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									                                                                        October 2011

     Personal Grooming & the Ultimate Calling Card
                                                                                          Editorial                 1
As Uhde GmbH realigns itself to the           Schumacher gave Mercedes an image
change in its name, from Uhde GmbH to         in Formula 1 racing that competitors like   MD’s Message              2
ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH, and                   Honda and Ferrari, arguably similar
Corporate Communications proceeds to          racing machines, found hard to shake        Business                  3
implement this change in its public face,     off. And nothing more need be said
employees will undoubtedly become             about the late Steve Jobs and Apple.        UhdeNet                   4
part of the process of change, as the
organisation’s nominated                      But skills alone do not make the expert,
                                                                                          The Year That Was         5
representatives. But as the new visiting      at least as far as adding value to the
card is introduced, and employees             company name goes. For in the
                                              professional makeup of an employee          ONE Uhde                  8
engage in the changeover, the question
that must be addressed is as to whether       lies the sometimes-forgotten,
the new visiting card representing the        occasionally-neglected aspect of            Caretakers                9
organization maketh the man, or vice-         personal bearing and demeanour. How
versa.                                        an employee conducts himself, how he        People                   10
                                              interacts with subordinates, peers and
Moot among the factors involved in the        superiors, how he interfaces with           Healing Touch            12
renaming of an organization is the brand      business associates, how he represents
equity of that organization. The brand        the organization in business forums, the    First Person             13
value of an organization is represented       manner in which he deigns to attire
by many factors, notable amongst them         himself, and perhaps most importantly       Welcome New Colleagues   13
being the trust its customers associate       how he communicates – can sometimes
with and place in its products. Will it get   prove defining factors for an
                                                                                          Farewell                 14
compromised? Will it be enhanced by           organization seeking to be remembered
the changeover? Will the faithful             for its people - ‘its best assets’.
customers recognize the new entity, or                                                    Feedback                 15
will it be necessary to embark on a           The onus for ensuring the optimum
publicity campaign? Yet while factors         employee makeover is a joint                Travelogue               16
such as these will crop up many times         responsibility. But with organizations
over in the life of an organization, one      doing their bit by investing as much in
aspect in organizational life that can        soft skills as in technical courses and
also affect the brand value of an             seminars to enrich professional
organization, is its people. As               competencies, the importance of efforts
organizations invest in their people, and     of the employee himself to become the
their skills grow, so too do organizations    best ambassador of his company, can
become renowned and remembered for            never be overstated. For as key
the people they have on board. The            stakeholders in the evolution and growth
prowess of Microsoft’s software               of an organization, no amount of self-
engineers is legendary, and Apple stays       grooming can ever be enough, if one
streets ahead of its competitors in the       really wants to claim, that one belongs
entertainment industry with its high          to the ‘no.1 address’ that is his or her
performance innovators. Michael               organization!
  Uhde India Up-to-date
  The Inhouse Journal for Uhde India employees

      MD's Message
      Our efforts have started to pay off

                                                 ago. Now after considerable work by           Management across the various
                                                 almost 150 of you, dear colleagues,           disciplines.
                                                 we reached the conclusion of our
                                                 exercise, the final milestone. In the         However, dear Colleagues, it is
                                                 first phase we brainstormed and               important that our vision continues to
                                                 concluded on our vision. We would :           inspire and drive us. The market place
                                                                                               keeps getting more competitive, and
                                                 - Move up the Value Chain                     we will have to combine all our
                                                                                               strengths and talents to win and
                                                 - Become competitive in LSTK                  execute more LSTK projects for
                                                   projects                                    ourselves. In parallel, we have to
Dear Colleagues : It is three months             - Build capability and performance            maintain our competitiveness in EPCM
since I could address you through                  culture                                     Contracts in domestic and
these pages, though on many                                                                    international markets, both
occasions, I have had the privilege of           The second phase was the                      independently and with our partners.
working alongside you in various                 implementation phase. The best and
forums. The start of a new year gives            most important ideas that would help          As I conclude permit me to share with
us a chance to review our progress,              realize our vision were taken up for          you the fact that my wife and I spent a
our efforts, our collaboration and our           implementation. I am happy to tell you        fruitful day on the occasion of October
future. It is heartening to inform you           that after considerable teamwork and          3, 2011, the German National Day - a
that in the business year just                   cooperation, most of the topics we            day in the history of our country, when
concluded, we could, despite the                 chose to address, were completed              the East and West came together to
slowdown in the chemical industry,               successfully.                                 forge new bonds and pool their
record a sales order booking of Rs                                                             resources. Let us also here in India,
586 crores, which was just 10% short             The results of our huge exercise are          renew our commitments, and use this
of our annual target of Rs.650 crores.           visible already. On its own, UIPL             moment to introspect about our own
I am sure that with our commitment               successfully booked the Coromandel            success and journey, and how
and renewed vigour, we will work                 DAP / NPK plant on a very competitive         interlinked this is to the continued
towards our goals and enhanced                   basis as an LSTK project.                     success of our organization, that has
targets for the new year.                        Improvements in the ClO2 technology           steadily and productively been built up
                                                 that UIPL offers Basic Engineering for,       by all of us together.
This time, dear colleagues, I choose to          will be utilized in the GACL Sodium
share with you all the progress and              Chlorate project. We also successfully        Sincerely,
results we have achieved on one of               introduced improvements in Employee
our initiatives - the Envisioning                Relations through better construction
Exercise, that we embarked on 2 years            site facilities and better employee care      Benno Lueke
                                                 perspectives, in addition to Talent

