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Actual Innocence (PDF)



                                                              These Courses are Funded by a Grant
                                                          from The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

                                       NEW DATES
           This program was originally scheduled for February 2-4, 2011
                 but was postponed because of the winter storm.

                  Actual Innocence
        Establishing Innocence or Guilt
                                                                   March 7-9, 2011
            Causes of and Solutions to Wrongful Convictions
            •   Anatomy of an Actual Innocence Case
            •   Pending Texas Legislation
            •   Eye Witness Identification
            •   False Confessions
            •   The CSI Effect
            •   Fingerprinting, Handwriting, Ballistics and Footwear Impression Evidence

        Program held at The Center for american and International law
                  5201 Democracy Drive • Plano, Texas

This program is FREE for Texas Judges and their staff, Prosecutors                                 t
and their staff, Defense Lawyers who regularly represent indigent                                an e
                                                                                              cip b
                                                                                           rti will n
defendants, Law Enforcement Officials, and qualifying Law Students.                      pa s        o
                                                                                       st rial ed .
                                                                                      o te id m
                                                                                     M a v o
    MCLE Credit Available. TCLEOSE Credit is also Available.                          m pro d-r

Actual Innocence                                                               HON. BARBARA HERvEy
                                                                               Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals - Austin, Texas

Establishing Innocence or Guilt                                                JULES EPSTEIN
                                                                               Associate Professor of Law, Widener Law School
Monday - Wednesday, March 7-9, 2011
                                                                               HON. RON REINSTEIN
                                                                               Judge, Superior Court of Arizona (Ret), Judicial Consultant,
                                                                               Arizona Supreme Court - Phoenix, Arizona
The Anatomy of an Actual Innocence Case
Monday, March 7, 2011                                                          FACULTy INCLUDES:
 1:00   Registration                                                           BRUCE ANTON
 1:30   Approaching Actual Innocence – A Law School Perspective –              Sorrels, Udashen & Anton - Dallas, Texas
        Catherine Greene Burnett
 2:30   Break                                                                  J. PETE BLAIR, PhD
                                                                               Assistant Professor, Texas State University - San Marcos, Texas
 2:45   Anatomy of an Actual Innocence Case – The Exoneree, the
        Presentation and the Defense – Discussion Led by the Dallas District   CATHERINE GREENE BURNETT
        Attorney’s Office including: Michael Ware, Cynthia Garza,              Associate Dean and Professor of Law,
        Jena Parker and James Hammond, with guest Exoneree                     South Texas College of Law - Houston, Texas
        Stephen Brodie and Dallas County Assistant Public Defender
        Michelle Moore                                                         JENNIFER DySART, PhD
 4:30   Anatomy of Another Actual Innocence Case – Bruce Anton                 Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
 5:00   Reception                                                              John Jay College of Criminal Justice - New York, New York
 5:45   Recess                                                                 CyNTHIA GARzA
                                                                               Assistant District Attorney, Conviction Integrity Unit,
                                                                               Dallas County District Attorney’s Office - Dallas, Texas
Causes of and Solutions to Wrongful Convictions
                                                                               MELISSA GISCHE
Tuesday, March 8, 2011                                                         Forensic Examiner, FBI Laboratory - Quantico, Virginia
 9:00   Introduction to Eye Witness Identification: The Science –
        Jennifer Dysart                                                        JAMES HAMMOND
10:15   Break                                                                  Investigator, Conviction Integrity Unit
10:30   “How To” Eye Witness Training – Jennifer Dysart                        Dallas County District Attorney’s Office - Dallas, Texas
12:00   Lunch Presentation – Judge Barbara Hervey                              DIANA HARRISON
 1:15   Eye Witness Roundtable – Proposed Texas Legislation,                   FBI Laboratory - Quantico, Virginia
        Developing Law and New Procedures – Jennifer Dysart;
        Judge Hervey; Judge Reinstein; Charles Mallin and Larry Zacharias      CHARLES M. MALLIN
 3:00   Break                                                                  Chief, Appellate Section, Tarrant County District
                                                                               Attorney’s Office - Fort Worth, Texas
 3:15   What’s Happening in the World of Forensic Science and the Law
        – Judge Reinstein                                                      MICHELLE MOORE
 4:00   The CSI Effect and Other Impacts of Television on Juror Perception     Assistant Public Defender, Dallas County Public
        – Kimberlianne Podlas                                                  Defender’s Office - Dallas, Texas
 5:00   Recess
                                                                               JENA PARkER
                                                                               Paralegal, Conviction Integrity Unit, Dallas County
Wednesday, March 9, 2011                                                       District Attorney’s Office - Dallas, Texas
 9:00   Legal Ethics – TBD                                                     kIMBERLIANNE PODLAS
10:00   Introduction to Bias Issues – Jules Epstein via video                  Associate Professor of Media Law
10:15   Break                                                                  University of North Carolina, Greensboro
10:30   Fingerprinting – Melissa Gische
                                                                               GARy UDASHEN
11:30   False Confessions – J. Pete Blair                                      Sorrels, Udashen & Anton - Dallas, Texas
12:30   Lunch
 1:15   Handwriting Analysis – Diana Harrison                                  MICHAEL LOGAN WARE
                                                                               Special Fields Bureau Chief, Conviction Integrity Unit,
 2:15   Ballistics – TBD
                                                                               Dallas DA’s Office - Dallas, Texas
 3:15   Break
 3:30   Footwear Impression Evidence – TBD                                     LARRy zACHARIAS
 4:30   Texas Legislative Update – Gary Udashen                                Chief of Police, University of Texas at Dallas
 5:00   Adjourn                                                                - Richardson, Texas
       THREE WAyS TO REGISTER                                                                REGISTRATION INFORMATION

