; Why get Securities licensed
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Why get Securities licensed


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									Why get Securities licensed

         Steve Statz
              It’s what we do
• Buy term/invest the difference
  – The core of our business
  – It’s in the Clients best interest
  – Our Clients NEED us
     • Cash value is NOT an investment, it’s an available
       loan source
     • Investing the difference will have an enormous
       impact on Clients!! (see next slide)
                 Cash Value vs. Buy Term &
                    Invest the Difference
                                                                TERM and
            CASH VALUE                                     INVEST the Difference
                Life Insurance

             WHOLE LIFE                     AGE 30
            UNIVERSAL LIFE                                       $218

            VARIABLE LIFE


                                 $ 52,000

John Mary Premium Cash Value John Mary Premium Mutual Fund
                     @ 65                         @ 65
            Which plan would you want?
• No one out there does what we do for
  middle class families
• Just about everyone over the age of 35
  has at lest 1 previous employer 401k
• 13.2 TRILLION DOLLARS currently
  invested in savings/CD’s earning (on
  average) only 1 to 2%
    • Inflation is at 3%, you do the math
           Opportunity (Cont)
• Low hanging fruit
  – Small brokers using 1 equity fund
  – False diversification
     • Brokers Splitting portfolios between fund Co’s
• There is NO SHORTAGE of Other
  companies not doing the RIGHT thing for
  the client
     New business Opportunities
        (opening new doors)
• Security license will get you in doors that a
  life License can’t
  – Offer to go to their house to review/explain
    friends & Families investment statements
     • Statements are very confusing for most people
     • Doing this will build instant trust & credibility
     • Most of the time, (usually based on size of
       portfolio) their broker will give them an 800 number
• You’re viewed differently after becoming a
  security professional
              Other Benefits
• You add value to your team;
  – Become a Field Trainer
     • Key to achieving your promotional goals
     • Provides Income
     • Generates recognition in the company
• Add Value to your clients
  – Complete solutions
• Provide value and Security to your family’s
  financial future!!!
 How to get your Security License
• The Company will pay for your license
  when you achieve the following;

• Get your District Leader promotion
• Do $2500.00 of BP over a consecutive
  three month period
• Have a current POL subscription

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