                                                    Uhde India Up-to-date   2   October 2011
  Uhde India Up-to-date
  The Inhouse Journal for Uhde India employees

                                                 significant challenge in this role.            organise training, and interact with HR /
       ONE Uhde                                  Another challenge will be the integration
                                                 of our work with that of the other offices,
                                                                                                management with regards to needs etc.
                                                                                                We believe these are good for growth
                                                 to ensure a consistent output across the       and future recruitment.
       Travelling Man                            project. I look forward to the intercultural
                                                 UIUTD : Uhde Shedden and its
                                                 business profile. How is this aligned
At 28, he has already travelled                  with the staff profile?
halfway across the world, and
despite a variety of roles , he still            We are traditionally strong in the Oil &
sees the opportunity for change in               Gas sector, right from the days when we
his career in the wide wide world of             were Shedden Pacific, then partially
Uhde. Meet Thom Cameron, Project                 owned by Clough, an Oil & Gas
Engineer at Uhde Shedden, Australia              engineering solutions company. Over
(USAPL) …                                        the years we have gained significant
                                                 experience in Refining, Petrochemicals,
Uhde India Upto Date (UIUTD) : Pls               Fertilisers and Alternative / Clean Fuels.     Thom Cameron (second from right) with
tell us something about yourself.                It is therefore understandable that we         his 2011 ILDP colleagues : ‘We are truly
                                                 have a strong complement of Chemical           intercultural – a Thai, Russian, German,
I am a native of Northern Ireland and a          engineers. Today, we are divided into          Chinese and an Australian/Irish!
product of the University of Edinburgh,          Technology Services (Process) and
Scotland, from where I graduated with a          Engineering Delivery (other disciplines).      UIUTD : We have heard many Indians
1st Class Masters in Mechanical                  We have considerable experience in pre-        have had a hard time in the recent
Engineering with Management. After               FEED and FEED. Both Uhde and TK are            past. As a member on the
that I took a job with Petrofac in the           well known in certain sectors in               Intercultural module of ILDP, your
south of England, before joining Uhde            Australia. In addition to refining and         comments.
Shedden (or Shedden Uhde as it was               clean fuels work, we have developed
then) in Melbourne in 2008. I have had           some firm relationships with chemical          Firstly, let me tell you that USAPL
varied experiences - Mechanical                  operators like Orica, IPL, CSBP etc. A         welcomes everyone. This helps my role
Engineer in office, Completions                  strong area of focus for USAPL, in             in the ILDP Intercultural module! Yes, I
Engineer on an oil refinery site, Field          particular my office in Brisbane, is           have heard about several ‘protests’ in
Engineer in a gas processing plant,              upstream Coal Seam Gas projects,               Melbourne regarding attacks on a few
Project Engineer on secondment for an            where we are well-positioned. However,         university students, who had their
Ammonium Nitrate facility and now                we need to improve our presence in             laptops stolen. I think this may have
Project Engineer for a FEED project in           other areas. Our main competitors are          been portrayed in a racist light, but to
the Brisbane office. I am open to new            the larger international engineering           my knowledge it was not specifically
roles. It makes one’s career more                houses - Jacobs, Worley Parsons, KBR,          Indians who were targeted. I understand
exciting.                                        Hatch, etc                                     it has calmed down. Apparently, there
                                                                                                have been cases of failed immigration
UIUTD : Tell us about your current               UIUTD : Tell us something about the            attempts by overseas students for
assignment.                                      engineering complement in USAPL?               unrecognised courses. This is generally
                                                                                                not the case for courses involving
USAPL have been contracted by MRC to             Engineering accounts for about 8% of           engineering disciplines. By the way, I
perform the FEED for an RFCC complex             graduates in Australia. In my early years      know several Australian Indians both
in their Daura refinery in Baghdad, Iraq.        at USAPL, we were recruiting young             inside and outside Uhde who have lived
The project is being split over 3 offices,       engineers to help account for an ageing        in Australia and have never experienced
Melbourne, Brisbane and Thailand.                workforce. We are about 250 strong at          any problems.
Brisbane will be performing the work             the moment and growing slowly. Today
associated with one of the process               we have a fairly young multicultural           Thom enjoys the winter sports of skiing and
plants (Sulphur Recovery Unit). I am                                                            snowboarding and loves to holiday in both
                                                 taskforce. Despite the typical Aussie laid     winters. On weekends he enjoys golf, running,
responsible for co-ordinating all                back way of life, our teams are                surfing and mountain biking. His passion for
activities in the Brisbane office. The           opinionated, proactive, integrated and         soccer has seen him form a ‘Touch Football’
team will consist of 15+ engineers from          driven. Everyone tries to contribute to        team with friends. In jest he says to ‘all my
a wide variety of international                  the office well-being. You may be              Indian friends - Muje Maaf Kijiye’ but cricket is
backgrounds. We have a compressed                surprised to hear that we have a Young         not on my favourites list!’
schedule, so timing is going to be a             Persons group which meet monthly to