                                                                                        The Center for American and International Law • Plano, Texas
credit card only                                                                                     ACTUAL INNOCENCE                                                                             Establishing Innocence or Guilt
                                                                                   Causes of and Solutions to Wrongful Convictions
FAx                                                                                                           March 7-9, 2011
credit card only
                                                                         These programs are funded by a grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
MAIL                                                                     Thanks to this grant, the seminar is offered tuition-free to most participants.
check or credit card
The Center for american and
                                                                         o If you are a judge and you would like to request reimbursement of expenses,
International law
5201 democracy drive                                                        please check this box.
Plano, TX USA 75024
972.244.3400                                                             I AM REGISTERING FOR FREE AS A:
                                                                         o Texas Judge                           o A member of a judge’s staff
                                                                         o Texas prosecutor                      o A member of a prosecutor’s staff
                 TO ALL REGISTRANTS
                                                                         o Texas criminal defense lawyer who regularly represents indigent defendants
                                                                         o Texas law enforcement official
         GENERAL INFORMATION                                             o Texas law student working with an Innocence program
                                                                         o Other: $125 (please specify nature of your practice/work)
INTERNATIONAL LAW: For a detailed map and directions,
please visit or call 972.244.3400. The Center
is located at 5201 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024.
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CANCELLATION POLICy: To cancel, please email
Jade Johnson ( by March 1, 2011.                        Address___________________________________________________________________

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HOUSING: The cost of housing is not included in the course
registration fee. However, rooms (in limited number)                     Phone ____________________________________________________________________
have been reserved at the Hampton Inn Hotel, 4901 Old
Shepard Place, Plano, Texas 75093. Registrants should call               Fax ______________________________________________________________________
972-519-1000 and advise them that you are attending the                  e-mail ____________________________________________________________________
Actual Innocence program. A reduced room rate of $89 +
13% occupancy tax is available. The last day to obtain this              Texas Bar No. ______________________________________________________________
special rate is March 1, 2011.

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICy: The Center for american and                    Payment Information (if you are not in a tuition-free category)
International Law does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex,       o Check enclosed payable to: The Center for American and International Law
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         This program is funded
     by a grant from the Texas Court
       of Criminal Appeals and are
        FREE to most participants.

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