’t know about politics, but I would suggest you keep in
                 your line.

255.   MONDAY:   So, you don’t believe in me?

256.   MARG:     Not that, but haven’t you got enough things to think about
                 with Robert and all, without stretching yourself thin in

257.   MONDAY:   One thing for sure, Margaret, I am a stubborn man and the
                 more you try to convince me the more determined I might

258.   MARG:     So you want to try?

259.   MONDAY:   Yes. Why not? I will first get some advice, but I am seriously
                 considering it. I can begin from the lower local councils.

260.   MARG:     You definitely look determined.

261.   END.

                                        English Episode 71

                                                                                     279.   GUMA:       (HINT OF ANGER) Solomon, as of this moment I don’t have
                                                                                                       a radio station!
262.   SCENE 6 (RP6.11) REVISED
                        INT. ROCK POINT BAR. LATE EVENING.                           280.   SOLOMON:   (SPURINGLY) Stop wallowing in pain.
264.   SOLOMON GUMA                                                                  281.   GUMA:      Everyone at the station is looking to me to provide answers –
                                                                                                       and my hands are tied. I am at the mercy of the Broadcasting
265.   GUMA:         (DEJECTED) Yes Solomon, is your day half as bad as mine is?                       Council.

266.   SOLOMON:      You listen to that lousy band, another expense for the bar.     282.   SOLOMON:   We were doing a good job. This is just a small rock in the path.
                     Damn them for closing our radio station.
                                                                                     283.   GUMA:      Well, I have run out of ideas clear the path.
267.   GUMA:         Yes, I was so used to listening to our Matata’s Music in this
                     bar.                                                            284.   SOLOMON:   Am going to present my queries to the broadcasting council
                                                                                                       and open room for negotiation.
268.   SOLOMON:      The mood is so dull around here.
                                                                                     285.   GUMA:      I appreciate that. Yes we should demand for answers.
269.   GUMA:         Speaking of moods, I think my life is torn apart. One and a
                     half years gone to waste. (CLICKS FINGERS) Just like that!      286.   SOLOMON:   That letter did not convince me one bit.

270.   SOLOMON:      Guma, this is just a temporary set back.                        287.   GUMA:      Why hasn’t Remy done that? It’s his job.

271.   GUMA:         To you Solomon it may seem that way (PAINFULLY) but do          288.   SOLOMON:   I hear you. Dealing with the broadcasting council should be
                     you know how many sacrifices I have made…                                         his responsibility.

272.   SOLOMON:      Win some, lose some.                                            289.   GUMA:      Ha, Solomon what am I going to do with our staff?

273.   GUMA:         Solomon, (DESPARATELY) My work has put a lot of strain in       290.   SOLOMON:   I am sure they are worried; they don’t know what is going to
                     my marriage, all for what?                                                        happen next.

274.   SOLOMON:      We all have our rough times Guma. Look at me and Nana…          291.   GUMA:      Do you think I should let them go.
                     its still tough.
                                                                                     292.   SOLOMON:   Hey! Don’t be too hasty.
275.   GUMA:         Lately I cannot even have a decent conversation with Amelia
                     because all my attention has been on that radio station.        293.   GUMA:      We are not earning revenue. No broadcast means no
                                                                                                       advertising, no sponsors.
276.   SOLOMON:      Guma, let me ask you.
                                                                                     294.   SOLOMON:   If the worst comes to the worst I will pay their salaries until
277.   GUMA:         What?                                                                             we can reverse the decision of the Broadcasting Council..

278.   SOLOMON:      Do you want to keep your dream alive?                           295.   GUMA:      So when do you meet them?

                                                                                     296.   SOLOMON:   Tomorrow, first thing!

              English Episode 71

297.   END.

                                         English Episode 71

                                                                                     319.   ROBERT:   It’s not that easy, Jack.
298.   SCENE 7 (R6.12)
299.   LOCATION:       MONDAY’S GARAGE. EXT. DAY.                                    320.   JACK:     It’s easy if you listen to yourself instead of blindly following
300.   B/G SFX:        GARAGE SOUNDS.                                                                 your so-called friends.
                                                                                     321.   ROBERT:   But, I don’t want them to laugh at me… I want them to look
302.   JACK:          Eh Robert, its long since I last saw you.                                       up to me…

303.   ROBERT:        You couldn’t have seen me here, Jack. You know my father       322.   JACK:     That’s the difference between a boy and a man. A man does
                      fired me.                                                                       what he knows is right, even if his friends think differently. A
                                                                                                      boy does whatever his friends are doing, without thinking
304.   JACK:          But at least I have been hearing about you.                                     about it.

305.   ROBERT:        Father must have been telling you, I guess.                    323.   ROBERT:   (Insulted) So, you’re saying I’m not a man, Jack? (Scornfully)
                                                                                                      You who does whatever my father tells him to do?
306.   JACK:          He even said you turned his house into a disco hall.
                                                                                     324.   JACK:     (Calming him down) Hey, Robert, don’t get all upset.
307.   ROBERT:        That’s not true. I had a party. Where is he?
                                                                                     325.   ROBERT:   I just need to talk to my father
308.   JACK:          Monday? He is around. You want him?
                                                                                     326.   JACK:     You want to beg your father for a job and ask him for the
309.   ROBERT:        I don’t know…but yes…I think so.                                                house back. He won’t.

310.   JACK:          You don’t seem sure, Robert.                                   327.   ROBERT:   It’s not fair.

311.   ROBERT:        Jack, life has become tough for me without a job and a home.   328.   JACK:     You want the truth?