                                                    Uhde India Up-to-date   8   October 2011
       UIPL’s HSE Team at IOCL Paradeep site reaches out to flood-affected
       villagers in a commendable act of charity

Orissa, in the eastern parts of India, is   in Orissa, populated by an estimated       murky waters were life-threatening, to
no stranger to natural calamities and       12,000 children, youth, adults and         say the least. To a man, they were
disasters. Floods, earthquakes and          senior citizens, all of impoverished       ready. No praise can be too high for
typhoons have hit the state in the          backgrounds, our determined band of        what they achieved that day, no deed
recent past with frightful regularity.      construction specialists boarded           more noble. For with a dedication that
Yet, the die-hard spirit of the peoples     ramshackle boats to deliver, over 3        can only come from hearts of gold,
remains. Life goes on. On the 14th of       trips, food, clothes and much-needed       the UIPL IOCL Paradeep site HSE
September 2011, some of that spirit         drinking water to the villagers in 3       team, outdid themselves to bring light
rubbed off on our HSE team based at         wards of the devastated villages. It       to a despairing day, and put the
the Indian Oil Corporation's Paradeep       hardly mattered that some of them did      smiles back on the faces of our less
Refinery site. Braving floods that had      not know how to swim, and that the         fortunate brethren. Images…
ravaged the village of Maha Nangala

                                            UIPL's HSE team comprising M/s .S.K.Roy, Sujit Verma, Santanu Acharya and Manzoor
                                            Khan, were accompanied by S.Pradhan, P.Naidu, Sanatan Das and P.K.Ray of other
  Uhde India Up-to-date
  The Inhouse Journal for Uhde India employees

       People                                                                                   ground motion, it undergoes lateral
                                                                                                displacements in the direction of the
       UIPL colleagues show there’s more to life than work...                                   earthquake tremors. However, it has
                                                                                                been observed that there are certain
                                                                                                structures which undergo torsional
                                                                                                rotation about the vertical axis of the
                                                                                                building, when subjected to pure
Sarpanch Calling                                 builders, adventurers and problem              lateral earthquake tremors. Such
                                                 solvers,’ he says.‘They seek quicker,          structures are classified as torsionally-
                     Sachin Shinde is the        better and less expensive ways of              coupled building structures, and are
                     first engineer in his
                                                 completing projects. They use forces           generally those which have either
                     village of Sordi. His                                                      stiffness or mass discontinuities or
                     story has already           and materials in nature. Engineers
                     inspired two youth to       help meet societal needs such as               asymmetries over height.
                     take up studies in          good housing, food, clothing,                  Consequently, earthquake codes of
                     Engineering…                transportation, pure water, air and            practice specify that an accidental
                                                 power. They are the bridge between             eccentricity has to be considered,
                      Modest as he is,                                                          while analyzing the structural
                      Sachin Shinde,             scientific research and the creation of
                                                 new products, translating technical            response of buildings to earthquake
                      Senior Engineer in                                                        ground motions. Typically, this
our Pune Office’s Piping Department,             principles into goods, processes and
                                                 systems for the benefit of people.”            accidental eccentricity is defined as a
would shun any comparisons to the                                                               certain fraction of the building
former Indian president Abdul Kalam.             After almost 8 years in the industry –         dimension, although this has no firm
Yet the comparison would not be out              he began with Praj Industries, before          theoretical basis.
of place. Sachin’s story began with his          joining UIPL in 2007 - Sachin dreams
grandfather in their village of                  of returning to his village as Sarpanch.       The thesis develops a rational
Ghatnandre in Taluka Kavathe                     “I wish to return and eliminate                procedure for earthquake response
Mahankal in Dist Sangli of                       illiteracy, impart career guidance,            analysis of torsionally-coupled
Maharashtra State which has a                    ensure better roads, sanitation,               buildings with uncertain structural
population of less than 4,000 villagers          gyms…. to use my expertise to build            parameters subjected to spatially
even today. A small farmer, he was               a self-sufficient village”. In his diary, a    varying stochastic ground motions.
called on to serve in the 2nd World War          quote stands out, summing up the               Also the thesis studies the relative and
in Italy. On his return, he was elected          young man : “Growing older is                  combined effects of uncertainty in
Sarpanch of the village. The next                mandatory; growing up is optional.             structural parameters and spatial
generation, his father, continued                We make a living by what we get, but           variation of ground motion, with
serving mankind, becoming a teacher,             we make a life by what we give”                emphasis on establishing the types of
and instilling in his children the need                                                         structures for which these effects are
for service. As eldest son, the mantle           Hats off to you, Sachin Shinde! Bravo,         important. Lastly, the thesis develops
of Sarpanch, the head of the village             we are proud of you!                           rigorous procedures for measuring
level statutory institution of local self-                                                      dynamic eccentricities and compares
government called the GRAM                       Makarand Barve gets his PhD.                   them with the code provisions for
PANCHAYAT (village government)                                                                  dynamic eccentricities.
awaited Sachin.                                  Almost 3 months
                                                 after being                                    I did it !
But Sachin decided he would rather               conferred with a
equip himself first before taking on a           PhD. by the Indian                             Makarand’s achievement came after
responsible position. And so he opted            Institute of                                   an exacting evaluation spanning an
to become an engineer, something                 Technology,                                    elaborate procedure and length of
unheard of in his community. His                 Mumbai, Makarand                               time. In his own words : ‘There is a
efforts brought him a Diploma from               Barve is still ecstatic…                       standardized evaluation procedure in
Polytechnic Institute in Sangli and a                                                           IIT. My work was progressively
Mechanical Engineering degree from               The gist of his thesis :                       evaluated every year by the Research
the Finolex College of Engineering in                                                           Progress Committee (RPC), a panel of
                                                 Typically, it is assumed that when a           3 professors, including my guide
Ratnagiri in 2004. ‘Engineers are
                                                 structure is subjected to earthquake

