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					Dipti Deshmukh
1055, Manet Dr. Apt. 38
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
408-830-9320 Home
408-306-7278 Mobile
Work Status: U.S. Citizen

Summary                   Experience as Lab Instructor, Training, Development, Hardware and Software support.

Skills                    Hardware: IBM PC’s, AIX, HP-UX
                          Operating Systems: WINDOWS 95, 2000, XP, Vista, MS-DOS, UNIX V Linux
                          Software: XHTML, CSS, Adobe Flash, ORACLE 8i, DEVELOPER 2000, FOX PRO 2.5,
                          Languages: Java, C++, MF-COBOL, SQL*Plus, Pl/SQL

Education                 M.S. Computers (Master’s in Computer Management) Pune, India
                          Bachelor’s in Science (Electronics)

Current                   Technical Assistant-Intern, Deanza, Cupertino, CA

                          Currently working as an Intern in Deanza OTI .
                          We work on Desktop PC’s and Laptop repairs, upgrade’s. Work on software and
                          hardware installations.
                          Install required drivers and system support files. Complete software reimaging and
                          refreshing the systems. This opportunity gives us good knowledge and skills to work and
                          improve my help desk support skills.

                          I am also attending courses in web development in Deanza.
                          As a part of the course I have developed a complete website for a software sales
                          company. For this web site, I developed 10 pages which included Main Page, Product
                          Inventory page, Receive Orders page, Contacts and Location Details page and FAQ page.

                          Completed a course in XHTML and CSS. Using this I have developed page layouts,
                          tables, forms. Created pages which included graphics,
                          Tables, lists during the course. I also used W3 validator to validate the web pages.
                          Completed Adobe Flash course, which can help me do animation while creating Web

                          Completed Fundamental JAVA and Advance JAVA courses at De-Anza College.
                          This course includes Java Fundamentals, File I/O, developing screens, concepts of Java
                          inner classes, Exception handling. Java servlets, Multithreading, Swing, Reflection and
                          Java Beans. During the course Car dealership was used as example of building a system.
                          I initiated with gathering requirements, drawing UML etc. All the assignment was built
                          around the same requirement which gave me practical experience on how the concepts
                          are used in real life situation. Used Eclipse for writing and compiling programs.

March 04 – June 06 Info Cube Systems. Pune India

                  Support Analyst

                  Install and Support system software. Answering support calls taking information from
                  Development of software according to client requirements. Job included development
                  and support work using Java, HTML technology.

Sep 94 – Jun 97   Bharati Vidyapeeth, Karad, India
                  Lab Instructor /Developer.

                  My job involved taking care of installation of operating systems LAN network and
                  preparing disks needed for students use. Instructing and helping students in any
                  problems they may have.
                  I was involved in Instructing students for their project related development of small
                  We developed modules like Personal Management which was helpful for people
                  working in HR department to manage people’s record, leaves, payments, allowances.
                  Created personal data and misc. reports .Helped in development of a library
                  management system which was helpful for tracking issuance of books, maintain
                  inventory of books and everyday data management.
                  I was involved in training and development of small modules which was used by
                  institute internally and for outside clients.

                  Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, FOXPRO, Windows

Jan 94 – Aug 94   Parag Computers, Karad, India
                  I was involved in training of students in different areas. My basic roll was to train
                  students in learning new software and to help them with any difficulties they may have.

                  FOXPRO 2.0, WINDOWS 3.1, PC’s

Jan 93 – May 93   Kirloskar Pneumatics Ltd., Pune, India
                  Productions Planning System

                  The system developed provides for preparation of production plans for periodic
                  production forecasting, taking into consideration the availability of raw materials and
                  manpower. Developed various reports useful for manufacturing team managers to
                  manage the production of casting as per the need of the customer. This system was
                  useful for the company to plan in advance their production schedule and was useful for
                  the manager of production department to be on schedule for the company’s need of
                  making of castings.

                  FOXPRO 2.5, NOVEL NETWORK, PC-AT386


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