312.   JACK:          But you are now staying with your mother, not so?              329.   ROBERT:   What truth?

313.   ROBERT:        That’s the problem. I need a job and my own home.              330.   JACK:     You were given a job. You didn’t do it. Your father lent you his
                                                                                                      house. You didn’t look after it. And now you are crying unfair.
314.   JACK:          Blame yourself; your father gave you all. You abused it.                        You didn’t take advice so who’s listening to you, Robert?

315.   ROBERT:        It was my friends, come on Jack.                               331.   ROBERT:   I can’t help it if my friends messed up that house. I can’t help
                                                                                                      it if my father wants to hire a woman to do a job instead of
316.   JACK:          And, was it your friends who broke into the garage and fell                     me.
                      asleep in a customer’s car too?
                                                                                     332.   JACK:     Hey, hey, hey. That’s enough, young man. I’ll tell you straight,
317.   ROBERT:        No, but….                                                                       it’s time you stopped making excuses and took responsibility
                                                                                                      for what you do in this life.
318.   JACK:          Don’t blame your actions on others, Robert. You have the
                      ability to decide what to do and what not to do.               333.   SFX:      FOOTSTEPS HURRY IN.

                                    English Episode 71

334.   MONDAY:   (SURPRISED) I thought I heard somebody whining. It had to
                 be you.

335.   ROBERT:   Daddy, I came to see you…

336.   MONDAY:   I heard all your complaints and that’s enough.. Go.

337.   ROBERT:   But…/

338.   MONDAY:   I don’t want to hear. Go before I throw you out.

339.   END.

                                        English Episode 71

                                                                                       356.   JOHN:     All Mzee Eriya wants is a bible to show that you are
340.   SCENE 8 (SB 6.11)                                                                                committed.
342.   SFX: B/G: BANGING OF THE NAILS IN THE BOAT AND WAVES IN THE                     357.   STEVE:    A bible?
                                                                                       358.   JOHN:     Yes.
343.   STEVE:        (TO HIMSELF) Now where have I put that hammer? It was
                     just here, now I can’t see it. Steve stay focused, John will be   359.   STEVE:    John, I am not that cheap, I may not have money but…
                     back any time.
                                                                                       360.   JOHN:     Money isn’t everything. But that the rest he said is up to you.
344.   JOHN:          (OFF MIC) You Steve!
                                                                                       361.   STEVE:    Look John, I am a man. I have to show that I am worth his
345.   STEVE:         (CALLING, DELIGHTED BUT NERVOUS) Ah, John! I was                                  daughter. Do you want Blessing to despise me, her husband
                     just thinking about you. Welcome back man from my village, I                       because I gave her father a cheap bible? No way!
                     owe you!
                                                                                       362.   JOHN:     By the way, Blessing sent her love.
346.   JOHN:          (FADING ON, FEIGNING SERIOUSNESS) I have bad news
                     for you.                                                          363.   STEVE:    Oh, and how is my wife?

347.   STEVE:         (DISTRAUGHT) Oh, no, the old man refused to give me his          364.   JOHN:     Fine, fine. Her old man cried when she told him that she had
                     daughter.                                                                          gone back home with plans of introducing you as her husband.

348.   JOHN:         (LAUGHING) No, I’m just kidding we finished all the               365.   STEVE:    John, I am now a man.
                     negotiations with him.
                                                                                       366.   STELLA:   (OFF MIC) Steve!
349.   STEVE:        So that means I am officially allowed to go to their home to
                     collect Blessing?                                                 367.   JOHN:     Look what the lake just brought in.

350.   JOHN:         They say they shall be ready for us next week.                    368.   STEVE:    (NERVOUSLY) What – what are you doing here Stella?

351.   STEVE:         (LAUGHING TRUIMPHANTLY) Yes! John thank you.                     369.   STELLA:    (ON MIC) If you think am here because of you wedding that
                                                                                                        is none of my business please.
352.   JOHN:         Steve, I don’t know how you are going to pay me back because
                     Mzee Eriya is a very tough man. His skin is thick. It was not     370.   STEVE:    Then what do you want?
                                                                                       371.   JOHN:     Steven I will excuse the two of you. (FADING OFF) Call me
353.   STEVE:         (OUT OF BREATH FROM EXCITEMENT) John, whatever                                    when you are done.
                     you say I shall do.
                                                                                       372.   STELLA:   There is news I have to give from the hospital.
354.   JOHN:         Good because you might instead be giving me the bride price.
                                                                                       373.   STEVE:    Hospital? Is the baby okay?
355.   STEVE:        What do you mean? What does the old man ask for?

                                    English Episode 71

374.   STELLA:   As the father of my child, the nurse has said you must know
                 whether you want it or not.

375.   STEVE:    Wait a minute! I am not sure about me being a father to your

376.   STELLA:   I don’t have time to joke Steven. The point is I am HIV


378.   STELLA:   It’s those young prostitutes you used to sleep with.

379.   STEVE:    (FIERY) What? You have HIV and now you are saying that I
                 am the one who gave it to you?

380.   STELLA:   Who else?

381.   STEVE:    (FIRMLY) Stella, you are the mother of prostitutes. Men were
                 always jumping out of your window.

382.   STELLA:   Steven I don’t want to quarrel with you. I have a child to think

383.   STEVE:    Oh, now I get it. This is one of your games. (FIRMLY) Stella,
                 forget it. Go to hell.

384.   STELLA:   You think am lying? Go get a test yourself and find out!!

385.   PAUSE

386.   STEVE:    (ANGRILY) I will do just that!

387.   STELLA:   (FADING OFF) Enjoy your wedding.

388.   END.


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