                                                    Uhde India Up-to-date   10   October 2011
Prof.P.Bannerji. My final thesis was         coffee, and non-veg food. He is a              for the phone. A couple of floors
evaluated by 3 professors from IIT,          trained yogi, and regularly imparts            down, in a corner of the ground floor,
Delhi, IIT Rourkee & University of           sessions on the alternative medicine.          the phone rings at the desk of UIPL’s
California, Berkeley. Each commented,        His own dalliance with it began in             Personnel Manager Jyoti Wahalekar.
and one asked for additional work. My        1978, when he was diagnosed with               The frantic voice on the other end of
revised submission was then placed           sciatic pain, and took to watching             the line tells her immediately its an
before the team for their final              Doordarshan to learn the art. Later he         emergency, and someone needs help.
approval. When they cleared it, I had        attended a residential camp at the
to defend my thesis in front of the RPC                                                     A strong woman, who has had her
                                             Yoga Institute in Santacruz, before
panel members, an external                                                                  share of difficulties, Jyoti reacts
                                             doing a number of full-fledged ten-day
chairperson (from IIT Delhi), an                                                            instinctively. Wasting time by
                                             Preksha Dhyan (Yoga & Meditation)
internal examiner (from IIT Mumbai)                                                         enquiring too much into the nature
                                             camps in Ladnun, Rajasthan.
and a few personal invitees. My
‘grilling’ ran for about 2½ - 3 hrs. I       Today, in addition to giving classes in
was exhausted at the end of it! But the      UIPL, his passion for imparting this art
wait for the results was more killing.       finds him making time to teach yoga
When I received the e-mail informing         at the Gurukul High School & Junior
me that I was cleared, my joy knew no        College, the Times Business School at
bounds! I simply clenched my fist.           Vashi , the Centres of Jain Vishwa
Yes, I had done it!’                         Bharati University (lecturing in post
                                             graduate correspondence courses in
Dr.Makarand Barve, congratulations                                                            Jyoti interviewing a candidate at a job fair
                                             Preksha Dhyan & Yoga) at Kandivali &
on your achievement! We share your           Ghatkopar, and as a moderator /
pride and joy!                               instructor for the certificate course for      and possible causes of the incident,
                                             people appearing for Preksha Dhyan.            could have telling effects, as she
N. C. Jain - Medicine Man                                                                   knows. Right now, her colleague
                                             Jain feels stress is a major cause of          needs help and the best thing she can
                                             many of our ailments. By indulging in          do is to ensure that medical aid is
                                             senseless eating and pursuing a                available. In a few moments, she has
                                             sedentary lifestyle, we are inviting           made the connection with the local
                                             diseases such as blood pressure,               hospital where UIPL has a tie-up. ‘My
                                             heart attacks and blood sugar. He              colleague is on the way,’ she says,
                                             maintains an updated file on the blood         speaking to the concerned resident
                                             pressure levels of colleagues who              doctor, and informing him that quick
                                             seek his help, and he gladly proffers          and timely attention is needed. Next
                                             the natural herbs and roots that are           she connects with ADM, who as
UIPL colleagues seeking his advice on        known to have curative properties.             efficiently arrange for the all-important
matters of health say there is a unique      These include the homemade                     transport that will ferry the colleague
calmness about him that goes hand in         remedies that are assembled by his             to the emergency ward of the hospital.
hand with his lessons on yoga and            wife, who shares his passion for
healthy living. But for all his following,   helping people through their                   Sounds routine. But Jyoti, whose role
Mr. N.C.Jain, the Head of our                knowledge of nature cures.                     in the Personnel Department also
Technical Training Centre and                                                               extends to recruitment and employee
erstwhile Head of Instrumentation,           In an age of intemperate ways, Jain,           welfare, won’t stop there. A few
remains amazingly modest.                    for all his modesty, humanity and              minutes later, she is on the phone
                                             kindness, remains a rare gem, we               again, checking if ‘her’ patient has
But there are other facets to him. Like      would all do well to emulate.                  arrived at the hospital and if he is
most serious health practitioners who                                                       getting the attention that is needed.
devote themselves to society, Jain           Jyoti Wahalekar - Wired for help               And when the employee has returned,
follows a strict personal regimen and                                                       duly treated, she takes it upon herself
advocates the same to those who              Its an emergency, and immediate                to make a few more calls to reassure
come to him. ‘Discipline is the key to       medical attention is needed. As                herself that ‘all is well’ with her
good health,’ says Jain, who refrains        colleagues put their thoughts together,        colleague!
from everyday beverages like tea and         the departmental secretary reaches
                                                  Intouch : Uhde India Up-to-Date
                                                Uhde India Up-to-date   11   October 2011
  Uhde India Up-to-date
  The Inhouse Journal for Uhde India employees

       Healing Touch                                                                            Other Benefits
                                                                                                Besides alleviating most common
       Uhde India Up-to-date talks to S.Velamkar of Piping                                      ailments, Pranic Healing can also help
       and learns of his preoccupation with Pranic Healing                                      increase vitality, strengthen the
                                                                                                immune system, calm emotions and
                                                                                                improve one’s wellbeing. It can play a
                                                                                                key role in enhancing happiness. It is
What it is                                       simple and easy to learn and practice.         useful in treating both major ailments
                                                                                                like vertigo, deafness, severe burns,
“PRANA” is a Sanskrit word for life-             What makes it different                        heart ailments, asthma, gallstone,
force or vital energy. This energy is in                                                        kidney stone, hepatitis, rheumatism,
abundant supply in / from the air, the           A look at Pranic Healing will confirm it       cysts, cancer etc. and minor ailments
earth, and the sun. Our ancient                  is quite different from traditional            like fever, cough, chronic cough,
scholars knew that this life-giving              treatments. Some of its major
energy is present everywhere.                    differences include :
“PRANIC” Is derived from “Prana”.
“Pranic Healing” is a form of healing            No-Touch Technique
that uses “Prana”. Surrounding and
interpenetrating the physical body of            The treatment is applied on the
any living being is an energy body,              patient’s body or aura. There is no
also known as the etheric body. This             physical contact between healer and
energy body absorbs the “Prana” and              patient. This ‘No-Touch’ methodology
distributes it throughout the physical           is painless, non-invasive and
body. The energy body and the                    independent of any machines or
physical body are closely interlinked.           drugs.
What affects the energy body also
affects the physical body. Any disease           Complementary
thus first manifests itself on the               Pranic Healing does not conflict with          toothache, stomach disorders, nose
energy body, before it materializes on           conventional medical treatments.               bleeding, menstrual problems etc.
the physical body. This phenomenon               Rather Pranic Healing complements
has been scientifically proven through           other healing modalities. However,             Pranic healers at UIPL :
experiments.                                     there have been numerous instances             Says Velamkar, seen here with other
                                                 where the application of Pranic                Pranic healers. I am an Advanced
How it works                                     Healing alone has been sufficient to           Pranic Healer and have been
Pranic Healing involves the transfer of          alleviate the ailment.                         privileged to treat over a 100 patients
energy of life force from the healer to                                                         for a variety of ailments. Some of
the patient. The main conduit for the            The Advantages                                 these have been from UIPL. We have
transmission of energies is the energy           Availability and Accessibility                 7 to 8 Pranic Healers in our Piping
body. There are several whirling                                                                Dept. Two among them are Advanced
energy centers, some 3-4 inches in               Since fresh, natural life-giving energy,       Healers - Mr. Malpathak, and Mr.
diameter, called “Chakras”. They                 or Prana is in abundant supply                 Muralidhar Sutar; the others are Basic
control and energize all the organs of           everywhere around us, Pranic Healing           Healers - Mrs. Annie Lemos, Mr.
the physical body. Chakras are just              can be applied anytime and                     A.J.Parkar, Mr. Momin Riyaz and Mr.
like power stations that supply vital            anywhere.                                      Ravindra Wakkar.
energy to all the organs. When any of
these chakras malfunction, the                   Simple to Learn and Easy to                    Pranic Healing was founded by Grand Master
corresponding organs become weak                 Practice:                                      Choa Kok Sui. He is the world’s foremost
                                                                                                proponent of Pranic Healing. Himself a
or eventually become sick or                                                                    graduate of Chemical Engineering, Grand
diseased. In Pranic Healing, the                 Pranic Healing techniques are very
                                                                                                Master Choa was a successful businessman
treatment involves cleansing and                 simple and easy to learn. Almost               and philanthropist, who led a regular life
energizing of these chakras and the              anybody can learn this healing                 balanced on one hand by his business and
corresponding physical organ with                modality which is taught using the             family concerns and on the other by his
fresh, life-sustaining “Prana”. The              instruction manual prepared by the             spiritual activities of promoting Pranic Healing
                                                 Grand Master himself.                          throughout the world. The alternative practice
techniques for doing this are very                                                              of Pranic Healing is taught and practiced

                                                    Uhde India Up-to-date   12   October 2011
       Welcome New Colleagues !                                                          Rahul P. Sawarbandhe
                                                                                         Santosh Pabbisetty
                                                                                         Sunil B. Sawant
                                                                                                                    R. Senthil Kumar
                                                                                                                    Rizwan J. Parkar
                                                                                                                    Sangam P. Shaha
       Best wishes to you for your careers with UIPL !                                   Vikas V. Dhende            Shivam. N. Bansal
                                                                                                                    Yogesh Gole
                                                                                         Piping - I
                                                                                         Ajinkya A. More            Procurement &
                                                                                         Gaurav B. Shah             Estimation
                                                                                         Varsha S. Jagtap           Vidya Subramaniam
Civil                       M. Muthukumaran             Information Technology           Nitesh V. Mule             Anitha Chandran
Ajay N. Ghadi               Potnuru Narsingh Murthy     Shahez M. Jahagirdar             Sagar Ramprasad
Akash P. Veershetty         Sapan K. Mandal                                              Sunil M. Mate              Projects
Amod A. Gadgil              Vaikuntham L. Rao           Instrumentation                                             Delphine D’Costa
Dhananjay S. Chavan         Vijay S. Shelke                                              Piping - Pune              G. G. Masurkar
                            Yoosaf H. Valarivalappil    Elwin C. Fernandes
Dilip G. Chougule                                       Pavitra P. Iyer                  Madhura D. Vader           Kaushal K. Srivastava
Apurva J. Kotkar                                        Priti Sundarkumar                Satish S. Balbudhe         Mandar U. Joshi
Praveena Keerty             Electrical                                                   Saurabh S. Apte            Suhas A. Natu
                                                        Sanket G. Lokhande
Sanchita C. Raut            Dhiraj P. Dhole             Saurabh S. Shah                                             Vijay V. Kulkarni
Nikhil A. Bhalerao          Kailashnath Sundaram        Shounak B. Ghosalkar             Process
Rajiv G. Khare              Shanha B. Shajahan          Shubham V. Sharma                Ameya U. Thakurdesai       Quality Assurance
                            Neerja Singh                Sunilkumar B. Vora               Indradeep Thammisetti      Bala S. Murali
Construction                Tapas Sanyal                Vivek Kumar                      Mohit N. Bansal            Sanjay Kumar
Arun Kumar Ladia                                                                         Chitra S. Bhavsar
Bijoy Bhaskaran                                         Mechanical                       Nikhil K. Moorjani         Sales
Debasish Dey                                            Karan S. Kalani                  Nikunj S. Gangar           Ramchandra Y. Katre
                                                        Parin L. Khona                   Parth S. Shah

       First Person                           iPads and iPhones are the most
                                              common. The horizon is dotted with tall
                                              skyscrapers, seemingly endless edifices
       Technology Days Out at                 that tower over the city, with their unique
                                              architecture. At night, the lights take
       Hongkong                               over, transforming the place into a
                                              virtual fairyland, and the laser show
                                              called the ‘Symphony of Lights’ is a
Visiting Hong Kong, the erstwhile British     brilliant display that takes place nightly.
Colony, can be a heady experience. The
sights distract you, and make you forget      Our visits to the famous Disneyland on
your travails. The first thing that strikes   Lantau island brought out the child in us          drives their city and makes their lives
you is the cleanliness, efficiency and        adults, and Ocean Park is an                       easier. They value their environment
user-friendliness. A blind man can get        amusement park with a marvelous                    too, as green spaces abound, and cities
along easily, and there is provision even     aquarium that is as much a tribute to              tick alongside the villages, both existing
for him, at every turn! The                   engineering and computerization, as it is          harmoniously. Everyday on returning to
computerization in the transport              a commitment to nature and                         our apartment, we were supervised up
systems is commendable and the                entertainment. The malls are no less               to our doorstep literally under the
indicators keep changing regularly,           glittering and well stocked. Chinese               watchful electronic eye of the cameras
keeping the population connected and          ingenuity is omnipresent. You see loads            located with the security personnel at
mobile. Mass transit railway systems,         of novel toys, foods, articles etc.                the front gate!
airport express trains, buses, taxis,
ferries, trams - a network connecting         Everywhere you look you see lines of               The return to Mumbai, with its heat and
the small and compact country, without        disciplined people awaiting their turn –           dust, is a stark comparison, making us
an iota of confusion or commotion. I          at the bus stops, the parks, the                   realize, wherever we look, that we could
realized this was only possible because       shopping malls, the plazas. Almost                 indeed take many leaves out of their
of the huge computerized transport grid,      everyone uses the Octopus Card - a                 book!
that hummed night and day, ensuring           Smart Card that allows you to pay for
travel that was safe, uninterrupted,          anything and everything, without the               S.Venkatraman, our DGM-Info Tech, visited
accessible and above all, affordable.         need for currency. Its slogan says it all :        Hong Kong with his family. Their tour included
                                              ‘Making Everyday Life Easier’. The                 Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Shek O Beach, the
                                              citizens respect the technology that               Giant Buddha, Happy Valley, Disneyland and
Everywhere you see people with some                                                              other sights.
electronic gadget or the other – iPods,
                                                 Uhde India Up-to-date   13   October 2011
  Uhde India Up-to-date
  The Inhouse Journal for Uhde India employees

                                                 professional and warm, approachable        department aver that he was the
       Farewell                                  colleague and leader, throughout.
                                                 Mr.P.Shivdas, his secretary, who had
                                                                                            epitome of coolness when faced with
                                                                                            a problem; the young engineers agree
       As U.S.Dighe retires,                     the privilege of working with him since    that he was helpfulness personified,
                                                 1987, still marvels at the many hats       when it came to passing on and
       colleagues aver there was                                                            sharing knowledge and extending a
                                                 Dighe wore with remarkable aplomb.
       nothing “mechanical”                      Says Shivdas ‘He was technically very      helping hand in time of need. Perhaps
       about him!                                sound, and widely regarded as one of       that is also why the Mechanical
                                                 the best engineering talents we had.       Department is one of the best
                                                 Though our department is involved in       contributors to our Knowledge
                                                 every project, and he played a part        Management System!
                                                 therein, he would sometimes recall the
                                                 challenges involved in some of the         In the last few months before he
                                                 larger projects of UIPL.’                  retired, the mantle of leadership of the
                                                                                            Mechanical Department was passed
                                                 Yet business was not the only thing for    seamlessly to Mr. Atul Supe, a tribute
                                                 Dighe. Colleagues recall with affection    to Dighe’s planning, just one of the
                                                 the extra lengths he went to in order to   many facets that distinguished his
                                                 ensure they were comfortable at work,      tenure. And on that last day, as Dighe
                                                 and all was well on their home front.      ambled in to thank his department
Saying Goodbye : Dighe is felicitated by his     His personal touch extended to             colleagues in his farewell address, he
successor Atul Supe and B.S.R.Sai, Group         regaling his teammates with                wore the untroubled look of a man at
Head - Process, Systems Engg. & Mechanical       anecdotes from films and news over         peace with himself for giving his best
                                                 lunch. And for all his technical           to his job, and ensuring dignity and
In August 2011, after 29 years, Mr.              acumen, he was approachable till the       respect were watchwords and a way of
U.S.Dighe, Head - Mechanical bid                 end. Vendors knew that in him, there       life for him.
farewell to UIPL. 29 years is a long             was a thorough professional who
time. People change, as do most                  would meet them on fair and level          Mr.Dighe, on behalf of all in UIPL and
things. But it is to Dighe’s eternal             ground. Senior engineers in the            the Mechanical Department, best
credit, that he stayed the same astute                                                      wishes for a healthy retired life.

       Information Security                                                                 5. When disposing paper(s) with
                                                                                               confidential information, you :
       Safety starts with Awareness                 A. Public                                  A. Throw them in any dustbin
                                                    B. Internal                                B. Shred it using a shredder
Answer this quiz to check your                      C. Confidential                            C. Give it to the office boy to reuse
awareness on Information Security                   D. Strictly confidential                   D. Be environment-friendly and
                                                                                                  reuse it for writing
1. Three primary tenets of Information
   Security (C-I-A) :                            3. On receiving email from an
                                                    unknown contact that has an             6. A business associate wants to
   A. Confidentiality, Integrity and                attachment, you should :                   discuss a sensitive topic in the
      Accessibility                                                                            company cafeteria. You:
   B. Continuity, Integration and                   A. Open the attachment
                                                    B. Forward it to your colleagues           A. Discuss in a hushed tone
      Availability                                                                             B. Suggest that the topic be
   C. Confidentiality, Integration and              C. Delete the mail without opening
                                                                                                  discussed in a more secure
      Availability                                  D. Keep it in the inbox                       environment
   D. Confidentiality, Integrity and                                                           C. Discuss it anyway; the company
      Availability                               4. The practice of misleading                    cafeteria is a secure
                                                    someone, either in person, over the           environment
2. Classification of information aims               phone, or using a computer with            D. Ignore the conversation
   at rating information in accordance              the intent of breaching security :
   with its protection requirements.                A. People Engineering                   Submit your entries to Mr. S
   Accordingly, information available               B. Reverse Engineering                  Venkatraman / Mr. Nitin Kawathekar
   to all or to a large community of                                                        of our IT Department latest by Nov.
   employees of the company is                      C. Data Engineering
                                                    D. Social Engineering                   11, 2011. Results will be suitably
   classified as :                                                                          announced.
      Our Editorial Board took the new-look Uhde India Up-to-date to a few of our overseas
      colleagues engaged in similar roles, seeking their views. This is what they had to say :

Emily Benecke, Senior PR Manager,             been involved in a number of projects          news, events and achievements. And
Corporate Communications, Uhde                together and it feels good to be               the best thing I like about Uhde India
GmbH                                          connected through this media as well.          Up-to-date is that it is focused on
                                              With best regards from Berlin.                 people. Uhde India Up-to-date is a
                        Wow, the new          Regards : Frank Stolzenburg
                                                                                             journal, not only for UIPL employees,
                        Uhde India Up-                                                       but predominantly about them. While
                        to-date is really     Petra Larisch, Marketing Manager,
                                              Uhde Services                                  reading, I realized that the employees
                        good. I like it. It
                        looks                                                                are of great importance to the
                        professional in                               It was                 company, and not only new contracts,
                        the new design,                               interesting to         company goals and profits matter.
                        has one face                                  read your in-          The first issue of UUTD Russia will
                        now and                                       house journal,         come into the world soon. It will be my
includes nice and informative topics.                                 now renamed            first experience in publishing. I hope to
Congratulations to the team! I quite                                  Uhde India Up-         approach our in-house journal with the
liked the articles. Of course, being                                  to-date. I think it
                                                                                             same spirit. Regards : Ksenija
responsible for the content of the                                    has a fairly
Uhde Up-to-date (UUTD), I would love                                  good mix of
                                                                                             Babette Holland, Business &
to get some of the articles or topics for     business and personal news about
                                              your colleagues and their pursuits. I          Corporate Development
the global publication too: for example
                                              can see that you have a good working           Coordinator, Uhde Shedden
the experiences of your Indian
colleagues in Germany. I think it would       atmosphere with considerable                   Australia
be interesting for the whole Uhde             interactions between the staff, both on
World and not only for India. What do         and off the job. However, I have one                                   Colorful,
you think? Regards : Emily                    comment. I could not find anything                                     interesting,
                                              that was distinctly Indian about the                                   informative, a
Frank Stolzenburg, Marketing                  journal – like customs, lifestyle or                                   touch of
Manager, Uhde Inventa-Fischer                 cuisine, which would make interesting                                  personal
                                              reading for someone like me from a                                     elements, easy
                          Dear Editors,       different culture and background. I                                    to read - these
                                              hope that you take this constructively.
                           I would like to    With my very best regards : Petra
                                                                                                                     describe Uhde
                                              Ksenija Kuznetsova,                            India's Up-to-date Newsletter. Thank
                           you for this
                           well-written       Communication Manager, Uhde                    you for sharing Uhde India's news with
                           and interesting    Russia                                         Australia; it certainly keeps us
                           magazine. It                                                      connected and reminds me that we
                           was very                               For me, the Uhde           are one team, one company with so
exciting for me to read this good                                 India Up-to-date is a      much wonderful variety in culture and
mixture of information that provides an                           nice example how to        experience. I look forward to my next
overview of the important projects, the                           make a good in-            read from UIPL. Warmest regards:
everyday work as well as the interests                            house journal. It is a     Babette.
of our friends in India. I am looking                             well-balanced
forward to the next issue of the                                  mixture of business
magazine. UIPL and UIF are and have

                                                 Uhde India Up-to-date   15   October 2011
                                              diverted our minds from the numerous        my feet to the tiny hotel for a welcoming
       Travelogue                             signboards that warned of landslides.
                                              Time was inconsequential and finally
                                                                                          cup of hot tea and a much-needed
       A Himalayan Odyssey                    after 490 kms and 20 hours, we
                                              reached Joshimath, agog with                In the 2nd phase, trails fork out from
                                              Badrinath-bound pilgrims.                   Ghangaria, one to the Sikh shrine of
                                                                                          Hemkund Sahib and the other to The
                                              A night’s stop and we started the drive
As Lakshmana lay mortally wounded in          to Govindghat, the last motorable point.
the battlefield, Hanuman went                 The trek to The Valley of Flowers begins
leapfrogging into the mighty Himalayas        from Govindghat in two phases. The 1st
in search of the Sanjeevani herb that         phase is a 13 km trek to the hamlet of
would revive him; so goes the story in        Ghangaria. It looks deceptively simple
the Ramayana. That miraculous herb is         but can take anything between 6-10
believed to be found in what is known
today as The Valley of Flowers in
Uttarakhand. It was to this mysterious
valley that I travelled this July. It might
have been one gigantic leap for
Hanuman, but for lesser mortals it takes                                                  Valley. The gradient to The Valley is
almost 60 hours to reach The Valley,                                                      easier, but still at a height of 3,600m
starting from Delhi.                                                                      (11,800 ft). It is accessible only from
                                                                                          June to September, and restricted to
                                                                                          daylight hours. When we reached it, a
                                                                                          collective gasp of wonder rose from our
                                                                                          group. The flowers themselves come in
                                              hours depending on one’s fitness. The       hundreds and thousands; flowers of
                                              trail goes up from 1,830m (6,000 ft) to     every conceivable hue and shade – red,
                                              3,050m (10,000 ft). Weather is fickle       orange, yellow, purple, violet, white.
                                              and can change every hour; it is            Well-thumbed guide books and
                                              important to be equipped for rain, chill    animated discussions followed with
                                              and sun. The halts were many - to           words like Potentilla, Codonopsis,
                                              replenish the copious fluid loss. The       Phlomis, Ligularia... I tried capturing
                                              mist played hide-n-seek with the rugged     their delicate textures and resplendent
                                              mountain, much like the veil on a bride’s   hues in my camera. Phrases like awe-
                                              face. Sikh pilgrims coming downhill offer   inspiring, mind-boggling, breathtaking
                                              glucose in a touching act of piety.         do not do adequate justice to the
                                              Ponies were an option, but pilgrims         grandeur. It is also too elusive to be
                                              prefer the trek. You find your own          captured even in the best cameras, and
                                              rhythm, adjusting to your body. Even        the colours are said to change by the
                                              the camera felt like a millstone as the     hour. The splendour of The Valley has to
                                                                                          be felt from deep within and cherished
                                                                                          as an intimate personal experience.
                                                                                          There are many takeaways for me from
                                                                                          this Himalayan odyssey, most important
                                                                                          being that the means can be as
With me were a motley group of                                                            enjoyable as the end result.
stockbrokers, real estate developers,
lawyers, doctors and teachers. We went                                                                          K.Sahasranaman
past Haridwar and Rishikesh, and then                                                            Uhde India Up-to-date Edit.Team
Devprayag, where Bhagirathi and
Alaknanda unite to form the Ganga,
then through Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag                                                     Editorial Board: K. Sahasranaman, T. S. Bharadwaj,
and Nandaprayag. Treacherous roads            altitude got higher and the air rarer.      Leroy Santos and Sumant Sarkar.
and stunning vistas; scenes that              Then Ghangaria loomed and I dragged         Correspondents : Sudha Raghavan, S. Bharatkumar,
                                                                                          Lijo Joseph & Smita Gambhir (Pune Office).
                                                                                          October 2011

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